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Yandex Services

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Major projects

  1. - Searcher


  1. - Easy search
  2. - Black Page
  3. - White Page
  4. - Yandex Belarus
  5. - Yandex Ukraine
  6. - Yandex Kazakhstan
  7. - Yandex Turkey
  8. - Yandex - Main searcher in former USSR.

Store aggregator

  1. - Yandex.Goods - Yandex - search for products.


  1. - Apply to Direct
  2. - Check TCI
  3. - Yandex.Webmaster
  4. - Report Spam
  5. - Check indexing your site
  6. - Remove URL - To remove a page from the search that is forbidden to indexing or no longer exists.
  7. - Validator mikrorazmetki - The micro-markup validator allows you to check the semantic markup embedded on your site and make sure that search engine robots can extract structured data.
  8. - Analyze robots.txt - Here you can find out what's wrong with us, if we have something wrong in the robots.txt file, learn more about robots.txt.
  9. - Validator XML-feeds - The validator will help you check the export XML files for Yandex partner programs for matching their structure to the XSD schema.
  10. - Selection of words / query statistics
  11. - Partnership programs
  12. - The feedback form in case of problems
  13. - Yandex Whois

search Form

  1. - Advanced Search
  2. - Family search

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Yandex,

phone.:8 800 234-28-86 (Russian Customers toll-free)
address: Russia, Moscow, 119021, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 16

Leading auto show Runet.
We go in, register, if we have an account on Yandex, registration will be much simpler. There is a garage where we can add our car or cars.

Site Opportunities

  1. buy, sell a used car,
  2. buy a new car,
  3. buy, sell spare parts,
  4. find an auto service with a filter (you need any, and One that will do the required repair or maintenance):
    1. transmission repair,
    2. chassis repair,
    3. electrical repair,
    4. body repair,
    5. brake repair,
    6. exhaust repair Systems,
    7. air conditioner repair,
    8. tuning and after-consuming equipment,
    9. engine repair,
    10. diagnostics.
  5. find tire fitting, car wash,
  6. car brands forums.

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In Russian
logo Yandex Blogs

Yandex Blogs

Yandex signed a contract with Facebook.
Before Yandex was looking for people on Facebook. Now the search goes on the content of the pages.

Search is on open data of users of Russian-speaking and Turkish Facebook. I specify - only on the basis of open data. If you do not open access to your photo album or have only been granted access to friends or a closed group, they will not be included in Yandex. At first, I was surprised that the country's leading site did not create its blogosphere, as it were behind.

And what would you do on the site of Yandex? Being the #1 site to do what many do and automatically become #2. 1st place already took right.

Yandex took their niche, they did what others did not do - Search in blogs. A talented solution in this situation. They did not become another blog, but they became higher, they began to explore all the blogs. So they combined blogs. And now they write ab"

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logo Yandex.Direct

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Yandex,

phone.:8 800 234-24-80 (Russian Customers toll-free), + 7 (863) 268-83-00#2480, + 7 (812) 633-36-00#2480
address: Russia


The system of advertising for the keywords on Yandex and other venues of runet.

Features of contextual advertising on Yandex:

  1. - placing ads in search results: Yandex
  2. - the presence of regional targeting: free of charge
Plus in contextual advertising Yandex in that That he does not sell anyone to the most visited runet site, but uses it himself.

The advertising medium in Yandex.Direct is a text ad, the size of which should not exceed 75 characters, plus a small heading of 25 characters. Payment is made for 1000 ad impressions. The cost of 1000 impressions (for 2003) is $20-30 depending on the focus of the impressions, i.e. The possibility of showing ads only to Muscovites or only to Russian users. The clickthrough rate (CTR) of the ad, on average, is 10% (based on personal experience), although it may vary greatly.

It all depends on the text of your ad and the number of competitors showing their ads for the same query. Thus, the cost of one attracted visitor is $0.25. In 2004, the search system Yandex introduced the same system of payment for advertising displays as the Runner. Now the cost of payment is determined by auction.

Advertisements are placed to the right of the search results.

In Russian
logo Yandex.Disk


In the beginning you get 10 Gb of space free of charge.
From time to time there are possibilities to increase.
I currently have 48 Gb of free space.


Install Yandex.Disc application on a smartphone or tablet and activate automatic upload of photos and videos.

Photo and video does not compress and there are no restrictions.
Watch will be available on the phone, online, and if you have a folder on your computer, then there.


We can assign any folder on your computer system for Yandex.disc and it will be synchronized with the storage online.
Synchronization speed is low - 50-60 Kb. But if you're not in a hurry, it doesn't matter.
In addition, this speed is completely invisible and you can do all the usual work without paying attention to the background work of J.Disk.

There are levels of access to documents: personal or public.
For the public, you can get a link separately for the document.


Maybe not uploading photos, pictures.
Browse was able to view virtually any format, including CorelDRAW and .EPS.
Office documents and e-books can also be viewed.

ZIP archives open online like a regular folder, and then you can view selected documents and pictures of the archive.

Document Editor

Used online document editor from Microsoft.

Mail integration

After you enter the disk via mail and back, you can view the mail attachments separately on the disk.

In my opinion, this service is the easiest, lightest, most understandable and most convenient.

There are applications for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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logo Yandex.Mail
additional url:


Register mail

Mailbox size: 15 Gb including Yandex.Disk.

Maximum Size of incoming/outgoing message: 30 Mb - regular mail.
and up to 10 Gb using Yandex.Disk, which is integrated with the mail.
Links to them will appear in the email automatically. It works only through the web interface.

Account action: if not used for 4 months will be deleted (if there is a ЮMoney wallet on this account, Then the purse itself remains, and the mail is still deleted, but you can always start using this mail again because in that case nobody can take your login).


(you get immediately the address in all these domains, that is -, ... is the same, the letters will come in the same box.)

It is possible to create mailboxes with a point in the login (for example,, the dot will be equivalent to a hyphen. Thus, by registering the login ivan.petrov, the user will receive mail sent to, and to


  1. Azerbaijani
  2. Belarusian
  3. Georgian
  4. Kazakh
  5. Romanian
  6. Russian
  7. Tatar
  8. Turkish
  9. Ukrainian

When you receive an account, you have:


  1. Grouping by discussion,
  2. Tags,
  3. Video, audio (MP3) and photos appear in the message itself, you can see, listen,
  4. You can record video from the webcam directly in the browser,
  5. You can add a postcard directly in the message,
  6. You can send a copy of the message in the form of a text message,
  7. You can connect the notification of receipt of the letter,
  8. Send large files to 5 Gb, thanks to the integration of Yandex.Disk,
  9. The built-in translator (if the message is not in your language, the offer will be translated),
  10. We can change the color of the mail style.
  11. View documents directly in the mail, formats - *.doc and *.xls.

Grouping by discussion

Letters with one topic can be collected in chains (as in forums), even if several people participated in the discussion. This will allow monitoring the course of the conversation and not "lose" important messages.


With the help of labels, it will be easier for you to organize incoming mail the way you want. Tags can be either standard (for example, "Important" or "Letter with an attachment"), and your own, with any name and any color - all this you determine.

Your mail color

You can choose the color for your mailbox and change it at least every day - depending on Mood.

Sending large files

Your new Mail allows you to send large files to your interlocutors - to 5 Gb. She will determine the file size herself and suggest the most suitable method of sending.

Notifications from social services

You will immediately notice letters from social services (such as "In contact", Odnoklassniki, LiveJournal, - notifications from them are now marked with "branded" icons. In addition, by clicking on this icon, you can see all the emails from this service.

Audio, video, pictures

Listen to the MP3-files sent to you, see the attached pictures and even the videos to which you send the links, directly on the email viewing page.

Register mail

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logo Yandex Market
additional url:

Yandex Market

Information-reference system for those who want to buy a product or service without losing any extra time and money.


  1. Yandex determines your geographical position and primarily issues the goods that are sold wherever you live.
  2. Large database.
  3. You do not like the price? - click "Learn about price reduction" and indicates the price that suits you.
  4. You can compare the prices of the selected products,
  5. product reviews and participate in discussions,
  6. technical specifications (without going to the manufacturer's website),
  7. look similar products.
Be sure to look at the reviews. If there is not enough feedback, then the site may turn out to be a seasonal one - it will pick up orders and close. Must be a lot and positive. By the way, Yandex skillfully filters the wrapping through reviews and blocks such shops. Each store has satisfied and not very satisfied customers. Read it yourself and choose.

Pay attention to the delivery, the goods can be cheaper, but the delivery is expensive. We will find out the final price, what will it ultimately cost us. There are shops that will not take anything for shipping to your city, like Connected for example.

A transaction for the purchase of goods and/Or services, information about which is posted on Yandex.Market, is carried out directly between the buyer and the relevant store. Yandex does not become an intermediary or an arbitrator.
However, now you can buy a lot through the site itself.

If you are registered in Yandex, the history of your purchases is saved.
If you are not registered, what's the matter? Be sure to register, Yandex services you will definitely need.

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In Russian
logo Yandex.Raspisaniya


Timetables of air and railway transport. In the long term - water transport and intercity buses.

There are timetables for suburban trains for a number of cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Veliky Novgorod, Tyumen and Nizhny Tagil.

We choose the point of departure and the point of arrival, the date of dispatch and Arrival and voila.
If there is no flight for the selected date, you will be asked to search for the route with a transfer.

You can trace the route on the map.

Yandex.Discounts Club; Learn more about Yandex.Maps; Yandex.Maps to the site

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In Russian

In Russian
logo Yandex Search on site

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Yandex,

address: Russia

Yandex Search on site

New search from Yandex, also, As well as the search from Google, can search not one by one, but on a number of sites.

The main difference from the search to the site from Google - the ability to customize the style of the site.

In Russian

In Russian
logo Yandex.Video


I prefer Yandex video search when looking for videos in Russian. Say, we make a request for 'new york times' or some company, products from the west, YouTube will most likely give out commercials, and Yandex.Video will try to offer videos in Russian before.

In addition, Yandex is wider The search base than, that is, Yandex is looking not only at leading videohosting (, and, but also in the media (First channel, NTV, Culture, News, etc.), online versions of newspapers (Vedomosti, Izvestia, Life, Arguments and Facts, Kommersant, etc.) and online media (,,

Video search is performed using various attributes, such as titles and descriptions of video clips, Tags and the like. The user rating of the videos is taken into account, and in the rest the algorithms of Yandex web search are used.

'We tried to unite everything that people associate with the word 'video' on one service,' says the service manager Denis Tanaev. - First of all, the videos are searched and watched, but also downloaded, collected and discussed. And all this can be done on Yandex.Video.'

In Russian
logo Ya.Analytics
additional url:

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Yandex,

address: Russia, Moscow


Service for creating a detailed statistics of site traffic.
Simply super. Simple and easy design, everything is visual and functional.


  1. Free,
  2. no banner,
  3. visibility and detail of the statistics.
If you are registered on Yandex, simply use this account. Or enter it. Yandex.Metrica for AJAX and Flash-sites.

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logo Yandex.XML

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Yandex,

address: Russia, Moscow


Automatic search queries for Yandex and answers on your site in your own design:

  • search your site;
  • search the network or a part of it (region, industry), the results of which can show On your website and in your design, and services based on it - Yandex.XML opens great opportunities for researchers of search engines and teachers
  • search for images on Internet.
Sign up or enter your IP address.

logo Yandex.Support
additional url:


Yandex has a good and not overloaded Help.
In many cases it's better to read and quickly solve your question.

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logo Yandex.Music


Service for searching and listening to music.
All music on the service is legal - Yandex has entered into agreements with more than 50 rightholders, including Universal, EMI, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, First Music Publishing House, Monolit, SBA Production ...

The main thing is that Yandex is definitely better suited for those who love Russian music, Western services have few contacts with our rightholders.
Yandex has fewer agreements with western rightholders, but All the same quite a lot.

Simple, intuitive, convenient, licensed.

Translation And

  • Search for styles,
  • musicians,
  • songs,
  • years and just search.
  • The entire search takes place without rebooting, so do not interfere with listening to music.
  • The history of the listener is saved.
  • You can play one song or an entire album.
  • You can add to the playlist.
Nothing to study is not necessary, just go and use.
  • More than 20 million tracks
  • more than 60 000 artists
  • in 81 genres

Paid version

  1. Trial month;
  2. 149 rubles a month;
  3. when paying for a year - 25% discount;
  4. HQ - music of high quality;
  5. access to all tracks on Yandex.Music;
  6. the ability to save tracks and listen to them without connecting to Internet.


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In Russian
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