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WIKI Army Tanks

The wiki concept

Wiki maps

wikipedia Opportunities for any participant:

  • edit any document,
  • add a new link to the new document,
  • create it,
  • and then generate a new branch of documents,
  • save the history of editing a document.

Difference from forums

The Wiki has fewer restrictions. In particular, forums do not allow you to structure information, but only to add a new one.


Wiki can be thought of as a desktop with decomposed drafts, to which any person can go and make corrections to your texts or write something new. At the same time, each draft has an important property - the history of editions (changes), which can be used to track how (and by whom) the document has changed over time and, if necessary, "return" it to one of the previous states.

In other respects, the wiki is like a regular website: some of its pages can be nested in others (such multi-level documents are called clusters), they can refer to each other using ordinary free links, and contain downloaded files.

wiki engine

To create a wiki environment, you need a special wiki engine. This is a particular kind of site management system, quite simple in its device and functionality, because almost all actions for structuring and processing information are made by users manually.

Today, virtually any hosting has Fantastico - a set of preinstalled scripts, which includes Wiki engines PhpWiki and TikiWiki. They do not need to be installed, but simply select and configure. And the main thing is to serve.