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This is a separate file or a regularly updated series of such files, published at the same address on the Internet.

There's a place where everyone can put their podcasts, and you can listen.

Unfortunately, the quality of most podcasts is quite low.


  • Podcast is not difficult to make and start, that's why there are a lot of people willing to do it,
  • Few people buy a quality and therefore expensive microphone, so the sound is not always satisfactory quality.


  • Podcast is difficult to monetize, so it's more professional or enthusiastic.
  • Many radio stations make podcasts, i.e. professional journalists who know how to work with sound.
Actually, you need to look for what you're interested in.
Of course, radio stations have both equipment and a studio and speakers with a set voice ... There will be quality. It is important that you are interested.
Let's say Google tries to give out the whole palette of podcasts of the Internet. There is something to pick up.

Listen podcasts

  1. - Hope Channel - Qualitative Christian podcasts from professionals.
  2. - Podcasts - RIA Novosti - Russian Agency of International Information and Network Edition.
  3. - VK Podcasts - A platform for posting and listening to podcasts.
  4. - Podcast Alley
  5. - Digital Podcast
  6. - MacCast
  7. - Praise 106.5 - In fact, it is 3 radio channels.
  8. - Free Talk Live
  9. - Dawn and Drew Show!
logo Radio Mayak

Radio Mayak

Professional podcasts on many topics.
Good archive.

You can select a topic and get a list of podcasts to find what you are interested in.

In Russian
logo Yandex.Non-music


Yandex.Music has a Non-music section with podcasts and audio lectures.

This is not the usual podcasting where people register and get their podcasts. Here, Yandex itself determines which podcasts to post here.
Therefore, one should expect that the most demanded and high-quality podcasts will be collected here.
In addition to the podcasts of Medusa, Layfhakera,, Yandex started its podcast Listen, Alice.

iTunes Android huawei

logo Podster

reliable site
English - Russian

address: Micronesia


Social audio platform.
More than 3 million unique auditions per month.
Thousands of podcasts, talk shows, radio shows and music.

A platform for publishing and promoting our own podcasts.
You can publish it with and iTunes.

Monetization is planned, but I wouldn't expect much, podcasts are monetized badly.


In Russian
logo Apple Podcastsподкас

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Apple,

address: USA

Apple Podcasts

Probably the largest podcast base in the world.
Actually, the name SHIPPING is taken from iPOD.
So the first podcasts were on the iPod.

logo TuneIn

reliable site
English - English

address: USA, San Ramo


Online radio aggregator and podcasts.
There is a large number of radio channels.

Sam site and the player is made very qualitatively, often better than the presented radio channels, especially all in one place.

Good collection of podcasts.

iTunes Android huawei

logo Castbox

English - Russian

address: Japan


One of the best international sites with podcasts.

iTunes Android huawei Kindlefire

In Russian
logo Learn Spanish

English - English

address: Spain

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish with real lessons by real teachers.

Podcasts in Spanish.

logo Spreaker


Create a podcast with Spreaker.
Spreaker provides simple but high-quality tools to create your own podcast since 2010.
That's why we have a large podcast database here.

iTunes Android

logo Audioboo

English - English



A platform for social broadcasting.
Or an iPhone application that allows you to record audio notes and share them with friends.

The genius of this service is its simplicity: you can simply record an audio note and simply upload it to your podcast feed is nothing more.

The main and first function of Audioboo is to upload the recorded podcast episode to the Audioboo server and provide subscribers with all kinds of access to it. So, you only need to record an audio note, which, by the way, is called “boo” in the context of this service, and click on the “Send” button. Well, the second function, as you might guess, is the ability to listen to the latest notes of other users.

Yes, the iPhone application is not very sophisticated, but it doesn’t need it. The developers had a completely different goal: to make podcasting simple and affordable. And Audioboo is fully aligned with that goal. Sometimes you don’t feel like bothering with a lot of settings to quickly and quickly record a short episode of a podcast on the go. It is in such cases that Audioboo is simply irreplaceable. In addition, a recorded podcast episode can be shared with friends on several social networks - Audioboo can automatically update data on Facebook, Twitter and even iTunes.

The website of this service itself is also not particularly noticeable. It provides the ability to listen to audio notes and subscribe to other users' feeds (you can sort podcasts by date and popularity).

But, note again, this service does not claim to be a full-fledged podcast terminal: it is a kind of analogue Twitter in podcasting is easy to use and easy to distribute. If you want to try to start recording your podcast, but do not dare to sit down and figure it out, then this solution is perfect for you: Audioboo is podcasting without any problems.

iTunes Android

logo ShkolaZhizni


Daily educational magazine.

The format of the publication - answers to questions, tips from different areas of life, submitted in a popular, easy to read form.

The task of the project is to interest the reader, the credo of the editors is that there

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