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Quick trivia

You need to write something quickly. Throw photo and show to others, email at one time ... and preferably without registering.

  1. - ThrowAwayMail - Visit the site and we get a generated mail address for us, which will lives for 2 days.
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Service for fast messages.

What you can do

  • Publish an arbitrary volume of text in the minimal layout
  • Overcome the ICQ or other messenger's limit on the size of the transferred information
  • Save the data to the Web, hiding it with a password
  • Launch the simplest blog with the RSS channel
  • Access the saved data from anywhere on Internet or using a mobile phone

How to use the service?

For publication, just fill in the contents of the field 'Text' and click on the 'Get link' button. The 'Header' field that is left blank is filled automatically with the first words of the saved text. HTML tags are ignored in the design of the text, and for formatting the texts you must first register and authorize on the site.

If the 'Hide password' field is left blank - the text will be available to all comers. If the field is filled, the content will become private.

Users can view stored materials (closed - if there is a password), export to .txt format, print from a special version or send a link to a friend.

Texts can be sorted in chronological order or by the number of views.

The text of the authorized user can be automatically signed, and also identified by the author's name - for this, it is necessary to fill in the appropriate fields in the profile.

After authorization, the simplest tools for stylistic processing of texts are available. It is possible to add text from a finished .txt file.

logo Mailinator



Quick temporary mail facility that is easy to use and very practical. Use a mailinator address instead of your own for any website that needs an email address. Email auto-deletes, avoid spam, use for QA testing.

logo JustPaste.It




Need to quickly report something, but you do not want to shine your contacts?

A simple editor without registering, typing or inserting, editing, you can insert pictures, in short, as a letter in the e-mail, only there is no registration, just write and get a link, which you can then share.


The easiest editor to write an article.

No registration, nothing extra at all.
Just go in and
We write the title, author and text, you can insert a clip from YouTube or Vimeo.

Finished? We press Publish and everything, we have a link to our work or text, we can share with others.

However, if something in the text did not suit, click Edit and edit.



The easiest way to write short text notes in the browser.
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