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  1. - Faceinspace - Photographs of many comers, completely free of charge visited the cosmos.


  1. - Heavens-Above - We study the satellites and constellations.

How Many People Are In Space Right Now?


tel.: +7 800 800-78-87

So the site is called, this is the site and does, nothing more, a figure corresponding to the number of people in space at the moment.
Below is a list of those who are currently in space, click, get on the page about this cosmonaut in Wikipedia.


Webcam on the ISS

- Russian

2 webcams on the ISS, a tour of the ISS, the ISS on the map in real time mode.

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Journey into space.
The site collects all kinds of information about the cosmos.
Articles, photos, video about the planet, satellites.
It is obvious that people are passionate about the cosmos, and not blinded the site for earnings on this topic.
If you are interested in this topic, you will find something new.




We choose the language and the display path, comparatively showing the largest and smallest objects in the universe. Simply increase or decrease by mouse scrolling.

logo Webcam on the ISS

reliable site

Webcam on the ISS

Well, it's not really a web camera, it's a decent video stream, so it's more like a broadcast.
But the essence is the same, we see the earth in real time.

There you can also see where the satellite is on the map. Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

logo NASA

reliable site

Owner: NASA,


Where is the International Space Station right now and what it can see.

Space Sounds


Today, no one is surprised by the photos of the cosmos, how bizarre they did not look, or photographs of the earth from space and even video.
But here are the sounds of space ... this is not yet available for those who were not there. It was not available until this site appeared.

A Brief History of Rocket Launche


Over 5,000 orbital rocket launches from nearly 30 different sites are depicted, starting in 1957 when Sputnik became the first artificial object in orbit.

A simple map with a timeline of the history of the launches of space rockets.
We can clearly see when the start was made and whether it was successful.
Successful - green, unsuccessful - red.

The simplest way to click the play button and look at the map, to the right will be more detailed information.

You can filter only flights to the moon or to Mars or ...

logo In-Space


Uses: Google maps.



News of astronomy, space and cosmonautics.

News of astronomy, space and cosmonautics.

Coverage of the most relevant news of astronomy.

The goal is to bring the most important scientific achievements and discoveries in the field of astronomy, space and cosmonautics in a clear language, while preserving the scientific grain and not distorting the facts.

For clarity, here are some pages:

  • news
  • ISS online
  • sun online
  • asteroids 2019
  • planets 3d
  • tests

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