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First of all, you need to know how the Internet works and not expect that everything is there.
  1. The Internet is not an official structured database, but a large group of sites created by enthusiasts or businesses for their own purposes.
  2. There are official sites with databases, but they are closed and search engines will not give anything out.
  3. There were sites where the base was posted from various official sources - such as the traffic police, etc., but they were quickly closed, because it was a violation of the legislation on protecting personal life.
  4. Therefore, on the Internet you can find basically only the information that the person himself posted about himself, can at registration in social networks or in some other Internet service. Again, registration in decent online stores and official services will be hidden.
Also, keep in mind that a person may incorrectly indicate a date of birth (I usually write the date formally, I do not like receiving spam on my birthday, let it be less than congratulations, but only from real friends and family, and not from all Who found the verse on the Internet).
Someone just hides the year.
Not all indicate the active phone number, so that it does not fall into the hands of collectors.

How to find a person?

  1. Through the search engine, but I can not be found there because my namesake is Mayor Peter.
  2. >
  3. Be sure to search in or in similar services.
  4. Order a detective agency, of which there are many, including on the Internet, but we can not recommend, therefore we will not.
  5. Through a special search service.
  1. - Victims of political terror in the USSR - 1.5 million victims of political terror in the USSR (full name, year and place of birth, position, place of residence, sentence, dates: arrest, conviction and rehabilitation).
  2. - All-Russian Genealogical Tree - One of the largest Russian Internet projects on genealogy (primarily covering the territory of the former USSR).
  3. - Genealogical family name search
logo Wait for me

Wait for me

A telecast and a practically national service for people searching.
You can place an application on the transmission site.

logo Eniro


Search for people in Sweden.

In addition to people, you can search for restaurants, transport ... This is a very serious portal. But we are interested in people search.

I have friends in Sweden who live in remote places and people are not known.
I checked, surprisingly, someone was found, the address, date of birth was specified. True, not all were found.

logo Poisk-Help


address: Russia


Find people for free by last name, first name, and other information.

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Age (specify range)
  4. Country
  5. City
I found it quickly (well, so I'm registered everywhere).
I tried a person far from Internet - there is no result.
Although, this person is registered on a number of official websites and is in the traffic police, etc.
I tried to find my wife, issued a large list, but she is not. Although it is registered in a pair of social networks.

But they say that the bottom of the database is everywhere (traffic police, taxation, bailiff service ...)

logo Goon


address: Russia


Search for people, relatives, classmates.
More than 1,000,000 people have used this search.

logo People Search


address: Russia

People Search

The project will help to find the missing person by name and surname, and also to the city.
The site has the opportunity to leave a request for a search.
All services are free of charge.

Largest surname directories on Internet in Russia and the former USSR.

  1. Moscow and St. Petersburg students (about 40 000 people - Another search for namesake:

  2. The program WAITING ME - Nationwide service of mutual search of people – more than 410 000 stories in the database, more than 33 000 people found.
  3. links to 799 telephone directories of 294 cities/regions (many directories of private Phone numbers are blocked, but not all) (Moscow, Samara)

  4. - 1, 1 million veterans who met the 60th anniversary of the Victory (name, year of birth, region)

  5. 1.5 million victims of political terror in USSR (full name, year and place of birth, position, place Residence, sentence, date: arrest, conviction and rehabilitation).

  6. Search By name in the personal data of M-Agent (full name, city, Date of birth, email. Mail)

  7. Search by last name in personal data ICQ (name, city, Date of birth, ICQ No.)

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