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A ready-made solution for equipping any site and mobile application with an online consultation system for visitors that will help stimulate sales, retain customers and improve the quality of service. Solutions are maximally available at a price and easy to use. Your consultants, administrators and visitors need only a browser, there is no need to install any additional software, there is no charge for implementation, the service works on server capacities of WEBIM.RU LLC.

All Google accounts on Twitter

Russian - English

Owner: Google

Once I could not go to the support service for example in advertising. I easily contacted through their account on Twitter and received a response.

Russian - English

Owner: Google

Google Groups

This is a free service that gives users new opportunities to communicate with each other and access information via e-mail and Internet.

Help Center Live


The center of live customer support, a powerful tool, allows you to conduct a real-time conversation with visitors to your site, a database, the most frequently asked questions. You can access the Help Center, live from any computer with Internet connection, anywhere! This powerful tool allows true 24/7 customer support on your website!

logo I am blogger



I am blogger

All bloggers know the sensational law that equates popular blogs with the media.
Not many people really know what that means, what is it that threatens them and what should they do?

To be honest, this law was written because of the turbulence of Navalny and if You do not deal with politics, then nobody cares about you.

The site will help to find out the attendance of your blog and if it is insignificant, you can take an informer and install it yourself, thereby protect yourself, or rather calm yourself from the possibility of problems.

In Russian
logo Yandex Blog



Owner: Yandex

phone.:8 800 333-96-39 (Russian Customers toll-free)

Yandex Blog

The blogosphere itself is closed, but Yandex still conducts its blog. Here you can find news, ask a question and get an answer.
This is not a support service, but one more contact site with Yandex.
You can influence the project or new functions in the process of creating them, when the back reaction is in demand. Then something is unlikely to change.

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