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Our goal is not to inform you as much as possible about everything in this area, but in a simple way to help people who are new to the Internet.


Email Archive

The British National Library in conjunction with the service Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail is working on the creation of the world's first e-mail archive, reports Computer Weekly.

The new project was called Email Britain campaign, it has been working on it since May 2007. The creators of the archive appealed to British citizens with a request to send them the most significant and memorable e-mails. All of them will be included in the new digital archive of the British National Library.

logo Outlook
additional url:


Online version of the famous Outlook.


  • Attachment size - no more than 20 Mb (you can bypass the limit by using Dropbox).
  • Location - 10 Gb are given at once with the possibility of enlargement, theoretically unlimited box.

Integration with services

  • OneDrive - cloud storage.
  • Microsoft translator - translation of emails with automatic translation setup.
  • Skype - you can see alerts from your mail, reply immediately or send the message yourself, call with or without video.
  • Calendar.
  • .
  • To do - to-do list.

iTunes Android

logo Yahoo! Mail

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Yahoo,

address: USA

Yahoo! Mail

One of the most popular postal services in the world.
As a side effect, it is difficult to pick a name, a lot of people are busy.


  • Box size - 1 Tb,
  • attachment size - 25 Mb,
  • integrates with Dropbox so that you can send larger applications.


  • Mail address aliases (aliases),
  • one-time email address (500 addresses),
  • Address to send only (10 addresses).

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