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logo Ideas for Metrika



Owner: Yandex

Ideas for Metrika

A platform where you can share ideas and suggestions for the development of Yandex.Metrica.

If you have something uncomfortable, something is missing, you can express your opinion here.

The fact is that Metrics has made this site, because it is determined to develop the service based on user feedback.

Russian - English

Owner: Yandex

Yandex, My Sites

Yandex has given all organizations the opportunity to add and edit their contact information and other reference information, which is placed in the search results of Yandex.

Next to the description of the site of the organization, Yandex shows its address and phone number, and additional information on the card Company on Yandex.Maps.

Now any organization - a bank, a laundry or a ministry - can add or change information about yourself free of charge with the help of the Yandex.Webmaster service. It's enough to register your site here.

And then:
More information

  • Site Region
  • Addresses and Organizations


Check Usernames

Availability of the name in social networks.
Surely you have encountered when a certain site has accounts in Facebook, VK, Twitter, YouTube, Instagramm, Pinterest, etc.
But there is a different login everywhere, so it's hard to know whether the official account is or not.
Other sites have the same login for everything.

This service allows you to check for the use of a particular login.
Actually, I recommend doing this before buying a domain name. Then it will be very beautiful.
One more detail, say you can check the name and it will be everywhere freely. You run to register the domain, but it turns out that for example on Twitter this name is not occupied, but it is inadmissible. So first we register everywhere and if passed successfully, we register.

Russian - English

Owner: Google

Google Maps

Add your company to Google's search results.
Add your business to Maps. Communicate with customers. Consider the statistics received.


  • manage your company's data;
  • publish current offers and news;
  • Check the results on the statistics page.


logo Google Ads

Russian - English

Owner: Google

Google Ads

The world's largest system of contextual advertising, with powerful tools for planning advertising campaigns.

Advertisers are not yet actively using Google AdWords, because the prices for advertising are much lower than on the already widely used, dire




Free alternative to Google AdWords Keyword Planner and tools for keyword search.

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