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Prayer Christian

Prayer support online

Do you need prayer support?
There are special departments and forums:

  1. - Amazing Facts TV - Non-profit multi-faceted evangelistic ministry.
  2. - RHEMA, New Zealand - Rhema Broadcasting Group.
  3. - In Touch Ministries — Pray - Video ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley.
logo Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Services Joyce Meyer (Joyce Meyer Ministries).
Prayer needs.
The site will require registration, including the postal address.
However, you will not lose time, because you are treated fairly seriously.

In Russian
logo Vision Christian Prayer

Vision Christian Prayer

Brings the good news of the Gospel in Australia.
Daily Christian music, evidence from real life, biblical reviews, news and much more.
The site has prayer support, which serves hundreds of thousands every day.

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logo TBN - Trinity Broadcasting Network

TBN - Trinity Broadcasting Network

The biggest independent international Christian television network. Prayer support.

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Christian prayer center.
Registration is required, but it takes place during the prayer request.

Registration is required

  1. the name (but can be left anonymous) or the name of the church and/or organization;
  2. city and country where you live (preferably);
  3. contact email (DO NOT SPECIFY if you do not expect feedback or letters from other people);
  4. topic (briefly describe the essence of the prayer request);
  5. A prayer request.
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