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  1. - Velo Tomsk - Site for beginning cyclists in Tomsk. Articles on the bike choice. Photo Gallery.
  2. - Velochel - Cycling in Chelyabinsk. News, events, forum.
  3. - VeloGid - Guide to the Russian cycling routes. Descriptions of the bicycle routes in the Leningrad, Novgorod and Pskov regions, Karelia and in Russia in general. Maps, photographs, tracks.
  4. - Velokenguru - Bike trolley. Description, usage examples, future bikes.
  5. - VeloPiter - Cycling Cycling Club of St. Petersburg. Traveling, hiking, cycling pokatushki in Russia and abroad. Communication. Reports. Guides. Developments.
  6. - Velozona - Forums okolovelosipednye threads.
  7. - - What is mountain biking in fact. All disciplines of extreme mountain biking.
  8. - Mountain Bike - The official Russian-language edition of the British magazine Mountain Biking UK.
  9. - Realbiker - Author Anton Chubchenko site. Description of the 'iron' and equipment, clothing reviews for recreation. Information about geographic locations and routes. Forum link.
  10. - Mountain biking in Tula - Tips for beginners, articles on sports nutrition, the review cycle of new products, equipment and accessories. Reports Tula pokatushki.
  11. - - Information about the competitions, discussions and special parts for the bike trial.
  12. - Velomaniya - Velonovosti, reports from events, cyclists ratings interviews.
  13. - X-Bikers - All manifestations of extreme bike on one site. Detailed training with video and illustrations, photos, videos, forum, chat.
  14. - AGbike - Reviews industries: types of modern bike, their organization and equipment. Reports on travel, photography. Online shop.
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