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Social networks

So, all in order.

The essence is simple

You register, indicate the educational institutions in which you studied, the years you studied, and then you see your classmates and classmates who also registered.
Thus, you can find old friends.


The first such social network was Facebook, which remains the most popular site in the world. But they made a mistake, at first on this project there was no Russian language (now there is).

A small digression. Why is Russian language so important, and not say Chinese or French?

  • China blocks many Western projects, so the Chinese version may remain ineffective or ineffective.
  • The French will respect copyrights and will not make their French project, they are too integrated into the world. Yes and for the Frenchman there are no problems with English.
  • As for Russia, stealing ideas for us is not a problem, we are poorly integrated into the world and live not so much on the Internet as in RuNet. In addition, Russian is well known not only in Russia.
Therefore it is very important to do international service and in Russian too. Google has always sought to make Russian versions of its services. Because Google is popular in Russia. Yahoo was not nearly so popular because of the shortsightedness of its policies.

But back to our sheep.
There was no Russian version, but a holy place is never empty. So we have a clone - VK.
Which and by this is the most popular service in Russia. But he allowed his mistake - first he allowed only students to register, he was afraid to cope with the flow.
Then there was another clone - Odnoclassniki.
Thus, Russia became outside Facebook and received 2 competing clones.

Then made their Moi mir, Yandex bought My circle (and sold Headhanter-y). There are many more attempts to make money on the social. Networks. But they were all too late.
They will never get close to such a database as VK has. By the way, the VK project is more visited than with all projects.

The fate of social networks from Yandex and is just their own group of people who communicate, their tusovka.

I remember the case. I was at the presentation of a new original social network, with its original ideas and know-how. The speaker talked about everything so interesting, with such enthusiasm.
All this could be seen on the large monitor screen. Moreover, it was not just someone's social network, but our direct partners.
And now we all try to digest everything with fresh emotions. We think how to start effectively, be a part of it.
And one American said "I already have on Facebook, why do I need something else?". It's hard not to agree. I would prefer that somewhere unite databases Odnoklassniki, VK and Facebook. To be able to register in one place.

General Principle

  1. We go, register, where we studied, in what year, where we lived, worked, served ...
  2. Then we see all those who have studied with you, worked ...
  3. If you want, then you can invite old friends to friends, then they open your profile and you will receive their application form.
  4. Looking at the questionnaire of your friends, you see those whom they added to their friends. Usually their acquaintances are and your friends. So you find quite a few acquaintances that you would like to be associated with.
  5. As a rule, they have photo albums, video albums, a kind of email, chat.
  6. Then everything is different.