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Today 23 Shvat 5730 AD Tuesday, (23 July 2024)
Heraldry of Israel

Coat of arms of Israel

The most part of Bible is the description of the history of Israel. The main Christian events took place during the Jewish holidays. Israel - the scale of God's time. Therefore, the history of Israel is extremely important, important and what is happening in Israel today.

Capital: Jerusalem
Unrecognized, because there are no embassies of countries, only consulates, and embassies in Tel Aviv.

Official languages: Hebrew, Arabic.
Even before it was official English, now it's done, but still many people own it. Many speak and on other languages: Russian, Yiddish, French.

Population: 7.5 million people

  • Jews - 5.7 million people, (Russian-speaking - 1 million people)
  • Arabs, Bedouins - 1.5 million
  • Druze, Circassians - 313 thousand people
  • 75.8% are Jews,
    1. 8% - haredim,
    2. 17% are orthodox Jews,
    3. 55% - observe the precepts of Judaism in part,
    4. 20% are non-religious.
  • 16.5% are Muslims,
  • 2.1% are Christians,
  • 1,7% - druses.
Internet domain: .il
Time Zone: +2 (in summer +3)

Hymn of Israel

Russian Embassy in Israel

Embassy in Tel Aviv: 120, Hayarkon str., 63573, Tel Aviv
visa to Russia

Consulate General in Haifa:
Halonot Ha-City, Pal Yam Avenue, 2, Haifa, 31000, Israel, P.O.B.306

Israeli Embassy in Moscow

Ul. Bolshaya Ordynka, 56. (travel to v. Serpukhovskaya, Dobryninskaya, Polyanka or Tretyakovskaya)
Tel.: 230-60-72
fax: 238-13-46