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  1. - Google My Business - Organizations on Google Maps.
  2. - Ya.Analytics - Tools for creating detailed site traffic statistics.
  3. - Yandex.Webmaster - We add a site in Yandex search engine for indexing pages.
  4. - Yandex.Spravochnik - Organizations on Yandex.Maps and Yandex.Spravochnik
  5. - Webmaster's Cabinet - Website indexing in Search Mail.Ru
  6. - Bing - Webmaster Tools.

Christian Catalogues

  1. - BibleLamp - Russian Christian directory sites, search the catalog, prayer room, dating page, bulletin board, chat, questions and answers, Bible software.
  2. - Invictory - Leading Christian portal.
  3. - Maranatha - Christian directories.
  4. - For you - Catalog of Christian sites.
  5. - - Search the online catalog of Christian churches and associations.
  6. - Gospel - Christian directories.

Top catologues of Murmansk region

  1. - Hibiny - The leading portal of the Murmansk region.
  2. - - The leading portal of the Murmansk region.

Top catologues of Runet

  1. - - Catalog Yellow Pages.
  2. - MetaVebmaster - Ukrainian reference book. This requires registration.
  3. - - Ukrainian reference book. This requires registration.
  4. - - Yellow pages on the CIS.

Top catologues of St. Petersburg

  1. - St. Petersburg with no problems - A good collection of vector clipart. It's hard to say about the number, there's just a search and a lot of clipart. But it's nice to work with him.
  2. - Our Peter - Directory of references, online directory of the city.

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