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Online Bible School

Once there is a desire or need to get a Bible education or just to study Bible more deeply.
Someone read a lot, looked, listened, but never completed the completed course ... The reasons can be different, there are different schools.

Forms of training

  1. Full-time, on the Internet we can find and pick up a school, register, apply, get a positive answer and practical information on accommodation, etc. The very same study will take place in the usual way - internally. We come and study.
  2. Correspondence, in normal mode, which we find via the Internet, like full-time, and then attend sessions.
  3. Offline Correspondence. Such schools used to be called "by correspondence", only the channel is not the post, but the Internet. We receive tasks by logging into the account on the site or by e-mail, doing homework and sending a response.
  4. Online. There are many options: webinars, video games ... The essence of one - regular classes without leaving home.
If possible, try to choose the full-time form of training.
Because in the biblical school the main thing is not to learn everything (you will never learn everything, you will never be ready for all situations in life and service, every situation is unique), but character formation.
If we do not change, then our faith is formal and empty. This is the main thing.
Change yourself - change the world.

I understand perfectly well that not all and not always can afford the full-time form of education: the breadwinner of the family, a disabled person, ooh, there is simply no money to go somewhere to study ...

School diversity

  1. There are schools for adults, there are for children.
  2. You can study for free, but you can always find something free.
  3. There is a school by type - we move as fast as we want.
  4. There are schools with the effect of presence - webinars, they discipline and accustom to the regime (one of the tasks of any school).

Which school should I choose?

By the fruits we learn. Where graduates, there probably will be you.
If all graduates return to their churches and just warm up the benches, there is unlikely to be any other fate.

If you like some famous teacher, and you can not go to him (someone has already left our world), you can find his teachings on the Internet, for example, a video on YouTube.
Let's say I really like the wonderful Baptist Bible specialist - Dr. Charles Stanley, he can watch a video on his website In Touch Ministries . And so on.
Unfortunately, this can be helpful, but not completed by a balanced course.


As a rule, biblical schools have requirements. Let's say you do not want to study Bible more deeply with people who see Bible for the first time. Another one will be a group. :)
To prevent this, there are requirements.
  1. A person must be a member of a local church.
  2. You must be a believer for example, at least 3 years old. You can not go to church and not open Bible to run to a serious educational institution. First you need to listen to the sermons in the church, get the foundation, the foundation, and Bible school - the next step.
  3. The church should be a suitable confession. Say, if you are Orthodox, but you want to study in a Protestant school. That your church will be against, and the school does not set itself the task of retraining you, because you will simply be denied.
  4. Somewhere the characteristics of the pastor and elders of the church are required.
  5. Somewhere there are additional requirements - participation in ministries, consent of relatives ...