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Help on the website

Why is the site not available?

Site closed

Every year sites are closed, even grandiose ones, for example., Google+ ...
Therefore, the site can be simply closed or stolen and then we see other content.
Often this is a page with one advertisement, porn or something incomprehensible in Chinese.
Recently, more often we see that sites are being led away to China.

Sites are blocked

We have blocked a huge number of Western sites, even in my opinion innocuous.
The bill goes to hundreds of thousands, if not to millions.
If the site is not visible from Russia, it’s not a fact that it is also not visible from France.
And it happens that the site is blocked temporarily.

It also happens that the owners themselves close the site for Russia.
Usually they write that the site is closed for viewing from your country. They thus protect themselves from something.

We periodically carry out automatic cleaning, which makes a rough check.
Periodically we carry out a visual check. And we try to clean our base.


If you have an ad blocker, it may cut the scripts on the site and it may not display correctly, and some sites do protect and you may not see important sections or functions, some may not be included at all.
Just need to turn off. In general, I recommend on serious sites, such as those related to filling out forms, paying, purchasing, banks, shops ... turning off the ad blocker. He can cut a code that he does not understand for him and you fill out the form, make a payment with an error that will cost you something.

URL setting

Unfortunately, not everyone cares about every little thing about their site.
Say, if you type PH4.RU, or WWW.PH4.RU, or HTTP://WWW.PH4.RU, you will be taken to HTTPS://WWW.PH4.RU in any case.
All decent sites take care of this, but to get to some sites you need to use WWW or HTTPS: instead of HTTP:.
And it can change, say, it was necessary to enter WWW first, and then they changed the solution and now without WWW, and if you write the address from WWW, it simply will not open.
If the site is very necessary, try different options.

Temporarily Unavailable

Finally, any site, without any exceptions, may be unavailable. Attack, problems on the line, server problems, hosting ...
Just have to go at another time.

Add Site

We are periodically asked to add one or another website to the database.
If the site is interesting, we will gladly add it.
We can even use your description if it is correct and not adware.
It will be free.

We can add a paid article, but it should be of decent content, not mislead users and not violate the laws of the Russian Federation.


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