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Freeware categories

  1. - Index of /software - News from China in Russian.

A list of recommended sites

  1. - FreeSoft - One of the most popular and large directories of free and shareware software!
  2. - Internet Zone - Free programs, services.
  3. - Neosoft - Archive of the brightest programs for Windows.
  4. - Snapfiles - Well-organized site with free programs, screenshots, descriptions, ratings, recommendations, direct links for download.
  5. - Bladedthoth - Free software archive.

Fresh Download free software

  1. - Filehippo
  2. - Majorgeeks
  3. - Sourceforge
  4. - FreewareFiles - Over 15000 freeware. All freeware downloads include ratings, reviews and screen shots.
  5. - Gizmo’s Freeware - Non-commercial community staffed entirely by assistance of over 70 volunteer site editors.
  6. - TopFreeware - Hundreds of quality freeware. Top 10 based on number of downloads in the sidebar section.
  7. - Winaddons - Blog best freeware collection for Windows. We may subscribe to its feeds for regular updates.
  8. - Softpedia
  9. - Download CNET


  1. - Theopencd - Disk of the best free programs.
    On the site you can download an image of a disk or order it for a couple of dollars.
  2. - Mozilla - Produces a number of high-quality free programs, a growing number of programs, as well as their cooperation with like-minded people.


  1. - Logoslovo - Rating.


  1. - Sources

Mohawke's Best of the Best Free and Open Source Software Collection


The name speaks for itself - a collection of the best free software.
For convenience, the list is collected on one page, the description is short and concise, the license is indicated (Freeware, GPL ...).
If you like something, you can go to the site of the creator of the program.

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