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Random site

You do not know what and where to look for you on the Internet? Or all the old is tired and I would like something new.
In such cases, I would like someone to recommend something interesting. There are such services.

With us you can always open a random page of our site. Just clicking the twisted arrows icon next to the logo.
On the logos page, this button will give a random logo.
On the program page, this button will produce a random program.

  1. - End of the Internet - Have you ever wanted to reach the end of the internet?
logo Random Website


Random Website

The site is similar in functionality to StumbleUpon, only much easier.
There is no registration, settings, the ability to evaluate, add .... nothing but the Surprise me button (surprise me).
Click the button and hit the random site, click a

logo Surfingbird


Russian analogue for English StumbleUpon.
The principle is the same. Click on the green button at the top Surf or Next page.
You can also log in via the same Facebook or VK account or register.

Here you can also recommend sites. You can see not only the page, but the list of page announcements and decide for yourself what to open, for this click on SUBSCRIPTIONS or POPULAR.

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In Russian
logo The Useless Web


The Useless Web

Useless site.
I did not see a more stupid site.
There is only one page where you offer to click on PLEASE (please) and you will be taken to absolutely stupid site, most likely also one-page.
So this is useless Site in the box!

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