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About us

Actually this is a directory for users, webmasters and designers.
Here you will find:
  1. Catalog and description of sites - the site contains useful websites, you do not know about many.
  2. Site building - useful services and material for those who decided to create a website or already engaged in site building.
  3. For designers:
    • logos - the most updated free collection in RuNet.
    • Heraldry - the best free collection collection in RuNet.
    • fonts - the best free collection of Cyrillic fonts.
    • thumbnails - the best free collection of icons in a vector.
    • and much more.
  4. Free programs - an alternative to paid.

How much interest do you use the Internet?

Most people use the Internet very limited: email, news, download programs, communication. This is a typical set.
It is not uncommon for people to enter a social network, this is limited.
Our goal is to help use the full potential of the Internet.

Are you a webmaster?

Webmaster - generators for creating robots.txt, .htaccess, META tags, phishing forms for PHP, spam code.
If you do not understand something, then for you web-help.

You do not have any money, no knowledge of web programming, do you want the site?

And this will help.

How much does the content of the site cost?

Most sites are unprofitable. Hosting, domain and support costs.
We are convinced that every website can be
  1. Self-supporting.
  2. Profitable.
  3. Or free.

Origin of the name Ph4

The name came from the PHP programming language and a short reference to the 4th chapter of the Epistle to Philippians from the Ph4 Bible. So, I connected my faith and web programming. And specifically the verse:

I can do everything in Christ who strengthens me. (Phil 4:13)

Why this verse? Yes, because I started doing web programming from scratch, just buying a CD "how to make a website."

ph4 versions

Version 0

  • 0.1 (2005) beta - the site was called

logo ph4 v. 1 Version 1 -

  • 1.0 (2006) - site was created on HTML

logo ph4 v. 2 Version 2

  • 2.0 (2008) - site converted to PHP
  • 2.1 (2010) - site converted to UTF-8
  • 2.2 (2014) - Christmas site became part of a single site

logo ph4 v. 3 Version 3

  • 3.0 (2014) - navigation remade to MySQL
  • 3.1 (2015) - integration with Bible base
  • 3.2 (2015) - page extensions changed from .PH4 to .PHP

logo ph4 v. 4 Version 4

  • 4.0 (2015) - entire site on MySQLi with the addition of tags, selections
  • 4.1 (2016) - Time site became part of a single site
  • 4.2 (2016) - added a light version of the site

logo ph4 v. 5 Version 5

  • 5.0 (2016) - The site has been translated into English and a
    version of the site has been added.
  • 5.1 (2017) - redesigned menus throughout the site with a redesign of the site home page
  • 5.2 (2018) - site switched to secure HTTPS
  • 5.3 (2019) - increasing font size and adjusting styles to the new size

logo ph4 v. 6 Version 6

  • 6.0.1 (2020) beta - mobile version for
  • 6.0.2 (2020) beta - mobile version for
  • 6.0.3 (2021) - night mobile version
  • 6.0.3 (2022) - site acceleration - heavy scripts removed, MySQLi redesigned for faster performance and reduced server load

Mobile version

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