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Statistical help!
Order Statistics.

Paid statistics collection and registration.

A graduate student who began to conduct scientific research is constantly confronted with the problem of statistical data processing. All possible criteria: Chi-square criterion or Fisher Criterion, Student's t-test, Wilcoxon's criterion or Mann-Whitney Criterion and when are they eligible? Is it a pair test? Where to get the value of p and when can it be used?

We will calculate descriptive statistics for you (for quantitative variables: mean, standard deviation, standard error of mean, minimum, maximum value, median, lower, upper quartile, confidence interval; For qualitative data: absolute relative value)! We will calculate for you the correlation of all possible combinations of signs! The site will select the appropriate criteria and calculate the value of the statistical significance of the difference in characteristics!

Before the study, it is often necessary to determine the optimal sample size. To formalize the study. For the technical support of the research, the researcher (research organization, commercial organization conducting the research) needs a database for entering and storing questionnaires, operators filling out the database with completed questionnaires, individual registration cards, a statistical department that provides full statistical processing of the data.

  • The service will calculate the optimal sample size,
  • perform randomization that matches your research plan,
  • create a database (MS Access, MS SQL Server) for your research,
  • provide double entry in Database of your questionnaires, KFM, qualified operators that is guaranteed to protect you from input errors,
  • ...
  • professionally draw up a report, taking into account all your wishes!
Statistical Atlas -
Atlas of visual statistics of the USA.

Atlas of visual statistics of the USA.
On the map and scale you can see how the US population is distributed among the states, by nationality, which nationality dominates, what kind of nationality people are in which state they emigrate.
How much people speak English and at what level. For example, the Germans learn the language better, the Russians in the middle.
Income statistics, etc.

Quite detailed statistics on many topics.
In addition, you can view statistics by state.

Official statistics of Russia.

Official website: Goskomstat, Rosstat and state statistics services of the Russian Federation.
Portal of statistical data.

IIHF Statistics -
Official statistics IIHF.

We go to the address and get a simple textual statistics of the hockey tournament that is taking place at the moment.
If no tournament passes, we get the statistics of the last tournament.

The text on the site is clickable, so you can, in addition to simple general statistics, get a lot of detailed information.

All statistics for the competition has its unique address, it can be copied and logged in at another time or year.

Yandex.AppMetrica -
Mobile apps analytics: behavioral analytics, stability monitoring and push campaigns in a single marketing platform.

Mobile apps analytics: behavioral analytics, stability monitoring and push campaigns in a single marketing platform.

Track installations from any source of traffic - from the web, applications, mail, instant messengers and even offline in real time.

All the necessary information about your advertising campaigns - from installations to conversions - is broken down by channels, creatives or any other parameters.

Manage reattribution at the campaign level to successfully launch retargeting and customize the attribution window as you see fit for each method separately.

Along with postbacks, send effective setup and conversion parameters to your advertising partners to optimize your CPI and CPA campaigns in real time.

Deeplinks will allow directing users who clicked on advertisements to the necessary section of the application or to the relevant landing page.

Google Analytics.
CapFriendly -
NHL Salary Caps.

NHL Salary Caps.
The NHL has salary ceilings per player and per club.

Here you can find all the information on clubs and players.
How much each club spends on players' salaries and how much money they have left unspent.

The same is true for how much players receive each year.
Player transfers.
A list of newly signed players.
And some other information.

The base has been in operation since 2015.
There is a forum where you can share or ask what.

Maps - Jakub Marian -
Visual statistics on the map of Europe.

Map of Europe for ... the average working week, the name of Easter in the languages of the countries ... and other visual statistics on the map.

Open Police
Open data on the law enforcement system.

Hub of open data in the Russian Federation on the activities of law enforcement authorities.

The portal contains public data in the form of Rosstat statistics, profile ministries and departments, license registers, various data sets related to police activities.

Global Trend Tracker -
Broadcast search queries on the interactive globe in real time.

Broadcast search queries on the interactive globe in real time.

Official statistics of Russia.

The system "Medialogiya" consists of two parts. It is a media database and an analytical module for processing and analyzing media reports.
All messages from the media are sent to the database in round-the-clock mode under strict regulations and are automatically processed with subsequent control.
Processed messages are stored in the media database and are available for searching, viewing and analyzing.
About 45,000 messages from 3,500 media are processed daily.

Analysis, optimization and website promotion.

Analysis, optimization and website promotion.

Website Promotion Tools

  1. Site Analysis
  2. Site audit
  3. Anti-plagiarism online
  4. Expansion of the semantic core
  5. Grouping search queries
  6. Evaluate page nausea
  7. Checking server headers
  8. Site Speed ​​Analysis
  9. Affiliated sites
  10. Check for filter spam
  11. Check sites for viruses
  12. Yandex X
  13. Verify site positions
  14. Determine page age
  15. Determining the site’s regionality
  16. Site cost estimate
  17. Get site subdomains
  18. Check domain splicing


  1. WHOIS
  2. Internet speed check
  3. Online password generator
  4. Counting the number of characters
  5. Online transliteration
  6. Visual HTML editor online
  7. Encryption in MD5 and SHA-1
  8. Antispam. Hiding text
  9. Favicon.ico generator
  10. Create HTML and CSS buttons
  11. Check and verify your IP
UN data -
Data access system to UN databases.

Data access system to UN databases.

The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) launched a new Internet based data service for the global user community. It brings UN statistical databases within easy reach of users through a single entry point. Users can now search and download a variety of statistical resources of the UN system.

Useful features like Country Profiles, Advanced Search and Glossaries are also provided to aid research. The numerous databases, tables and glossaries containing over 60 million data points cover a wide range of themes including Agriculture, Crime, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Health, HIV/AIDS, Human Development, Industry, Information and Communication Technology, National Accounts, Population, Refugees, Tourism, Trade, as well as the Millennium Development Goals indicators.

Whilst this initial version of UNdata is fully equipped with all the functionalities for data access, the development team is continuously adding new databases and features to further enhance the usefulness to users. When fully developed, UNdata will have a comprehensive array of international and national databases providing the world instant access to a wealth of statistical information.

Ya.Analytics -
Tools for creating detailed site traffic statistics.

Service for creating a detailed statistics of site traffic.
Simply super. Simple and easy design, everything is visual and functional.


  1. Free,
  2. no banner,
  3. visibility and detail of the statistics.
If you are registered on Yandex, simply use this account. Or enter it. Yandex.Metrica for AJAX and Flash-sites.
Information and statistics presented in a clear and vivid form.

Information or statistics are presented in a visual and lively form.
The team of enthusiasts decided to contribute 5 kopecks to this matter (hence the name).

There is nothing on the site, except for infographics, not sprayed.
So, if you are int

The very first site about all the very first
An interesting information site about everything first.

An interesting information site about everything first.

Here you can find out and see how the very first sewing machine in the world, the world's first chocolate looked ...

Google Analytics -
Detailed statistics service for website visits.

Detailed statistics service for website visits.
Processes site statistics for up to 10 million pageviews per month for free.

Integration with Google AdWords allows you to run a site advertising campaign.

Like Yandex.Metrika, you can get a lot of information on geography, age, duration of site visits.
Track visitor behavior, the most visited pages, the number of bounces ...

At first glance, the service looks overloaded, but only to find exactly what I need.
However, it is not better than Yandex.Metrika, it is different.
I use both services, which I recommend to you.

Stars from the East
Statistics primarily NHL, which is interesting to the Russians.

Statistics primarily NHL, which is interesting to the Russians.

However, here are presented all sorts of statistics on the NHL in general and not only on the NHL, but as for hockey.

In addition to statistics, there are articles and even videos.

For example: videos of Russian heads in overtime regular season NHL 2016-17.

The site itself is very old. So before all the sites looked.

Why is he tenacious? Because the main thing is content.

The whole world enthusiasts collect a large base.

Poodwaddle -
Real-time statistics.

A solid site with time and statistics of the world population in real time.
There is a timer, alarm clock ...

HE 3D Network Map -
Internet on the map.

On an interactive globe:

  1. HE data centers
  2. Other data centers
  3. Satellite networks
  4. Submarine cables
Vivid Maps -
Maps that explain the World.

Maps that describe the world.

There are visually presented various statistics on the maps.
First of all, on the map of the United States, because the project is American.
But you can choose a country from the list, there are maps and the whole world.

In addition to graphics cards, there are videos that show changes on something on the map over a period of 5m time. This could be the melting of glaciers, population growth, the spread of religion ...

Google Trends -
That request around the world through Google.

What is being requested all over the world via Google right now.

Countrymeters -
Real-time statistics. Data on the population of any country.
World Births and Deaths -
A map with statistics of deaths and births in real time.

A map with statistics of deaths and births in real time. The site shows in which country the person was born or died at the moment.

Analytical news site.

Analytical news site.

All predictions are unique and made by sports observers who are professionally versed in these sports.
All material presented on the site - unique.

Own sports observers transmit sports news directly from the scene.
Follow our reports and photo reports.

Yandex Research -
Behavior and interests of users of Internet.

Behavior and interests of users on Internet. Yandex studies and displays in an interesting and visual form.

Worldometers -
Real-time statistics.

World statistics in real time.

  • by population,
  • education,
  • environment,
  • food,
  • energy consumption
  • and health.
Interesting statistical information using the
  • world population counter,
  • population growth counter,
  • statistics and information on population,
  • statistics on forest loss,
  • carbon dioxide emissions Co2,
  • information about the famine on the planet,
  • global energy consumption,
  • and much more.
Online Test Pad
Online tests, polls, crosswords.

Online tests, polls, crosswords.
Online designer tests, polls, crosswords.
Widgets for your site.

You can create and use the already created.

Designer of questionnaires and Internet surveys.

Designer of questionnaires and Internet surveys.

Free account

  • Maximum 100 respondents per survey.
  • Maximum 10 questions per survey.
  • Live Statistic.
The paid version extends the restrictions or removes them altogether.
You can try the paid version for 14 days.
Free survey designer.

Free survey designer.
Unlimited number of accompanying
Possibility to integrate a number of Yandex services.

You will have to wait for your questionnaire to be approved after obligatory moderation.

Zoho Survey -
Questionnaire with a wide range of possibilities.

Questionnaire with a wide range of possibilities.

The free version has no limits on the number of surveys, 15 types of questions, communication with 150 respondents.

You can remove the restriction by purchasing a license.

Payment options:

  • work with CPM-system,
  • mailing set up,
  • multimedia personalization of proposed answers,
  • restricted number of answers, questionnaires, respondents.
You can try the paid version for free.
Rosstat -
Federal State Statistics Service.

Federal State Statistics Service.
On the site - the results of the census and other official statistics.


Official Statistics

  • National accounts.
  • Population.
  • Labor market, employment and wages.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • The effectiveness of the Russian economy.
  • Indicators for assessing the state of Russia's economic security.
  • Indicators characterizing import substitution in Russia.
  • Technological development of industries.
  • Science, innovation and the information society.
  • State, public organizations.
  • Prices.
  • Finance.
  • Foreign trade.
  • Environment.
  • International statistics.
  • Leading indicators by economic activity.
  • Indicators determined by the "May" decrees of the President of the Russian Federation.
  • Regional statistics.
  • Municipal statistics.
  • Goals for sustainable development.
  • Publications.
  • Databases.
  • ...
Government procurement - contests, auctions, closed auctions, the only performer ...

Journal "Statistics issues".
Stats, standings.

News, table, schedule of games, statistics ... current information, operational update.

Personally, I prefer to look here, conveniently and not overloaded. And not to me alone, this is the most visited sports resource.

On the site you can find the latest information on the main sports, football, hockey, tennis, auto racing, boxing, volleyball, basketball.
Here it is convenient to see how the tournament of a certain sport is held, as one team played, a calendar. That's the composition of the teams will not be able to see.

That is, here is operational, not complete information.

Service surveys.

The community "Voice of the Runet" was created as a platform for marketing and sociological research using the capabilities of the Internet.

Conducting online marketing research helps companies offering their services both on the Internet and in the traditional market in making key decisions for the development and promotion of their products and services in understanding the needs of their consumers.

  • Wide coverage of the active (monthly) audience of Russian Internet users
  • Ability to build a randomized target sample
  • Maintain personal page (cabinet) panelist
  • Support for registration forms of panelists
  • Support for all types of questions and questionnaire logic, including transitions depending on the respondent’s answers
  • Checking the entered values ​​(text and numeric), the ability to control the mandatory filling of questions
  • Protection from a second response, identification of respondents using an individual account (Cookie)
  • Additional (logical) verification of answers to completeness and consistency and rejection of these forms
  • Converting data into files suitable for processing by SPSS and Statistica applications
Statistics, the Bank of Russia -


NHL/WHA Playoffs -
Detailed information on the players.
Statistics of the Olympic Games.
Statistics and analytics for your site.

The system of statistics for website owners.
Requires the installation of the counter on the pages of the site.

We can

  • estimate the number of views and visits to the site,
  • determine the sources and search terms that brought people to the site, find out which pages of your site are most popular,
  • see if you are achieving the goals you set for attracting people to your site,
  • Statistics about your site may be hidden from outsiders and only known to you, but if you wish you can give them to people you trust.

      Participating in site rankings

      Sites are ranked based on their traffic, divided into thematic categories and subcategories.
      When you register you will be asked to select a category for your site.
      Choosing the right category will ensure the largest influx of audience from the pages of Mail.Ru Rating, as well as help you compare the popularity of your resource with the popularity of competitors' resources.

      If you want, you can opt out of the rating by changing the counter settings.
      This will not affect the collection and display of traffic statistics for your site.

Drop Your Gloves -
Hockey battles, statistics, reviews.

Discard your gloves - this is the name of the site. Hockey is played with gloves, and when emotions overwhelm, they drop gloves and fight.
Site about hockey fights, statistics, reviews.

The site itself does not look like it looked clumsy sites of affairs 15 ago.
But a very decent and regularly updated database.

Statistics for all hockey leagues, by seasons. Choose a league, season, club, etc.

Statista -
The statistics portal.

The statistics portal.
Data collected by market and public opinion research institutes as well as data from the economic sector and official statistics in English, French, German and Spanish.

Over 1,000,000 statistics on over 80,000 topics from over 22,500 sources.
The company states that it covers 170 different industries.
According to Statista, the platform has over 1.5 million users and generates revenues of around 50 million euros.

It is one of the most successful statistical databases in the world.
In addition to statistics, Statista also provides data on market forecasts,
News, tournament tables, leading leagues (NHL, KHL, VHL, MHL, AHL), major international tournaments, hockey players' transitions.

News, tournament tables, leading leagues (NHL, KHL, VHL, MHL, AHL), major international tournaments, hockey players' transitions.

Good informational site about hockey.
You want to know when the season ends, when the playoff begins, who went where this season, when what tournaments.

Information on leagues, clubs of these leagues (game schedule, recaps ...), players.

More than 3,000 of the facts.

A collection of carefully selected information from the series "Did you know that ...", checked for reliability and provided with sources. More than 3000 facts.
The site is made in the form of a simple tape or blog, where new facts with tags and sourc

PeopleMovin -
Migration card.

Migration card.
The site has current information on the population, the level of migration, the direction of migration.
You can visually see where and where to migrate.
Stats, standings.

The news, the table, the schedule of games, the statistics ... the current information, the operational update.

For some reason, there is no separate statistics on the scored washers, which is inconvenient.

But there is a separate statistics for our

Sports Statistics
Internet Live Stats -
Live statistics of Internet - international team of developers, researchers and analysts.

Live Internet statistics are an international team of developers, researchers and analysts.
The goal is to make available real-time statistical information for everyone.
I read on the site how they do it, but my education was not enough to understand this ... or they let the fog fall to hide the approximations of the scores.
Well, in fact, who provides all the information about everything in real time?
Here we just can observe the trend of something like this happening right now:

  1. the number of Internet users,
  2. the number of sites,
  3. the number of emails sent today,
  4. the number Of the requests for Google today,
  5. the number of tweets posted today,
  6. how many today watched the video today,
  7. how many images were downloaded on the instagram,
  8. the number of smartphones, tablets and computers sold today,
  9. Skype,
  10. Internet traffic for today,
  11. how much electricity is used today,
  12. as a result, how much is allocated today CO 2
Quite funny, for example, to my surprise, I learned that the tablet is sold more than computers.
Internet World Stats -
Internet statistics.

Statistics on the distribution of Internet in 23 countries.
This is the only place where you can immediately learn about the number of Internet users on the planet, and about the state of the telecom in the Caribbean. All this is free of charge and without registration.

The service collects statistics from 1995, as can be seen from the design.

HowMuch -
Visual economic reviews.

Visual economic reviews.
Pictures allow you to visually see the situation in the industry in question.
For example, “Who is the largest exporter of gold” represents the countries of the world with a size corresponding to gold exports.
Or say - the most expensive football clubs in the world.

A lot of informative information in an entertaining way.

U.S. National Debt Clock -
Real-time statistics.

The national debt of the United States in real time.
In real time, we show the growth of the country's debt, how much each citizen has, the growth of taxes, spending on medicine, military spending, social ...

The Internet in Real Time -
Internet in real time.

Internet in real time. What does it mean?
It is immediately shown how many gigabytes of data are being transmitted at a given time.

The amount of data downloaded on Internet for 1 second 24 000 Gb. In a month it will be more than 90 exabytes. Well, also you can see how many Android downloads are happening right now, how many videos are viewed on YouTube, how many emails are sent, etc. Skype, Twitter, Facebook ...

Declarator -
The income base of deputies, officials, judges, representatives of regional authorities and other state bodies.

The income base of deputies, officials, judges, representatives of regional authorities and other state bodies.

Once in the media there is information on the income of the authorities, usually a sample - the president and several deputies. But deputies and representatives of the authorities at all levels file a declaration of income.
How can you see it or gain access to this kind of information.
This site will help in this.
The information presented on the site is collected from open sources and is of a reference nature.

WebsiteOutlook -
Internet statistics.

Evaluation of sites.
We introduce the url of a well-known site and find out how much it costs.

Factoclock -
Learn something new every minute.
FlashScore -
Stats, standings.

The score of games in real time, video of the scored goals of some matches.
In real time, the standings, a table of bombers. That is, the team wins on the move and the table indicates the place it will take if it wins. The player scored the year and in the statistics he was immediately added.

The reason for such speed - the site was created for bets. I do not make bets, I just use it.

The best database on the main sports is perfectly organized.
Just go to the site, choose the sport, all current matches will be provided to us. Some allow you to see how goals were scored. There are a lot of leagues, as well as international tournaments.
If we follow a team, especially during the playoffs, we immediately after the result of the game want to know how the situation in the standings changed. With a single click we can see the required table.

Need more information? Please, here are the teams, detailed information on the players. In short, an excellent database, most importantly - updated in real time.

I use the mobile application, it is very convenient.

World Bank Open Data -
Free and open access to global development data.

Free and open access to global development data.
Very simple and understandable, the search form, the filter by country and by subject, for example. Energy, poverty ...

Site traffic statistics.

I used to use this statistic, but as soon as Yandex.Metrica appeared, it stopped. It became obvious that liveinternet correctly issues information on small sites, the statistics of large sites are slightly lower than the real ones.

Another disadvantage - the mandatory installation of the "counter-banner."
This negative may be a plus.
Once you need to show statistics of your site, or you want to put a counter so that the traffic of your site is visible to everyone.
In this case, LI will do just fine.

Statistics of Russian education


Ideas for Metrika
A platform where you can share ideas and suggestions for the development of Yandex.Metrica.

A platform where you can share ideas and suggestions for the development of Yandex.Metrica.

If you have something uncomfortable, something is missing, you can express your opinion here.

The fact is that Metrics has made this site, because it is determined to develop the service based on user feedback.


Twitter Analytics
Provides a 28-day review.

Provides a 28-day review. How did your tweets work in all the main areas: retweets, mentions, favorites, and button presses.

Followerwonk -
Twitter Analytics. Shows a detailed breakdown of your followers and activities.

Twitter Analytics. Shows a detailed breakdown of your followers and activities.


International Statistical Institute.


Census 2002
Results of the All-Russia Population Census of 2002.


Society for International Hockey Research -
Free limited information.

Dead hockey players by months.
The site also has other information on hockey players.

Freely limited information.
Not from every country available.

Stanley Cup winning players -
Triple Gold Club -
Hockey 'triad', the players who won: Gold of the Winter Olympic Games, Gold of the World Cup and the Stanley Cup.
The teams of the World Cup Hockey
List of Canadian national ice hockey team rosters -
List of Russian NHL hockey players
List of hockey players who won the Stanley Cup.
Continental Hockey League Awards List
2019 Ice Hockey World Championship
Ice Hockey World Championship 2019 (compositions)
Ice Hockey at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games -
NHL Players -
KHL Players -
List of Canadian national ice hockey team rosters -
National ice hockey team rosters -
List of Olympic men's ice hockey players for Russia -
Ice Hockey Archive -
Ice Hockey Database -
Ice Hockey Database -
Stanley Cup winning players -
2019 IIHF World Championship rosters -
List of Canadian national ice hockey team rosters -
List of United States national ice hockey team rosters -
National ice hockey team rosters -
History and compositions of the leaders of Russia and the USSR
List of Olympic men's ice hockey players for Russia -
KHL Stats -


Looks like Socialblade, but for Russian channels. Correctly shows the estimated income of Russian-language channels.


Yandex Word Selection
Statistics keywords.

Keyword statistics from Yandex.
Enter a word or phrase for your product or service, and click the pick button.

The search results will include user queries that include the word or phrase you specify (left), and others Queries made by the people searching for it (on the right).

The numbers next to each query in the search results give a preliminary forecast of the number of impressions per month that you receive by selecting this query as a keyword. So, the figure next to the word 'phone' means the number of hits for all requests with the word 'phone': 'buy phone', 'cell phone', 'buy cell phone', 'buy a new cell phone in speckles,' etc.

If you want to know the number of impressions for users in a particular region, use the 'Region: select' option.

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