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Choose a smartphone

A mobile phone with an installed operating system.
Why do you need a smartphone?

What to buy? - iPhone, Android, BlackBerry ...

First, let's talk about the features:

  • iPhone
    The first and the software probably still the best. Apple went the way of integrating only its applications and therefore the task was simplified. Good functionality, almost without brakes. The disadvantage is the integration with only Apple. Because you need to buy not only the iPhone, but also other Apple products. But and this will not save you from all problems, because not everyone has Apple. You will have problems from scratch, it will be difficult or impossible to throw off photo or music through banal Bluetooth and etc.

    IPhone is suitable for a business person who uses a smartphone mainly for calls or who believes that with an iPhone it looks more solid (hardly anyone except him thinks so). In this case, I recommend buying a Chinese counterfeit. Much cheaper, not much worse, but you can try, and if you do not like it, do not mind throwing it away.

  • Android
    The most popular for today OS for the smartphone. So, most of its applications are attached to it. However, it was not the first Android, because it basically just caught up with the iPhone applications. Today, all decent portals, like Yandex for example, consider it necessary to make their applications for Android and iPhone. The rest of the OS for smartphones are often ignored.

    Benefits - integration. Android is not tied to anything like the iPhone. But in this case, applications are heavier, that powerful modern smartphones are not felt. A number of applications were made initially on the iPhone and their versions on Android look a little easier (though if you do not compare you will not notice).

  • Windows Phone
    The main advantage is one shell for the smartphone and the computer. In my opinion, this convenience is doubtful, but maybe someone will like it, especially those who find it difficult to master a computer. When everything looks the same, the task is simplified.
    The main drawback is unpopularity and few applications. Who makes the applications? - ordinary people. Under what OS do they prefer to make applications? - under the one that is used. And very few people use Windows Phone.

    So, what to buy?

    I remember how one guy bought a Nokia smartphone because he trusts this Finnish company, which only did the best mobile phones. And I have Android. He has the same, and almost almost all Nokia products - Windows Phone.
    He saw from me the applications that he liked and was extremely unhappy that they were not made under Windows Phone.

    So, we work in the final case with applications. You can find applications using the recommendations of your friends. Now many have smartphones. And if something fits your friends, it's probably for you and for you.

    Where to get apps If you have defined the OS and applications, you need to define it with the device.

    I will share my experience so that it would be clearer what I mean. As it dropped the smartphone into the water and it was necessary to urgently buy something, ran into a share in Finland and bought Samsung Galaxy Young for € 100. Then such prices were not close and here I bought a smartphone at the price of the phone.
    Could download no more than 20 applications, or brakes. Without the flash, many applications are not installed, like a flashlight, a scanner ... The screen is small, the point is large. Shit sucks shorter.

    Then in a year I bought HTC One - the flagship model and I do not regret it.

    Therefore, it is not worth saving. If money does not allow you to pay more - another thing. But do not buy cheaper just because you saw something cheaper.

    Here, too, everything is clear, one manufacturer - 2 models. Well, and the size of the disk. Typically, if you do not record or watch videos, or upload an unreasonable amount of music, then any size of memory should be enough. Or we fork out.
    C is best not to take hands, except perhaps if the throw-off price, but you want to try.
    For such purposes, the Chinese assembly is also suitable. Which by the way is popular with geeks. And in fact, if we buy an iPhone for $1000, we are unlikely to change it in a couple of years, when a new model appears. A Chinese copy is not so sorry.

    There are plenty to choose from. But first of all I do not recommend Samsung (by the way they make excellent TVs and washing machines). Samsung make smartphones, phones, laptops, netbooks according to the specifications back-to-back. They can withstand the parameters, but they will start to slow down and sometime start to slow down.

    The longest are the smartphones iPhone, after them HTC. And they do not release everything that is possible, like Samsung, but only smartphones. They have the technology worked out.

    Tried different Samsung Galaxy, but HTC is more powerful and more obedient. In addition, they have their own shell - Sense.

    Generally HTC and were the leader, like Nokia for mobile. But made a big mistake, switched to Windows Phone. As a result, the market lost. And Samsung took this place.

    In addition to HTC, I will also recommend Sony and LG. Many more are being pulled up, including the Chinese. So the market will change.

    First of all, I recommend taking a flagship model (if money allows). Recently, HTC One M8 came out, and then the Mini and so on began to appear. That is, a flagship model is created, then cut back to make it cheaper.
    Sometimes it's just a budget version, for example, HTC is Desire.

    Also I recommend to draw ATTENTION and water resistance. I was always killed, that the phone can be anything and he will not have anything. But a drop of water will kill. And we can get into the rain under the rain, drop it in a puddle ...
    And we cried your money.