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Main searchers

  • Yandex – ~49% of RuNet users
  • Google - ~45% f RuNet users
  • - ~5% f RuNet users
  • Others - have a negligible percentage of f RuNet users
* If you count phones, then Google has bypassed Yandex, just tying its search on Android.
At the moment, Yandex has submitted to the antimonopoly service, the case goes through instances.

Main Searchers:

  • Yandex - The leading search engine in Russia
  • Google - The leading search engine in the world
  • bing - Search from Microsoft.
logo Yandex
additional url: яндекс.рф

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Yandex,

phone.:8 800 333-96-39 (Russian Customers toll-free), + 7 (495) 739-70-00
address: Russia, Москва


Yandex is the leading runet site that can compete with Google, mainly because it does not copy other services, but is looking for something new and introduces its own.

Main services

  1. Search - still the leading search engine runet,
  2. Mail - unlimited box - attachments up to 5 Gb.
  3. Traffic jams - Yandex did not just create a service with maps, but made their own peculiarity, which makes this service popular.
  4. Timetables for transport.
  5. ЮMoney - one of the leading payment systems runet.
  6. Buying and selling cars.

Sign up for Yandex

iTunes Android huawei

logo Google


The leading search engine in the world, quickly and correctly will give you a real picture, as far as possible.

Just do not ask in the search engine question, and even find the question, and ask the answer, then get an answer to your question.


Google Wikisearch

Google has announced the launch of the "Wikip" claim "in the Russian-language version of its search engine, which allows reordered, removed, and comment on search results on Google.

You can also leave comments on a particular site, or delete the results are not satisfied with the user. These changes will be visible each time you enter the same query.

To use Wikipoisk, you need to log in to your Google account. It will store all the changes made by the user.

"Wikipoisk" also allows you to share your opinion with other Google users. To see how Internet community worked collectively on search results, click on the link "All changes for this wiki page."

New, while only in the English version - on the left is a menu of options for presenting search results.
There is a display of only videos, pages from forums, and reviews. There are options for displaying results with pictures (not image search), outputting more text, and many other interesting and useful options.

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