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(Application Programming Interface)
Laconic interpretation (a set of ready classes, functions, structures and constants provided by an application (library, service) for its use in external software products.

Simple interpretation (access To parts of the site to integrate them into your site.

The simplest example - you upload a video on YouTube and keep it there, and the player is at you to the site. You can also upload video there through your site, etc.

logo OpenWeatherMap


API with weather data for sites and mobile applications.

Portal of public data of the official site of the State Duma

state site

API official site of the State Duma

The open data portal of the official website of the State Duma offers convenient tools for website owners and blogs.
With the help of it, you can apply data on the activities of the State Duma in your projects.
Make your projects interactive and constantly updated.
Detailed documentation and examples of use will help you without much effort to embed data on the activities of the State Duma on your website or blog.

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