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video blog
Blog in the video format. Looks like a telecast through video hosting. Regular programs united by a single theme.

What is a vlog?

Vlog is not exactly a video blog. Of course, this is a video blog.


What is a blog? How does it differ from a regular article or a note?
Below, after the article in the blog there is an opportunity for readers to write their opinions, share impressions, add something. That is, the blog is interactive.

The same opportunity is provided by YouTube. There is a similar form for your reaction to what you saw.

Video Podcast

Are there any controversies that are steeper - television or the Internet? And who will win?
In fact, these are different things. The Internet is a channel. And the present television is distinguished by the production of quality programs, shows.

A simple person does not immediately begin to pull out and produce a full-fledged newspaper. But he has a talent and can write articles in a rubric. - He can become a blogger.

A simple person will not immediately start to start and make a full-fledged radio. But he has a talent and can regularly make one program, no longer pull. - He can release podcasts.

A simple person does not immediately pull to start and make a full-fledged TV channel. But he has a talent and can make and regularly release one program. - He can become a video blogger.

So the tax is more a video podcast with blog functions.
It's like your own TV with the ability to broadcast live and the archive of broadcasts.

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