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Free phone

A telephone service that allows you to order a connection to the desired subscriber in such a way that the call is incoming for both.

Typically, this method is used for international calls through a third country, usually USA, where the call rates are significantly lower than in many other countries.

Used by some Internet providers, in those cities where outgoing calls are charged. It works as follows: your modem dials to the provider, negotiates with him about the return call and hangs up, after a while the ISP modem dials in to you and your modem automatically picks up the handset. Thus for you the incoming call and you do not pay for the telephone connection.

(Session Initiation Protocol)
Provides voice and multimedia content (video and audio conference, instant messages, online games). This is a fairly simple protocol that provides speed, but does not guarantee the passage of the signal.

(Voice over Internet Protocol)
A communication system that provides voice transmission over the Internet or any other IP networks.
The signal on the communication channel is transmitted in digital form and, as a rule, is converted (compressed) before transmission to remove redundancy.

Country telephone codes

Warning! With free calls on your mobile, remember that the receiving party will pay for the incoming call.


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надежные site.

iTunes Android


The client program that enables you to use Skype, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, TWITTER and SIP on mobile.

So you can call via Skype ... to exchange text messages free, paying only for the traffic of the Internet.

Fring supports Symbian S60, iPhone/iPod, Android, Windows Mobile, MeeGo, Linux, J2ME, and the appropriate operating system.

Not all models of mobile are supported. It is this question to find out Russian blog.


Red Button

iTunes Android

The Red Button will protect you from the arbitrariness of the authorities and will quickly notify your friends, relatives and human rights organizations about what happened.

Functions when you click

  1. Auto Detect the Department of Internal Affairs, to which you could be delivered,
  2. messages are sent to our friends and relatives, whom we added to this list in advance,
  3. messages are sent to human rights defenders of Open Russia, ATS-Info, etc.
  4. you will be given instructions on what to do.

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