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Where to buy a domain name in .RU zone.

Here it is convenient to keep domains if you have more than one, otherwise it will be expensive.
1 domain - 590 rubles.
2 domains - 400 rubles.
3 domains - 350 rubles.

Hosting here is definitely not worth buying and using other "conveniences", it will turn out to be expensive and inconvenient. Of the main advantages is the ability to pay the domain at any time for any period.
Usually it is necessary to pay the domain in the zone .RU not earlier than 2 months and only 1 year. Which can create some inconvenience, especially if you registered the domain in the summer and now every vacation ado is adjusted.


Swapz (UK Specific) -
UK's biggest, most established and original marketplace where you can swap.

UK's biggest, most established and original marketplace where you can swap, trade, sell and deal with like-minded people both locally and nationwide.

Buy software.

Going to this site, you get the impression that you are in the past.
This is the site design.
Well, the prices are a little cheaper. Probably save on everything.

Rambler/real estate
Service real estate ads.

The main thing that I like here, not congestion, good filters, it's not difficult to find or make sure that I have nothing here on my request.

RBC Real Estate
Real Estate News.

Sale of real estate in Moscow, Moscow region and some regions Russia And Abroad.

News, information, ratings ... all the same RBC.

The site will help you to decide who wants to invest in real estate primarily in Moscow or abroad.

  1. apartments in apartment buildings (primary and secondary market);
  2. suburban real estate (cottages, villas, land plots);
  3. Commercial real estate (offices, shops, warehouses).
GudzonHost -
Where to buy a domain in international zones.

Gudzon is the same reseller, as well as the previous (Answerable), and that's why everything also.
The difference in price: here is more expensive $12.45 and on respectively.

Payment methods

Yahoo -
Where to buy a domain in international zones.

Cost - $9.95

Christies -
Sites elite auctions.

Christie's auction house is one of the most famous and respected organizers of auctions in the world.
Only Sotheby's can compare with it, and together they occupy about 90% of the world market of auction sales of antiques and art objects.

The elite auction house began its history in the distant 1766, when James Christie organized the first auction.
And from the very beginning of the existence of Christie was focused specifically on elitism and world leadership.
The clients of the auction house were titled persons who were willing to pay huge sums of money for art and antiques.
Even the royal family sent their collections here, and even the values ​​of the British national heritage, as well as the canvases of most of the great European artists: Impressionists, Modernists, Cubists, were often exhibited as lots.

The most successful times for Christie were XVIII And XIX century.
It was then that the largest world transactions that are spoken about today were committed.
For example, Catherine the Great purchased Sir Robert Worpole's collection at the auction, which later became the basis for the Hermitage exposition.

As in past centuries, today Christie's auction house works only with elite goods.
Paintings and other art objects exhibited at the auction, decorate the exposition of many museums around the world.
Since the auction house has an impeccable reputation, the most eminent clients address its services without fear.
In addition to art, they buy cars, rare books, cigars, collection wines and other valuables here.

Speaking of Christie, you can not fail to mention the most high-profile transactions made at his auctions.

  • 1940, Matisse's painting "Persian dress" sold for $17 million, initial cost less than $12 million.
  • 1990, Vincent van Gogh's picture "Portrait of Dr. Gachet" sold for $80 million (The most expensive card at auctions).
  • In 2001, Pablo Picasso's painting from the series of the "blue period" - "Woman with the Crossed Hands" sold for $55 million, twice the starting price.
Online Auction.

Online Auction.

The most visited auction in Runet according to the version of Yandex. Well, where more people, it is easier to buy or sell.


  1. Antiques and art.
  2. Vintage.
  3. Books, magazines, newspapers.
  4. Collection.
  5. Records.
  6. Legacy computers.
  7. Hours.


We buy a car, choose a brand, model, amount. Advanced settings.

Automotive portal that provides classic information and something new.
On the site you can buy a used car (the new recommendation only in the car dealership).


  • News, under the heading "New" are cars that are still entering the Russian and world markets,
  • test drive reviews,
  • lifehacks (tips)
  • video.

Knowledge Base

Addresses and phone numbers for vehicle registration, technical inspection, obtaining rights, traffic rules, fines, and almost all cases of life of the car owner.

I looked, the base is not very big, not all regions.
But it is filled. -
Buying cars in Sweden is the leading site.
Social Networks motorists, motorists blogs, tuning, photos, chat.

The largest Russian-language auto show.
The site was created in January 2001 because it is a good base and a habitual place for selling used cars.
Originally was completely dedicated to Japanese cars.
Now restrictions No.

Here you can buy a used car, spare parts and find information on cars, rules of traffic regulations, travel. There is a forum.
Search for car ads.

Leading auto show Runet.
We go in, register, if we have an account on Yandex, registration will be much simpler. There is a garage where we can add our car or cars.

Site Opportunities

  1. buy, sell a used car,
  2. buy a new car,
  3. buy, sell spare parts,
  4. find an auto service with a filter (you need any, and One that will do the required repair or maintenance):
    1. transmission repair,
    2. chassis repair,
    3. electrical repair,
    4. body repair,
    5. brake repair,
    6. exhaust repair Systems,
    7. air conditioner repair,
    8. tuning and after-consuming equipment,
    9. engine repair,
    10. diagnostics.
  5. find tire fitting, car wash,
  6. car brands forums.


All services of cars on the map of Moscow.

All services of cars on the map of Moscow.
There is a search for the car brand. For example, you have a rare brand and can not be repaired anywhere.
The site will help you diagnose, identify the cause and find out the cost of repairs.
Suddenly you do not have money for such repairs. The site of the publishing house Third Rome.
On the site you can download a large number of e-books with detailed instructions on the car and how to repair it yourself.
Books in PDF format, the cost of up to 400 rubles. At the moment.

The SDA book is free.

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