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Ph4 / Russia / Moscow

Rosarchives -
address: 115035, г. Москва, Софийская наб., д. 34, стр. 1
tel.: +7 495 190-55-33
Federal Archival Agency.


The site explains what Rosarchiv is - position, regulations, structure, history.

News, statistics, documents (laws, regulations, acts, draft documents). There are new documents and invalid.

Central stock catalog.
State and national programs.
Coordination bodies.
International relationships.

Cinema - a documentary film.

Citizen’s Appeals

  • How to submit a request to Rosarchiv.
  • Provision of public services and treatment of citizens.
  • Anti-corruption.
  • Open government.
  • Public reception.

Football Veterans Union -
address: г. Москва, 115172, ул. Народная, д. 7
tel.: +7 495 926-13-00
There are many great players who have left the big sports, but not from life, and not even from the sport.


There are many great players who have left the big sport, but not out of life, and not even from sports. They have something going on and go through their tournaments, not so intense. But we are pleased again and again to learn something about them. ... Or maybe write something to them, thank them.

Jino -
address: г. Москва, ул. Юннатов, д. 18, офис 709
tel.: +7 495 229-30-31
Very inexpensive hosting, the most flexible and user-friendly in every respect. You connect and only pay for what you use. There are failures, but not as frequent and severe as cheap hosting.
Own control panel and intuitive.


Very inexpensive hosting: powerful, with huge space, the most flexible and convenient in all respects. I used a number of hosting, had a very good experience, left just because there was not enough space or did not pull the server load. The site is growing.

I tried to leave 3 times, but I did not find anything better.


Huge space - starting - 50 Gb 125 Gb.
You may increase up to 500 Gb for 105 rubles per month.

Control Panel - simple, understandable, intuitive.
It's easy to orient to an unprepared user.
The main thing that I like in the control panel is the lack of tariffs, we only type those services that we actually use.
Almost all hosting changes occur in real time:

  1. we needed more disk space, added and the disk became bigger.
  2. connect - disable MySQL, PHP, subdomains, Dedicated IP ...
  3. Domains are added in a moment, subdomains are created (just create a folder with that name).
You hiked the site excessively, you need less space, reduce it and then your account changed to a smaller side.

We have attendance Site has risen to 2,000 unique visitors a day, then other hosting sites have flown.
The same continues to work steadily, when attendance has risen for 20,000 uniques per day.


Rarely, but there are server failures. By the way, they are everywhere, including Google and Yandex. The last couple of years I can not remember the failures.

It seems that there they have one specialist, because the answer to a serious question will only be in working hours. But all issues are resolved, there is a good support service panel with a history of correspondence.
In addition, they have a good HELP.

In principle, you can just go and see.


Disk space for files 125-500 GB.
For MySQL - 25 GB.
Up to 125 domains,
up to 100 FTP accounts.

Free SSL certificates

A user of the hosting can receive a free SSL certificate from the certifying center Let's Encrypt.
Certificates are issued within a few seconds via the Gino control panel and are renewed automatically.
We go into Domains, select one of our domains and add a tab.

A domain can be purchased from Gino or anywhere else and is simply used on this hosting.

Methods of payment

Regularly pass the shares, if we pay more forward, then we get something for free.
I have so received a decent headset, an external HDD, a tablet, something else. With gifts come fountain pens, something else with the Gino logo. Nicely.

Angry citizen -
address: г. Москва, ул. Новая Басманная, д. 29, стр. 1
tel.: +7 800 511-38-23, 7 495 369-02-77
Complaints against public officials.


The independent online resource was created with the aim to improve the quality of our life and reduce the distance between citizens and the state, customers and organizations. Do not like noisy neighbors and a dirty entrance? Overdue products and rudeness of personnel? Pits on the roads and inaction of officials? Thanks to our service - these problems can be solved very simply, it is enough to follow step by step instructions on the site.

The main task of the project is to give every citizen of our country the necessary opportunities to solve problems.

Specialists of the Angry Citizen project provide legal support and Give practical advice on how to act in different situations.

How it works?

By going to the project site, you can file a complaint about poor-quality goods and services to the responsible authorities and organizations. It's simple: you need to create a problem and choose one of the suggested instructions. In those cases where there are no algorithms or work with them has not brought results, project lawyers personally advise users. In addition, we promote the attraction of public attention through the media and social networks, thereby amplifying the voice of every citizen.

Users of the site have access to resources and services: one can request the help of a personal lawyer and connect an expert or deputy .

Department of Labor and Social Protection of the population of Moscow -
address: г. Москва, 107078, ул. Новая Басманная, д. 10, стр. 1
tel.: +7 495 623-10-20, 7 495 777-77-77
The purpose of the site is to inform the population of Moscow about the rights, projects ...


The purpose of the site is to inform the population of Moscow about the rights, projects ...

Through the site you can make a request for your situation.

YaKlass -
address: г. Москва, Костомаровский пер. 3, 105120
tel.: +7 800 775-37-86
Online School.


Educational Internet resource for schoolchildren, teachers and parents.

Yaklass helps the teacher to conduct testing of students' knowledge, assign homework in electronic form. For the student this is the base of electronic workbooks and an endless simulator for the school curriculum. Dynamic ratings of class leaders and schools add learning elements of the game that stimulate both schoolchildren and teachers. The resource is based on the technology of generating a huge number of options for each job Genexis - thus, the problem of cheating is solved once and for all.

Yaklass is an accelerator graduate FREES, the resident of the programs "Skolkovo and Microsoft.

Yandex.Money -
address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 18Б, бизнес-центр «Строганов»
tel.: +7 800 250-66-99,7 495 974-35-86
Internet payment system.


Yandex.Money users can instantly transfer money from the account in the system to the card and vice versa Alfa-Bank and Bank Opening.

Other plastic cards, then you can easily enter money from them into the Yandex.Money system and use it on Internet. The interaction between the bank and the payment system is based on a technology that has been successfully used since March 2008 in the joint Yandex.Money and Russian Development Bank. Both the binding of accounts and the transactions themselves are simple and safe; In the process of payment via Internet, neither the personal information about the user nor the details of his bank card is transmitted.

Deposit with any plastic card

To do this, you need to bind your plastic card to the Yandex.Money account in any ATM of Alfa-Bank

More about Yandex.Money

The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation -
address: г. Москва, Большой Черкасский пер., д. 9, 109012
tel.: +7 495 606-98-88
Elections, the official websites.


The site of the CEC of Russia is the official Internet representation of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation.

First of all, this is an information site. There are 'Documents of the CEC of Russia', 'Legislation on elections and referendums'. You can find out which elections are held and what are planned.

The site ceased to be only informational, the voter's office appeared on the site.
In the office, first of all, you can find out where my polling station is located. I tried it, but he advised to find out about the place of residence.
So while the Beta version.

Cyberplat -
address: г. Москва, 123610, ЦМТ, Краснопресненская набережная, д. 12, подъезд 7
tel.: +7 495 967-02-20
The universal multibank integrated payment system in Internet, which provides a full range of financial services - from micropayments to interbank settlement.


A universal multi-bank integrated payment system for Internet, which provides the full range of financial services - from micropayments to interbank settlements.

Having connected to the leading Russian payment system CyberPlat,, You will be able to accept payments in favor of cellular and wireline operators, IP-telephony, cable and satellite TV, Internet providers, and utilities. This is a modern high-profit business that requires minimal material and time costs.

  1. CyberCheck is a business-to-transaction transaction subsystem - business with elements of electronic document management for customers registered in CyberPlat®;
  2. CyberPOS - a subsystem for servicing payments on plastic cards of international and Russian payment systems, focused on business-to-consumer services and not requiring registration of a buyer in the CyberPlat® system;
  3. Internet-Banking - account management in the member bank of the system via Internet.
is open for interaction with any other payment systems and, unlike many of them, provides support for a number of processing centers. Payment instruments:
  1. plastic cards of international and Russian payment systems, including Visa, Europay, Diners Club, JCB, American Express, Union Card,
  2. single e-port cards,
  3. payments directly from bank accounts of payers in participating banks to any bank account, including external ones.
CyberPlat® guarantees full confidentiality of transactions and unavailability of payment details for outsiders.

iGuides -
address: 111024, г. Москва, 1-ая ул. Энтузиастов 3, офис 4с
The largest Russian-language media about gadgets, technologies and games.


The largest Russian-language media about gadgets, technologies and games.
2.5 million readers per month.

Prompt and interesting about the important and interesting:

  • News, articles, interviews,
  • reviews of devices and accessories, services and applications,
  • tips and lifehacks,
  • instructions
  • news from exhibitions and presentations,
The goal is to help navigate the variety of gadgets, applications, services, games.

Jivosite -
address: г. Москва, 115280, ул. Ленинская слобода, д. 19
tel.: +7 800 333-66-28
Chat to your website.


Actually the form of communication that locates at the bottom of the page.
The visitor can click and the form of a link will appear: to send an email or chat.

There is a free version that will suit all small businesses. For a large firm, a paid version will be inexpensive, technical support is worth it. -
address: г. Москва, 115088, метро Кожуховская, Угрешская ул., д. 2, стр. 15, этаж 2, офис 204, ООО "Пресса. ру"
tel.: +7 495 722-51-00
Offline magazines.


Catalog of newspapers and magazines.

On the site you can buy newspapers and magazines to show them to friends and subscribe to favorite publications. To get acquainted with the new press is offered both in the browser and in a special application - without active connection to Internet.

For opening, the edition opens: by clicking on the desired page, the user increases it to a comfortable font size. The project was highly appreciated by readers of the RBC Daily, Around the World, Discovery, Komsomolka, AiF and other publications. Now the library has 200 titles for every taste: from rating business magazines to entertaining. Many of them are available for reading free.

Yandex.Money -
address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 18Б, бизнес-центр «Строганов»
tel.: +7 800 250-66-99,7 495 974-35-86
Internet payment system.


Another popular Internet payment system (at PayCash).

The main difference from WebMoney in the absence of such a complex level of protection. It's easy and fast to get a Yandex.Money wallet and immediately accept payments.

Money can be put

  • Prepaid Yandex.Money card - instantly,
  • Cash transfer - from 15 minutes,
  • Enrollment via Internet banking systems - 15 minutes,
  • Cash payment through mail offices Russia - for the next worker day.
Once you will be offered to pay only through Yandex.Money, and making a wallet is not so difficult, do it.
By receiving an account you receive an e-mail, free hosting at, and if you already have an account, then you already have a wallet.

You can read more help Yandex.Money.

sign up

Softkey -
address: г. Москва, 129626, Россия, ул. Староалексеевская, д. 5, 3 этаж, офис 316
tel.: +7 800 775-12-86
Buy software.


Another store claiming leadership, like Allsoft.
In general, they are very similar. Not surprisingly, one business. -
address: г. Москва, ул. Дольская д. 2, 115569
Dating site for prisoners.


This project is designed to help social rehabilitation of prisoners and realization of their right to communicate.

For most prisoners of the post-Soviet space, Internet access today is very difficult. Those who have access - do this as a rule 'underground', using mobile phones and smartphones classified as "prohibition". Probably the legislative base will eventually become more tolerant of the possibility of prisoners to communicate and visit Internet. I think that this is simply necessary from the point of view of maintaining the normal level of socialization, the subsequent return to normal life. This is also necessary to reduce the suffering of native prisoners.

But for the time being, prisoners who are more than a million in the Russian-speaking population do not have legal access to Internet.

Nevertheless, the site is made. It's unlikely that we will get a large audience here, but even if it is useful for one person, it will help him find a loved one and return to normal life, so the work was done in vain.
For those who do not have access to Internet, addresses for ordinary letters will be provided and their profiles will be published on the site for free.

The site is a dating service primarily for prisoners and prisoners, although we do not We are going to limit any other categories. Arresters have always been deprived of communication. The reason is not only in technical difficulties, but also with regard to society to prisoners. Acquaintance for the prisoner - sometimes a single straw, for which he clings in the hope of not losing himself over the years of isolation.

Invoicing, Yandex.Money -
address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 18Б, бизнес-центр «Строганов»
tel.: +7 800 250-66-99
Fill in a simple form (translation assignment, the amount, the payer of an email), you can add a comment, send.


We fill in a simple form (the purpose of the transfer, the amount, the payer's email), you can add a comment, send it.

The payer receives an email with the necessary information in the appropriate form.

The commission is taken from the payee:

0,5% - when transferring from the account in Yandex.Money;
2% - when transferring from Visa or MasterCard.

For more confidence in you And great opportunities, improve your status

Mathematical studies -
address: 119991, Россия, г. Москва, ул. Губкина, д. 8
Studies carried out with the use of modern computer of 3D-graphics.


The site 'Mathematical Etudes' presents sketches made using modern computer 3D-graphics, fascinatingly and interestingly telling about mathematics and its applications.

Yandex.Money, online payment of traffic fines -
address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 18Б, бизнес-центр «Строганов»
tel.: +7 800 250-66-99
Payment of traffic fines online.


Payment of fines.
Yandex offers instantly, without a queue and at any time convenient to you to pay a fine for violation of traffic rules.
You do not need to notify GIBDD about the payment of a fine: the information on the payment is instantly transferred by the LEADER system to the Unified Information Technology Base GIBDD The GUVD Moscow.

With a Visa or Mastercard, from a purse in Yandex.Money, in cash.
Commission: 1%, but not less than 30 rubles. Attention: the service is available to citizens who received driving licenses in Moscow, and only if the decision to impose a fine is also written in Moscow.

How to do this?

Gently fill out all the fields of the form shown on the

All data, including the alphabetic part of the number of the resolution and driving license, must be entered in the Russian (Cyrillic) keyboard layout.

Please note: in case of incorrect entry Of the data, the return of an erroneously credited payment can take 2 to 3 months.

Hotline "International Money Transfers LEADER": +7 (495) 777 8585

Fines of the traffic police via SMS

  1. Subscribe to SMS notifications of incoming fines;

  2. We learn about the SMS penalty from the number 1960 with the offer to pay (if you decide to pay within the first 20 days, an automatic discount of 50% is taken into account);

  3. We answer with a 4-digit code - everything is paid, we pay more attention.
You can manage SMS notifications in purse settings: the same SMS can be configured with a reminder to pay loan or housing and utility services. -
address: 125993, г. Москва, ул. 1905 года, д. 7, стр. 1
tel.: +7 495 665-72-72
Portal for hunting enthusiasts.


Main Hunting portal of the Runet.

Contains the online version of the “Russian Hunting Gazette” and the magazine “Hunting and Fishing XXI Century”.

Yandex.Money, the traffic police fines -;d
address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 18Б, бизнес-центр «Строганов»
tel.: +7 800 250-66-99
Checking the driver's license and traffic fines.


Checking the debts and paying fines traffic police online.
And ... what's important - checking the debt (after payment wait a day).
That is, we learn about the penalty, pay and make sure that the money reached the addressee and We do not have debt

Russian Hunting Portal -
address: г. Москва, улица Академика Королева, д.13, стр.1
tel.: +7 499 681 2122
Portal of the Russian Hunting Journal.


Portal of the Russian Hunting Journal.

The Hunting and Weapons sections contain a lot of material published in the "Russian Hunting Journal" and continue to be updated with new materials every day.

Since 2012 the magazine has published more than 2000 articles written by about 500 different authors.

Thanks to the detailed categorization of the materials in the vertical and horizontal menu sections, you can easily find information on the topic of interest: animals and types of hunting, weapons and equipment, laws and hunting culture.

Video section contains films about hunting in different regions of Russia, reviews of specialized exhibitions, tests of weapons and equipment, lectures by Mikhail Krechmar and much more.

Yandex.MasterCard -
address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 18Б, бизнес-центр «Строганов»
tel.: +7 800 250-66-99


Yandex has made its first plastic card in cooperation with bank Tinkoff. (Since October 2016, these cards become inactive)
Now they have their own MasterCard PayPass - contactless card.
You do not need to pay for withdrawing money from Internet. Your account is tied to a card, just pay with the card and pay 0% for this kind of withdrawal.


We set the pin-code ourselves. When receiving the card we receive an email, follow the link and double-enter the PIN code we invented.
This should be neither a year nor a phone number, and the figure is clear only to you.
I recommend that you write the password in password manager, be sure to use the manager.

Designer forms to collect Yandex.Deneg -
address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 18Б, бизнес-центр «Строганов»
tel.: +7 800 250-66-99
Here the visitor can himself write the amount of, well, the settings allow you to have additional fields.


Here, the visitor can write the amount himself, and the settings allow you to have additional fields.

Button for receiving the Yandex.Money payment -
address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 18Б, бизнес-центр «Строганов»
tel.: +7 800 250-66-99
Select the type and design of the buttons, and you get a code, which will only have to insert on your site.


Do you want to accept Yandex.Money from other users, and you need a compact button for a website or blog?
Create it using our constructor.

Select the type and design of the button, and you will get the code that will only be inserted on your site.

Yandex - WebMoney -
address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 18Б, бизнес-центр «Строганов»
tel.: +7 800 250-66-99
You can change Yandex.Money to WebMoney only through Yandex.Money account.


You can change Yandex.Money to WebMoney only through Yandex.Money account.
And vice versa - you can change WebMoney to Yandex.Money only through WebMoney purse.

The fact is that WebMoney bounced and at first did not want to exchange At all. Then, having complicated the process, they agreed.
For exchange it is necessary that the same person owns the wallets and then bind the wallets.

What is the fee?

The commission for exchanging in any direction is 4.5%. Exchange is happening instantly.

How to link wallets

  • in WebMoney system you must have a certificate of at least the formal and confirmed passport data
  • your Yandex.Money account must be identified.
Both accounts must be created for the same real person. All passport data, TIN must be the same.

Informer 'My balance' Yandex.Money -
address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 18Б, бизнес-центр «Строганов»
tel.: +7 800 250-66-99
Form Yandex.


If you raise funds for charitable purposes, place on our website our special informer "My Balance". With its help, anyone can see how much money has already been collected, and help your project.

SvobodnayaPressa -
address: 115093, г. Москва, Партийный пер., д. 1, корп. 12
tel.: +7 495 380-41-34
Independent online newspaper Volga region.


Independent online newspaper of the Volga region.

FSIN of Russia -
address: г. Москва, ГСП-1, Житная ул., 14,
tel.: +7 495 982-19-00
Federal Penitentiary Service.


Federal Penitentiary Service. -
address: г. Москва, 103132, ул. Ильинка, 12
tel.: +7 095 206-35-31
2nd World War.


Federal, regional and departmental archives Russia.

All the variety of archives Russia is united by the Federal Archival Service Russia, also called Rosarkhiv. Details of all federal, the majority of regional and departmental archives of the Russian Federation are given.

Website for children on the portal Cyril and Methodius -
address: г. Москва, 127549, ул. Пришвина, 8, стр. 1
tel.: +7 495 772-76-76
School portals.


Portal for children, schoolchildren and their parents from Cyril and Methodius.
Virtual country, whose life goes according to its own special laws. Here you can learn and play, entertain and fix the material of the school program. The training section contains entertaining lessons with vivid examples, colorful illustrations. In the entertainment part of many fun contests, colorful and dynamic games, most loved by children. The site is based on the best training and development programs developed by the company "Cyril and Methodius."

As you know, knowledge acquired in the process of active activity, is assimilated much more productive than with simple memorization. For children aged 3-12 years, such activities are primarily a game, which is why the basis of the children's training site is "Elementary School. Lessons of Cyril and Methodius "is the principle - Learning through play and entertainment!

All lessons and games are designed taking into account the psychological characteristics of children of primary school age with the participation of leading teachers, practitioners, methodologists and psychologists.

All sections have an extremely simple navigation, which allows the child to do on his own or with minimal participation of an adult. Games and assignments almost do not contain text and are represented by video images and interactive simulators.

Anywayanyday -
address: г. Москва, Дербеневская наб., 7, стр. 12, г. Москва
tel.: +7 800 775-775-3, 7 495 363-61-64
A real company or organization must have one of the global distribution systems.


A real company or organization must have one of the global distribution systems (GDS) that aggregates data from service providers, offering users through their partners in the network a full range of offers.

Almost the entire world market of Internet booking is divided between companies:

  1. Amadeus - Russian
  2. Galileo - Russian
  3. Saber - English, integrated with the Aerof website Ota
Payment methods

Forbes -
address: г. Москва, Капранова пер., д. 3, АО «АС РУС МЕДИА»
tel.: +7 495 565-32-06
The economy of Internet.


Forbes in Russian.
Forbes - the American financial and economic magazine; One of the most authoritative and well-known economic publications in the world. It was founded in 1917 by Bertie Charles Forbes.
Russia became the fifth foreign country in the world where Forbes started publishing his journal.

  1. The first Russian issue of the magazine was published in April 2004.
  2. In 2009, the Forbes site appeared in Russian.

Rosstat -
address: г. Москва, 107450, Россия, Мясницкая, 39, стр. 1
tel.: +7 495 607-46-77
Federal State Statistics Service.


Federal State Statistics Service.
On the site - the results of the census and other official statistics.


Official Statistics

  • National accounts.
  • Population.
  • Labor market, employment and wages.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • The effectiveness of the Russian economy.
  • Indicators for assessing the state of Russia's economic security.
  • Indicators characterizing import substitution in Russia.
  • Technological development of industries.
  • Science, innovation and the information society.
  • State, public organizations.
  • Prices.
  • Finance.
  • Foreign trade.
  • Environment.
  • International statistics.
  • Leading indicators by economic activity.
  • Indicators determined by the "May" decrees of the President of the Russian Federation.
  • Regional statistics.
  • Municipal statistics.
  • Goals for sustainable development.
  • Publications.
  • Databases.
  • ...
Government procurement - contests, auctions, closed auctions, the only performer ...

Journal "Statistics issues".

Yandex.Map editor -
address: ул. Льва Толстого, 16, г. Москва 119021, Россия
Traditional card.


Users draw their own maps.
You can draw your house, your street, neighboring houses, parks and ponds, village, village or city.

It's easy to do - People maps is a simple and convenient web-editor. The user draws maps directly in his browser, the changes are instantly displayed on the map. Other users of the service can help edit the painted object or supplement the information about it.
Everyone can draw cards. You just need a simple registration.

Naiti prosto -
Reference book of Moscow enterprises and organizations.


Reference book of Moscow enterprises and organizations.

Feature - search for organizations by type of activity, services and products offered close to a given search zone (street, subway, area, transport route, etc.) - search nearby.

GULAG History Museum -
address: Москва, 1-й Самотечный пер., д. 9, стр. 1
tel.: +7 495 621-73-10
The official website of the Gulag Museum.


The official website of the Gulag Museum.

On the site you can find out what to expect from visiting the museum, where it is located, contacts.
However, if you do not have the opportunity to visit Moscow, the site has a lot of important information.

Our nature -
address: г. Москва, 123995, Большая Грузинская ул., 4/6
Environmental control.


Our nature is the federal state information system for public control of nature management and environmental protection in Russia. You can register on the site and report on environmental problems. You can specify a place, describe the reason and add a photo or video. People report unauthorized landfills, water pollution facts, illegal deforestation and other environmental offenses, confirming their photo or video showing the precise location of the violation.
It's clear that in 1 day everything can not be done and there are big problems that can not be solved quickly.
But in many cases the administration simply does not know the problems or Its essence all easy to fix until the problem has developed.

Russian Football Union -
address: г. Москва, 115172, Народная ул. 7 (метро "Таганская" радиальная), д. российского футбола
tel.: +7 495 926-13-00
Russian Football Union.


Russian Football Union.

Religion and Law -
address: г. Москва, 115035, 3-й Кадашевский пер., д. 5, стр. 5
tel.: +7 495 645-10-44
The church and the law.


Religion and Law - Law Office "Slavic Law Center"; - provision of legal assistance and litigation related to the protection of the rights of citizens and legal entities.


  • Legal assistance in matters related to the violation of the rights of citizens, including freedom of conscience and religion.
  • Representation in civil courts.
  • Protection in criminal cases.
  • Registration of non-profit, public and religious organizations.
  • Drafting and legal examination of civil law contracts.
  • Consultations on copyright and related rights. Registration of trademarks.
  • Legal support of real estate transactions.
  • Legal assistance to foreign citizens staying on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Consultations on tax legislation.
  • Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.
The staff of the center are highly qualified lawyers and lawyers who have extensive experience in various fields of law, including state-church relations.

The Slavic Legal Center has a partner organizations in France, the United Kingdom and the United States. The activities of the Law Office and the Non-Profit Partnership The Slavic Legal Center is recognized by many, including international, awards.

Altergeo -
address: г. Москва, 129090, пр-т Мира, д. 3, корп. 1
The Time Machine by Foursquare.


Celebrate in interesting places in your city.
Check AlterGeo (check-in) - say where you are right now. Celebrating in cafes, cinemas, parks and other places, you will find out what kind of people are next, your friends were here, and what they think about this place.

For each "mark" you will receive points and medals. The more points you earn, the higher the probability of receiving prizes and bonuses from institutions, played every day in AlterGeo.

Do you like to celebrate in stores? There are all chances to win a medal "Shopaholic". Do you like cultural places? Check them out and get the "Art Critic" medal.

On the site you can see the general map of all project users. On such a map, data on the location of other project participants at the moment will be presented. The map shows different layers, for example, you can only set the display of friends of the user or all the others. Available for selection by sex (for example, the service allows you to see where the cute girls spend an evening) or only those users who are online.


ServiceCloud -
address: г. Москва, пр-т Вернадского, д. 29
tel.: +7 800 555-91-15
Financial Accounting.


Accounting 1C online.
Service paid - 800-1000 rubles. per month. Under it you are allocated a server space up to 2Gb and a sufficient number of databases. The service is paid, with good support:

  1. online chat,
  2. a toll-free number, but you can also order a call back,
  3. Skype,
  4. ICQ.


Old maps of Moscow online -
The site presents the old maps of Moscow and the Moscow region from ancient times to the present day.


The site presents the old maps of Moscow and the Moscow region from ancient times to the present.

For all maps, online browsing is available in high resolution.

With the Map Overlay function, you can compare any old Moscow plan with modern maps and satellite imagery.

Morning -
address: г. Москва, 119072, Берсеневский пер., д. 2, стр. 1
tel.: +7 495 531-21-21
Popular Russian online newspaper.


A popular Russian online newspaper., and other consonant websites have nothing to do with "".

Sape -
address: г. Москва, ул. Балтийская, д. 15, м. Сокол
tel.: +7 495 374-93-62, 7 495 995-15-61
The leading link exchange.


The leading system for buying links from the main and internal pages of sites.
The most unattractive and profitable advertising on the site, if it's reasonable.

The minimum amount of payments is $10.
Low Commission: only 10% for participating in the system.
The value of your site and the opportunity to earn depends not on attendance, but on cIC and PR.
Prices are exhibited by the participant himself, the more expensively you expose, the less you sell.
Payment is not made for attendance or for clicks, but fixed per month for the presence on the page.
You are completely in control ruete links placed on your site.


  1. At first I thought that it's better to put a little below average, then you will have more links, so you can earn more quickly. So it was at first, but then I quickly flew TIC, and as a consequence, and my earnings. Therefore, I advise you not to chase for quick earnings and put prices not lower than the average.
    I recommend putting the price of a time in 2-3 above average, then there will be significantly fewer links and only slightly less earnings. But the TCI at the same time to be preserved.
  2. Set on the page no more than 5 links, then there will be no problems with Yandex.
  3. Since payment is made not for clicks, but for the presence on the site, it is better to put the link at the very bottom of the page, so as not to spoil the design of the site. You sell the presence of links on your site, and do not advertise.
My friend Yandex banned 30 websites at once. Therefore I recommend following my recommendations. If you make a site-ass, only to earn money on Sape, Yandex will calculate, and at the same time can ban and other your sites that will be nearby.

Sign up for Sape

Morning Star Yuri Nikolaev -
A new format for creative competitions for children and young people.


A new format of creative competitions for children and young people.
The main stages of each current season of the contest are held on Internet. Voting takes place on the basis of ratings of voting of spectators and estimation of jury on a site of competition.
The principle of voting is honesty and openness. For the results of voting you can follow the online mode on our website.

Sport -
address: г. Москва, 125167, Ленинградский пр-т, д. 39, стр. 79
tel.: +7 495 223-05-74
All sports news, photos and videos, broadcasts and reports, statistics and match results.


Sports news: all news of football, hockey, basketball, tennis and other sports - photos and videos, live broadcasts, reports from the best sports arenas, statistics and results of matches. -
address: г. Москва, ул. Полковая 3 стр. 3, офис 120
tel.: +7 495 230-05-97
Russian advertising portal.

Portal of the open data of the Government of Moscow -
Here we find 246 data sets from 26 executive bodies.


Here we find 246 data sets from 26 executive bodies.
The data is structured, there is a search. Databases are provided in the following formats: CSV, tables and maps. -
address: Москва, улица Складочная д. 6
Here, photographers share their experiences, telling readers about the process of shooting and processing in modern photography.


Here, photographers share their experiences, telling readers about the process of shooting and processing in modern photography.

Photography lessons, the basics of photography, processing lessons, many unique articles written by competent authors especially for our project made it the most popular online magazine about photography in Russian, as evidenced by the statistics we do not hide.

Daily new, relevant and interesting articles about photography. The materials are intended both for professionals and beginners, who only took their first camera in their hands.
The main thing - the brevity, competence and simplicity of presentation.

Hillsong -
address: г. Москва, 1-я Дубровская 13а, с. 2, офис 303
tel.: +7 495 495-7 222
Church website.


Church of Hillsong, Moscow. The daughter church of the famous Australian Hillsong.


The church that I see is a church of influence. A church that is so large in size that a city and a country can not ignore it. A church that grows so fast that buildings can not accommodate a constant increase in its size. I see a church whose heart is full of praise and worship that touches the heavens and changes the earth. Glorification, which influences the praise of people around the world, extols Christ with strong and powerful songs of faith and hope. I see a church whose altar is constantly filled with repenting sinners who respond to Christ's call for salvation.

Yes, the church that I see so strongly relies and depends on the Holy Spirit that nothing can stop it and resist it. A church whose people are lit and burning, praying and filled with the Holy Spirit believers.
The church that I see has such a clear and clear message that people's lives change forever and their potential is achieved through the power of the Word of God. This message also reaches the people of all the earth through television.
I see a church that is so compassionate to people that it gets them out of impossible circumstances and situations and places them in a circle of friendly family where there is love, hope, where you can find Accepting and receiving answers to all life's questions. I see people who are so overwhelmed with thoughts about the Kingdom of God that they, seeing the price, and realizing the sacrifice, are ready to pay everything to see how the awakening will take over this whole country.
The church I see is a church This is so much devoted to the cultivation, training and education of a generation of leaders who will reap the harvest of the last time that the whole activity of the church is absorbed for this purpose.
I see a church whose head is Jesus, whose helper is the Holy Spirit and whose focus is the Holy Spirit, On the Great Commission.

address: г. Москва, Хамовнический Вал ул. 6, 119270
Site for those who are interested in school olympiads.


Site for those who are interested in school olympiads.
Regular news, events and calendars, publications and links to Olympiad sites will help keep up to date on current events.
There is an archive of tasks to help prepare for the Olympics.

Russian Olympic Committee -
address: г. Москва, 119991, Лужнецкая наб., 8
Sports Calendar.


Calendar of sporting events.
On the official website of the Russian Olympic Committee.

University of Bible Fellowship -
address: г. Москва, 115407, ул. Судостроительная д. 34, корп. 2
tel.: +7 495 220-95-49
The goal is to spread the gospel among university students all over the world, for this purpose individual Bible studies, group Bible studies, biblical schools and conferences are conducted.


The goal is to spread the gospel among university students all over the world, for this purpose individual Bible studies, group Bible studies, biblical schools and conferences are conducted. Also, missionary activities, the spread of the Gospel in other cities and countries.

Statement of Faith

  • We believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible and immutable Word of God.
  • We believe in the One God of the Creator, who eternally exists in three Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe in the divine essence of our Lord Jesus Christ, His immaculate conception, His sinless life, His miracles, His redeeming Sacrifice on the cross, His bodily resurrection, His ascension to heaven, where He sits at the right hand of the Father, and His Second Coming in Flesh on earth in power and glory.
  • We believe that the salvation of sinners, their rebirth by the Holy Spirit is absolutely necessary.
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells in believers and gives them power for a righteous life.
  • We believe in the bodily resurrection of the paired and unpaired: for the believers - for life, for the unbelievers - for condemnation.
  • We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • MROECE The "University Bible Fellowship" works closely with the international movement University Bible Fellowship, the University Bible Fellowship (abbreviated UBF), an international Christian evangelical student organization founded in 1961. Currently, the UBF preaches the Gospel in more More than 80 countries around the world, including in the CIS countries.In the territory of Russia, the University Biblical Commonwealth Movement has been operating since 1990.

Biblio Globus -
address: г. Москва, 125047, ул. Большая Садовая, д. 10. (вход в арку к "Музей-театр Булгакова", подъезд 6, этаж 1)
tel.: +7 800 775-25-00, 7 495 009-25-00, 7 499 213-25-00, 7 495 109-25-55, 7 499 216-25-55


Offers complete packages of tours, including air travel and transfer.
5 own inking structures for reception and service of tourists are organized: in Thailand (Biblio-GlobusAsia) and at Cyprus (JTACyprus), in Vietnam, in Tunisia, in United Arab Emirates.

Cyprus, Greece, Tunisia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, US, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Israel, Maldives, UAE.

Official representations:
Moscow, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Bottom Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Tyumen, Ufa, Khabarovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kiev.

Federal News Agency -
address: г. Москва, 109240, ул. Николоямская, д. 26, стр. 1А
tel.: +7 800 777-17-61, 7 812 627-14-32, 7 981 722-50-09
The site of social and political life in Russia and in the world.


The site of social and political life in Russia and in the world.

Operational and versatile coverage of current events, interviews with politicians, exclusive materials from hot spots.

British prints -
address: 119019, г. Москва, Волхонка, 12
tel.: +7 495 609-95-20
Archives Museum.


British engraving.
The State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin.
Reproductions of hundreds of paintings of the museum. The basis of the catalog is the legacy of two hundred and fifty masters of engraving, including such famous ones as William Hogarth, John Raphael Smith, William Ward, Thomas Rowlandson and James Whistler.
Along with individual sheets, the catalog includes popular satirical and landscape series, compositions dedicated to sports and hunting.
The electronic edition differs a variety and complexity of the structure.
In addition to the famous, often exhibited at the exhibitions of works in it, many remarkable monuments are concentrated, which are published for the first time.
First of all, these are unique albums of engravings of "Antiquities Great Britain", "Cries of London" and "Alphabet". It should also be noted the animalistic compositions of Thomas Landseer, John Frederick Lewis and George Townley Stubbs. The catalog reflects quite fully and consistently the main stages of the development of the British print.
The first half of the 18th century is represented by the works of outstanding British portraitists John Smith I and Isaac Beckett, the moral and moral series of William Hogarth; The second half of the century - engravings of various genres and directions that arose at this time and fell in love with the inhabitants of Great Britain.
William Woollett's landscapes, Valentine Green's portraits, compositions on mythological and religious subjects Francesco Bartolozzi, urban views of Thomas Malthon the Younger - a model of technical and artistic perfection. In these works, traditions and innovative solutions, effective decorativeness and strict classical forms were intertwined.

Foxford -
address: г. Москва, Варшавское шоссе, д. 1, стр. 6,
tel.: +7 800 500-80-11
Online school for pupils of grades 3-11, teachers and parents.


Online school for pupils of grades 3-11, teachers and parents.

On online courses and individual lessons with a tutor, students prepare for the exam, OGE, olympiads, study school subjects. Classes are taught by the Moscow State University, MIPT, the Higher School of Economics and other leading universities of the country. For teachers, refresher courses and professional refresher courses are conducted, and for parents - open classes on the upbringing and development of children. The project is part of the "Netology-groups" and is a resident of Skolkovo.

Current time online -
address: г. Москва, 105058, ул. Ткацкая, д. 17, стр. 2, офис 4/1
tel.: +7 901 903-47-89


24 hour scale - 12 hour scale - 12 hour scale

Weborama -
address: ул. Каланчевская, 16, г. Москва
tel.: +7 495 784-77-40
Online player.


I used to be an avid music lover.
I had a bunch of proprietary LPs in styles, from light jazz to heavy rock.
And depending on the mood, I chose the disc as on a scale.
What Something similar offers this service. A lot of music (more than 40 million tracks) and even your own radio.

Online pharmacy -
address: 127238, г. Москва, Дмитровское шоссе, д. 30, корп. 1, этаж 1, пом. II, ком. 1-10
tel.: +7 495 956-00-55
Online pharmacy in Moscow.


Online pharmacy in Moscow.

A pharmaceutical company where you can buy medicines with free home delivery for a preferential category of citizens or with pick-up at a retail outlet.

Prices are lower than in a pharmacy, because in Moscow it is very expensive to rent a room for a pharmacy. but you can find an inexpensive place on the outskirts of the warehouse.
The choice is more because there is more goods in stock than in a small pharmacy.

The cost of courier delivery in Moscow will be 150 rubles., In the near suburbs - 280 rubles., In the far areas of the Moscow region - 400 rubles. The cost of express delivery is 250 rubles.

Time100 -
address: г. Москва, 119019, ул. Арбат Нов., 2
tel.: +7 499 653-68-18
The time that the builders are constantly spread of bars on a city street.


Time that builders constantly spread out of the bars on the city street.
Besides time, you can see morning, evening, day or night.

Yandex.Realty -
address: 16 Leo Tolstoy St., Moscow 119021, Russia
Real estate search in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


Real estate search in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
You can also make an ad for free.
Everything is very simple, convenient and intuitive.
You are immediately invited to your region. You can specify a search or search on the map.
In principle, you can specify a query in the usual Yandex search engine, for example. Rent an apartment

On the map

You can click On the map. A
nd so we can see housing prices on the map.
There is a filter, we can choose only the options that suit us: by the number of rooms, the combination or incompatibility of the bathroom, the secondary or new building, area, panel, brick ..., only from the owners ... And only these options are viewed on the map.

On the maps of large cities, you can choose the Layer/Rental price and get a map with a tint: red - expensive, green - cheap.

Yandex.Real Estate takes into account:

  • The relevance of the announcement - according to statistics, the apartment is sold and surrendered after a certain period of time after the announcement. Yandex calculates these terms, taking into account the updates of the announcement, and the aging ones are eliminated.

  • Price Matching Location - the price of the apartment depends on its location in the city - some areas are more expensive, some cheaper. Yandex group offers by location, based on the geography of cities, considering in which administrative district is the apartment, in the center or on the outskirts, how close it is to the metro. For each such group, the average spread of prices for apartments of different area is calculated - separately for sale, separately for rent. If the price in the ad is less than the minimum border of this gap, most likely, the data in it is not true. For example, a very cheap one-room apartment can actually be a room in a communal apartment. Also, ads with misspellings are canceled, for example, with the cost of renting several billion rubles.

  • Duplicate Grouping - to increase the probability of a call from a potential client, real estate agents often post on the site more than one, But several ads. For example, indicate different metro stations or slightly different prices. To offer the same living space can be several agents at once. Find the same ads easily by their parameters - address of the house, floor and area of ​​the apartment. Such ads are combined into one.
As a result, Yandex.Real estate filters out up to 30% of ads. But we can be sure that most of the remaining proposals can be trusted.

Check view online -
address: г. Москва, ул. Правды, д. 24, стр. 5
Free and without SMS check our sight.


For free and without SMS, we check our eyesight.
You can see the usual table. -
address: г. Москва, ул. Новорогожская, 11, корп. 1
tel.: +7 495 671-53-63
Site about what franchising is and how it works.


Site about what franchising is and how it works.

Big franchise catalog.

  • 700 franchises in Russia and the world,
  • Feedback on franchises, News and novelties of franchising,
  • Direct access to franchisees.
Franchise is a purchase of a ready-made business, and its opening is easier and faster than starting a business from scratch.
For all franchises the official cost of the franchise and the amount of payments is indicated. Many franchises with reviews.

The catalogue is basically a franchise shop.
Look for the best franchise, a profitable franchise, request business plans franchise, compare, choose a successful business.

TimelineJS -
address: г. Москва, 105064, ул. Старая Басманная, д. 12, стр. 5, оф. 5
tel.: +49 521 21-698
Organizer of events.


A free web service for the organizers of public events. TimePad is created by people who have successfully held more than hundreds of events of various subjects and know from their own experience what is really needed for organizing events, because TimePad has made it as convenient as possible.

Lunoot -
address: г. Москва, ул. Красная Пресня 28
tel.: +7 910 948-21-14
Tourist agency.


Tourist agency.

Travels to various picturesque corners of our planet at the most affordable prices. If you are bored with routine and you want to relax your body and soul - you can easily book a ticket on our website or by phone.

24-hour telephone.

Jino.Cloud -
address: г. Москва, ул. Юннатов, д. 18, офис 709
tel.: +7 812 407-17-11
Cloud storage.


If you use Gino hosting, get 20 GB of free space for free. And if you participate in the program (in which almost all Gino users participate), you get 5 more GB of space forever.

There is no limit to the file size.

We share files in one click.

Promtur -
address: ул. Смирновская, 25, г. Москва
tel.: +7 926 916-30-33
Industrial tourism.


You are interested in transmissions from the channel "Discovery Channel", "How does it work?" And "How is it arranged?".
I like to see how other people work?
If so, then the offer is for you: industrial tourism to operating Russian production complexes.

In Western countries, industrial tourism is not Only popular entertainment, but also an additional way to attract attention to the brand and promote sales of goods and services throughout the city. The rise of industrial tourism in Western European countries began 15 years ago. Undisputed success is enjoyed by excursions to the production of BMW plants, Audi, Volkswagen's Autostadt theme park in Germany, Legoland in Denmark, Swarovski Krystallwelten in Austria and many others. However, not only individual brands, but whole countries are famous for industrial tourism. World recognition is enjoyed by beer tours of the Czech Republic, wine tours in Spain and France, flower tours in the Netherlands, diamond factories in Namibia. Russia since the days of USSR very well-known were excursion tours to the confectionery Moscow. At present it is rather difficult to get on such an excursion. As a rule, they are held for special guests, occasionally for groups of schoolchildren. For example, an entry for a tour to the Rot Front factory is carried out only for 2 days in August a year in advance. For modern tourists, this type of recreation is very interesting, it is possible to learn from another side even the native city.


Prospero -
address: г. Москва, 125364, Россия, ул. Свободы, 50, офис 16
tel.: +7 495 646-88-92
Reference broker, who showed himself as a reliable partner, choice of opportunities.


Payments in Yandex.Money.

​​A reference broker who has shown himself to be a reliable partner, choice of opportunities. The affiliate program is from 5 to 10 percent. I tried to use. Put prices much lower than the sape, but received very few proposals. I had to refuse.

Teach in -
address: 123022, г. Москва, ул. Рочдельская, д. 15, стр. 19/20
tel.: +7 800 500-30-72
Online platform where students from all regions of Russia study school subjects in an interactive form.


Online platform where students from all regions of Russia study school subjects in an interactive form. reveals the potential of each child.
The platform analyzes the actions of each student and, based on the data, selects personal tasks.

Russian gazeta -
address: г. Москва, 125993, ул. Правды, 24, Телетайп: 207270-Митра
tel.: +7 495 775-31-18
The newspaper was founded by the Russian Government.


The newspaper was established by the Government of the Russian Federation.
The main feature: no law of Russia will enter into force without publication in the Russian newspaper.

National Geographic -
address: г. Москва, 127018, ул. Полковая, д. 3, стр. 1
tel.: +7 495 232-92-92
The most famous popular science geographical publication in the world.


The most famous popular science geographical publication in the world.
On the site you will find the articles of the magazines of National Geographic Russia and National Geographic Traveler and the own materials of the authors of the site.

The main themes of our site: science, travel, nature, adventure.

A separate photo section is devoted to readers who are fond of photography. There you will find photos of users, photo secrets and photo reviews, you can take part in photo contests that are regularly held on our website.

Billboard Yula -
address: Россия 125167 г. Москва Ленинградский пр. 39 д. 79
Bulletin board.


Bulletin board Yulia from
It is sold through phone and a site.
We photograph the goods and at once we place.
The main thing is quickly.

In my opinion it is a little strange.
And to edit a photo?
Normally, a person does several frames, then he can cut them.
And that can not really see what they are selling.
But quickly.

address: ул. Выборгская, д. 22, стр. 1, «Логопарк ЭЛМА»
tel.: +7 800 755-755-1
Logistics online stores.


Logistic operator.

Delivery "in hand" the next day in more than 1800 locations.
More than 500 points for issuing orders, including 142 in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The site has tariffs and a calculator for calculating the cost. You can ask the price and if you want, then register.

CNews -
address: г. Москва, 117393, ул. Профсоюзная, д. 78
tel.: +7 495 363-11-11
The largest publication in the field of high technologies in Russia and the CIS countries.


The largest publication in the field of high technologies in Russia and the CIS countries.

Website created in 2000.

Based on the Hi-Tech News news feed, RIA RosBusinessConsulting quickly gained recognition from IT professionals and a wide readership.

Specialization - operational news and analytical materials of the world of high technologies.

Every day there are more than 100 news about the Russian and foreign markets of computer equipment, software, information and automation, e-commerce and telecommunications, gaming industry.

The monthly audience is over 2 million people in Russia and abroad.

E-xpedition -
address: г. Москва, Лубянский пр-д 19 стр. 1
tel.: +7 800 775-49-35, 7 495 664-28-08
Original gifts.


Internet shop of gifts and souvenirs Expedition.
Funny, funny, practical and original gifts for all.

It is also useful, like any similar store, when you do not know what you can give. We indicate to whom (man, woman ...), for what reason and the budget.

Jino.Landing -
address: г. Москва, ул. Юннатов, д. 18, офис 709
tel.: +7 812 407-17-11
Single page site builder.


A platform that does not require any special knowledge to create a single-page sites.
Actually we register and immediately have a website. Our task is to customize and fill with your content: name, contacts, etc.

As a result, we have an light modern website. Suitable for a business card site or presentation of a new product or service.

As a basis, you can take a template of 300 proposed.

Yandex.Maps API -
address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
tel.: +7 800 234-24-80
With Yandex.Maps API you can manage maps and their contents, as well as create various applications - from simple interactive travel patterns to complex geoinformation services.


Everyone can use Yandex.Maps for their service.

Usage examples

  • - The service builds a route and estimates the cost of the route along the route to Taxi.
  • - The project allows users to search for the location of objects.
  • - The site is dedicated to real estate ads. This site is interesting in that it groups ads, thereby getting the opportunity to place on the map as many ads as you like at the same time. By bringing the cursor to the label, the user always sees how many ads he finds if he brings the map closer.
  • - Here users can build automobile routes through Tula. Yandex.Mark API allows you to replace any of the standard tools, this site uses its own router.
  • - The site provides users with its own map of Cheboksary. However, the Yandex.Maps API with all its features is used to display the map.
  • is a very non-standard application of Yandex.Maps. The satellite layer is used as a substrate, that is, as part of the site design.

Tanuki -
address: г. Москва, Алтуфьевское шоссе, 14,
tel.: +7 495 223-2-223
Restaurants homemade Japanese cuisine.


Restaurants of home Japanese cuisine in Moscow and Moscow Region, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Samara, Ufa, Kiev, Kharkov and Almaty.

Delivery of sushi and rolls home or office.

In the delivery menu

  • rolls "California", "Philadelphia", "Dragon" and other hits "Tanuki";
  • Real tastes of Japan: sushi, rolls, salads, cold appetizers, soups and hotter according to company recipes;
  • “De Luxe” sets in an exclusive black box and a variety of classic sets;
  • rich, tasty, healthy and beautiful children's menu;
  • vegetarian sushi, rolls, snacks, sets, soups, desserts;
  • sauces for every taste and color;
  • a large selection of delicious drinks and Tanuki specialty lemonades;
  • Delicious desserts and the famous Modji ice cream with thirteen different flavors.

PichShop -
address: г. Москва, 115211, ул. Борисовские пруды, д. 10, корп. 5
tel.: +7 800 775-05-26
Online store of unusual gifts.


Leading Russian online store of cool gifts, designer stuff, stylish accessories and a variety of non-dull creative things from fashion studios and brands from around the world.

A diverse, innovative and unique range of gifts and designer pieces from more than 40 manufacturers.

Original passport covers, functional travel holders, diaries with unusual illustrations, original accessories for the home and office interior, creative vinyl stickers on the walls and designer mirrors - all these things not only become indispensable daily satellites that delight the eye and refresh the interior, but also will be suitable as new ideas for an original gift.

Encyclopedia of drugs -
address: Россия, 123007, г. Москва, ул. 5-я Магистральная, д. 12
tel.: +7 499 922-49-67
Database for specialists and patients describing medicines, food additives, vaccines, homeopathic remedies on the market.


Database for specialists and patients describing medicines, food additives, vaccines, homeopathic remedies in the market Russia (search by name, pharmacological group, indications for Application).

pylon -
address: г. Москва, 127473, 1-й Волконский пер., д. 13


A service where people can order a small job, while others on the other hand, will receive part-time work.
We all have household chores in which we understand little or nothing.
It is very inefficient to study and do everything yourself. ... And sometimes just not enough hands.
You can go and try.

Sedmitza -
address: г. Москва, 105120, Н. Сыромятническая ул., 10а
tel.: +7 495 495-81-54
Christian Encyclopedia.


Established on the basis of the Publishing House of the Holy Transfiguration Valaam Monastery by the decree of His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia of September 10, 1996. The most significant publications of the period 1994-1999. Are the "History of the Russian Church" in 9 volumes, the collection "Patriarch Hermogenes", a new translation of "Life and Miracles of St. Petersburg." On October 10, 1996, the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church approved the project for the publication of the 25-volume Orthodox Encyclopaedia. For the implementation of the project, the Supervisory, Guardian, Church Scientific and Scientific Advisory Councils have been formed, the Association of benefactors, scientific and information support is provided by the Synodal Commissions and Departments of the MP, RAS, research institutes, leading educational institutions (spiritual and secular), archives, museums, The library.

The publication "Orthodox Encyclopedia" is included in the federal program of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation "Culture of Russia 2001-2005." The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation has assigned the Orthodox Encyclopedia the status of a textbook for higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation. The work of the Center is supported by the Government of Moscow, a number of regions of the Russian Federation (Saratov, Samara and other regions), industrialists and entrepreneurs united in the Board of Trustees and the Association of Philanthropists of the Orthodox Encyclopedia. In its activity, the Center seeks to unite the efforts of church and secular scholars in The revival of church science, the conduct of historical, hagiographic, biblical and other studies: establishes scholarships to support researchers, collaborates with the Prize for Memory Prize tr. Moscow and Kolomna Macarius (Bulgakov), revealing the most significant studies on the history of the Russian state and the Church and awarding prizes, participates in the project of creating electronic information and documentary arrays (together with GARF).

The Center for Orthodox Encyclopaedias participated in a number of publications Together with the museums of the Moscow Kremlin, the State Historical Museum, the State Museum of the History of Religion (St. Petersburg). He took part in scientific conferences: IX International Christmas Readings (Moscow, January 2001), "Christianity in the Volga-Ural Region" (June 2002), "History and Hagiography of an Unseparated Church" (June 2003).

Information and educational activities of the Center are realized in the weekly television program "Orthodox Encyclopedia" on the TVC channel and in Internet portal In November 2002 and November 2003, the courses for the upgrading of qualifications for the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church were organized by the Center together with the Russian Academy of Public Administration. Kravets. Internet portal was registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Compliance with Legislation in the Sphere of Mass Communications and Protection of Cultural Heritage (Certificate of Registration of Mass Media No. ФС77-25129 of July 27, 2006).

Artguide -
address: г. Москва, 105120, Нижняя Сыромятническая ул., 10, стр. 4, этаж 5, офис 507
tel.: +7 495 280-74-46


  • Exhibitions,
  • catalog of museums, galleries, antique salons,
  • auctions,
  • festivals,
  • film shows,
  • master classes,
  • calendar of major exhibitions and auctions in Moscow, as well as events involving Russian art all over the world,
  • objective, detailed and conveniently structured information about art museums, exhibition centers, Funds, auction houses, galleries and antique salons Moscow,
  • art map of the center of Moscow.

address: г. Москва, Россия, 105064, а/я 399
tel.: +7 495 545-09-80
Russian Medical Journal.


An independent publication for practitioners, more than 50,000 doctors in total.
Published since 1995.


Postgraduate education of general practitioners.

The audience of the magazine is general practitioners, narrow specialists, clinical interns and graduate students, senior students of medical institutes.
Current comprehensive information on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases for doctors of all specialties.
The authors of the articles are the best professionals in their fields. The most read publication among practitioners.
35 thematic issues per year. It is distributed free of charge among specialists and medical institutions of Russia.

Registration required. -
address: г. Москва, Студия Артемия Лебедева ул. 1905 года, д. 7, стр. 1, 123995 Россия
tel.: +7 495 926-18-00
Artemy Lebedev presents: design for the smart.

Russian Tax Courier -
address: ул. Новодмитровская, д. 5а, стр. 8, г. Москва
tel.: +7 800 550-15-57
Forms laws.


Russian tax courier: on the site electronic version, answers to questions about taxation, tax forum, accounting and tax news and documents, tax calendar, income tax, VAT, audit, excise.

Artemy Lebedev -
address: г. Москва, Студия Артемия Лебедева ул. 1905 года, д. 7, стр. 1, 123995 Россия
tel.: +7 800 200-40-33, 7 495 926-18-00
Decoder text.


Everyone will sooner or later receive an email in an encoding that is not known to science. What to do with him? To throw out, of course.

Although, perhaps, the letter is very important, and asking the sender to send it again - it's uncomfortable. Then our decoder comes to the rescue.


You have disqualified your wife from calling for work. Bought her a computer and installed Internet. Now the wife writes you letters by e-mail.

One day, a letter comes from her, which can not be read even in the Japanese Auto-Detect encoding.

You can not come home without reading the letter. To explain how to correctly set up mail - then the gifted computer will fly away to the window.

How to be?

Since March 31, 1997, the post decoder of Lebedev Studio helps mail-lovers in their native language.

Absolutely free of charge in a few Seconds decoder work sent to you from the other end of the city, country or planet unreadable porridge becomes clear Russian text.

Of course, the decoder fully preserves your anonymity and privacy of correspondence. User letters are not stored, and the words of letters are not used in any way in statistics. The mail decoder was, is and will be a free project.

Encodings supported:

  • UTF-8
  • Translit
  • CP-1251
  • KOI8-R
  • KOI8-U
  • CP-866 (DOS)
  • CP-855
  • ISO-8859-5
  • MacCyrillic
  • CP-437 (MIK)
  • GB2312

And also:

  • CP-125x
  • ISO-8859-x
  • EUC-JP
  • EUC-KR
  • Shift_JIS
  • Big5
  • HZ
  • Base64
  • Quoted-printable
  • URL-encoded
  • English keyboard
  • HTML-entities

M24.RU -
address: г. Москва, 127137, ул. Правды 24 стр. 2
tel.: +7 495 728-73-81
Network edition M24.RU.


Internet site. Information about the metropolitan life - news, videos, photo galleries, infographics.

Medialogia -
address: г. Москва, Россия, 127018, ул. Складочная, д. 3, стр. 1
tel.: +7 495 495-90-40
Official statistics of Russia.


The system "Medialogiya" consists of two parts. It is a media database and an analytical module for processing and analyzing media reports. All messages from the media are sent to the database in round-the-clock mode under strict regulations and are automatically processed with subsequent control. Processed messages are stored in the media database and are available for searching, viewing and analyzing. About 45,000 messages from 3,500 media are processed daily.

Documents of the Soviet era -
address: 115035, г. Москва, Софийская наб., д. 34, стр. 1
tel.: +7 800 222-15-01
State Archives.


Personal archive of Stalin and other archives.
Supreme organs of the party-state power of the Soviet era.
Organizations and institutions.
Personal funds of prominent figures of the Soviet era.
Photo, film and background - collection.
Great Patriotic War. -
address: г. Москва, 127006, ул. Малая Дмитровка, д. 29, стр. 1
Poetry and prose.


Nonprofit, socially oriented project.
The goal is to give all authors the opportunity to publish their works on Internet and find readers.
All copyrights to works are assigned to authors on the basis of a user agreement.

Creator And Dmitry Kravchuk (Ann,

Poisk -
address: 140153, Московская область, Раменский район, дер. Верея, Островецкое шоссе, стр. 500, 501
tel.: +7 495 660-93-73


The leader among Russian companies specializing in the creation of high-quality seeds.

It sells seeds in bulk in Moscow and other cities of the country for more than 25 years.

Seeds of all cultures undergo a double quality control: when entering the company and before implementation. At the slightest non-compliance, seeds are not allowed to be sold wholesale and retail.

Business incubator -
address: г. Москва, 105187, ул. Кирпичная, 33 стр. 2
tel.: +7 495 772-95-90
Online Education.


The business incubator is a structural subdivision of the State University - Higher School of Economics, created within the framework of the Innovative Education Program. Its main goal is to help create successful businesses that are founded and developed by the students of the State University-Higher School of Economics.
Business incubators students can learn the most advanced methods of building a new business. They get access to the resources of the Business Incubator, they can take part in numerous entrepreneurial-oriented events, and also become a part of the social network of the Business Incubator.

The business incubator is open to all students, employees and friends of the HSE, who are interested in building businesses With great potential, the success of which will be associated with the Higher School of Economics.

One of the important tasks of the Business Incubator is the creation of a transparent and cost-effective mechanism for involving teachers her Higher School of Economics in the company, based students.

Specialist -
address: г. Москва, Госпитальный пер., д. 4/6
tel.: +7 495 232-32-16
Computer Training Center at MSTU. Bauman.


More than 1000 training courses for professionals and beginners:

  1. computer courses, preparation of high school students for the exam,
  2. popular courses 1C,
  3. teaching drawing
  4. digital photo processing
  5. design courses,
  6. 3Ds Max courses,
  7. Autocad courses,
  8. Windows Server courses,
  9. accounting courses
  10. programming basics
  11. and ...
Preparatory courses and refresher courses in full-time groups (in the morning, afternoon, evening, on weekends), remotely, individually, online.

Inc.Russia -
address: г. Москва, Поварская 50/53,
Russian version of the legendary American magazine about entrepreneurship.


Russian version of the legendary American magazine about entrepreneurship.

The site does not look like the usual sites of magazines. From the usual there is only news. The rest is rather non-standard.

Something like the Ikea store, where you just need to look at everything, because the authors find all the material interesting and important.

Busfor -
address: ул. Одесская, д. 2, г. Москва
tel.: +7 495 374-76-77
Bus tickets.

Bulletin PSTGU. Philology -
tel.: +7 495 953-22-89
The authors - professors, graduate students and graduates of Philology Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University.


The authors of the philological "Bulletin" are teachers, graduate students and graduates of the Philosophy of the Orthodox St. Tikhon Humanitarian University; In addition, the editorial board accepts the materials of specialist philologists. The "Philology" series is published four times a year.

Onyx BOOX -
address: г. Москва, ш. Энтузиастов, ТЦ «Город»
tel.: +7 495 507-54-21
High quality and advanced technology, ergonomic interface. The latest models work on the basis of the Android OS, which is convenient.


Onyx BOOX e-books are popular. High quality and advanced technology, ergonomic interface. The latest models run on the Android OS, which is convenient.

Electronic Library of the Moscow State Pedagogical University -
address: г. Москва, 127051, ул. Сретенка, д. 29, ком. 104-107
tel.: +7 495 632-98-11
Information system for the accumulation, storage and use of electronic documents and publications in the field of psychology and related disciplines.


Information system for the accumulation, storage and use of electronic documents and publications in the field of psychology and related disciplines.

The goal is access to electronic forms of educational materials and inaccessible literature specified in the curricula of academic disciplines.

The Federal Tax Service -
address: 127381, г. Москва, ул. Неглинная, д. 23
tel.: +7 800 222-22-22
Know your TIN.


The Federal Tax Service - the official website provides an opportunity to find out their taxpayer identification number.

Simply, graphically, officially.

You can here and find someone else's TIN, for example. Relatives. Just need to have all the passport details. Nothing else.

You can get an TIN in your tax.

Billboard LIVE -
address: г. Москва, 117105, Варшавское ш., 9, стр. 1
tel.: +7 495 785-17-00
The draft broadcasting around the clock on the home page site, implemented with the help of online cameras. Each webcast talks about the main event of the day in the cultural life of Moscow, or the world.


The project of round-the-clock broadcasting on the main page of the site, carried out with the help of online cameras. Each broadcast tells about the main event of the day in the cultural life of Moscow or the worl

Travel Shop -
address: г. Москва, Кузнецкий мост, 21/5,
tel.: +7 800 777-38-78, 7 495 150-19-99
Tour operator in Russia.


Tour operator “Travel Store” was founded in 1997 and today is considered the leader of sightseeing tourism in Russia.

The company offers more than 3,500 excursion tours in Russia, near and far abroad.

We adhere to an optimum ratio of price and quality so that your travels are rich, interesting and at the same time affordable.

  1. Weekend. Huge selection of interesting excursion tours for one or a few days in Moscow, the Moscow region, the Golden Ring.Excursion tours of any duration in all regions of Russia, as well as in the countries of the Near Abroad.
  2. Excursion tours in Europe and around the world.
  3. Motor cruises.
  4. Rest in boarding houses, sanatoriums and holiday homes in Russia and the CIS.
  5. Economical bus tours to Anapa and the Crimea from Moscow, with accommodation in good quality private hotels at reasonable prices.
  6. Excursions for school groups, with the provision of a full package of necessary documents.
  7. Trips for corporate groups, trade unions and just sightseeing trips for friendly companies.
  8. Beach vacation. -
address: г. Москва, БЦ «Даниловская мануфактура», корп. «Сатиновый», Варшавское шоссе, д. 9, стр. 1Б, Россия, 117105
tel.: +7 495 785-17-00
Stats, standings.


News, table, schedule of games, statistics ... current information, operational update.

Personally, I prefer to look here, conveniently and not overloaded. And not to me alone, this is the most visited sports resource.

On the site you can find the latest information on the main sports, football, hockey, tennis, auto racing, boxing, volleyball, basketball.
Here it is convenient to see how the tournament of a certain sport is held, as one team played, a calendar. That's the composition of the teams will not be able to see.

That is, here is operational, not complete information.

LDPR Tube -
address: г. Москва, 1-ый Басманный пер., д. 3, стр. 1
tel.: +7 495 530-62-62
Complaints against public officials.


Site in order to help people get to the POWER.
If you witness the rudeness of an official, the negligence of an official, the illegal work of a gambling club, or any other unlawful actions, – Remove it on the camera of your mobile phone or regular camcorder and send it to us.

How it works

After the video is posted, the LDPR will forward the deputy's request to the relevant state authorities. A copy of the request will be posted on the website.
The video, copies of the request and the answer, are public information. They will be available for viewing to any site visitor.

How to send a video?

  1. Register on the site if you want to receive a copy of the official reply by mail.
  2. Upload your video.
  3. To briefly describe the situation, proceed as follows: what, where, when »: what exactly happens, where (postal address, name of institution), which officials are participants in the incident, indicate the date and time of the event, and Any other data contributing to the understanding of the video (license plates, amounts, etc.).

What's next?

After receiving a response to the deputy's request from the official, a copy of the letter will be posted on the website.
The most senseless, empty and unlawful official annotations will always be forwarded to V.V. Zhirinovsky Chairman of the Government V.V. Putin and President DA. Medvedev at personal meetings.

Tonkosti -
address: г. Москва, Люблинская ул. 179/1,
tel.: +7 495 276-07-28
Encyclopedia for tourists.


Encyclopedia of countries, resorts and hotels.

Every day something new is added here by our experts - real tourism pros who know everything about “their” destinations and generously share personal experience.

On countries, resorts and hotels first h

address: г. Москва, 127015, ул. Бутырская, д. 46, БЦ «Стрелецкая слобода»
tel.: +7 495 721-85-39


The service for online video creation, employment and pre-selection of personnel.
The service for applicants is free.

Using special questions that meet the requirements and competencies, it is possible to assess the professional skills and external data of candidates, compare their answers, analyze, How this or that answer is disclosed. It is important that the VCV service allows you to view video preview of potential candidates at any convenient time, repeatedly play, send links to colleagues or the leader.

Applicants are offered a video-editing tool in online mode, as well as a set of functionality for editing it. You just need a camera and a microphone. To help you properly prepare for the recording of the interview, we offer ready-made questions that reveal the candidate's potential.

Moscow Exchange -
address: г. Москва, ул. Воздвиженка, д. 4/7, стр. 1,
tel.: +7 495 232-33-63
Finance News.


Finance News.

Quotes, indices, currency market, precious metals, stock market ...

Food poster -
address: г. Москва, 125009, Кузнецкий Мост, 6/3
tel.: +7 495 785-17-00
Cooking magazine recipes and of course, the printed edition can be viewed online.
cooking school, rather rtsepty in an interesting format.
Culinary Encyclopedia: hundreds of items described in more dishes and more products.


Search for recipes for ingredients.
You can add a recipe or collect your own recipe book.

Choose a recipe for the main ingredient
  • for the
  • food category for the holiday or for
  • in the kitchen
  • according to the way of cooking
  • according to the
  • By source Also on the site you can see the magazine of the same name.
  • -
    address: г. Москва, 117105, Варшавское ш., 9, стр. 1, БЦ «Даниловская мануфактура», корп. «Ряды Солдатенкова»
    tel.: +7 495 785-17-00
    Expert opinion on the high-tech world.


    Expert opinion on the world of high technologies.

    Pro-gorod -
    address: 121354, г. Москва, ул. Дорогобужская, д. 14, стр. 1
    Navigator with the ability to view maps through mobile and online.


    Navigator with the ability to view maps through mobile and online.

    Maps cover Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
    Detail to home only major cities.

    The map shows traffic jams. -
    address: г. Москва, 117105, Варшавское шоссе, д. 9, стр. 1Б
    tel.: +7 495 785-00-12, 7 495 785-17-01
    The first daily socio-political online newspaper.


    The first daily socio-political online newspaper.

    Sport-At-Home -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Погребенка, д. 30/29
    tel.: +7 804 019-40-05
    Overview of popular sports equipment.


    Overview of popular sports equipment.

    The most current information on this topic.

    Easy navigation inside articles.

    The site is focused on ordinary people and specialists in various fields.

    InMyRoom -
    address: г. Москва, Большая Татарская, 35
    tel.: +7 800 505-48-69, 7 495 286-70-10
    On-line magazine interesting interiors from the Rambler-Afisha.


    Online magazine interesting interiors from Poster-Rambler.

    When the project is a serious service, you can expect stability and development from it. The site is really good. Professional photos, good taste. If you want to furnish a new apartment or refresh the old one, you will like it.

    KARO film -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Новый Арбат д. 24,
    tel.: +7 967 520-85-69
    The official site of the cinema network.


    The leading cinema chain in Russia, which controls 32 modern cinemas (241 screens) in Moscow, the Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Samara, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen and Surgut, which are visited by almost 12 million people annually.

    Recognized as the best cinema network of the year in the European market by the international convention CineEurope, becoming the first Russian cinema network to receive this award.

    Теамо -
    address: г. Москва, 123022, ул. 2-ая Звенигородская, д. 13, стр. 42
    tel.: +7 800 555-39-40
    Paid dating sites.


    Italian Te amo - I love.
    Dating for marriage and serious relationship.
    Subscription fee - 170 rubles. per month.

    3 steps to find your pair

    1. Pass a free compatibility test.
    2. We look at all profiles of users that are compatible with you.
    3. We communicate with those who like.
    4. Forward for a date.
    Screenings of "non-serious" audiences are achieved by offering to pay for Teamo services on a monthly basis (170 rubles) and professional testing to identify the psychological compatibility of potential couples. According to Khabarov, in the US, dating services with a similar concept are "responsible for 4% of marriages concluded in the country."

    Many investments are invested in this project, so we should expect development.

    Velobike -
    address: г. Москва, АО СитиБайк, Бережковская набережная, д. 20, стр. 9
    tel.: +7 495 495-46-69
    Bicycle rental.


    bike rental locations in Moscow on Yandex.Maps

    The project was created with the support and participation of the government of Moscow and the Bank of Moscow
    Project ideology Create an alternative to a car and public transport, provide residents and tourists with affordable transport for short trips.

    The project for the organization of a city bike rental service that allows you to rent a bicycle on an automated station, make a trip and return the bike to Any other automated station, on ervom stage includes the installation of 104 stations by 1000 Bicycle in Central and South-Western administrative districts, but in the future we plan to cover all the administrative districts of Moscow.

    Become a bike rental user can any Muscovite or visitor of the capital. In order to use the services of bicycle rental, it is enough just to pass a preliminary registration on the site. Registration is carried out online, so you can register with any mobile device connected to Internet, directly at the rental office. In order to register in the system, you must have any VISA or MASTERCARD payment card with the connected 3DSecure option. When registering, the user is asked to choose a suitable tariff plan for subscription services and make an advance payment.

    The presence of a positive balance allows you to use the services of an unlimited number of times (within the chosen tariff plan), the first 30 (thirty) minutes of using the bike are provided free of charge.

    to -
    address: 117105, г. Москва, Варшавское шоссе, д. 9, стр. 1, БЦ «Даниловская мануфактура», ряды Солдатенкова
    tel.: +7 495 785-17-00
    One of the leading Russian online media.


    The electronic periodical "" online newspaper.
    One of the leading Internet media in Russia, the most quoted.

    The newspaper tries to give an alternative point of view, but this is not the opposition, not the yellow press, just another source of information close to the official one.

    MainLink -
    address: г. Москва, 129344, ул. Верхоянская, д. 18, к. 2
    tel.: +7 495 620-08-70
    Exchange MainLink links.


    Absolutely simple code editor. There are a small number of functions (useful for CSS, HTML and Vbscript), but this is ideal for quickly creating dirty code.

    LiveJournal -
    address: 117105, г. Москва Варшавское ш., 9, стр. 1, БЦ «Даниловская мануфактура», корп. «Ряды Солдатенкова»
    Leading world blogosphere.



    In 1998, an eighteen-year-old student, Brad Fitzpatrick, wrote a small program for himself. The program allowed you to keep and update your personal diary. On its basis, Brad created a web application for his friends. Very quickly livejournal won huge popularity first in America, and then all over the world. Russia takes the second place by the number of users. And on quality, perhaps, and the first.

    Live Journal

    Live Journal, LiveJournal (LJ) is a service for posting online diaries (or rather blogs), or a separate blog ("diary", "Log") in this service. It offers a usual set of functions for blogs: the possibility of publishing records, their commenting on readers and so on; There are also convenient additional functions, many of which are available free of charge to anyone.

    In the Runet LiveJournal has gained phenomenal popularity, and in qualitative terms the composition of the Russian LJ is also unusually diverse. Many of the people known in Russia, as well as from parties, social movements and organizations, have their LJ.

    User Information

    When registering, the user LJ chooses a unique name for his blog. In this name, you can use numbers, Latin letters and the underscore. In the future, this name can be changed only for a fee or in special cases (for example, when changing the set of characters allowed in names).

    Client programs LJ for any OS

    Although LiveJournal can be used with a regular browser, usually users download a small program that allows you to work with LiveJournal directly.

    Help, or frequently asked questions

    Aeroflot -
    address: г. Москва, 119002, ул. Арбат, д. 10
    tel.: +__555, 7 800 444-55-55
    Order plane tickets online.


    The official site of Russia's leading airline.
    Here you can book and buy tickets, rent a car (we will immediately need transport) and book a hotel (but I would do this through other sites).

    On the site you can find contacts and free phone numbers for mobile or for your region.
    Well, you never know what it will take, if something happens to the luggage, a rowdy in the plane ...
    It would be nice to check the permissible size of luggage, hand luggage ... phone, that is.


    Spring-cleaning -
    address: г. Москва, 119285, ул. Мосфильмовская, д. 40
    tel.: +7 495 981-56-99
    Interactive map of Russia's landfills.


    Interactive map of Russia's dumps.

    The map was created and supported by the United Russia party within the framework of the "General cleaning" project.

    Majordomo -
    address: 197374, Торфяная дорога д. 7, лит. Ф, бизнес-центр "Гулливер 2", офис 1323
    tel.: +7 812 335-35-45
    A good and fast hosting, suitable for a large site. Suitable for larger pots, because management does not occur through the panel and through the support. Although support team reacts quickly. When switching from another hosting site themselves suffer.


    Good and fast hosting, suitable for a large site.
    It will do more for teapots, because management is not through the panel, but through the helpdesk.
    The support service reacts slowly, but all questions are solved.
    The control panel is not very, so it's more careful. They can impose a service, one must be brave and defend their rights.
    When changing from another hosting, they themselves transfer the site.

    Payment methods

    Eating at home TV -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Правды 21 стр. 1, правое крыло здания
    tel.: +7 495 255-16-17
    Cooking TV.


    A round-the-clock culinary channel for the widest circle of spectators.
    Reporting about the kitchens of the world, the archives of the programs We eat Homes, video responses from the best chefs and ...

    The Federal Service for Labour and Employment -
    address: г. Москва, 109012, Биржевая площадь, 1
    tel.: +7 800 707-88-41, 7 499 557-04-70
    State database of vacancies.


    Federal Service for Labor and Employment.
    Official website.

    Documents, information, projects, territorial bodies.
    Everything that should be on the modern official website.

    Information city ​ -
    Organizations on the map. Open data portal of the Moscow Government.


    Portal of the open data of the Government of Moscow.
    Electronic atlas, on the map you can find various organizations.
    The advantage of this card is that organizations do not register themselves, like on Google and Yandex maps, but they were added

    Moslenta -
    address: г. Москва, 117105, Варшавское шоссе, д. 9, стр. 1, БЦ «Даниловская Мануфактура», ряды Солдатенкова
    tel.: +7 495 785-17-00
    The site is about clear Moscow.


    This is not so much a site for tourists as for the Muscovites themselves. I spent a couple of years in Moscow.
    Do I know after that Moscow? - Yes and no.
    Yes, because I lived in Moscow.
    No, because I lived and worked in one area of ​​Moscow, it's like a city inside the city.
    Months after 2 I remembered that I was in Moscow and was traveling somewhere to Arbat, Red Square ...
    So none of the Muscovites can physically know the whole of Moscow, especially since it is constantly changing.
    This site will help in eliminating these gaps.

    Motor -
    address: RAMBLER&Co Россия, 117105, г. Москва, Варшавское шоссе, д. 9, стр. 1 БЦ «Даниловская Мануфактура», «Ряды Солдатенкова»
    tel.: +7 495 785-00-15
    Car magazine about cars, road racing.


    Automobile magazine about cars, roads, auto racing, about people and for people who love cars, drive them, or just dream of a car.

    The car section on appeared in 2000 - earlier than Someone from the online media, and in 2006 he turned into a full-format application with a unique content. In 2010, the size of the monthly audience of Avto.Lenta reached one million unique visitors. Now we are restarting Auto.Lenta under our own brand - Motor.

    Regular publications

    • Automotive news: about new items, car market and car industry, about exhibitions and auto racing, about roads, new laws, gasoline prices and much more.
    • Test drives: stories about the newest models, comparative and long-term tests, autotravel, video tests of own production.
    • Analytical reviews of laws and government initiatives, the car market and the automotive industry.
    • Photos and videos.
    • Motorsport: news and articles about the most popular racing series, reports of own correspondents from Formula 1, rally and rally-raids.
    • And a lot of different materials about cars and everything that is associated with them. -
    address: г. Москва, 115114, Летниковская ул., д. 10, стр. 4 (бизнес-центр «Святогор-4»), 8 этаж
    tel.: +7 495 984-66-60
    Stats, standings.


    The news, the table, the schedule of games, the statistics ... the current information, the operational update.

    For some reason, there is no separate statistics on the scored washers, which is inconvenient.

    But there is a separate statistics for our

    FBS of Russia -
    address: г. Москва, Кузнецкий мост, д 16/5, стр. 1,
    tel.: +7 495 870-69-96
    Federal Bailiffs' service.


    We fill the form and find out if there is any debt to us. Website allow it to pay.
    The questionnaire for individuals requires entering your area of ​​residence, name and date of birth.
    You can search by IP number and ... where also there is not much information required.

    However, I would recommend paying the debt through Sberbank.
    The reason is that many banks accept money, give a receipt, but do not bother to inform the authorities about payment and in the tax base, the traffic police and ... you can remain debtor.
    This could be a problem at the airport, traveling abroad ...

    Openstat -
    address: г. Москва, Берсеневский пер., д. 2, стр. 1
    Site traffic statistics.


    Statistics of attendance of the site Openstat.
    Site in Russian. It's easy, you can sign in through your Facebook or Google account.
    You can just register.
    Confirm the right to your site by inserting a line on the start page - META-tag.
    Then we paste the code into the site.

    This service is good because, like Google and Yandex, There is also a specialized code for CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Bitrix, 1C-Bitrix, MODX, Typo3, ABO CMS, HostCMS 6 and LiveStreet.

    QIWI -
    address: г. Москва, Россия, 117648, мкр. Чертаново Северное, д. 1А, корп. 1
    tel.: +7 800 707-77-59, 7 495 783-59-59
    Contact System.


    Payment system for paying for various services, including Internet services.
    The leader of the payment market in Russia.

    We will not describe everything, all information is simply and conveniently accessible on the QIWI website. Suffice it to say that this is the easiest way to enter money online.

    • payment terminals are everywhere,
    • a small commission.
    You can dispose of the money through Internet or mobile.


    • put money on your mobile,
    • put money into WebMoney purse, Yandex.Money ...
    • pay bills,
    • pay traffic police fines,
    • purchase air and railway tickets,
    • VISAs,
    • ...

    How to register a personal cabinet Qiwi

    How to top up Qiwi's personal cabinet

    Translation from QIWI On Western Union Per A convoy with QIWI to the Russian Post

    sports Statistics -
    address: г. Москва, 115114, Летниковская ул., д. 10, стр. 4 (бизнес-центр «Святогор-4»), 8 этаж
    tel.: +7 495 984-66-60

    Risk kids -
    address: г. Москва, 117420, ул. Наметкина, 15
    tel.: +7 916 916-99-06


    Resources for adoption and service to orphans.
    Once important information on this topic, the more we do not do it every day. By the way, information can be obtained, but you can also share.

    Tribuna -
    address: г. Москва, 115114, Летниковская ул., д. 10, стр. 4 (бизнес-центр «Святогор-4»), 8 этаж
    tel.: +7 495 984-66-60
    Sports fans.


    A social network that unites fans of game sports.
    Sports fans here can communicate and express themselves on sports topics, create communities or blogs, join existing ones, find like-minded people and communicate with sports stars.

    Communities are structured by sections According to the sports (football, hockey, basketball, biathlon, tennis, rugby, etc.), and in each section the ratings of the forums, posts and blogs are presented according to these sections.

    To do this, the service provides the most convenient forums ( Total ETS which is currently 242), blog sports stars and ordinary users, competitions and prizes. Each registered user can start a forum and a blog.
    Forums and blogs can be private and blogs can be either personal (with one author) or collective.
    A collective blog can very well serve as an alternative forum for those who Used to structure the discussion on the themes. -
    address: 115054, г. Москва, пер. Монетчиковский 1-й, д. 3, стр. 1
    The promises of the authorities.


    Politicians and stars tend to make public statements.
    There is literally a competition in promises in presidential elections.
    Dima Bilan swore to marry if he wins Eurovision, but then backs down. ... etc.

    This site is going to what is forgotten or what they want us to forget.
    Once the politicians want to manipulate us, promising something that we will then forget and promising again. And once we are manipulated, saying that this or that politician promised a lot and did nothing. And we do not remember what he promised and did NOTHING done anything?
    Here we ourselves can see the picture and have our own, not imposed opinion.

    There is a rating of people and their promises.
    against Each promise has a scale: when given and the date of fulfillment. And also it is executed or not.

    SportSchools -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Кетчерская, 2 к 5
    tel.: +7 917 544-20-00
    Sports schools and sections, news, announcements and discussions.


    Catalog of Sports Organizations.

    Sports schools and sections, news, announcements and discussions.More than 10,000 organizations, more than 35,000 sections.

    Reference information about sports organizations, sports sections, schools and clubs, children's sections and sports schools, addresses and tel., Reviews.

    1. Handbook of sports;
    2. News of sports and sports organizations;
    3. Thematic materials, articles and reviews;
    4. Work (jobs of sports organizations, resumes of sports specialists);
    5. Announcements.

    qTrack -
    address: г. Москва, 125493, ул. Авангардная д. 3, бизнес-центр «Сатурн»
    tel.: +7 495 645-36-37
    Project management.


    The principal difference of the service from many project management systems is in the union of the Contractor, the Customer and Partners.
    The service does not just automate the work, but also allows to modify the project development processes and bring them to a qualitatively new level - qTrack involves the Customer in the project development process.

    Most of the design issues and tasks are solved in the email (even those who actively use trackers), because the main thing in project management is the management of requirements and communications of the customer's commands and Artist.
    Allows you to save the usual work via email, adding to it the full systematization and management of tasks inherent in trackers.

    Communication Opportunities

    • You do not need to force clients to master new systems - you can continue to work with regular e-mail
    • No need to register users - the task is created in the same way as a letter (just specify recipient email)
    • In any task, a message can be written to any person who has an email
    • Discussion participants can, without hesitation about logins and passwords at any time, go to qTrack and see all discussions on a particular topic

    Management Capabilities Tasks not available to mail

    • Easily To maintain order
    • Organization of discussions in the form of "forum"
    • Organization of team work (employees have access to necessary tickets)
    • Hidden messages for discussion on principle 1 task - 1 ticket (all knowledge on the task in one place)
    • Visible responsibility indicators
    • View tasks on an employee

    Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia -Консульск
    address: 1-й Неопалимовский пер., д. 12 Москва
    tel.: +7 499 244-45-81
    Official information and contacts of consular departments of Russia in different countries.


    Official information and contacts of consular departments of Russia in different countries.

    Telderi -
    address: г. Москва, 115280, Россия, ул. Ленинская Слобода, д. 19, стр. 1, бизнес-центр «Омега Плаза»
    Russian domain auctions.


    Site for sale and purchase of sites and domains.
    Teldery works with more than 150 domain registrars and provides full support for transactions.

    Actually, without an intermediary, this is not done accurately. This intermediary will allow you to securely receive money and is also guaranteed a site or domain for money.
    You can set a fixed price, run an auction.

    Eduson -
    address: 115280, г. Москва, ул. Ленинская слобода, д. 19
    tel.: +7 499 653-65-86
    A center for online training of future businessmen from all over the world. The main methodology is various courses from leading professors and successful practitioners.


    A center for online training of future businessmen from all over the world. The main methodology is various courses from leading professors and successful practitioners.

    Bulletin MGOU -
    address: г. Москва, 105005, ул. Радио, д. 10А, комн. 98
    tel.: +7 495 723-56-31
    Included in the list of leading peer-reviewed and refereed scientific journals and publications.


    The publication of the University "Vestnik MGOU" is included in the list of leading peer-reviewed and refereed scientific journals and publications published in the Russian Federation in which the main scientific results of dissertations for obtaining the scientific degree of a candidate and doctor of sciences in accordance with the decision of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia on 6.07.2007 are to be published.

    Post of Russia, Emails -
    address: г. Москва, Варшавское шоссе, 37, Россия
    tel.: +7 495 956-20-67
    We receive registered letters in electronic form.


    We receive registered letters in electronic form.

    Everyone must have gotten tired of receiving notices of official letters, running to the post office, to get them and throw them away, because almost all of them are formal.

    We go to the site, you can use the entrance to the account of the State Service and several times agree. Everything, now all the formal mail will come to our email and there's no need to run anywhere.
    The letter will come in PDF format and will look like it would be in the mail. If desired, you can print.

    Public Chamber of the Russian Federation -
    address: г. Москва, 125993, ГСП-3, Миусская пл., д. 7, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 221-83-63
    It is called to ensure the coordination of socially significant interests of citizens of the Russian Federation, public associations, public authorities and local self-government bodies.

    TourDom -
    address: г. Москва, 129626, пр-т Мира, д. 102, стр. 34, 3 этаж, офис 301
    tel.: +7 495 789-43-20
    Professional tourist portal.


    Professional tourist portal.

    This site is more for a more advanced user. There are news, quotes and a lot of information in the tourist business.

    Here you can determine how economically sound, and therefore reliable tour operator.

    HotHat -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Образцова, д. 7, оф. 205
    tel.: +7 495 229-39-81
    Unlimited hosting.


    Hosting claims that no-limit is absolutely everything. By the way, the first 10 days are free, so you can try. 100 rubles a month for 1 site. 190 rubles. Per month unlimited sites.

    Billboard-Food -
    address: г. Москва, 117105, Варшавское ш., 9, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 785 17 00
    The popular service that allows cafes and restaurants to deal effectively with the promotion of their establishments, manage tables reserves, to automate the process of work with visitors to significantly reduce staff time.


    A popular service that allows cafes and restaurants to efficiently promote their establishments, manage table reserves, automate the process of handling visitors' requests, and significantly reduce staff time.

    Hot tickets -
    address: г. Москва, 123022, ул. Красная Пресня, д. 23Б, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 800 775-02-20
    Hot tours.


    We choose where to go at the best prices. You can see the photo, find a travel agent not far from home.

    The photo will show the resort at the best time of year, so find out the weather in this area for the time of the planned visit.

    Discover Moscow -
    The site of the Moscow authorities for foreign visitors to the capital.


    A site from the Moscow authorities for foreign visitors to the capital. Here everything that the tourist in Moscow will need: how to drive, where to stay, where to eat, what to visit, visa issues.

    Integrum-Techno -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Профсоюзная, 66, стр. 1, офис 801
    tel.: +7 495 755-57-16
    Information Agency.


    Information Agency.

    Tourhelp -
    address: г. Москва, 101000, ул. Мясницкая, д. 47
    tel.: +7 499 678-12-03
    Providing emergency assistance to tourists in accordance with the Federal Law.


    Association TURPOMOSCH takes care of tourists who are in a difficult situation, due to the financial insolvency of the tour operator - a member of the Association.

    The Association's goal is to provide emergency assistance to tourists in accordance with the Federal Law "On the Basics of Tourist Activities in the Russian Federation".

    Check whether your tour operator is a member of the association at Register of Tour Operators

    Courts of general jurisdiction of the city of Moscow -
    tel.: +7 495 533-87-87
    The official portal of the courts of general jurisdiction of the city of Moscow.

    Virtual tour of the residence of the President of Russia -
    Virtual tour of the residence of the Russian President.


    It is not difficult to get to the Moscow Kremlin. No one is banned.
    Thousands of people come here every day. Perhaps you also visited the Kremlin.
    If you have, you surely passed along Ivanovskaya Square, walked along the Tainitsky garden, admired the ensemble of the Cathedral Square.
    Probably were inside these ancient temples - Uspensky, Arkhangelsk, Blagoveshchensky.
    Maybe even - got acquainted with the collection of the Armory Chamber. Well, if you happened to be one of the rare visitors to the Diamond Fund, then probably your friends were very jealous of you ...

    But, no matter how many times you visit the Kremlin, no matter how well you get acquainted with its sights, some places in the Kremlin are certain
    This is the buildings and territories that are allocated to state institutions and services that support the activities of the President of Russia.

    A virtual tour will help fill this gap. It reveals hitherto, unfortunately, closed to tourists objects, included in the Kremlin complex of the President's residence. And opens - in a unique and graphic detail.

    The Senate Palace and the Grand Kremlin Palace will appear before you in all the smallest details - down to the inscriptions on the roots of the books in the wardrobes of the Presidential Library and barely noticeable details of the ancient murals of the Faceted Chamber.
    You will examine every stone, every piece of interior, every monogram on high ceilings, every leaf in the Kremlin gardens as if you were in close proximity to them.

    In addition to the interiors, the site "Opening the Kremlin" A lot of exciting outdoor species.
    From high points you will see such corners of the Kremlin, about the existence of which you do not suspect, strolling along it. And at the same time you will see a panorama of almost the entire center of Moscow, and, like a powerful binocular, you will examine the territories adjacent to the Kremlin.
    The shooting for this project was carried out for two years, from 2003 to 2005. During the filming of some of the staff managed to become historical - they are now imprinted are no longer existing objects.
    Moscow is changing so fast!

    AgroXXI -
    address: г. Москва, 119590, город, ул. Минская, 1Г, корп. 1, офис 19
    tel.: +7 499 500-10-84
    Agro-industrial portal.


    1. A news portal for agribusiness professionals in the crop, livestock and agricultural industries;
    2. a community of agribusiness professionals;
    3. agroforum;
    4. the largest online store of agrarian literature and goods for farmers and summer residents;
    5. effective platform for international and Russian producers of agricultural products.

    Express newspaper -
    address: г. Москва, 127287, Старый Петровско-Разумовский пр-д, д. 1/23, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 777-02-78
    Russian weekly tabloid newspaper specializing in the coverage of celebrity and private life of celebrities in Russia and abroad.


    Russian weekly tabloid newspaper specializing in the coverage of celebrity and private life of celebrities in Russia and abroad.
    The first newspaper tabloid in Russia.

    Founder of Komsomolskaya Pravda Publishing House JSC.

    The newspaper was created with the participation of the former Soviet Ambassador to the UK. Appears since October 1993. -
    Rest in Moscow.


    Interesting places in Moscow, tours and events taking place in the capital.

    Let's say here you can find out

    • how to visit the Ostankino television tower and how much it will cost,
    • what are the exhibitions, festivals, fairs ...
    • complete quests or actively relax
    • visit sights, museums, monuments or unusual monuments,
    • clubs ...

    Tourstanok -
    address: г. Москва, 123056, ул. 2-я Брестская, д. 39/4
    tel.: +7 495 221-64-46
    Hot tours.


    The project of a major travel agency "Upgrade".
    The site among other things publish ads about unsold travel packages of other agencies at low prices - in Essence is the drain of cheap tours, such an approximate "Chiptrip". This is, perhaps, the most convenient and pleasant site of the travel agency in Russian.

    A dozen countries for recreation, the most typical, and restless, all inclusive; The price is something from $200 for a ticket for one; Point of sale in Moscow, Peter, Kiev and Kaliningrad (for the ticket it is necessary to go to the office in one of the These cities). On the site - pay attention to what should be a site with tickets - a simple, understandable tape with ads, the human language of descriptions, including in the help section, branches in social networks, subscription to vouchers.

    Payment methods

    Fulmar -
    address: г. Москва, Порядковый пер., 21
    tel.: +7 495 142-68-48
    Online store of gifts and household goods.


    Online store of gifts and household goods.

    Pretty not a typical shop. Let's say you would buy something, but don’t know what, you can search here.

    Something like Chinese AliExpress, a lot of stuff for the kitchen, car, gadgets ... a lot of unusual goods. There are quite useful ones that I bought in Finland, but we have not seen it anywhere.


    1. Courier
    2. Russian Post,
    3. Boxberry.

    Compare -
    address: г. Москва, 109544, бульвар Энтузиастов, д. 2, 26 этаж
    tel.: +7 800 707-39-02
    It is offered free to find the most suitable proposals in the banking market.


    It is absolutely free to search for the most suitable offers in the banking services market. Here you can get information about interest rates, the conditions and requirements of a product.

    The project is organized by a group of independent experts, that is, it does not push any particular bank.

    Vidal -
    address: 107078 Москва, Красноворотский пр-д 3, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 499 975-54-80
    Medications in Russia.


    Medical portal containing information not only about drugs, but also about diseases, health, dietary supplements, medical cosmetics and much more.

    For registered users there is a section for specialists.

    Mosclinic -
    Health Forums - reviews the work of private clinics.


    Medical forums - feedback on the work of private clinics.

    The site will help you determine the clinic depending on the specialist and customer feedback.

    Qwintry -
    address: г. Москва, Киевское ш., бизнес-парк Румянцево, корп. Б, 9 этаж, офис 16
    tel.: +7 499 703-42-94
    Sending and parcel.


    The parcel is delivery of goods from the USA to Russia, Ukraine ...
    In fact, it is not cheap, but you can count the website how much it costs, knowing the weight and your goods.
    But once it's better Pay for a good product and get a reliable service than cheap and angry.


    Moscow Seminary of Evangelical Christians -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Чичерина, д. 10, корп. 2,
    tel.: +7 495 472-41-65

    Women's magazine -
    address: г. Москва, Россия, 117105, Варшавское шоссе, д. 9, стр. 1, БЦ «Даниловская Мануфактура», «Ряды Солдатенкова»
    tel.: +7 495 785-17-00
    Infotainment WomanJournal site.


    Informational and entertaining site WomanJournal.

    Here you can find out:

    • what will be born in the next Season;
    • how to treat yourself to dinner as something special (gourmets for joy);
    • Consultants answer questions about their personal lives on the portal.


    • provides an overview of the trendy and Cosmetic novelties;
    • publishes the best articles about love, family and career;
    • collects from the whole world the most entertaining news;
    • arranges various competitions and games;
    • invites to visit your favorite celebrities;
    • represents horoscopes compiled by professional astrologers.

    Christian billboard of Moscow -
    Schedule of Divine Services, seminars and conferences.


    Evangelical churches in Moscow and the Moscow region, a schedule of services, seminars, conferences, event reviews, a catalog of organizations.

    Hosting Center -
    address: г. Москва, 123308, РФ, ул. 3-я Хорошевская, д. 2, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 800 250-27-99, 7 800 775-29-99, 7 495 994-46-01, 7 495 737-06-01
    The biggest hosting provider is Russia, good speed.


    The biggest hosting provider is Russia, good speed.
    The only one with protection from viruses. 4 control panels to choose from (although the LC panel is not very functional and you will have to work through the support service, which means it is slower).
    There is a possibility to double, triple, quadrate the tariff. So the volume of the site on virtual hosting can be increased to 40 Gb.
    The increase in tariffs is free of charge, the reduction is paid.


    The support service reacts quickly.
    Free call in Russia, chat, Of course email. But all very formally, mechanically.
    I'm not answering your question, but in general or sent to the control panel, where you have to guess what you should do. So you need to insist, clarify questions, duplicate: by email, by phone and chat (most of the time the chat does not work).


    • Do not transfer the site from another hosting (you have to do it yourself).
    • The support service responds with cliches, it's very difficult to understand the person who is here for the first time.
    • No refunds. For return it is necessary to write a letter by mail with a request to return the funds. Then they say that they did not receive any letters, they demand proof that you sent a letter, a photocopy of the passport ... In short, about 3 months was spent on a refund, with constant reminders.
    • It should be noted that there is a serious limitation on the number of files. For example, the tariff for 10Gb - restriction - 30 000 files. At a similar rate for Jino - 200 000 files. I was employed 80%. It is clear that the Hosting Center did not fit me.
    Personally, I have very untidy impressions. I will not return.

    Payment methods

    AutoLower -
    address: г. Москва, м. Курская., 2-й Сыромятниеский пер. д. 10А каб. 303 Коллегия адвокатов «Московский юридический центр»
    tel.: +7 495 960-95-49
    Auto lower Consulting.


    A specialized company, the largest in the territory of central and eastern Europe in terms of the number of offices and the number of employees dealing only with issues related to the deprivation of rights.
    Free advice of a car dealer, the services of an auto-dealer with forfeiture.

    First of all their book will help you Or application on Android or iPhone. Also the site will help.

    You have a situation and you are wrongfully deprived of rights or fined. Or maybe you are to blame. But what to do next, what is the solution? The company Avturyurist helps you to know your basic rights, the duties of inspectors of the traffic police ...

    Offices of the Auto lower on the map .

    Toyrent -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Лобачевского, 100, корп. 1
    tel.: +7 495 989-51-49
    Products for children through Internet.


    Rental of children's goods.
    Choose from the catalog that we liked, indicate the dates and wait for the call to clarify the details.
    Courier delivers toys (so it's not for the whole of Russia) in a vacuum package, which should be kept for the retur

    RBK Money -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Павловская, д. 7, к.1
    tel.: +7 800 200-88-20, 7 495 648-68-58
    RBK Money payment system has its own internal instant exchanger.


    The RBK Money payment system has its own internal instant exchanger. Registration in the system is simple.

    But first of all, you can accept payments in more than 30 ways, which eliminates the need for an exchanger.
    For this, the buyer does not have to be registered with RBK Money.

    Learn more >>

    Measuring distances on Yandex.Maps -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 234-24-80
    Measure distances on the map.


    Measuring distances on the map.
    A brief summary of the weather.

    Estimation of traffic jams Moscow by A ten-point scale. On the main page of the portal, Moscow Internet users can cope with the degree of traffic congestion and see a special pictogram - "Yandex traffic light". Information about traffic jams is updated every 5 minutes.


    The ability to plot a route with traffic jams.
    More than 50 cities Russia and Ukraine:

    On the map Moscow there are photos of more than 40,000 buildings - half of the city. Photos belong to the company Informap. The photo of the house can be seen if you enter its address in the search box on the map.

    In addition, now when searching for an address in Moscow, Petersburg And Kiev map shows which metro stations are nearby. The distances to the stations are calculated in a straight line, that is, without taking into account the characteristics of the terrain that can meet in the path of a pedestrian.

    GPS Navigation

    Users of the navigation programs "Autosputnik" and "Mobile Navigator" can choose routes with Taking into account data on traffic jams and free roads.

    Yandex.Profi Analytical Center transmits traffic data to navigation programs installed on mobile devices and navigators with access to Internet. And the programs on the navigation device themselves lay the optimal route, taking into account the traffic jams. In this case, the user does not pay anything for information about traffic jams - only for Internet traffic.

    Moskvarium -
    tel.: +7 499 677-77-77
    Center for Oceanography and Marine Biology.


    Center for Oceanography and Marine Biology, a unique complex that will give everyone the opportunity to learn the amazing fauna of the World Ocean and touch the remote areas of the Planet.

    RBC Real Estate -
    address: г. Москва, 117393, ул. Профсоюзная, д. 78
    tel.: +7 495 363-11-11
    Real Estate News.


    Sale of real estate in Moscow, Moscow region and some regions Russia And Abroad.

    News, information, ratings ... all the same RBC.

    The site will help you to decide who wants to invest in real estate primarily in Moscow or abroad.

    1. apartments in apartment buildings (primary and secondary market);
    2. suburban real estate (cottages, villas, land plots);
    3. Commercial real estate (offices, shops, warehouses).

    Yandex.Maps -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 234-24-80
    The main card services.


    Leading service of maps of Russia.


    1. There are more plans of Russian cities than on Google.
    2. Much more panoramas of Russian cities than on Google.
    3. Leading service of traffic jams in Russia.
    4. Panoramas from the air, so far only St. Petersburg.
    5. Snapping webcams.

    Transport on the map

    • Central Russia,
    • Novosibirsk Region, Ural,
    • Vladivostok, Khabarovsk,
    • Crimea,
    • Belarus,
    • Kazakhstan,
    • ...
    You can track traffic on the map in real time.
    It is possible to track it both through a mobile application and a website.

    Yarmap -
    address: пр. имени газеты "Красноярский рабочий", д. 160, офис 215
    tel.: +7 391 2-33-44-55
    Good draw the map of Krasnoyarsk, Vologda, Kiev, Abakan, Achinsk, Kansk, and Norilsk.


    A well-drawn map of Krasnoyarsk, Vologda, Kiev, Abakan, Achinsk, Kansk, Norilsk and a number of neighboring settlements. The houses are drawn in volume so that the number of floors is visually understandable.

    Search by organization, service, address ...

    The base of the organization is attached to the map, shops, enterprises with an address, working hours and contacts.
    Very detailed maps.

    Tour Operator Rus -
    address: г. Москва, ул. 1-я Тверская-Ямская, д. 25 (м. Белорусская)
    tel.: +7 800 555-36-21
    Bus tours in Russia.

    Yandex maps -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 234-24-80
    Panoramas on the site.


    Yandex.Maps made it possible to insert a panorama to your site.

    How does it work?

    1. We go to Yandex.Maps.
    2. Click on the binoculars icon at the bottom right,
    3. choose Panoramas (if there are any on this section of the map)
    4. the streets with panoramas are blue, click on any place, we find what we want, Choose
    5. instead of binoculars, the icon becomes Download (with the up arrow)
    6. click, select Paste on site
    7. set the size (if not arranged), We take the code.
    Determine the size of the proposed or set your own and take the code to the site.

    Fundamental electronic library «Russian literature and folklore' -
    address: г. Москва, 121069, ул. Поварская 25а
    tel.: +7 495 695-94-37
    Full-text information system based on the works of Russian literature, bibliography, research and historical and biographical works.


    Full-text information system on the works of Russian literature, bibliography, scientific research and historical and biographical works. The main content of the FEB is presented in electronic scientific publications, each of which is dedicated to a separate author, genre or work. Dictionary and encyclopedic section contains literary encyclopedias and reference books, as well as language dictionaries. The purpose of the section is to provide users with a variety of linguistic, philological and encyclopedic information related to the content of texts submitted to the FEB.

    Moscow today -
    address: г. Москва, 123007, ул. 5-я Магистральная, д. 3 стр. 1, ул. 1-ая Магистральная, д. 14, стр. 8
    tel.: +7 495 249-44-92
    Internet publication suburbs.


    Topical news of Moscow region: politics, economy, business, housing and communal services, agriculture, sports, recreation, culture, as well as municipal news.

    Radar -
    address: Москва, улица Петровка 20/1, чердак
    tel.: +7 499 322-29-26
    The aggregator of driving schools.


    The aggregator of driving schools.
    Initially, the site was created as an aggregator of official driving schools in Moscow, and now the whole of Russia on one map.
    Driving schools are taken from the list of traffic police, prices and conditions of training.

    It is easy to compare driving schools nearby and contact the selected one.

    Prices for all categories of training. The most complete base in Russia.

    You can compare driving schools for examinations in the traffic police.

    Consultation in the chat.
    All site services for free.

    Daily News real estate market -
    address: г. Москва, 119021, Зубовский бульвар, 4
    tel.: +7 495 645-66-01
    Daily news on the real estate market - Articles.

    Address Church on Yandex.Maps -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 234-24-80
    Address of the church, mission, ... on an interactive map.


    First of all, if you do not have a Yandex registration, start it.

    So, all in order:

    1. We go to Yandex.Maps in My Maps or directly under the link
    2. Choose a card, house.
    3. Click Create a new map.
      • We write Map name: (For example, I wrote "Service of the Church")
      • and Card description: (I wrote the service schedule).
    4. We take a link to the map in the Link to this map and use it.
      • The top field is for inserting into the message,
      • the lower one for insertion with the code.
    5. That's what I got
      You can put this
      • on the site,
      • add to the signature of your email and it will be in each letter,
      • add to your newsletter.

    ConsultantPlus -
    address: 117292, г. Москва, ул. Кржижановского, 6
    tel.: +7 495 956-82-83, 7 495 787-92-92
    Forms laws.


    Legislation of the Russian Federation: codes, laws, decrees, resolutions, normative acts.

    About Kremlin children -
    Information sites for children.


    President of Russia - citizens of school age.

    President's website for children. There is a version on Flash.

    We choose a conductor and travel, learning about the president, the Kremlin, Russia.
    Information about Constitution, history ... In general, the site is about the state of Russia and its device in the language of children.

    Yandex.Panorammas -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 234-24-80
    Panorammas on Yandex.Maps.


    Panoramas on Yandex.Maps.
    Google started doing this before and they managed to cover more places on the map.
    But the advantage of Yandex as cards. Let's say I watched Maidan on Yandex and Google. Obviously, Google has glued the car, and then placed, shoals on the face. Yandex gluing is not visible.

    Another advantage:
    At Google all persons, numbers of cars and advertizing on houses are covered. I wanted to find my way around the place before going to an unfamiliar city, but I saw only daub and our identical gray houses.
    On Yandex, the same people with people and at home with advertising and store names. A completely different impression.

    That is, Yandex has its advantages, it is not reasonable not to use anything personal, you should use the advantages of any service.

    FedPress -
    address: 107031, Россия, г. Москва, ул. Кузнецкий Мост, д. 21/5, пом. II, ком. 54
    tel.: +7 499 112-35-89
    Expert view on the life of the regions of the Russian Federation.


    One of the largest interregional media holdings in Russia with more than 14 years of history.Expert view on the life of the regions of the Russian Federation.

    Turns on

    1. Expert channel.
    2. Rating center.
    3. Social and political journal.
    4. Production Studio.
    It works in all federal districts of Russia, providing government bodies, political and business establishment of Russian regions and official Moscow with operational information and research in the field of politics and economics. It has an extensive network of correspondent offices and branches.

    It is one of the main media agenda in the country.

    Tretyakov Gallery On Yandex.Maps -
    address: Лаврушинский пер., 10, г. Москва, 119017
    tel.: +7 495 957-07-27
    Yandex.Maps made 400 panoramas of all the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery, open to visitors.


    Yandex.Panorama made 400 panoramas of all halls of the Tretyakov Gallery, open to visitors.

    All high-resolution pictures can be brought closer and viewed in detail.

    Navigating the halls through Yandex.Maps.

    About the Tretyakov Gallery briefly

    According to Yandex, the Tretyakov Gallery is one of the most popular museums among Russian users.

    The Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane: Russian Art Masterpieces of the 11th Century - Early 20th Century.
    Lavrushinsky Lane, 10

    New Tretyakov Gallery: Twentieth Century Art Masterpieces and Current Trends I’m of the XXI century and temporary exhibitions
    Krymsky Val, 10

    Engineering Building: temporary exhibitions
    Lavrushinsky Lane, 12

    Opening hours:

    Monday - closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday - 10:00 - 18:00 (entrance until 17:00)
    Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 10:00 - 21:00 (entrance until 20:00)

    Ticket price: 500 rubles, discounted - 250 rubles. Up to 18 years old - free.
    There are free days for certain expositions.

    Tickets purchased not in the Tretyakov Gallery are not valid.

    Panorama on Yandex.Maps -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 234-24-80
    Now there is a panorama of all the cities of one million Russian and others - a total of 240.


    Now there are panoramas of all cities of Russia's millionaires and others - only 240. And a number of smaller cities.
    66 cities of Ukraine, 6 cities of Belarus and 2 Kazakhstan.


    1. Choose a place on the map,
    2. watch the proposed photo,
    3. click on the arrow and advance to the next photo.
    In fact, it's a lot of photos, structured in a certain order.

    Yandex.Maps made it possible to insert a panorama to your site.

    We go to Yandex.Maps. If your city has panoramas, the "Panorama" button will appear on the top right, as it is seen in the picture below, click it

    There the "Link" button will appear on the top right, click it and in the drop-down menu at the bottom there will be the item "Paste on Site, as shown in the picture below, click.

    Determine the size of the proposed or set your own and take the code to the site.

    Help Yandex.Maps

    Move.Ru -
    address: г. Москва, 127273, ул. Отрадная, д. 2Б стр. 9, офис 703В
    tel.: +7 495 134-00-05
    Real estate portal.


    Real estate portal.

    Every year more than 18 million users. Included in the top ten most placed real estate sites.

    Here you can sell or buy, rent or rent a property.

    Information portal about real estate for developers, developers, people who want to conduct operations with housing.

    A large base of proposals, which includes both budget class real estate and prestigious houses and summer cottages.

    On the site you can ask a question to an expert, familiarize yourself with the planning in 3D (typical layouts are presented).

    Smart -
    address: г. Москва, ООО «Тура», 105082, ул. Бакунинская, д. 71, стр. 1
    A blog for women who want to get more out of life.


    A blog for women who want to get more out of life.

    At first, the site produces a somewhat black and white impression; somehow I caught the eye of an article with an oppressive title.

    In fact, articles on quite different topics and very detailed.

    How to refuse a person without offending him.
    How to care for the eyelashes.
    How to stop worrying about everything in the world.

    Geoportal Roscosmos -
    address: г. Москва, 127490, ул. Декабристов, вл. 51, стр. 25
    tel.: +7 495 925-72-98
    Roskosmos Geoportal.


    A map from Roscosmos based on OpenStreetMap.
    Of the features so far, I see that when removed, the earth turns into a globe like Google maps.

    Organizations on Yandex.Maps -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 234-24-80
    Quite simply, we do request and obtain the service itself understands you request address or organization.


    Finding organizations.
    It's very simple, we make a request and get it, the service itself understands that you are requesting an address or an organization. You will be prompted.

    • Specify the name or part or scope (hairdresser, cafe ...) in the search
    • All organizations appear on the map on the open map.
    • When you go to the site, a map of your location will open. But when navigating, we'll see the organizations according to the search query and the list will change.

    Feminine opinion -
    address: г. Москва, л. Сущевская д. 21,
    tel.: +7 965 405-64-18
    Women's magazine for all ages.


    A popular portal for women of all ages.

    The site justifies its name, it is really feminine opinion.
    There are just articles, without the possibility to leave a comment.

    But this is the form, and the content: diet, motherhood, recipes, fashion, beauty and ...

    Articles are not heap, the site is very popular.

    Yandex.Maps panoramas to website -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 234-24-80
    Panoramas from the card to the site.



    1. Select a place on the map,
    2. click the panorama button (binoculars icon), if there are any in the selected city,
    3. open the panorama,
    4. Circles plus and minus there is an icon like "download" only the up arrow, when you hover the text "Share a panorama."
    5. Then "Paste on the site" and take the code.

    Russian Bible Society -
    address: г. Москва, 115054, ул. Валовая, д. 8, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 940-55-90
    The best place to buy the Bible.


    The best place to buy a Bible.
    There will be an acceptable price and the widest choice - by language, edition, with a large font and compact ...

    State services -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Тверская, 7
    tel.: +7 800 100-70-10
    Write an online doctor.


    An appointment with a doctor on the state services website.
    We go in and on the first page there is a link Entry to the doctor under Popular services.

    Determine the distance on Yandex.Maps -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 234-24-80
    Determine the distance.


    Determine the distance. Routes of passage.

    1. We go to Yandex.Maps
    2. Click "Routes"
    3. Specify the point A - from where and B - where.
    You can visually see the route and correct it.

    In my opinion,

    Azbuka Vkusa -
    address: г. Москва, 121170, Кутузовский пр-т, 36, стр. 6
    tel.: +7 800 700-34-87, 7 495 504-34-87
    Delivery of products to your home, office, cottage within Moscow and the Moscow region.


    Delivery of products to your home, office, cottage within Moscow and the Moscow region.
    18,000 products.
    The minimum order amount is 2000 rubles.

    Fast delivery from the store in 2 hours is available for areas:

    1. Rublevo-Uspenskoe Highway - from Barvikha to Sinkovo;
    2. Mozhaiskoye highway - from Odintsovo to Skylark;
    3. Borovskoye Highway - Peredelkino to Krekshino.
    If your address is included in this zone, when you select the delivery time for the order, the "Out of Store" button will appear.Delivery is free.

    State services -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Тверская, 7
    tel.: +7 800 100-70-10
    Pension Calculator.


    You can check the status of your pension account on the Public Services portal - an individual account in the Pension Fund of Russia.

    Find out:

    • whether your employer pays insurance premiums for your future pension;
    • how many retirement points you have;
    • how many years you have worked;
    • how many pension savings do you have and who controls them.
    If you want to take a loan, you can send information about the status of your individual personal account by e-mail to the bank: banks trust the clients that confirm the income not with a certificate from work, but with an extract about the status of the pension account.

    How to use the service

    1. Login to
    2. Choose the service 'Notice of the status of the personal account in the FIU' - the statement appears on the screen.
    3. Save the statement to your computer or send it by e-mail.

    Avatan -
    address: г. Москва, 109431 Генерала Кузнецова 32/2/28
    Photo processing service.


    Free online photo editor with unlimited possibilities.

    To start using the photo editor, you do not need to download it to your computer. Just go to the site. The entire editing process takes place online. You can use the photo editor for free for any personal purposes.

    The result can be easily sent to a computer, a social network and so on.

    Avatan has a huge variety of functions, which include effects, stickers, textures, text, retouching, frames, collages, and more. But despite the huge variety of functions, it is extremely easy to use them.

    Starlook -
    address: 127015, Россия, г. Москва, ул. Расковой, д. 34, стр. 14, офис 801
    tel.: +7 495 777-67-25
    The project for those looking for a unique way in the world of fashion and beauty.


    A project for those who are looking for their unique way in the world of fashion and beauty. Here are the answers to the questions:

    1. how to look good and attract attention,
    2. how to succeed and gain popularity,
    3. how to become a star and realize yourself.
    But this is more than just advice and recommendations. Each girl will be able to:
    • receive an army of fans,
    • take part in castings and competitions,
    • make a professional portfolio,
    • get on the cover of a fashion magazine,
    • become a movie star or a TV presenter,
    • without contacting the modeling agency,
    • communicate directly with the employer ...
    StarLook's unique feature is the production of its own video: programs with stars from the world of fashion, cinema and show business, entertainment programs, exclusive interviews and reports from the most interesting events Fashion industry. Any registered member of the StarLook community can take part in the filming of the program and become a star, get to closed secular parties and try their luck at casting. StarLook TV programs are broadcast not only on the territory of Russia, but also in Europe, USA and Japan. How to Walk on the Heels of a Diet

    State services -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Тверская, 7
    tel.: +7 800 100-70-10
    Register online.


    Well, first of all, as soon as possible, register on this site. Do not delay, because the site checks your email, cell number and mailing address. What you receive the letter, you can not register on the site.
    If you want to run around less often, register here.

    Register at the place of residence, or, as they say, register, now it's much easier than a few more Days ago.

    The site has the opportunity to compose an electronic application for registration and send it to the relevant agency via Internet.

    The next day, you can put a stamp on your passport.
    However, all the same for the registration you need the written consent of the owner of the apartment. If the housing is municipal, you will need the permission of the tenant and all the adults registered there.
    We just go to the office only once. The principle of a single window.

    Temporary registration

    You are going to Moscow and do not want trouble. You can get a registration at your place of residence free of charge here. Registration takes place within 3 days via Internet.
    1. Quick login: use the four-digit access code to enter the application, there is no need to remember the login and password
    2. Support for Touch ID: iPhone owners can open the application using a fingerprint.


    1. Recording a child to a kindergarten;
    2. Receiving a status notification Accounts in the FIU;
    3. Obtaining a foreign passport;
    4. Registering a vehicle;
    5. Obtaining a driving license;
    6. Notification of fines and debts, payment from the application I.

    Yandex.Probki -
    address: г. Москва, 119021, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 16
    tel.: +7 800 333-08-30
    Traffic jams in the cities of Russia and CIS.


    Traffic jams in cities of Russia and the CIS.
    Yandex.Probki - the first and best service about traffic jams.
    Information on the situation on the roads: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

    Possibility to route the route with traffic jams

    • video cameras and detectors installed on key city highways,
    • data from automatic tracks transmitted by mobile Yandex.Mart,
    • companies - partners and owners of navigation programs,
    • motorists report traffic jams at the toll-free number for Russia 7 800 333-08-30.

    Higher School of Economics -
    address: г. Москва, Россия, 101000, ул. Мясницкая, д. 20, пр-д: м. Лубянка, м. Китай-город
    tel.: +7 495 771-32-32
    National Research University.


    The National Research University is a research university, which carries out its mission through scientific, educational, project, expert-analytical and socio-cultural activities based on international scientific and organizational standards.

    Being a Russian university, NRU works for the benefit of Russia and its citizens.

    NRU is a team of scientists, staff, graduate students and students, who are distinguished by their internal commitment to maintaining high academic standards of their activities.

    Values ​​

    1. Pursuit of the truth
    2. cooperation and interest in each other,
    3. honesty and openness,
    4. academic freedom and political neutrality,
    5. professionalism, demanding of yourself and responsibility,
    6. active social position.

    Ostrovok -
    address: г. Москва, 123022, Рочдельская ул., д. 15, стр. 43
    tel.: +7 499 215-65-25
    Search for hotels.


    Search for hotels at low prices.

    The most successful in this area service from Russian. It is one of the three worlds available to Russia. A special note is an application for a smartphone.
    Domestic service is good because there will definitely be no problems with the language and that it is in our legal field.


    You can pay online, but in most cases you can book online, and pay on the fact.


    1. Search hotels nearby in the specified direction;
    2. Browse hotels by list and on the map;
    3. Photos of hotels and rooms;
    4. 24-hour support service in Russian and English;
    5. View the confirmation of booking in offline mode for authorized users.

    Gosuslugi -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Тверская, 7
    tel.: +7 800 100-70-10
    United portal of state and municipal services (functions).


    United portal of state and municipal services (functions).

    Single portal of state and municipal services (functions).

    That is, this is not a site, but government services, which today have 11 sites, 21 ministries and 62 departments.

    Registration on the site will help to use a number of other public sites without additional registration.

    If someone used the state services, he probably faced with the fact that not all services work exactly as stated.

    As I have already indicated, this is not a site, which means that it is not enough to write a good site code, it is necessary to link it with offices and departments in the field. And this does not happen soon.

    However, even today, a lot of things work well and make life easier.

    I remember how I made an appointment to a pension fund, but in fact it turned out that all this happened only in the application of state services. But they served me anyway on the basis of what was stated in the appendix.

    That is, the fault here is not in the site, but in inertia in the field. Because they chose to serve me, and not to ignore.


    What kind of services are available to us?

    It is clear that the most correct work are those that do not go beyond the site:

    1. Alerts, for example, that it's time to change your passport,
    2. information on traffic police fines or unpaid taxes.

    Getting a passport of the Russian Federation or passport, reduces the office visit to one to get.

    Etc. I recommend, while not relying too much on this site, but it develops and becomes better, firstly in Moscow, then in big cities and in one day, you see in your city. -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Сущевская, д. 19, стр. 4
    Aviation portal.


    Aviation portal.

    The federal news agency distributing news from Russia and the near abroad from its own correspondents, subsidiary agencies and partners.

    The latest and most relevant aviation news: daily updates, relevance and truthfulness of information.

    Beeline -
    address: ул. 8 Марта, 10с14, г. Москва, 127083
    tel.: +7 800 700-06-11, 0611
    Beeline map coverage, WiFi points, offices.


    Beeline on the map coverage area, WiFi point, offices.
    Search by map and by list.

    Gosuslugi -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Тверская, 7
    tel.: +7 800 100-70-10
    Tax debt.


    Checking the tax debt online and getting a certificate on the status of settlements on taxes, fees, penalties, fines, interest.

    Yandex -
    address: 119021, г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16
    tel.: +7 800 250-96-39, 7 495 974-35-81
    Search on social networks.


    Search for people from Yandex.
    In fact, here you search for accounts on the main social networks.

    You can not only be found, but you can also help group your accounts on different social networks through Yandex, social profiles.
    You can immediately allow or disallow this information.
    There is no permission by default.

    Delete profile from search results

    Remove public profile from public access

    Privacy settings can be changed to on the corresponding page of the VK settings.

    Remove the Facebook profile from public access

    To close the profile, go to Facebook page Privacy Settings and go to the 'Applications and Websites' section. Opposite the item "Open search" is the link 'Change settings'.
    Click on this link and uncheck the "Enable open search" check box on the opened page.

    Remove classmates from public access

    To close the profile on Odnoklassniki go to the settings page (
    Go to the 'Publicity settings' section (if you want a flexible publicity setting and the ability to prevent search engines from indexing a profile, leaving it visible to Internet users) or 'Close profile' (if you want your profile to be visible only to users And configure the required settings.

    Startravel -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Палиха, д. 13/1, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 797-95-55
    Hot tickets online.


    Star Travel company is known for low prices for tickets.
    Smart robot, built into its website, finds air tickets for any destinations, dates, at any price.
    The system shows availability.
    You can Make a regular ticket (pick up at the office, the company's ticket offices) or electronic (get it in the terminal right at the airport). Also there is a lot of other useful information that is successfully organized.

    Payment methods

    State services -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Тверская, 7
    tel.: +7 800 100-70-10
    Select the type of passport (unless of course our FMS provides both types).


    We choose the type of passport (if, of course, our FMS issues both types).

    Required Documents

    Foundation for Development of Internet initiatives -
    address: г. Москва, 101000, Мясницкая, 13с18, 3 этаж
    tel.: +7 800 707-02-71
    Search investment, equity crowdfunding.


    The Internet Initiatives Development Foundation selects 100 startups and supports them.
    The application can send any.

    Investors can also participate in the project.

    Trashbox -
    address: г. Москва, 115035, ул. Садовническая, д. 32 с1
    tel.: +7 495 177-53-14
    High technology news, articles and reviews.


    High technology news, articles and reviews.

    Catalog of user-added programs and games for popular platforms with anti-virus scanning and tracking updates.

    Gosuslugi -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Тверская, 7
    tel.: +7 800 100-70-10
    Checking for traffic police fines.


    You can also check the arrears on penalties on the website of the State Service.
    We log into your account and we will be immediately shown if we have an unpaid fine.
    It will be convenient for those who regularly use them.
    Another is more convenient to use traffic police website.

    Yandex.Weather -
    address: 119021, г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16
    tel.: +7 800 250-96-39, 7 495 739-70-00, 7 495 974-35-81


    I like the design, stylish, visual, nothing superfluous, only convenience, that's why I use it.

    For weather forecasting, Yandex uses data from ground-based weather stations, satellites and other sources, and takes into account factors such as terrain and proximity of water bodies. Information from meteorological stations, the company verifies 140,000 times a day with actual weather using the Matrixnet machine learning system - it finds recurring discrepancies and establishes regularities that allow us to refine calculations.

    Meteum technology compiles a new weather forecast With each new user access to the service "Yandex.Pogoda." It works in the web version of the service, as well as in applications for Android and iOS.

    Database of VINITI RAS -
    address: Россия, 125190, г. Москва, А-190, ул. Усиевича, д. 20
    Federal base of publications on natural, exact and technical sciences.


    Federal base of publications on natural, exact and technical sciences.
    The base is regularly updated, well structured: 28 topics, 200 sections.

    Yandex.Weather on map -
    address: 119021, г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16
    tel.: +7 800 250-96-39, 7 495 739-70-00, 7 495 974-35-81
    Weather on the map.


    One can look at the weather situation in the region, the country or in the world at a glance.
    Approach, delete and get a general or more detailed forecast.

    Meteum technology compares traditional forecasts with weather stations. She sees repeated mistakes and uses MatrixNet's machine learning method to detect statistical patterns in them. So a set of rules is formed, allowing you to make a more accurate prediction.

    Weather can be viewed at the current time, as well as the forecast for the selected date.

    Yandex.Weather informer -
    address: 119021, г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16
    tel.: +7 800 250-96-39, 7 495 739-70-00, 7 495 974-35-81
    Widgets weather.


    I like design, stylish, visual, nothing superfluous, only convenience, that's why I use it.
    Gives out to Russia - 572 cities in the world - 230 countries, 2272 cities.
    It's less than on Gismeteo.

    Telegraf -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Тверская, д. 7,
    tel.: +7 495 504-44-44
    Send a telegram through the site.


    Send a telegram through the site.
    Rostelecom inherited the old telegraph and all infrastructure.
    So they decided to again provide this opportunity to the public. The service is paid: 2.8 rubles per word, urgent - 4.69 rubles per word. As before, you can send with a notice, delivery, on a greeting card, like a postcard ...
    All extra paid separately.

    Remote Support for Small Business Consulting -
    address: 115035, Москва, ул. Болотная 12 стр. 3.


    Remote consulting helps in matters of business:

    • marketing,
    • management,
    • accounting,
    • taxes,
    • business plan,
    • legal entities,
    • business,
    • finance,
    • industry,
    • trade,
    • office work,
    • Internet.
    Consultations of specialists.

    Russian Ice-Hockey Federation -
    address: г. Москва, 115280, Россия, Автозаводская ул., д. 21 к. 1
    tel.: +7 495 647-71-11


    The open international hockey league in Eurasia, created in 2008 to host the Gagarin Cup championship (KHL Championship).
    Represents the interests of Russian hockey in the International Ice Hockey Federation.

    Travelata -
    address: г. Москва, 115280, ул. Ленинская Слобода, 26, 2 этаж, офисы 210-212 (БЦ «Омега 2», корп. C)
    tel.: +7 800 555-63-78
    Buy a tour online with departure from Moscow.


    Online shop of tours is a handy tool for finding and buying hot tours.

    How it works

    1. Enter the desired tour options into the search box: city of departure, dates, direction, number of tourists.
    2. Set up filters and sort tours by price.
    3. Choose the best deals from one of 120 proven tour operators.
    4. Book online until the price has changed.
    5. All documents will come to your email.

    DomClick -
    address: г. Москва, ООО «ЦНС», Россия, 121170, Кутузовский пр-т д. 32 к. 1,
    tel.: +7 800 770-99-99
    Service for finding and buying real estate.


    LLC Real Estate Center from Sberbank.

    Here you can sell, rent, buy a secondary housing, new building, take a mortgage.
    In short, this is the usual real estate portal, plus the possibility of Sberbank.

    Sberbank cooperates with a number of real estate agencies. And the participation of Sberbank gives additional reliability. Here and registration, and payments through the bank.

    Chat with the mortgage manager and exchange documents online.

    Big-book -
    Catalog of private companies and state institutions in the field of education of the city of Moscow.

    Sberbank -
    address: Москва, 117997, ул. Вавилова, д. 19
    tel.: +__900, 7 495 500-555-0
    Official sites.


    Sberbank OnL@ne.
    Advantage - prevalence and reliability. He is a state and therefore will not go bankrupt. Now it's free, although you need to activate the Mobile Bank service, which will cost something.

    Advantage - we see who transfer money (if the card is also a savings bank). That is, I know that mistakenly the wrong figure was not pressed and the money did not go to another user.

    Great Russian Encyclopedia -
    address: г. Москва, Покровский бульвар, д. 8, строение 1А
    tel.: +7 495 917 90 01
    The goal - the creation of the territory of certain knowledge, including encyclopedic articles and heuristic, scientific, educational and cultural materials.


    Originally it was an encyclopedia. Then the multivolume, then the publishing house, which publishes thematic encyclopedias, then the accompanying literature.

    With the advent of Internet, the question arose, in what form is the "Great Russian Encyclopedia"?
    As a result, an Internet portal is created which will not be a copy of the printed version, but will take advantage of Internet:

    1. constant replenishment of information,
    2. user participation in supplementing information,
    3. statistics on the popularity of those or Other requests, documents.
    The main advantage over Wikipadia - all the material will be created or checked by specialists. All facts are checked and the source is indicated.

    The goal is the creation of a territory of authentic knowledge, including encyclopedic articles and heuristic, scientific, educational and cultural ... materials.

    The portal will be a social platform where users will be able to participate in the discussion, update and in addition to the material.

    Thousands of scientists are busy writing articles. Many of the questions are controversial, so the availability of different points of view on the portal will be a prerequisite.

    Sberbank branches and ATMs -
    address: г. Москва, Россия, 117997, ул. Вавилова, д. 19,
    tel.: +7 495 495-55-50
    Branches and ATMs of Sberbank on the map.

    Virtonomics -
    address: г. Москва, 117415, пр-т Вернадского, 37/3
    Online game is a big business simulator.


    The online game is a big business simulator. Virtonomics simulates the fascinating world of big business - production and trade, banks and stock exchanges, commodity and stock market.
    In the game you can feel like a real 'shark business', experience the sensations that are inaccessible to most people in ordinary life!

    Cooperation, competition and communication with live players.

    Managing your own company, you have to compete not only with Computer, but also with live players.
    'Virtonomics' already today unites players from different countries from all over the world!
    Cooperation and competition, partnership and price wars, and most importantly - live communication with as enthusiastic people as you!

    A unique system of business training.

    'Virtonomics' is primarily an Internet game, Designed for entertainment.
    Therefore, players who do not have deep economic knowledge and special training can take part in it.
    However, the game allows you to comprehend many subtleties of business management, and from this side can be used as a unique training system!

    The game is played on virtual funds, a certain amount of which each participant receives for free during registration.
    These funds are used to build units, hire employees, pay expenses and investments.
    By selling products to other players and the gaming population, the player earns money that he can use to develop his company.

    Yandex.Catalog -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 333-96-39, 7 800 234-24-80, 7 495 739-70-00
    Add the organization to the directory: address, phone, website, opening hours. Simple and fast. You do not have to be the owner of an organization. Yandex will check in other places, in addition it corresponds to reality and adds.

    Avito -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Лесная 7, Россия, 125047
    tel.: +7 495 228-36-30
    Bulletin board.


    The leading site for free private ads.
    There was a merger with the other 2 leaders of the Runet and
    Convenient communication between sellers and buyers to make the most profitable transactions, cooperation with leading information and social Internet-projects.

    Registration is not required, goods can be purchased quickly. Search by map, categories, everything is simple, clear, understandable.

    Level Travel -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Фридриха Энгельса 75, стр. 21, этаж 2, офис 203,
    tel.: +7 495 134-44-11
    Book tours online.


    Book tours online.

    With each search, thousands of tours are analyzed to offer the best deals.

    I go to the lesson of the Russian language -
    address: г. Москва, 121165, ул. Киевская, д. 24
    It reflects the material published in the newspaper 'Russian language'.


    The website for teachers "I go to the Russian language lesson" reflects the materials published in the newspaper "Russian language". The site presents a number of thematic areas: Phonetics and graphics of the Russian language, Vocabulary and phraseology, Morphemica and word formation, etc.

    Avito Real estate -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Лесная 7, Россия, 125047
    tel.: +7 495 228-36-30
    Real estate on the message boards.


    The leading Russian classifieds.

    Naturally, you can find a lot of ads for selling and renting housing.
    Nobody guarantees you anything, we just pick options for ourselves, as if we were doing this on ordinary advertisement boards where people Glued ads.

    Advantages, you can make a specific search, see photos and immediately contact.

    Airline Sirius Aero -
    address: ул. Дорогобужская, 14 корп. 1, г. Москва, 121354
    tel.: +7 929 561 03 57
    The largest business aviation operator in Eastern Europe.


    The largest business aviation operator in Eastern Europe.

    It offers rental business jets - small jets.
    The site has a fleet of the companies, you can look around inside by panoramic photos.

    Yandex.Support -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 333-96-39, 7 800 234-24-80, 7 495 739-70-00
    Support Yandex.


    Yandex has a good and not overloaded Help.
    In many cases it's better to read and quickly solve your question.

    Science and life -
    address: г. Москва, 101000, ул. Мясницкая, д. 24/7, стр. 1
    Internet version of the journal 'Science and Life': fresh rooms, archives, news, science, Internet interview, a discussion club.


    Internet-version of the journal Science and Life: fresh numbers, archive, science news, online interview, discussion club.

    Center for Russian Language Development -
    address: г. Москва, 119019, ул. Воздвиженка 9
    tel.: +7 495 495-07-20
    Support and dissemination of the Russian language and culture in Russia and abroad.


    Regional Public Fund, whose activities are aimed at supporting and disseminating the Russian language and culture in Russia and beyond.

    Cosmopolitan Россия -
    address: г. Москва, 119435, Большой Саввинский пер., д. 12, стр. 6, 2 этаж, Деловой Квартал «Московский шелк»
    tel.: +7 495 252-09-99
    Women's magazine.


    The online edition of the famous magazine.

    The online version has its advantages - video, forum, feedback.
    High resolution video. The forum is professionally supported, can help in some issues.


    1. fashion,
    2. relationship
    3. beauty,
    4. health,
    5. stars
    6. psychology,
    7. contests
    8. video,
    9. calories counter,
    10. weight calculator,
    11. full closet,
    12. forum
    13. ....

    Garant system -
    address: г. Москва, 107392, ул. Халтуринская, д. 6А
    tel.: +7 800 200-88-88, 7 495 647-62-38
    Legal information portal.


    Information, news, analytical articles, opinions, interviews, infographics, studies, tests, there is a forum. Let's say, last week there were articles New rules of the exam in the traffic police, Tariffs for the evacuation of cars ... That is, there will always be something Something interesting. We are not simply informed, but they also explain that incomprehensible questions can always be raised in the forum.


    Calculator of state duty calculation, VAT calculation calculator, personal property tax calculator in Moscow, calculator of penalties for taxes, fees and fees, a calculator for compensation for delay in wages, payment for leave, dismissal payments And other payments due to the employee, a calculator for calculating interest for the use of other people's money.

    Gastronom -
    address: г. Москва, 125993, Волоколамское шоссе, 2
    tel.: +7 495 725-10-70
    Video recipes.


    Culinary video will help you learn how to cook well, tasty and correctly. This is primarily a magazine, and a website and video are business development.
    The journal is journalism, so here we rely more on information. This is for those who like to learn new things.
    This site uses its own player.

    Tele 2 -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Академика Королева, 19, 127427, Российская Федерация
    tel.: +7 812 989-00-22
    Maps coverage.


    Coverage area on the map.
    current coverage on the street and in the premises, current coverage on the street, improvement of coverage, planned.

    Wonderzine -
    address: 123376, г. Москва, ул. Рочдельская, д. 15, стр. 10, 2 этаж, Трёхгорная мануфактура
    tel.: +7 499 322-45-13
    Internet site for girls about style, beauty and entertainment.


    Internet site for girls about style, beauty and entertainment.

    Online edition for energetic and free-thinking women, whose sphere of interest extends far beyond fashion, beauty, relationships and gossip.

    1. style
    2. life
    3. health
    4. beauty
    5. entertainment
    A lot of news, and not in one line, but in detail, with illustrations. News about what? I find it difficult to unite them in some topics.
    Here there are cinema news, news from the Kremlin, and news from the world of music ...
    It seems that the author simply places the news that interests him.
    In any case, they are not boring and you can find what interests you.

    Web ИРБИС -
    address: 123298 г. Москва, ул. 3-я Хорошевская, 17
    tel.: +7 495 698-93-05
    State Public Scientific and Technical Library of Russia.


    State Public Scientific and Technical Library of Russia.

    Electronic Catalog GPNTB.

    Search by keyword - phrase in natural language.
    Keywords are formed from almost all fields of bibliographic description.
    The phrase is broken down into individual words (numbers are not counted!), Which morphologically normalize (only for Russian words!).
    When searching by keywords, the algorithm for ranking the found documents is used: the list of search results is sorted in descending order of the document's rank.

    The more words are found in the found document from the query, the closer these words are to each other and the greater their total weight is, the higher is the place of the document as a result of the search.

    The "Find Similar" link, which is shown in the bibliographic description of the records found, generates a request for a ranked search that includes all the keywords of the record.

    Having received the search result, you will be able to "refine" your query in the same way (search in the found one).

    Sites of educational institutions in Moscow -

    Routes and distances -
    Routes and distances between cities of Russia.


    How many kilometers from Moscow to other cities in the country?

    The signs below show the distance from Moscow to some cities along directions popular with Russians.

    If you want to know not only the distance, but also the travel time, the consumption of gas and the city along the route, click on the pointer.

    To find other routes and distances, use the search form. Good luck on the roads and good luck!

    Gazeta.Ru -
    address: г. Москва, 117105, Варшавское шоссе, д. 9, стр. 1Б
    tel.: +7 495 785-00-12
    Living space.

    Dni.Ru -
    address: г. Москва, Берсеневский пер., д. 2, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 530-13-13
    The influential Russian Internet newspaper.


    Influential Russian Internet newspaper. It was founded in December 2000 (one of the first major domestic Internet media). The edition combines operative release of fresh news materials, giving the reader a full picture of the day with regular publication of exclusive materials about politics, economy, show business, sports and auto.

    IQ2U -
    address: г. Москва, 109469, Мячковский бульвар, д. 31/19
    tel.: +7 495 643-19-98
    Tutoring online, tests online with answers.


    Teachers, tests, facts, educational institutions, a list of educational materials, universities, as well as a tender for finding a tutor.

    Tests, catalog of tutors, online coach, Russian universities and interesting facts.

    The project is designed so that pupils and students can find a tutor, test their knowledge with the help of interesting tests and read useful articles at their leisure.

    If you are an online tutor or a coach, you can leave a free advertisement about your services here and find a student to whom you will pass on your knowledge and experience.

    Society for the Protection of consumer rights -
    address: Смоленский бульвар, д. 7/9, г. Москва
    tel.: +7 495 495-51-24
    Forum, examination, legal literacy campaign, legislation, regulations, links ...


    Forum, expertise, legal education, legislation, regulations, links ...

    RusFarmer -
    address: г. Москва, 129226, Россия, ул. В. Пика, 14
    tel.: +7 495 787-74-44
    All for owners of private farms.


    Portal for farmers, gardeners and gardeners.

    Managing your garden is not a simple matter that requires a competent approach, hard work and patience.

    The site has many useful articles and tips:

    1. help for the hostess (canning, recipes, storage of fruits, berries, vegetables);
    2. house and apartment (fleas, pests in the house, cultivation and seedlings);
    3. vegetable garden (legumes, pests, cultivation in greenhouses, root vegetables, leafy and fruit vegetables);
    4. buildings: garden and economic;
    5. beekeeping (inventory and hive, work with bees: purchase, biology);
    6. Vineyard and garden: fruit, flower, berry.

    Moscow webcams -
    Webcam on the main tower of Moscow State University with online-control.


    Webcam on the main tower of Moscow State University with online-control.

    Gazu -
    address: г. Москва, Коровий Вал, д. 7
    tel.: +7 495 236-73-66


    1. Practical driving instruction in Moscow, autoinstruments and not only.
    2. Strengthen theoretical knowledge.
    3. Preparation for the exam in the traffic police.
    4. Driving license - how to get it?

    1C-Bitrix -
    address: г. Москва, 109544, Россия, бульвар Энтузиастов, д. 2
    tel.: +7 800 250-18-60
    Professional CMS. Paid. The main feature is the integration with 1C-accounting. For corporate sites, online stores, information portals, social networks and ...


    Professional CMS. Paid. The main feature - integration with 1C-bookkeeping. Online payment systems are easy to set up.

    Suitable for corporate sites, online stores, information portals, social networks and …

    Moscow State University -
    address: г. Москва, 119991, Российская Федерация, Ленинские горы, д. 1, Московский государственный университет имени М. В. Ломоносова
    tel.: +7 495 939-10-00
    The official website of the Moscow State University (MSU)


    Official site of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov (MSU)

    MSU Distance Learning School

    MSU Distance Learning School.
    Distance learning courses, materials from MSU electronic libraries are available to all users of the site.

    To all those who wish, courses for schoolchildren, Special courses for students and graduate students.

    Now on the site are already working sites for distance learning: Center for Distance Learning The information environment of distance learning on the basis of the Faculty of Additional Education of Moscow State University and others.

    Applicants can participate in online Olympiads, check their knowledge on the portal and do remote preparation for entrance exams. In addition, registered users of the resource receive Access to a standard set of Google services, among which e-mail, Documents, Calendar and others. You can remotely not only prepare for exams, but also be trained for some feces Theta. As the creators of the resource note, first of all the new site will be useful for people who do not have the opportunity to come to Moscow for preparation, admission to the university and studying there.

    Moscow State University - Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. Video channel.

    BurdaStyle -
    address: г. Москва, Полковая 3 стр. 4,
    tel.: +7 495 797-45-60
    Information resource dedicated to sewing, needlework, creativity, style and fashion.


    Information resource dedicated to sewing, needlework, creativity, style and fashion.

    All the basics of needlework from A to Z are conveniently collected in the thematic sections: articles about different styles, recent trends and fashion trends, background information, theoretical knowledge and practical advice from professionals: stylists, fashion designers, designers, technologists and seamstresses.


    A separate section is devoted to teaching master classes and video lessons on sewing and needlework of different levels of complexity. Both beginners and professionals will find many useful and interesting ideas for themselves, and will also be able to share their knowledge and achievements.

    Patterns offers its users a large collection of patterns - everything from underwear to outerwear. Even the most demanding needlewoman can choose for themselves the right model.

    Online Store

    The site has an online store, which sells ready-made sewing kits for those who do not want to waste time on long searches for suitable fabrics, threads and accessories. In one set everything is collected from the pattern to the finishing materials.


    Platform for communication and exchange of experience: all sewing lovers can show their work, ask a question and get timely advice from more experienced needlewomen on the site's photo forum.

    AKKet -
    address: г. Москва, Большой Симоновский пер., д. 11
    tel.: +7 916 252-48-55
    News, reviews, instructions that will be of interest not only to the owners of Apple products (Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad), but also to anyone interested in the hi-tech world.


    News, reviews, instructions that will be of interest not only to the owners of Apple products (Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad), but also to anyone interested in the hi-tech world.

    Statistics, the Bank of Russia -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Неглинная, 12, 107016
    tel.: +7 800 300-30-00, 7 499 300-30-00

    CHIP -
    address: г. Москва, Россия, 127018, ул. Полковая, д. 3, стр. 4
    tel.: +7 495 797-45-60
    Tests, ratings, news from the world of IT (computers, smartphones, tablets, photographic equipment, computers, software, the Internet, modern technologies, telecommunications, games ...).


    Tests, ratings, news from the world of IT (computers, smartphones, tablets, photographic equipment, computers, software, the Internet, modern technologies, telecommunications, games ...).

    At this level of the site, only high-quality and fresh analytics, news, comparative ratings ...

    Say, I was planning a purchase of one smartphone, I looked at the review and there is indicated among the shortcomings - very low battery power. Of course, I began to consider other options.

    Ideas of your home -
    address: г. Москва, 127018, ул. Полковая, д. 3, стр. 4
    tel.: +7 495 797-45-60
    Interiors, redevelopment and repair of apartments.


    The leading Internet project dedicated to the issues of reconstruction and interior design of residential premises.
    The basis of the site is the archive of the magazine "Ideas of Your House" - exclusive author articles, high-quality illustrations, practical advice and lessons.

    A team of professionals works on the project in close cooperation with renowned designers, architects and leading publisher experts.

    On the site you can

    1. select integrated design solutions;
    2. view detailed reviews of the market of building and finishing materials, furniture, machinery and equipment;
    3. compare your own ideas with the design projects of leading architects;
    4. Directly chat with other readers and editors on the forum.

    All World Drive -
    address: ул. Лавочкина 34, г. Москва
    The site is about independent travel for self-sufficient and savvy.


    The site is about independent travel for self-sufficient and savvy.

    This is a blog for travelers.
    Thoroughly considered all aspects of independent travel in different directions.
    There is a forum for discussing all relevant questions on the topic.

    Community lovers of independent travel.

    Love the Freedom of choice?
    Want to see the whole world?
    What about savings when booking flights and hotels?
    Looking for interesting fellow travelers?
    Hurry to share vivid impressions?
    Need sensible tips when planning a trip?

    Then we are with you on the way! Answers to all these questions, a bunch of topics and reports for discussion, meetings in real life and a sea of ​​positive emotions you can easily find on the Vinsky Forum.

    TV Kitchen -
    address: г. Москва, 127427, ул. Академика Королева, 19
    tel.: +7 495 777-49-94
    Culinary channel of RTR.


    Culinary TV channel from VGTRK.
    There is no broadcast via Internet, only by subscription (we buy a package on a cable or a plate).
    The site itself also protects its media ownership. It makes sense to visit, only if really needed.

    Newstube -
    address: 127006, г. Москва, пер. Оружейный, д. 41
    tel.: +7 499 394-02-16


    A project combining news video content of leading Russian and foreign TV companies.
    Every day hundreds of new stories appear that give an opportunity to receive objective information about events in Russia An -
    address: г. Москва, 129343, пр-д Серебрякова, д. 2, корп. 1, 9 этаж
    tel.: +7 495 495-18-94
    Internet media.


    Information and political channel, which provides a constantly updated news line, analytical articles, interviews, media monitoring. covers news of politics, economy and culture both in Russia and around the world.

    Skillbox -
    address: г. Москва, метро Бауманская, ул. Бауманская, д. 11, стр. 8, офис 4
    tel.: +7 800 500-05-22, 7 800 222-65-21
    Online university, one of the leaders of the Russian online education market.


    Online university, one of the leaders of the Russian online education market.

    I looked at this school when Group became a co-owner of this educational platform.

    There are courses with job security. They are all paid. But this does not mean that you should not strain.
    They will take you to work, but they can calmly say goodbye after the trial period.
    The course is good, the teachers are good, it all depends on the student.

    Course Directions

    1. Design,
    2. marketing,
    3. programming,
    4. management,
    5. business.

    Stars -
    address: г. Москва, 105082, ул. Малая Почтовая, 12 (офис 307)
    tel.: +7 495 229-62-00
    Stars and Internet.


    The music portal will help you easily find everything you would like to know about the artist or band that are popular today in Russia or in the world. This is something like an electronic music encyclopedia that includes:

    1. listening to MP3,
    2. viewing photos and video clips,
    3. trustworthy facts and show business news.
    In the plans competitions among visitors to the site, holding meetings with the Stars, concerts, presentations, support for independent musicians. -
    address: ООО Спектр, 117246, г. Москва, Херсонская улица, д. 41а
    tel.: +7 800 555-67-55#225, 7 499 350-44-92, 7 812 627-14-95
    Free legal advice.


    Free legal advice.

    Legal portal on laws for ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation, complex legal issues in simple language.

    The goal is to make the interaction of an individual with the state easier and more efficient.

    The key function is to inform the population of the country about their capabilities:

    1. Proper and economical payment of taxes;
    2. Benefits, which many do not even know;
    3. Helping people who are in a difficult life situation.

    Main sections

    Car law.
    Military law.
    Citizenship and Migration.
    Debts and loans.
    Housing law.
    Benefits and subsidies.
    Medical law.
    Taxes of individuals.
    Consumer rights.
    Family Law.
    Labor Law.
    Criminal law.

    Indicators of real estate market -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Бауманская, д. 6, стр. 2
    Real Estate News.


    Indicators of the real estate market.
    Describe this kind of site - it's not a grateful thing.
    Just re-recommend, as one of the leading in its field.
    The site has a lot of information, which is good, you can find it useful for yourself.

    Zvooq -
    address: г. Москва, 107078, город, Новорязанская ул., д. 18, стр. 7-8-9, этаж 02, пом. 01
    The new format of music to music has always been at your fingertips.


    The new format of music, so that music is always at your fingertips, and most importantly - you would not have to guess what else to listen to.

    I have not yet met the most complete database and the most convenient interface.
    Looking for music by Directions and years or a simple search, search also for directions and years (if necessary). Which is very convenient, because the base is huge.
    You can buy an album or a song or listen for free if it's available for the selected album, add it to Facebook, create your own music library.

    In plans: Music on your computer, mobile phone and In social networks will become a single whole. Files and wires will no longer be needed.

    Zvooq collaborates with a huge number of studios, all music is legal.

    ABCs of Finance -
    address: г. Москва, 125047, 1-я Тверская-Ямская ул., 23, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 960-40-21
    Handbook 'ABCs of Finance', home accounting.


    The ABC of Finance handbook, home accounting.

    Four main sections depending on the field of application:

    1. For the School - to teachers and students,
    2. For the House - to the adult population,
    3. For Work - Entrepreneurs and employers,
    4. For the Organization - partners and potential participants in the financial literacy program.
    Alphabetical list of terms, financial calculators.

    Help -
    address: 125047, Москва, 1-й Тверской-Ямской переулок, д.18. Станция метро «Маяковская».
    tel.: +7 499 250-02-44, 7 903 777-6553
    Help or fundraiser.


    The charity Internet fund "Pomogi.Org" unites the efforts of Internet users in different countries for the most effective collection and distribution of targeted donations for acute and urgent social and medical needs (operations, expensive treatment courses, assistance to children's and medical institutions in Russia).

    The Foundation provides assistance to those in need, regardless of their age, disease, place of registration and citizenship. All reporting of collected and distributed funds is published Online.
    Each donator can check what the money sent to them has gone to. The fund promptly informs the users about the course of fund raising, as well as about the results of treatment or other assistance.

    The main motto of the fund is "From every donated ruble to the needy it reaches 100 cents." All expenses of the fund are financed by special contributions of the friends of the fund for salaries, rent, and telephone charges.

    Major programs

    1. Support for children with cystic fibrosis (payment for vital medicines and medical equipment).
    2. Support for children with cerebral palsy (payment for rehabilitation treatment and specialized rehabilitation equipment and vehicles).
    3. Helping children with congenital heart disease (payment for operations and supplies)
    4. Support for families with many children and poor families (help in solving domestic issues).
    5. Facts
    6. The "Help.Org" Foundation has been in operation since March 2005, officially registered in Russia and USA received in October of the same year.
    Founders of the Foundation: Anton Nosik and Sarah Nezhelskaya.
    The staff of the fund now has four employees.
    The fund's trusteeship council includes leading Internet sites that support us, Known philanthropists and cultural figures.
    The Foundation operates on the basis of the statutory documents, which can be found on the website.

    Institute of Nuclear Safety RAS -
    Nuclear safety.


    The Institute for Nuclear Power Development of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
    The official site of Rosatom.
    The map shows the readings of sensors in the area of ​​Russia's nuclear power plants.
    They say that the data is output to the site automatically, without the participation of people. And so we see the real situation.

    Authors Products Reviews -
    address: 127006, г. Москва, ул. Малая Дмитровка, д. 29, стр. 1
    Selection of rhyme online.


    Nonprofit, socially oriented project.
    Assistant poet - selection of rhyme online.
    Best of the presented.

    Dodo Pizza -
    address: г. Москва, 1-я ул. Машиностроения, 10,
    tel.: +7 800 333-00-60
    Pizza delivery.


    Pizza delivery.
    The international network, which was born in Syktyvkar, and already operates in twelve countries around the world, including China, the United States and the United Kingdom.

    A special feature is the desire for consistent quality, so that the pizza tastes the same in any Dodo pizzeria.
    For this, among other things, the walls of the kitchen are transparent - open.
    Webcams from the kitchen are broadcast live.

    Cooked without gloves. Gloves - the illusion of purity. It is important that the net were.

    Finam -
    address: г. Москва, 127006, пер. Настасьинский, д. 7, стр. 2
    tel.: +7 495 796-93-88
    The main news of the stock market.


    Investment company.

    The main news of the stock market.

    1. Webinars.
    2. Forum.
    3. Asset Management.
    4. Events and markets.
    5. Leaders of rise and fall.
    6. World indices.
    Here are some sections of the site. Fresh, relevant, authoritative information.

    FNC -
    address: г. Москва, 127006, Долгоруковская, 15, стр. 4-5
    tel.: +7 495 981-43-66
    Federal Notary Chamber.


    The Federal Notary Chamber is a non-profit organization based on the principles of self-government, self-regulation and self-financing. It unites all notaries of Russia through the mandatory collective membership of the notaries of the subjects of the Russian Federation. The notarial chambers of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, in turn, are based on the mandatory membership of all notaries engaged in private practice in the territory of a particular region.

    Engraving in Russia -
    address: 119019, г. Москва, Волхонка, 12
    tel.: +7 495 609-95-20
    Archives Museum.


    The electronic catalog "Engraving in Russia XVIII - the first half of the XIX century."
    State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin.
    Reproductions of hundreds of paintings of the museum.

    The catalog is the first attempt of electronic systematization of the collection.
    It is planned to make about six hundred works of printed graphics created by famous Russian and foreign artists in Russia for a century and a half made in various techniques.
    The basis of the catalog is engraved portraits of famous figures of their time and members of imperial families. The catalog is provided with reference books and a convenient search, sections of the catalog contain biographical information about the authors of engravings and persons depicted in portraits, a description of performance techniques, styles of art, genres.

    The electronic catalog is designed for a wide range of users interested in the history of Russia of the New Time, its culture, fine art in general and the art of printed graph ki in particular.

    STSI - гибдд.рф
    address: г. Москва, Мясницкая ул., д. 3, город, 101000
    tel.: +__102
    Checking the driver's license and traffic fines.


    The official website of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate allows not only checking the debt, but also the rights and the vehicle (useful when buying).

    1. Check for unpaid fines based on vehicle data
    2. Checking the driver's license
    3. Vehicle check (suddenly wanted)

    STSI of Russia -
    address: г. Москва, Мясницкая ул., д. 3, город, 101000
    tel.: +__102
    Info portal.


    The site contains addresses, phone numbers, work schedule, and other contact information of 920 traffic police departments.

    How it works

    1. We go to the site and get to the list of Russian regions, choose a region,
    2. choose a city
    3. We receive information - the phone, the timetable for the appeal for various reasons.

    Culinary Club -
    address: 123308, г. Москва, ул. Зорге, д. 1
    tel.: +7 495 411-68-8
    Culinary Club.


    Culinary Club.
    The first culinary project of web 2.0.
    Convenient flexible search - new, popular, active participants, adding recipes.
    Tags, blog, groups, interactive map from Google, where you can specify your own favorite places.

    STSI - гибдд.рф/check/auto
    address: г. Москва, Мясницкая ул., д. 3, город, 101000
    tel.: +__102
    The history of the car.


    Vehicle check by VIN.

    Checking is done on request.

    1. Checking the history of registration in the traffic police.
    2. Checking for participation in the accident.
    3. Checking the presence in the search.
    4. Checking the presence of restrictions.
    5. Information about finding the vehicle in the pledge.
    6. Information on liability insurance.
    I checked my car and the cars of a number of acquaintances.
    By registration everything was right. The year of manufacture is shown, the number of owners by year (without names) ...

    But it showed on an accident only after 2018.
    Maybe in Moscow earlier.
    Each accident is detailed, not always correctly, let's say I had a small accident, but they also wrote down the glass and so on. Significantly more than it was in reality.

    As for pledges, the arrest of cars ... everything is correct. They write when, what and to whom they should, indicate the phone of the initiator of the restriction.
    By the way, on normal sites for the sale of a car, your ad will not be missed if the car is pledged, arrested ... Checked other sites and applications . They simply use the traffic police base. So why not overpay, look here.

    Russian Union of fans -
    address: г. Москва, 109004, Товарищеский пер., д. 20, стр. 1
    Website fans.


    The site of the fans. Today his meringue, like without hands. After all, you need to be aware of what happens, get tickets, prepare.

    After all, not only football tournaments are held, but also the meetings of fans with their tournaments and conferences.
    And when you go home and watch the game on TV, can you share it with your friends? … not always. I should contact my friends.

    дом.рф - дом.рф
    address: г. Москва, 125009, Воздвиженка, 10, блок «б»
    tel.: +7 495 775-47-40
    Agency for housing mortgage lending.


    Integrated housing development institution focused on national initiatives that aim to improve housing quality and affordability.

    STSI - гибдд.рф/check/fines
    address: г. Москва, Мясницкая ул., д. 3, город, 101000
    tel.: +__102
    Checking for traffic police fines.


    Checking for unpaid fines from vehicle data.
    A simple form, enter the car number with the area code, as well as the series and registration certificate number.

    SberLogistica -
    address: 119334, г. Москва, ул. Вавилова, д. 24, корп. 1
    tel.: +7 800 100 72 69
    Delivery of parcels in 1-3 days across Russia.


    Delivery of parcels in 1-3 days across Russia.Up to 5 kg - 100 rub.

    Courier delivery from door to door in 1-2 days.Up to 5 kg from 129 rub.
    Express delivery from 149 rub.

    Prices may change.

    Covered payment.
    Come to the Sberbank office with the parcel - for the parcel or wait for the courier.
    Tracking parcels.

    How it works

    1. Register and make your parcel online.
    2. Please enter your phone number, fill in the parcel details and receive a tracking number form.
    3. Pack the package at home or at Sberbank office (packaging is free).
    4. Come to the Sberbank office with the parcel or wait for the courier.
    5. Tell an employee the parcel number.
    6. Trace the status of the parcel until it is delivered to the recipient.
    7. You can receive the parcel at the post office or at the pick-up point throughout Russia.

    Fishing and fishermen -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Старая Басманная, д. 16, стр. 3
    tel.: +7 499 641-41-69
    Edition writing about fishing.


    Edition writing about fishing.
    Included in the structure of the Internet holding Pravda.Ru.

    Baits, tackle, fish, recipes, winter fishing, spearfishing, fishing techniques as well as unique photos and videos about fishing.

    RANEPA -
    address: г. Москва, 119571, пр-т Вернадского, 82, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 499 956-99-99
    Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.


    The Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation was established by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of September 20, 2010 No. 1140, by joining the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation (Academy of National Economy, 1977) of the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RAGS) Year of creation - 1991), as well as 12 other federal state educational institutions.

    The united academies have earned a reputation as leaders in the preparation of the country's top managers for both business and government structures. Since its inception in 1977, the glory of the “forge of ministers” has been firmly established for the ANH. With the beginning of economic transformation in Russia in the 90s. Twentieth century. there was a change in the strategic model of the Academy: from the training of nomenclature cadres, we switched to business education, becoming an educational institution offering all types of educational services for management. RAGS, founded in 1991, took the position of a leading educational institution, training managers for the system of state and municipal service.

    The newly formed Academy under the President of the Russian Federation - RANEPA is the largest university in Russia and Europe with a socio-economic and humanitarian profile, rightfully occupying the top lines in all national rankings. By decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 07.07.2011 No. 902, the Academy has the right to independently establish educational standards and requirements for its higher education professional education programs.


    1. training globally competitive and adaptive management personnel for the state, public and private sectors in order to solve the problem of innovative development of society;
    2. fundamental and applied research and development in the socio-economic and humanitarian spheres;
    3. Scientific and expert-analytical support of state authorities of the Russian Federation.

    Fund Russian World -
    address: г. Москва, 117218, ул. Кржижановского, д. 13, корп. 2
    tel.: +7 495 495-07-20
    The main goals of the Foundation is to promote the Russian language.


    Created by President Putin's decree on June 21, 2007. The main objectives of the Foundation are to popularize the Russian language, which is the national treasure of Russia and an important element of Russian and world culture, and support programs for studying the Russian language in the Russian Federation and abroad.

    STSI - гибдд.рф/gosuslugi/reg/exm
    address: г. Москва, Мясницкая ул., д. 3, город, 101000
    tel.: +__102


    Driving license on the traffic police website.
    In fact, you will be redirected to the site of the State Service.
    They already wrote in the news that the rights can be obtained through Internet.

    1. have not yet been provided The possibility of payment through Internet, because it will have to be done.
    2. You need to bring a photo.
    3. It is necessary to undergo a physical examination and get a certificate.
    4. Well, you need to get the rights themselves.
    What can be done via Internet?
    1. Get the list of required documents.
    2. Find out how much it will cost me.
    3. Print the receipt.
    4. Download regulatory documents.

    Yandex.Money support -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 18Б, бизнес-центр «Строганов»
    tel.: +7 800 250-66-99,7 495 974-35-86
    We write to the support team for seven days, and they will help you.


    You made an order in an online store, paid out of Yandex.Money purse, but it did not come at all or did not come at all.
    How do I get money back?

    For all tangible goods, paid from a purse on Yandex, the "Buyer Protection" automatically operates.
    This means that if you brought something from the store not for what you paid for, or did not bring anything at all, Yandex will return the money.
    We write to the support team for seven days, and they will help you.

    Popular Mechanics -
    address: ул. Б. Саввинский пер., 12с6, г. Москва
    tel.: +7 495 252-09-99
    News of science and technology, recent events: cars, technology, energy, aviation and space.


    News of science and technology, recent events: cars, technology, energy, aviation and space.

    American popular science magazine, published since 1902.

    Online version of the journal, archives of issues.

    Gorky Park -
    address: ул. Крымский Вал, 9, г. Москва, 119049
    tel.: +7 495 995-00-20
    Beautiful functional official map of Gorky Park.


    A beautiful functional official map of Gorky Park.
    Besides the map itself, there are a lot of other information about the park, including photos and video.

    Rapida -
    address: г. Москва, 117648, мкр. Чертаново Северное, д. 1А, корп. 1
    tel.: +7 800 200-00-59
    Electronic payment system.


    Electronic payment system.
    Remote payment service (remote management of bank accounts, universal payment cards and money orders). Rapide appeared since September 2001. The scheme of its operation is based on the principle of remote management of funds in real time without opening additional bank accounts. Access to Rapid can be obtained not only through Internet, but also with the help of a phone with a tone dialing function. You can pay for goods or services on a fixed or mobile phone, or via Internet:

    • long-distance and international communications,
    • utility and insurance bills,
    • access to Internet,
    • use of paid information materials,
    • purchases in online stores
    • etc.
    The cards are issued with a nominal value of 0.5, 1 and 3 thousand rubles.
    The system also allows you to make quick money

    You can use the executed payments as samples for new ones or create a payment schedule.
    On the official website of the system you can get a test card and detailed instructions on payments.

    The way of entering money means offered by this payment system consists in purchasing a universal payment card of various denominations, which is distributed by a number of banks and agents, as well as courier services. In addition, the user can enter funds via the WebMoney payment system (transfer from the purse or directly from the payment card) and STB-card.

    In the future, Rapid payment system is going to provide users with the opportunity Depositing funds through Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
    After writing off a certain amount from any of these cards, the ATM will print out a check with access details to the payment system, including the serial number, login and password.

    All that stores that work with this payment system are very Very little, and the list of companies connected to Rapid is standard, Rapida offers a number of interesting opportunities. For example, a user can pay an account for long-distance/international negotiations of Rostelecom, municipal services provided by municipal organizations. This is undoubtedly convenient, since it saves a person from having to personally visit Sberbank.


    • operations performed through the Rapida payment system are not subject to commissions,
    • when transferring funds to another member of the system, the user will lose 0.5%.
    • the withdrawal of funds is provided by crediting to the bank account or returning the card itself (a commission of 5% of the card's value is charged).

    Federal Testing Center -
    address: г. Москва, 123557, ул. Пресненский Вал, д. 19 стр. 1
    tel.: +7 800 555-19-81, 7 499 110-62-80
    Federal state budgetary institution.


    Organizational and technological support of the state final certification.
    Collection of data on the participants of the unified state exam.

    Formation of a distribution plan for examination materials by subjects of the Russian Federation.
    Replication, acquisition and delivery of examination materials to the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and Russian educational organizations located outside the territory of the Russian Federation.

    Direction of the results of the unified state exam in the subjects of the Russian Federation
    Processing appeals of participants of the unified state exam.
    The organization of providing connection to a secure data transmission network of regional information processing centers, educational institutions of secondary vocational and higher education.

    Vokrug Sveta -
    address: г. Москва, 125362, ул. Мещерякова, д. 5, корп. 1
    tel.: +7 495 490-68-58
    Leading site of Russia on travel.


    Monthly cognitive journal for the whole family.
    Speaks of travels, amazing corners of our planet, historical events, famous people, scientific discoveries and technical achievements.
    The magazine has won the love of Russians of all ages and generations and almost continuously has been published for 155 years.

    Federal State Budgetary Institution State Committee -
    address: 107139, г. Москва, Орликов пер.,1/11
    tel.: +7 495 607-8626
    Federal State Budgetary Institution "State Commission of the Russian Federation on Testing and Protecting Breeding Achievements"


    Federal State Budgetary Institution "State Commission of the Russian Federation on Testing and Protecting Breeding Achievements"

    Parkandfly -
    address: г. Москва, 127106, Нововладыкинский пр-д, д. 8, стр. 4
    tel.: +7 800 33-33-474
    Parking at the airport.


    When we are flying somewhere, we have 2 problems:

    1. where do I put the car on arrival at the airport?
    2. Where do you leave your car for your holiday?


    1. Parking Vnukovo
    2. Parking Domodedovo
    3. Parking Sheremety

    Ruscemetery - кладбищароссии.рф
    address: г. Москва, Россия, 117997, ул. Вавилова, д. 19
    tel.: +7 800 250-13-99
    All-Russian database of burials.


    The site is just developing, the goal is to create a common burial base in Russia.


      improve burial records,
    1. gather the base of all burials in Russia,
    2. facilitate the search for deceased relatives, friends and acquaintances,
    3. facilitate the search for military graves and memorials of famous people.

    Safe Internet League -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Тверская, д. 7, а/я 45,
    tel.: +7 968 435-72-70
    Safe Internet League.


    The main objective of the League is the complete eradication of dangerous content on Internet by self-regulation of the professional community, participants of Internet market, in order to avoid censorship.

    A free solution to protect children from dangerous information allows you to block websites that contain suicide propaganda on your computer and mobile devices And the use of drugs or distributing child pornography (including those sites that have been included in the register of banned information). In addition, the "League" filters will restrict access to pages containing pornography, scenes or propaganda of violence and cruelty, as well as automatically clean out obscene language from the resources visited.

    SkyEng -
    address: ул. Александра Солженицына, 23а ст. 1, г. Москва, Россия, 109004
    tel.: +7 800 500-28-72
    Work as an English teacher online.


    Vacancy: teacher of English.

    The average income of 40,000 rubles per month.
    You can get more, it all depends on you and the number of lessons you take.
    Possible option with the employment of the teacher from 12 hours a week.

    You can use your materials and methodical developments.
    But most likely you will not need it, since there are already enough materials on the platform to conduct lessons with students of different levels, ages and interests.

    You do not have to search for students by yourself.
    Minimum reporting on work and regular salary payments, as well as support and care from the methodologists.
    A teacher in Skyeng does not need to do the routine work, it remains only to teach.
    The school provides an opportunity to improve their skills with the help of free tuition, internal programs on online teaching methods, free speaking clubs with native speakers.

    If you have any technical difficulties, our support team will always be able to help you.

    ABBYY FineReader Online -
    address: Москва, ул. Отрадная, 2Б, стр. 6, бизнес-центр «Отрадный» 127273, г. Москва, а/я 32
    tel.: +7 495 783-37-00
    Recognize the scanned documents.


    Recognize scanned documents and digital photos online.

    Now everything is paid:

    • 10 pages $3.00
    • 30 pages $8.00
    • 100 pages $20.00
    • 300 pages $50.00
    • 1000 Pages $70.00
    ABBYY FineReader is the best program in this field. Now there is its Online version. This will be convenient for those who do not need it very often. You do not need to load an extra program onto your computer (each takes resources, and then the system starts to slow down).
    • recognition of multilingual documents (up to 3 languages ​​at a time): English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Ukrainian ... (total 37 languages);
    • You can recognize files of any of the following formats:
    • *.jpg (*.jpeg)
    • *.tif (*.tiff)
    • *.pcx
    • *.dcx
    • *.bmp
    • *.png
    • *.djvu, *.djv
    • *.pdf
    • converting to the formats
      1. Microsoft Word document (*.doc)
      2. Microsoft Excel document (*.xls)
      3. Text document (*.txt)
      4. RTF document (*.rtf)
      5. PDF document (*. Pdf)
      6. PDF/A (*.pdf)
    • Once the document has been successfully recognized and saved in the format you selected, you can download it from the job history. Here you can see the status of your job:
      1. In processing - it is necessary to wait until the server recognizes your image;
      2. Recognized - document processing is completed, and you can already download the result of recognition;
      3. Recognition error - the document was not recognized;
      4. Poor recognition quality. The task is free of charge - the document is recognized with a lot of errors.
      5. Recognized documents are stored on the server for 72 hours and are available for downloading from the history of orders in your profile,
      6. if it is more convenient for you to receive a link to the mail for download, just tick "Send an email to the recognition result result" and wait Letters that your document is recognized.

    Moscow parking -
    tel.: +7 495 495-54-54
    Paid parking in Moscow.


    Paid parking in Moscow on the map.
    Mobile applications to pay for parking.

    This site does not solve the problem of parking in Moscow (the proposed solution to put it mildly "controversial"), it helps to live with it.

    The site and applications will help

    1. Find parking, a place for selling parking cards;
    2. pay parking and refill your parking account;
    3. Check fines for violation of parking rules.
    4. per minute billing;
    5. account control;
    6. pay a fine for breaking the rules.

    Workle -
    address: г. Москва, 115093, Партийный пер., д. 1, корп. 46
    tel.: +7 495 122-21-99
    Platform for distance work for business professionals and beginners.


    Platform for distance work for business professionals and beginners.

    The professions of a tourism manager, an insurance agent, a financial consultant, a security systems specialist, and others are available on the site.

    Goals: Integration into the Internet of new professions that were not previously available to work online. Workle allows people anywhere in Russia to be in demand, find a job, get a free education, earn money and build a career.

    2mm -
    address: 117218, г. Москва, ул. Кржижановского, д. 31, стр. 1, АО «КОНЛИГА МЕДИА»
    tel.: +7 495 280-00-20
    Edition for young mothers.


    The publication for young mothers is a logical continuation of the popular magazine about pregnancy and childbirth "9 months", but focused on those who have already experienced the incomparable happiness of motherhood, managed to press the long-awaited baby to the breast, saw his first steps, heard the first word .

    At all times a great responsibility for the health and development of the child fell on my mother's shoulders. Modern mothers are no exception.
    And despite the fact that they have at their disposal all the achievements of science and medicine, information remains the most valuable. Of course, today it does not have to be collected in grains, as it was even 20 years ago.
    But this is both a plus and a minus the achievements of civilization.
    How out of the abundance of recommendations and advice that can be found in abundance on the Internet, books, heard on TV, choose those that suit your child?
    When is it time to inject supplements, inoculate, learn to read?
    Where to get competent answers to questions related to children's health, nutrition or development that do not give rest to my mother? "Mom and Baby" will not leave you alone with your problems!
    Professional doctors, teachers, child psychologists will help to deal with the fact that the young mother cares about the newborn crumbs, who are just beginning to get acquainted with the outside world, and the five-year-old tomboy - curious and omnipresent.

    Fortunately, mom's life does not consist of problems and questions alone. Personal time is a privilege, though short-lived, but no less bright from it. "Mom and Baby" will be your help in matters of free time.
    How to take care of your health after giving birth, to remain beautiful, despite the cares for the child, what creative activities to diversify your life and where to go with your whole family on weekends - you will find all this on the pages of the magazine.

    Dolina-podarkov -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Сущевский Вал, д. 5, стр. 11,
    tel.: +7 800 222-80-35
    Online store of original gifts and souvenirs.


    Online store of original gifts and souvenirs.

    The most recent and original gift ideas collected in one place.
    You can buy gifts with delivery throughout Russia.
    The store itself is located in Moscow.

    In order to pick up and order a product you just need to select the category of interest and establish a price framework.
    There will be a selection of all positions that are suitable for the given parameters, and it remains only to choose the product you like.

    EGU -
    address: 123557 г. Москва, ул. Пресненский Вал, д. 19, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 225-10-35
    The Federal Institute for Education Measurement.


    Federal Institute of Pedagogical Measurements.
    Open bank of tasks of the Unified State Exam.
    On the site it is possible to study and prepare for the Unified State Examination. But there are no tickets that will be on the exam, but examples for pre

    GruzovichkoF -
    address: наб. Обводного Канала, д. 24 Д, БЦ «Амилен», 3 этаж, офис 28-29, вход с Обводного канала
    tel.: +7 800 100-33-30, 7 812 605-96-77



    You can send a parcel to Peter, Moscow or Russia, or move. You can pick up the car from the fleet.
    When moving can help with loading.

    Yandex.Raspisaniya -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 333-96-39
    Planes and trains on the map.


    Airplanes and trains on the map.

    Want to see the planes that are now in the air and where are the trains now? Now you can follow them directly on the map.

    Information about the flights and the calculation of the location is based on the data of the Yandex. Respisation service. Our planes fly in orthodromies - the shortest distance between two points located on the surface of the sphere (although in real life routes are routed through special air corridors).

    Click on the airplane or train and see its route.

    Active Labour Inspection - онлайнинспекция.рф
    address: г. Москва, Мясницкая улица, 40, стр. 16
    tel.: +7 800 707-88-41


    Free consultation in labor inspectorate on labor relations.
    Here you can apply to the labor inspectorate if our rights are violated or learn how to get out of the problem situations at work.

    Wait for me -
    address: г. Москва, 127427, ул. Академика Королева, 12
    tel.: +7 499 391-98-88
    People Search.


    A telecast and a practically national service for people searching.
    You can place an application on the transmission site.

    First of September - открытыйурок.рф
    address: г. Москва, ул. Платовская, д. 4,
    tel.: +7 495 637-82-73
    Festival of pedagogical ideas Open lesson.


    Festival of pedagogical ideas Open lesson.

    Help heart - помощьсердцу.рф
    address: 125009, г. Москва, ул. Тверская, д. 22
    tel.: +7 495 721-14-00
    Information portal on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


    Information portal on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

    Runivers -
    address: 105005, г. Москва, Аптекарский пер., д. 4, стр. 2, офис 216
    tel.: +7 495 737-76-32
    State Archives.


    Russia in the original.
    The goal is to provide Internet with free access to primary sources, to books and texts that are in the largest book storages and state Archives are available only to the visitors of dozens of the largest Russian libraries.

    The publication of archival documents, prepared from 1836 to 1915, has begun. The Russian Academy of Sciences and archaeographic commissions. Facsimile copies of the books are freely available on the website of the historical library Runivers (, a network project created with the support of Transneft.

    Today the researchers And fans of the history of Russia already have the opportunity to freely read and download the "Archive of South-West Russia
    Acts of the Caucasian Archaeographic Commission "and" Acts of the Moscow State ". In the series "Archive of the South-West Russia" documents of the Kiev archive were published, which was established in 1852, at the University of St. Vladimir for the storage of ancient books of the Kiev, Podolsky and Volyn provinces. The publication was undertaken by the Kiev Archeographic Commission from 1859 to 1911. In total 34 volumes were published.

    Documents published in the Archive of the South-West Russia "cover the period from the 13th to the 20th centuries. "Acts of the Caucasian Archaeographic Commission" is a collection of documents on the history of the Caucasus from the 10th century to 1862, published under the editorship of the outstanding Caucasus researcher Adolf Berger. In 12 volumes of the publication, valuable sources on the history of the peoples of the Caucasus have been published: Arabic chronicles, firmas, gujars (grants) and other acts, mainly XIV-XIX centuries in Georgian, Armenian, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Tatar, Turkish with Russian translation, as well as the genealogy of local khans and sultans. Each volume includes documents during the reign of this or that Caucasian Governor.

    The investigative committee of Russia -
    address: г. Москва, ул. 1-я Фрунзенская, д. 3А
    tel.: +7 800 100-12-60
    The official site of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is registered as a mass media.


    The official site of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is registered as a mass media.

    That is, the site information, however there is a helpline, a direct line. -
    address: 127560, Россия, ул. Пришвина, 22 офис 9
    Overview of sports nutrition, training programs, tips for beginners in building a beautiful muscular body.


    Overview of sports nutrition, training programs, tips for beginners in building a beautiful muscular body.

    Exercises, motivation, calculators.

    Domino's Pizza -
    address: г. Москва, БЦ «Парк Победы», ул. Василисы Кожиной, д. 1, 15-й этаж
    tel.: +7 800 333-16-16
    Fast delivery in Moscow and Moscow region.


    Fast delivery in Moscow and Moscow region.
    Free pizza delivery in 30 minutes - or pizza for free.

    30% discount on the first order through Domino's Pizza mobile app.

    N+1 -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Академика Королева, 37
    Popular scientific entertainment publication about what is happening in science, technology and technology right now.


    Popular scientific entertainment publication about what is happening in science, technology and technology right now. News, great articles, blogs. -
    address: г. Москва, 115191, Гамсоновский пер., д. 2, стр. 3
    tel.: +7 495 665-52-55
    The largest financial portal in Russia, the most complete database of Russian banks and their services.


    The largest financial portal of Russia, the most complete database on Russian banks and their services. is a group of companies that unites leading information services of banking and financial subjects.
    The goal is to establish communication between banks and customers.

    What is on the site

    1. operational, authoritative and detailed information on the banking market,
    2. financial sector news,
    3. analytical articles,
    4. interviews - first-hand information,
    5. expert opinions, journalistic investigations,
    6. bank ratings - bank of the year, national rating, service rating,
    7. feedback - hotline (banks answer questions to customers), forum,
    8. operational, authoritative and Detailed information on the banking market,
    9. you can find the most beneficial insurance ...
    10. helps banks find customers s.

    Domofond -
    address: г. Москва, 125196, ул. Лесная, д. 7, эт. 15, ком. 1
    Platform for the selection of real estate.


    Platform for the selection of real estate.

    Map Search

    Open the map, circle the area you need, and you will see all the offers in the area. Set advanced options in the Advanced Search.

    Quality Mark Program

    Sign on the advertisements of real estate companies that maintain standards of professional integrity.

    Articles and News

    Advice on real estate and repair. Realtors and designers, lawyers and psychologists help to understand any problem related to housing. Can I ask you a question.

    Real Estate Market Analytics

    Find out how much housing costs in your city, area or near your metro station. Download analytical reports and get more complete information on the dynamics of prices for sale and rent. -
    address: г. Москва, 115191, Гамсоновский пер., д. 2, стр. 3
    tel.: +7 495 665-52-55
    Advantageous currency exchange rates.

    McDonald's -
    address: г. Москва, 115054, ул. Валовая, 26, бизнес центр «Лайт Хаус»
    tel.: +7 800 707-44-99
    Fast food.


    One of the best places for a quick snack, visiting an unfamiliar city.
    This restaurant is the most scolded, but also most visited. As for the quality of products, today McDonald's does not only tasty and inexpensive food, but also as environmentally friendly as possible. No fast food so much about it does not care.

    So, you are a guest of Moscow, Peter, or another major city of Russia or another country. We need a snack and do it quickly, but not very expensive. Here we always find a clean toilet and a clear menu.

    Sayy and applications will help us to decide on the menu, so that no one can delay the order.

    You can also find out about promotions.
    You can find the nearest restaurant on the map.

    2GIS -
    address: г. Москва, Нижний Сусальный пер, 5 ст16
    tel.: +7 800 20-03-600
    2GIS maps.


    Electronic directories and a map of more than 200 in 3D online large cities. Maps of large cities of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, as well as some cities in some countries (Czech Republic, Chile, Cyprus, Italy, United Arab Emirates ...).

    • Variants of travel by car.
    • Ability to work with GPS.
    • Ability to make Skype calls directly from the directory.
    • Upload additional layers -
    • files with additional information (sights and city history, list of Wi-Fi points and Webcams with their location on the map, and others).
    • Tools for measuring the distance between map objects.
    • Search on the selected map fragment.
    • Add notes to the directory and map.
    • Posters for theaters and museums.
    • Long-distance transport schedule.
    • Does not require access to Internet.
    • Ability to install plugins.
    • Automatic updating of the data (with the appropriate settings). -
    address: г. Москва, 117638, ул. Одесская, д. 2, БЦ Лотос, башня А, 19 этаж
    tel.: +7 495 665-52-55
    Speed Internet connection and test the quality of online video viewing.

    2GIS -
    address: г. Москва, Нижний Сусальный пер, 5 ст16
    tel.: +7 800 20-03-600
    2GIS map to your site.


    2GIS map to your site.

    Justice portal in the field of culture -
    address: г. Москва, 125993 ГСП-3, Малый Гнездниковский пер., д. 7/6, стр. 1, 2,
    tel.: +7 495 629-20-08
    Information-reference database of normative documents on crops.


    The portal is a constantly updated database of normative documents of the cultural sector. The search system created on the portal allows you to quickly find the information you need on the chosen criterion and to provide information about new regulatory documents. The portal contains the Legislator of legal acts, including the following sections: General issues of the cultural sector, Cultural heritage, Art, Television.

    Bankiros -
    address: г. Москва, 111116, ул. Энергетическая, д. 6, этаж 5, офис 537а
    tel.: +7 920 299-18-59
    Profitable loans or deposits, financial news of Russia.


    Profitable loans or deposits, financial news of Russia.A financial service with structured up-to-date information on most banks and their products throughout Russia, which allows you to make an informed choice to our multi-million users.

    GetCourse -
    address: г. Москва, Столярный пер., д. 3, корп. 18, (вход с Расторгуевского переулка)
    tel.: +7 800 555-47-03
    Platform for sale and training.


    Platform for sale and training.

    For coaches, teachers, info-businessmen.

    For seminars, trainings, courses, full-time and online classes.

    Archive of scientific journals -
    address: г. Москва, 101000, Мясницкая ул., д. 46 стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 621-83-22
    More than 2000 journals, about 3.5 million articles are structured.


    More than 2000 journals, about 3.5 million articles are structured.

    Terms of use
    1. Non-commercial use;
    2. Download to the platform in the territory of the Russian Federation;
    3. Access to full texts is permitted by IP addresses of authorized organizations.
    4. Authorized organizations include state And public organizations, as well as non-state universities.
    Each collection consists of metadata and full texts of articles. Metadata is available to everyone in the public domain, full texts are provided to authorized organizations.

    EqWorld -
    address: г. Москва, пр. Вернадского, 101к1, 119526
    Scientific Search.


    The world of mathematical equations.
    The mathematical search system.
    While only looking for formulas and equations in Wikipedia and on Eqworld. Specify any function of the cosine or its fragment - get web pages where such a function is mentioned.

    Mosgortrans -
    address: г. Москва, 115035, Раушская набережная д. 22/21 стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 539-54-54
    Moscow transport.


    The main in the capital and the largest in Europe, the operator of ground urban passenger transport.

    800 land transport routes. Every day they are used by more than 5.5 million passengers.

    6.5 thousand buses, trams, trolley buses and electric buses operate on the lines every day. Park SUE "Mosgortrans" is constantly updated: acquired modern rolling stock, adapted for people with limited mobility. New vehicles have a low level of floor, equipped with air conditioning cabin, equipped with video surveillance and satellite navigation.

    The structure of the company includes 23 branches, including 10 bus / trolleybus parks, a tram control with 5 sites, and other services that provide land urban passenger transport.

    3DNews -
    address: 121170, Кутузовский пр-т, д. 36, стр. 23, подъезд 3, этаж 5, офис 505
    tel.: +7 495 641-28-71
    Internet edition.


    The first independent Russian online publication devoted entirely to modern digital technologies.
    News from the world of IT and hi-tech: hardware, software, games, as well as cars, space, science and the latest technology.

    Based in 1997.

    The goal is the timely publication of the most objective information about everything happening in the IT market, as well as assistance to digital device users in choosing, acquiring and using the most efficient equipment and software.

    Banks Today -
    address: г. Москва, 125363, Сходненская, 56, этаж 3, офис 317
    tel.: +7 499 490-56-32
    Financial portal.


    Independent financial portal: articles, news, services ...

    Information on current issues: how to choose and apply for a loan, what contribution brings greater income, in which bank you can get a mortgage or car loan, why do we need credit brokers and how to earn a trader.

    NSN -
    address: г. Москва, 123060, ул. Народного ополчения, д. 39/2
    tel.: +7 495 925-04-49
    The National News Agency News Service.


    News agency National News Service.

    Russian Railways tickets -
    address: г. Москва, 107174, Новая Басманная ул., д. 2
    tel.: +7 800 775-00-00, 7 499)605-20-00
    Train tickets.


    Tickets can also be bought on the official website of the railway Russia.
    The cheapest way is without intermediaries.
    Such a ticket will cost you less, Than to buy at the checkout. For example, if we buy 2 round-trip tickets, we save about 900 rubles.
    There's a toll-free number 7 800 200 67 67.

    Receiving a ticket

    When buying a ticket for trains from 001 to 899 numbering, a ticket is not required. It is enough to produce a passport, because the place is bought in your name. Thus, there is no need to queue at the cash register.

    In other cases, when buying a ticket, information can be printed out, or you can rewrite the 20-digit ticket number. Then you need to transfer it to the cashier and get a ticket.
    You can call and find out beforehand if it can be done at your railway station.Payment methods


    For this you need to contact the railway ticket office (not via Internet). The money will be returned to the plastic card.
    The fee for the operation when returning to the cashier's office of JSC Russian Railways an unused travel document (ticket) ordered and paid for at the site, is 99 rubles. 30 kop. From each place regardless of the date of the ticket.

    Moscow subway -
    address: ул. Старая Басманная, д. 20, корп. 1
    tel.: +7 495 539-54-54
    The official website of the Moscow Metro.


    The official website of the Moscow Metro.
    When we go to the metro, everything seems to be clear, but going to the site, you understand that almost everyone will have some question about the subject of using the metro.
    That is, the site is simple and clear and useful.

    • Service center.
    • Terms of use.
    • What if.
    • Forgotten things.
    • Career guidance center.
    • Procedure for using tickets.
    • Work schedule and repair schedule.
    • WiFi in Metro.
    • Schedule of train departure on the monorail transport system.
    • “Live chat” information desks.
    • The departure time of the first and last trains.
    • The procedure for issuing certificates.

    Bank tour -
    address: г. Москва, 123182, ул. Авиационная, д. 77, корп. 2, квартира 181
    tel.: +7 800 333-43-41, 7 343 318-21-04
    The largest federal network of travel agencies specializing in burning tours and trips.


    The largest federal network of travel agencies specializing in burning tours and trips.

    It differs from the usual tour only in that it can be purchased a few days before departure, at a lower price.

    Departures from 40 cities of Russia. Every year tens of thousands of clients trust us with their holidays from Moscow to Vladivostok.

    Bike parking -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Старая Басманная, д. 20 к. 1
    tel.: +__3210, 7 495 539-54-54
    Bike parking.


    Intercepting parking. Fighting traffic jams increasingly Moscow residents are invited to change seats for public transport, and the main public transport is the metro.
    For convenience, you can get to the metro station, put the car and go.
    Or you got into a traffic jam, and not far from the metro station, change, the main thing is that there are enough places in the parking lot.
    That's why this service was created. We look where there are so many empty seats. By the way, the list can be very clearly visible. And you can on the map.


    In the daytime - free of charge, if you made at least 2 trips (did not understand how to do less: back and forth).
    At night - only 100 rubles.

    ITShop -
    address: г. Москва, 119334, ул. Бардина, д. 4, корп. 3
    tel.: +7 495 229-04-36
    Buy software.


    Going to this site, you get the impression that you are in the past.
    This is the site design.
    Well, the prices are a little cheaper. Probably save on everything. -
    address: г. Москва, 123242, ул. Грузинская Малая, д. 20/13, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 646-83-68
    Site for fans of running, for experienced and beginners, for amateurs and pros.


    Site for fans of running, for experienced and beginners, for amateurs and pros. Here you can find useful articles, news, recommendations on nutrition from specialists, learn about international races and take part, communicate with like-minded people.

    InterBiblia on Mac OS -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Чичерина, д. 10 корп. 2,
    tel.: +7 495 472-41-65
    Bible on Mac OS.


    BibleQuote modules on Mac OS X for Eloquent (formerly MacSword).

    After downloading and installing Eloquent, you need to connect Source for downloading modules. The Moscow Seminary created such a source from the reformatted Bible Quote modules. To connect the source, you must:

    1. Launch Eloquent
    2. Open the Eloquent/Module Installer menu
    3. Click on Add Source
    4. In the window that appears, select/enter
      • Remote
      • MoscowSeminary
      • /bqt
    5. Click OK
    Then the MoscowSeminary source appears in the source list and you can install the modules from there.
    At present there are not many Russian-language modules, but after a while we will translate all the modules we have in this format.

    Video of how this is done:

    Dostavista -
    address: г. Москва, 115114, Дербеневская ул., 7с10
    tel.: +7 800 505-45-28, 7 495 137-55-37
    Express delivery service.


    Express delivery service.

    Couriers equipped with GPS devices. When you place an order, the system finds a free courier nearest you and he immediately starts to fulfill the order, using the calculated optimal route.
    This increases the efficiency and decreases the cost.

    It works in 11 countries of the world, in Russia - in 18 cities:
    Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Samara, Perm, Volgograd, Saratov, Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk, Pskov.

    Express delivery can be ordered even at night or early in the morning; couriers are open 24/7.
    Track the parcel on the map.
    Without any surcharges, the courier will photograph the shipment before and after delivery, if required.

    Gulag History Map -
    A replenishing database on the history and geography of labour camps operating in the USSR from 1918 to 1960.


    A replenishing database on the history and geography of labour camps operating in the USSR from 1918 to 1960.

    On the map there is a time scale on which it is possible to see visually both the general picture, and local.
    You can choose a year or turn on the player.

    The map is interactive, you can zoom in on your region and see what was there by clicking on a specific Galaag, we get more detailed information on this particular camp by years - the number of prisoners, what were doing.

    Modules BibleQuote on Mac OS X -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Чичерина, д. 10 корп. 2,
    tel.: +7 495 472-41-65
    A quote from the Bible for MAC OS.


    Moscow Seminary.

    Those who used Windows before and Bible Quote, I want to have the same product on Mac. But the operating system Mac OS X requires its own software products, including biblical programs. The most popular is Eloquent (formerly MacSword). The solution is to use the modules from 'Quotes from the Bible' in Eloquent. After all, modules are the main carriers of information, and 'Bible Quote' is rightly called the 'shell' for working with modules. For Mac OS X, Eloquent is such a finished shell.

    This software is free and freely distributed. You can download the shell from the official site A stable version of Eloquent 2.3

    We understand that for many ministers the English interface of the program is a serious obstacle. Therefore, on their own, and with the permission of Eloquent developers, the program was translated into Russian, in parallel, renaming it into a more understandable MacBible. You can download the program from our website: MacBible.

    If you find any errors in the translation, or if you have any problems with the modules, please let us know. We continue to work on improving the program.

    After downloading and installing Eloquent, you need to connect a source for downloading the modules. The Moscow Seminary created such a source from the reformatted Bible Quote modules. To connect the source, you must:

    1. Launch Eloquent
    2. Open the 'Eloquent/Module Installer' menu
    3. Click 'Add Source'
    4. In the window that appears, select/enter
      1. Remote
      2. MoscowSeminary
      4. /bqt
    5. Click OK
    After that, the MoscowSeminary source appears in the source list and you can install the modules from there.
    At present there are not many Russian-language modules, but after a while we will translate all the modules we have in this format.

    Media-atlas -
    address: г. Москва, 3-я ул. Ямского Поля, д. 18, 9-й этаж, офис Expedition Media
    Internet media.


    Information resource on media business.
    Created in April 2000 with the participation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Advertising Council Russia, the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation, National circulation service, research company 'Komkon-2' and full-service advertising agency 'Paradigm'.

    Quite comprehensive information on the central and regional press Russia (more than 2000 editions). Placement of publications in the database. Convenient search system.
    The purpose of is to present publications to advertisers in all regions Russia and near abroad, to inform visitors about the development of the media industry. Daily subscribers receive news about the latest developments in the media industry, announcements of publications, as well as information from major publishing houses. The target audience of the site is the leaders of various media business sectors, representatives of advertising and pr-companies, advertisers.

    Consumer Guide -
    address: г. Москва, Россия, ул. Академика Анохина, д. 5, корп. 1
    tel.: +7 800 333-78-83
    Consumer Protection with Explanation.


    Consumer protection with explanations.

    The project helps consumers competently assert their rights when purchasing a product or service.

    The articles were prepared by lawyers with practice in this field who will respond in the comments.

    Free legal advice in the chat.

    Summer Olympics -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 234-24-80
    Olympics on the map.


    On this map are collected all the cities where the Summer Olympic Games once passed.

    Winter Olympic Games
    Venues of the Winter Olympic Games.

    You too can create maps with interesting places to you in the My Maps section

    Representation of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. Moscow -
    address: г. Москва, 103132, ул. Ильинка, д. 21, подъезд 3
    tel.: +7 495 606-15-58, 7 495 606-92-15
    Representation of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. Moscow.


    Representation of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

    The reception desk receives citizens on weekdays from 10-00 to 17-00.

    In the Admissions Office you can get additional information on the preparation of the application to the Cons

    Orthodoxy and World -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Новослободская, д. 58, стр. 5, Храм Всемилостивого Спаса
    Portal about Orthodoxy.


    Influential social and social Internet media of the federal scale, daily and systematically covering social themes, moral and spiritual life, culture, family values, problems of human life and society, education and medicine. News and analytical reviews, comments and interviews, audio, video, infographics and numerous subsites widely cover various events of religious, cultural and social life in Russia and abroad. -
    address: г. Москва, Газетный пер. 3-5, метро Охотный ряд
    tel.: +7 499 995-06-56
    Quick English lessons, starting level.


    Quick English lessons, starting level.

    Vsesdal -
    address: г. Москва, 129085, ул. Большая Марьинская 9 стр. 1, офис 112
    Order control, course and any.


    Online training assistance without intermediaries

    1. consultations on subjects;
    2. selection of materials;
    3. tutoring services;
    4. advice on the design work.

    Yandex Academy -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16
    tel.: +7 800 234-24-80
    Video tutorials and instructions.


    Information technology courses - Training in Yandex.
    Here you can find training opportunities with Yandex, you can study online, watch videos. -
    address: г. Москва, 109341, ул. Перерва, д. 31 (1 этаж)
    tel.: +7 495 345-43-88
    Base tours.


    Incredibly popular, interesting and informative tourist portal.

    Search tours, prices, last minute, discount hotels, reviews, photos, video.

    1. The site has information on a set of travel agencies.
    2. Hot tours, top travel agencies.
    3. The most interesting hotels in the world.
    4. Catalog of hotels by destination.
    5. Tourist Digest.

    Yandex.AppMetrica -
    address: г. Москва, 119021, ул. Льва Толстого, 16
    Mobile apps analytics: behavioral analytics, stability monitoring and push campaigns in a single marketing platform.


    Mobile apps analytics: behavioral analytics, stability monitoring and push campaigns in a single marketing platform.

    Track installations from any source of traffic - from the web, applications, mail, instant messengers and even offline in real time.

    All the necessary information about your advertising campaigns - from installations to conversions - is broken down by channels, creatives or any other parameters.

    Manage reattribution at the campaign level to successfully launch retargeting and customize the attribution window as you see fit for each method separately.

    Along with postbacks, send effective setup and conversion parameters to your advertising partners to optimize your CPI and CPA campaigns in real time.

    Deeplinks will allow directing users who clicked on advertisements to the necessary section of the application or to the relevant landing page.

    Cherehapa -
    address: 123103, г. Москва, пр-кт Маршала Жукова 76, корп. 2, комната 229
    tel.: +7 800 555-21-98, 7 495 585-88-81, 7 495 215-11-98
    Online travel insurance purchase service.


    Online travel insurance purchase service.

    The official representative of insurance companies: Ingosstrakh, Allianz, Alpha Insurance, Liberty Insurance, VSK, ERV, Rosgosstrakh, Reso-Garantiya and ...

    Advantages - in one place choose the best insurance option and get the policy as quickly as possible.

    Who if not me -
    address: г. Москва, 125009, Большой Гнездниковский пер, д. 7, 1 этаж
    tel.: +7 495 995-97-05
    Help or fundraiser.


    ho, if not not me? Charity fund
    Children's charity fund "Who if not I?" Provides real charitable help to orphanages in Tver, Voronezh, Kaluga, Moscow regions and other regions of Russia.

    One From the programs of a charitable online project - My Teacher, see below.

    Addresses and phone numbers of companies in Moscow -

    LitRes -
    address: г. Москва, 123022, ул. 2-я Звенигородская, д. 13, стр. 41
    tel.: +7 800 333-27-37
    Leading e-book service in Russia.


    Leading e-book service in Russia.

    1. 875,000 e-books in Russian and other languages,
    2. 4,000 new books monthly,
    3. 32,000 free books,
    4. 10,000 audio books.

    Orthochristian -
    address: г. Москва, Большая Лубянка, 19,
    tel.: +7 495 623-34-44
    Orthodox portal.


    Orthodox portal.

    Basics of Orthodoxy, archive, prayer book, questions to the priest, news ...

    Red Cube -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Нарвская, д. 23
    tel.: +7 495 200-80-09
    Online store of gifts and souvenirs.


    Online store of gifts and souvenirs.
    More than 120 gift and souvenir shops in Russia, of which 46 in Moscow.

    In the online store catalog there are gifts for any occasion - Birthday, New Year, March 8, February 23, Valentine's Day and ...

    Souvenirs, interior items, jewelry boxes, piggy banks, watches, gift sets - thousands of options.

    We accept payment in cash or gift certificates. You can pick up the goods in hundreds of pickup points or order delivery by courier or Russian post.

    Creative Gifts

    Not sure what to give? No ideas, but I want to make a creative gift. In the "Personalization" section, a thousand variants of souvenirs are collected with the possibility of personalization - add the name of the birthday man, wishes, photos.

    Any ideas

    Make a unique gift in a special designer. You can print personalized T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, plates.

    DPD -
    address: г. Москва, 107023, ул. Электрозаводская, д. 27, стр. 8, 4 этаж, пом. ХVI, комната 34
    tel.: +7 800 234-45-95, 7 495 775-45-85, 7 812 325-78-78
    Delivery of parcels and cargo.


    Delivery of parcels and cargo.

    Every day, 46,000 experts deliver over 3 million parcels to more than 230 countries around the world.

    2nd largest parcel delivery network in Europe and the CIS.

    Smartway -
    address: г. Москва, 1-го Ямского поля, д. 15, офис 214
    tel.: +7 800 775-14-28
    Booking airline tickets, hotels and ordering machines for business trips online.


    Booking tickets, hotels and reenting cars for business trips online.

    The service combines the offers on the market and offers the most efficient and profitable.

    It is often more convenient for departures from Moscow to fly from Domodedovo, and return to Sheremetyevo by another airline. You will be offered such options.

    The Chief Justice -
    address: г. Москва, Поварская ул., д. 15,
    tel.: +7 495 690-54-63
    Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

    PayOnline -
    address: г. Москва, 121357, ул. Верейская, д. 29, стр. 154, подъезд 1, этаж 3
    tel.: +7 495 120-37-70
    Electronic payment system.


    Receiving payments on sites. The main convenience, the ability to accept payments from bank cards.

    PayPal -
    address: г. Москва, 125047, 4-й Лесной пер., д. 4
    tel.: +810 1 402 935-20-50
    Translation PayPal.

    Yandex.Raspisaniya -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 333-96-39
    Planes and trains on the map.


    Airplanes and trains on the map.

    Want to see the planes that are now in the air and where are the trains now? Now you can follow them directly on the map.

    Information about the flights and the calculation of the location is based on the data of the Yandex.Respisation service. Our planes fly in orthodromies - the shortest distance between two points located on the surface of the sphere (although in real life routes are routed through special air corridors).

    Click on the airplane or train and see its route.

    Predanie -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Шухова, д. 17, к. 2
    tel.: +7 495 722-92-79
    Orthodox portal.


    Media Library of the Orthodox portal.

    Audio Versions of Bible Translations

    • Psalms of David to the verses of Taras Shevchenko
    • New Testament. Translation ed. bp Cassian (Bezobrazov)
    • Russian translation of the Old Testament (P. Jüngerov)
    • Gospel. Book of Job. Psalms. (S.S. Averintsev)
    • Old Testament in modern Russian translation (RBR)
    • The Bible in modern Russian translation, ed. M.P. Kulakov
    • Synodal translation. Bible. Reads Alexander Bondarenko.
    • Psalms in Church Slavonic.
    • Modern Russian translation of the New Testament "Good News"
    • Bashlanmish (The Book of Genesis in Bashkir)
    • Raidian (Genesis in Ossetian)
    • Ekhineh Ekhin (Book of Genesis in the Buryat language)
    • Ayylly (Book of Genesis in the Yakut language)
    In addition to the text of the Bible, the site has a lot of media material:
    Orthodoxy in MP3, archive of Orthodox chants, video archive.

    Personally, I am interested in the “New Testament Seminars” by the author of the New Testament “Joyful News”.

    You can not only listen to the audio material, but also download it.

    Moscow State University on YouTube -
    Video education.


    Moscow State University - MVLomonosov Moscow State University.

    IXBT -
    address: г. Москва, Каширское шоссе 28,
    tel.: +7 903 708-65-29
    Public about technologies, hardware, gadgets and computer games.


    Public about technologies, hardware, gadgets and computer games.
    Information and analytical site with the most relevant news from the field of IT, detailed reviews of smartphones, tablets, personal computers, computer components, home appliances and devices for repair, garden and backyard, software and peripherals.
    Issues of digital technologies and modern solutions based on them are covered daily.

    Newspaper Izvestiya -
    address: г. Москва, 115093, Партийный пер., д. 1, к. 57, с. 3
    tel.: +7 495 937-61-70
    Soviet and Russian political newspaper.


    The Soviet and Russian socio-political and business daily newspaper, established in March 1917.

    Russian football referee -
    address: г. Москва, 115172, ул. Народная д. 7 комнаты 433, 401
    tel.: +7 495 926-13-00
    The current official information, where everyone judges who appointed who filmed.


    On the topic it is clear what the site is about. Current official information, who judges where, who is appointed, who is removed.

    And a lot of information for judges - about fees, documentation ...

    Children Science -
    address: ул. Малая Пироговская, д. 13, стр. 1, пом. 8 119435
    Courses for the school program with deepening and expansion.


    The purpose of the courses is to develop interest in the subject and to learn, if the learning process captures, then the result will be.

    The enthusiasm for the subject begins with interesting questions and a good storyteller. Because the courses are copyright, and the main element is video lessons with live teachers and scientists recognized as masters of their craft.

    The service cooperates with the school "Intellectual", one of the best Moscow multi-disciplinary schools.

    Housing reform -
    address: г. Москва, 115088, ул. Шарикоподшипниковская, д. 5
    tel.: +7 800 700-89-89
    Civil service social.


    Fund to promote reform of housing and communal services.

    While users can try to find out how much they have to pay and who they are responsible for utilities.

    But basically a site for utilities. They must register, provide information so that everything is transparent.

    SMI2 -
    address: ул. Покровка, д. 18/18, стр. 1, г. Москва, 101000
    News 2.0.


    Social news portal.

    Registration on the site is free. Each registered member of has the opportunity to publish news announcements and evaluate publications of other authors participating in the general rating.
    The news gets the main page that has gained a sufficient rating. The algorithm for calculating the rating is not disclosed.

    Yandex.Disk -
    address: 16 Leo Tolstoy St., Moscow 119021, Russia
    It is given once 10 Gb free space.


    In the beginning you get 10 Gb of space free of charge.
    From time to time there are possibilities to increase.
    I currently have 48 Gb of free space.


    Install Yandex.Disc application on a smartphone or tablet and activate automatic upload of photos and videos.

    Photo and video does not compress and there are no restrictions.
    Watch will be available on the phone, online, and if you have a folder on your computer, then there.


    We can assign any folder on your computer system for Yandex.disc and it will be synchronized with the storage online.
    Synchronization speed is low - 50-60 Kb. But if you're not in a hurry, it doesn't matter.
    In addition, this speed is completely invisible and you can do all the usual work without paying attention to the background work of J.Disk.

    There are levels of access to documents: personal or public.
    For the public, you can get a link separately for the document.


    Maybe not uploading photos, pictures.
    Browse was able to view virtually any format, including CorelDRAW and .EPS.
    Office documents and e-books can also be viewed.

    ZIP archives open online like a regular folder, and then you can view selected documents and pictures of the archive.

    Document Editor

    Used online document editor from Microsoft.

    Mail integration

    After you enter the disk via mail and back, you can view the mail attachments separately on the disk.

    In my opinion, this service is the easiest, lightest, most understandable and most convenient.

    There are applications for Windows, Linux and Mac.

    5 koleso -
    address: Россия, 127473, г. Москва Краснопролетарская ул., д. 16, стр. 3
    Online version of the popular automotive magazine in Russia. Published since 1993.


    Online version of the popular automotive magazine in Russia. Published since 1993.

    Announcements of fresh numbers, archive of past numbers, car industry news, test drives, bulletin board on car sales.

    China Travel -
    address: ул. Бауманская, 22, г. Москва, 105005
    tel.: +7 800 775-80-73, 7 495 363-02-06, 7 495 229-52-88, 7 495 730-21-39, 7 495 633-88-00, 7 495 633-99-96
    Tours to South-East Asia.


    Tours to South-East Asia: Vietnam, China and ...
    Anyone who has touched China or the East in general understands how specific this region is. Therefore, it is better to use the operators who are engaged in the East.

    Business tours

    • conferences, seminars, exhibitions,
    • Hong Kong (visa is not issued for stays of up to 14 days) is Asia's largest financial and trade region, the venue of numerous international fairs,
    • Singapore,
    • ...


    • Korea,
    • Vietnam,
    • China (excursions, treatment, beaches),
    • China
    • ...


    Preferably Vietnam, Thailand or the Indonesian Islands.

    Dreamlines -
    address: г. Москва, Варшавское шоссе, 1, стр. 6,
    tel.: +7 800 333-80-24, 7 499 753-29-94
    Cruise Portal.


    Included in the tourist holding DREAMLINES GmbH, founded in 2011 (Germany).

    The company has offices in 8 countries: Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Russia, the Netherlands and the USA.

    1. Sea and river cruises on behalf of more than 35 different cruise companies, a cruise of any class from “standard” to “luxury”.
    2. fresh promotions, special offers, seasonal sales and discounts,
    3. Qualified support before, during and even after the cruise,
    4. related services:
        hotel before or after the cruise;
      • flight to the place from which the cruise begins or where it ends;
      • transfer services;
      • excursion program before, during and after the cruise;
      • insurance services;
      • visa support.
    5. the best cruises at the most attractive prices and provide you with the "Best Price Guarantee."

    SMS.RU -
    address: 115419, г. Москва, ул. Шаболовка, 34 стр. 5, ООО "СМС"
    tel.: +7 800 222-60-95, 7 495 120-81-15, 7 812 603-45-51
    Incredibly cheap SMS, yourself - for free.


    Incredibly cheap SMS, yourself - for free.

    If you are engaged in some kind of business that involves SMS notification of customers, for example, about the received order. Then this service is very suitable for you.
    SMS will cost you up to 4 kopecks.
    Also money, but not such extortionate sums.

    Tvil -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Маршала Рыбалко, 2, корп. 6
    tel.: +7 495 660-35-74
    Private sector.


    Daily rent of apartments for rest and trips in Russia and soon will be in Ukraine.
    Private sector for leisure and travel in Russia.
    It's easier and cheaper to go to Egypt or Turkey than to Russia.
    But there are many places in which it would be interesting to go, we just do not know all the possibilities.

    Convenient search on the map from Yandex. We can specify our requirements:

    • area or direction, eg. Rest on the sea, rest in the Altai, ski resorts ...
    • choose the price range interesting to us (of course, the cheaper the easier the housing),
    • search with a filter: bungalow, cottage ... refrigerator, Internet, TV ...
    Suggested accommodation - hotels, houses and apartments. So you can find very inexpensive.


    Registration allows you to remember the history, collect photos and videos, share them, which helps you choose the place for your next trip.
    You can sign in using VK, Moi Mir or Facebook.

    Payment methods

    QIWI -
    address: 117648, г. Москва, мкр. Чертаново Северное, д. 1А, корп. 1
    tel.: +7 800 707-77-59
    Terminals on the map.


    Points of replenishment QIWI on the map.

    My GULAG -
    address: Студия визуальной антропологии Москва, 1-й Самотёчный пер., 9, стр.1
    tel.: +7 495 621-73-10
    The project of the Museum of Gulag History on video recording of memories of people, through whose destiny mass repressions of the Soviet time passed.


    The project of the Museum of Gulag History on video recording of memories of people, through whose destiny mass repressions of the Soviet time passed.

    X-Fit -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Угличская 13,
    tel.: +7 800 333-52-52
    The leader of the fitness industry.

    Yandex.Checkout -
    address: 115035, г. Москва, а/я 57, ООО НКО «Яндекс.Деньги»
    tel.: +7 800 250-66-99
    The ability to receive payments from a variety of popular payment systems or banks.


    Demo site

    Yandex.Cassa - the ability to accept payments from a variety of popular payment systems or banks.

    In addition, you can To accept money in almost all common payment terminals.

    Security transaction

    Yandex.Kassa allows you to protect the transaction.
    • The customer creates an order on the site site.
    • The required amount is blocked on the customer's card.
    • The customer and the contractor inform the site that the order has been completed.
    • The site sends a request for money transfer to the executor.
    • The performer receives money for a purse in Yandex.Money or a card.
    • The site receives a commission and a transfer report.

    7 dach -
    address: г. Москва, ООО «7 дач» 127018, ул. Полковая, д. 3, стр. 4
    tel.: +7 916 710-74-49
    Club lovers cottages.


    Club lovers cottages.

    What do we expect from the garden site?
    Articles on relevant topics. We want advice.

    This site offers such articles. But what to do if the articles did not answer all the questions?

    Then you can ask a question or partici

    Mini-Football Association Russia -
    address: 115172, Россия, г. Москва, ул. Народная, д. 7 «Дом футбола»
    tel.: +7 495 926-13-16
    Beach Soccer League, international tournaments, statistics.


    It is clear that there will be information on tournaments, reports on matches, tables, clubs, statistics.

    Here is represented a whole series of leagues - from the Super League, to the boys.
    Information on international tournaments.
    If you study at the university and you guys play well, can you file a claim?

    Drive -
    address: г. Москва, Ленинградский пр-т 72, корп. 3,
    Auto portal.


    Auto portal.
    Here we will find information on models of interest: test drives, video, prices and configuration.
    In fact, quite a lot of quality information.

    Actual Moscow -
    Sights, events and institutions of Moscow.


    Sights, events and institutions of Moscow.

    Poster, where to go in Moscow

    1. Concerts
    2. theater,
    3. circus
    4. movie,
    5. exhibitions, fairs,
    6. tours,
    7. sport, quests,
    8. museums
    9. parks,
    10. theaters
    11. movie theaters,
    12. night clubs,
    13. sights.


    1. Government agencies
    2. kindergartens,
    3. children's camps,
    4. schools
    5. colleges, technical schools,
    6. universities,
    7. medical institutions
    8. diagnostic centers, doctors.

    Invest Foresight -
    address: г. Москва, 105318, Семеновская пл. д. 7, оф. 313
    tel.: +7 495 003-98-24
    Business magazine.


    Business magazine.

    Federal business online magazine about investment, innovation and finance.The publication covers promising areas of investment, "advanced" start-ups, financial technologies and the latest trends in the financial market.

    Interviews and expert opinions of leading Russian economists, new business literature, analysis of business-related judicial practice.

    The audience - representatives of government, economists, businessmen, investment experts, all who are interested in the latest trends in investment and financial spheres.

    Our focus:

    1. the most interesting investment projects;
    2. business-promising technologies, innovations and scientific developments;
    3. issues of investment policy and investment climate;
    4. fintech and financial services;
    5. blockchain and cryptocurrency;

    The zone of particular interest of the magazine is regional investment policy and projects launched under the auspices of regional authorities.

    Kvantik -
    address: г. Москва, 119002, Б. Власьевский пер., д. 11, журнал «Квантик»
    Monthly magazine for curious students devoted to entertaining questions and tasks in mathematics, linguistics, physics and other sciences.


    Monthly magazine for curious schoolchildren dedicated to entertaining questions and problems in mathematics, linguistics, physics and other sciences.

    In addition to the magazine, the editorial board of Quantika publishes almanacs, posters with interesting tasks and calendars of mysteries.

    Localway -
    address: г. Москва, 115114, Набережная Дербеневская, д. 7, стр. 12
    Information sites about tourism, travel.


    The recommended service, guide and guide to the cities of Russia. The goal is to help the city's guests navigate the terrain and find something necessary or worthy.
    That's why it's a mobile app that recognizes your location and offers you something, Something interesting or necessary (where to eat) nearby.

    Actually all this extensive base is also on the site. It's more like planning a visit to a certain city.

    If we visit any particular city, we already have the reason for this visit and we already know what you can visit. This service will help you find "what else to visit."

    BookLand -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Нижняя Красносельская, д. 15-17, стр. 2, пом. II, комната 1
    tel.: +7 800 700-00-34
    E-books store.


    E-books store.
    Russian classics for free: Griboedov, Gogol, Yesenin, Dostoevsky, Chekhov ... there are more than 500 books in ePub format.

    Search namesakes -
    address: 105 187 г. Москва, Измайловское шоссе, д. 71, корп. «Г-Д», офис 901
    tel.: +7 495 748-09-84
    Search for namesakes.


    Search for namesakes.
    Analysis of the name, name.
    Analysis of the brand.
    Pick up a nickname.

    SuperJob -
    address: 127006, г. Москва, улица Малая Дмитровка, 20
    tel.: +7 800 200-72-77, 7 495 790-72-77
    Base of vacancies.


    Online recruitment (job search platform and employees).
    Along with HeadHanters is the leader of the Russian market.

    Cloud -
    address: Russian Federation 125167 Moscow Leningradskiy pr. 39 Build. 79
    Initially given 25 Gb free.


    Storage of files and documents, synchronization with Mail.

    Initially, it is given 25 Gb for free, the first users were given up to 1 Tb for free.
    To do this, you will need to install the application on your computer, on your smartphone (iPhone or Android) Open one link for public viewing, on the smartphone to open the autoloading of photos (I have when connecting via Wi-Fi), write a review.

    On the site you can download or open to download the file or folder. You can also see the picture, Word, Excel or text file.


    The download limit is 3 Gb.
    But if you download Special application, then up to 32 Gb.

    Document Editor

    The online document editor from Microsoft is used.

    Kosmosnimki -
    address: г. Москва, 117105, ул. Нагатинская, 1
    tel.: +7 495 495-38-13
    Ecological maps.


    The map of the water of Russia.
    The Google map is used. The purpose is to conduct ecological expeditions for the analysis of water quality and to provide open data for free. Simply if there is a number of clear water, people should know.
    You can contact and you will check the floor.

    ChronoPay -
    address: г. Москва, 119048, Россия, ул. Усачева, д. 33, стр. 2
    tel.: +7 800 333-33-20, 7 495 780-30-60
    Reliable Internet service.


    Similar to it, somewhat more expensive, but a Russian interface, it serves 95% of the Russian market of online music sales. ChronoPay creates a global platform for processing payments on Internet, which can effectively combine various payment tools. At th

    Telecafe -
    address: Россия, г. Москва, ул. Академика Королева, 19
    tel.: +7 495 617-55-80
    Cooking TV.


    Telecafe is the culinary channel from the First.
    There is no broadcast via Internet, only by subscription (we buy a package on a cable or a plate).
    The site will help to find the recipe of the scanned transmission, and some programs can be viewed. They protect themselves from the user.

    AndroidInsider -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Менжинского д. 25
    tel.: +7 916 795-40-34
    News of the world of Android.


    The site is dedicated to the world of Android. Every day, our readers get the best opportunity to get to know this amazing world, full of nuances and secrets.

    Video reviews, translations of presentations and interviews on YouTube.

    Articles, reviews, news, experiments, analytics, tips and tricks, rumors, stories and ...

    Research Institute of the nature of time -
    address: г. Москва, 119991, Ленинские горы, 1-12, МГУ имени М. В. Ломоносова, Биологический факультет, кафедра общей экологии
    tel.: +7 495 939-55-60


    Official site.

    Guide to the Moscow region. -
    Moscow Region Tourism Committee.


    The guide is conducted by local historians and journalists, bloggers and guides, as well as ordinary travelers, who share their experience in exploring the Moscow region. and share your experience, send your favorite routes, stories about unique activities and sights.

    Special attention to the Guide is given to photos - all copyrighted, in good resolution.

    MatroNet -
    Object network platform which can create a variety of patterns, from user profiles and forums to complex corporate websites, combining their diverse contacts in a social network.

    Shinservice -
    address: г. Москва, 115487, ул. Садовники, д. 11А, стр. 3
    tel.: +7 800 333-83-88,7 495 988-83-88
    Auto parts, auto electronics, tires and wheels. -
    address: г. Москва, Россия, 117105, Варшавское шоссе, д. 9, стр. 1, 3-й этаж. БЦ «Даниловская Мануфактура», «Ряды Солдатенкова»
    tel.: +7 495 785-17-00
    Catalog officially sold cars.


    The best catalog of officially sold cars with all variants of engines, gearboxes and complete sets available for the Russian market. The site monitors the price updates from manufacturers and dealers and knows how much each option costs in the car.

    The real value of the car

    • Information on the cost of car maintenance, which includes: maintenance costs, transport tax, OSAGO, fuel costs and other costs.
    • The cost of owning a car.
    • Quick and easy comparison of cars.
    • Exam SDA Online on will help prepare for the exam in the traffic police.

    Comauto -
    address: Россия, г. Москва, 121615 а/я 26
    The cost of the car.


    Evaluation, buying out your used car VAZ, GAZ and foreign cars.
    On the site you can calculate the cost of the car depending on the

    1. brand,
    2. year of release,
    3. color,
    4. mileage,
    5. engine size,
    6. body type,
    7. engine type,
    8. gearbox,
    9. presence of air conditioner,
    10. engine condition,
    11. chassis status,
    12. body condition,
    13. What account do you own,
    14. etc.

    Autodoc -
    address: г. Москва, Певческий пер., д. 1/2, стр. 2Б,
    tel.: +7 800 777-99-80, 7 812 640-66-00, 7 921 570-20-70
    Auto parts online store.


    Auto parts online store.

    This is essentially a network of auto parts stores.
    You can order and receive an order at a store in your city.
    You can get a courier, something in the mail, if you do not have a store in the city.

    But personally, I prefer to avoid such options, there are other auto parts stores operating according to a similar scheme.
    And if you have several in the city, you can compare prices.

    Through the store you do not need to pay for delivery, you can pay on receipt, check and there are people with whom you can then ask and who will work with the client.

    Avito -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Лесная 7, Россия, 125047
    tel.: +7 495 228-36-30
    Bulletin board.


    The leading site for free private ads.
    There was a merger with the other 2 leaders of the Runet and
    Convenient communication between sellers and buyers to make the most profitable transactions, cooperation with leading information and social Internet-projects.

    Registration is not required, goods can be purchased quickly. Search by map, categories, everything is simple, clear, understandable. -
    address: г. Москва, 119021, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 16
    tel.: +7 800 234-28-86
    Search for car ads.


    Leading auto show Runet.
    We go in, register, if we have an account on Yandex, registration will be much simpler. There is a garage where we can add our car or cars.

    Site Opportunities

    1. buy, sell a used car,
    2. buy a new car,
    3. buy, sell spare parts,
    4. find an auto service with a filter (you need any, and One that will do the required repair or maintenance):
      1. transmission repair,
      2. chassis repair,
      3. electrical repair,
      4. body repair,
      5. brake repair,
      6. exhaust repair Systems,
      7. air conditioner repair,
      8. tuning and after-consuming equipment,
      9. engine repair,
      10. diagnostics.
    5. find tire fitting, car wash,
    6. car brands forums. -
    address: г. Москва, 119021, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 16
    tel.: +7 800 234-28-86
    Search for car ads.


    Leading auto show Runet.
    We go in, register, if we have an account on Yandex, registration will be much simpler. There is a garage where we can add our car or cars.

    Site Opportunities

    1. buy, sell a used car,
    2. buy a new car,
    3. buy, sell spare parts,
    4. find an auto service with a filter (you need any, and One that will do the required repair or maintenance):
      • transmission repair,
      • chassis repair,
      • electrical repair,
      • body repair,
      • brake repair,
      • exhaust repair Systems,
      • air conditioner repair,
      • tuning and after-consuming equipment,
      • engine repair,
      • diagnostics.
    5. find tire fitting, car wash,
    6. car brands forums.

    Billboard Yula -
    address: Россия 125167 г. Москва Ленинградский пр. 39 д. 79
    Bulletin board.


    Bulletin board Yulia from
    It is sold through phone and a site.
    We photograph the goods and at once we place.
    The main thing is quickly.

    In my opinion it is a little strange.
    And to edit a photo?
    Normally, a person does seve

    Pandao -
    address: Россия, 125167, г. Москва, Ленинградский пр-т, д. 39, стр. 79
    Favorable orders of any goods from China through the application.


    Favorable orders of any goods from China through the application.

    This is not a store, but an intermediary between the stores and the buyer, like AliExpress, I take from Sberbank and Yandex and others. also decided to get his piece of cake from online trading and created his service.

    While the service is raw, not everything goes as stated.

    British Council in Russia -
    address: 109189, г. Москва, Николоямская ул., 1
    tel.: +7 495 287-18-00, 7 495 287-18-26
    Free open online courses.


    Free open online courses.

    Teaching for Success: The Classroom and the World

    The free online course is designed for teachers of English, aimed at continuous professional development in their field.

    Online course English for the Workplace

    This course is designed for people who are learning English and want to develop language skills in order to ensure further career growth.

    Online Course English in Early Childhood

    This course will help you understand which methods of teaching English are best suited for preschoolers who are still learning their native language.

    New English teaching practices

    The course will help develop the skills and methods of practical work necessary for the continuing professional development of teachers of English.

    Online course How to succeed in the Global Workplace

    This free online course will prepare you for your first job and help you in the early stages of your career.

    Understanding language: learning and teaching

    Developed by the University of Southampton last year, it was taken by 120.00 people from all over the world.

    Understanding IELTS: English Language Exam Technique

    This online course is recommended for those who plan to take IELTS. At the same time, the tips and recommendations suggested in the course will be useful to anyone learning English.

    Exploring English Language Course: Culture and Culture

    Learn to speak English more confidently with the free online course Exploring English: Language and Culture.

    RGAE -
    address: г. Москва, 119435, ул. Большая Пироговская, 17
    tel.: +7 499 245-26-64
    Russian State Archive of Economics.

    RGASPI -
    address: г. Москва, 125009, ул. Б. Дмитровка, 15
    tel.: +7 495 694-51-12
    Russian State Archive of Social and Political History.

    Sheremetyevo airport -
    tel.: +7 495 578-65-65

    Vnukovo Airport -
    tel.: +7 495 937-55-55

    The site of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christian Baptists -

    Eventim -
    tel.: +7 495 495-00-00
    Movie tickets.


    Cinema, concerts, theaters, sports ...
    Consultant in the world of cultural events in the capital and assistant in choosing and booking tickets.

    Payment methods

    Report Spam -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 333-96-39, 7 800 234-24-80, 7 495 739-70-00

    The feedback form in case of problems -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 333-96-39, 7 800 234-24-80, 7 495 739-70-00

    Yandex -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 333-96-39, 7 800 234-24-80, 7 495 739-70-00
    Description of Sitemap structure from Yandex. It is good to know their opinion, because we create Sitemap for Search Engines.

    Yandex.Help -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 333-96-39, 7 800 234-24-80, 7 495 739-70-00
    Instructions for the transition to HTTPS.

    Directory of invalid forms and stamps (the register of veterinary lost forms and stamps) -
    address: г. Москва, 107139, Россия, Орликов пер., д. 1/11

    OK Live -
    address: г. Москва, 125167, Ленинградский пр-т., 39
    Create the broadcasts and watch created by others.


    Watch the broadcast

    We choose a place on the map and see the active points where the translation is currently in progress. Any user can use any language he owns regardless of geographic location. But just as the classmates network is primarily Russian-speaking, almost everywhere we will meet Russian speech.
    Depending on the selected section of the map below, the players are available on this map, so it's more convenient to choose.It can be a person who wants to communicate, or maybe an entrepreneur advertising his product or store.
    If it's just a person, it's unlikely that he is broadcasting anything, rather he expects communication, you can get acquainted. Unlike the chat roulette, here you can choose the interviewee, seeing it and selecting from others. And if this is your city, you can also agree on a meeting.

    Create broadcasts

    Create broadcasts from your mobile phone in your profile in Classmates and in groups from the OK Live application.The recording of the broadcast will be available for subsequent viewing by users of OK Live and the social network. Classmates.
    The recording will be stored indefinitely, so think what you are showing.

    Collect viewers to communicate on the air

    OK Live will tell your subscribers that you are live, and will show your broadcast in the "Subscriptions" and "Maps" ribbon. If your live broadcast attracts the attention of the audience, it will automatically appear in the "Popular".
    Friends and group members will see new broadcasts in their personal tapes on all screens of the social network of Classmates and will receive additional notifications about the start of live broadcast.

    Printdirect -
    address: 123592, г. Москва, ул. Кулакова, д. 20, стр. 1В
    tel.: +7 800 800-59-53, 7 495 120-33-37
    Virtual shops.


    The purpose of the Printdirect service is to provide an opportunity to create and order various products with own design (pictures, photos, illustrations, text) quickly and conveniently, online.

    Also Printdirect allows everyone, absolutely free of charge and in minutes to create their own Internet Shop (virtual showcase) entirely on the technical and software base of Printdirect, decorate it in its own style, sell the created products in it and earn on it.

    We want Printdirect to be one of the ways for each person to implement s new ideas, express individuality and to convey the results of their own creativity to others in exchange for an honest adequate remuneration.


    Ministry of Transport -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Рождественка, 1, стр. 1

    Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation -
    address: г. Москва, 125993, Большая Грузинская ул., 4/6

    Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology -
    address: г. Москва, 109074, Китайгородский пр-д, д. 7, стр. 1, 5 подъезд
    tel.: +7 499 236-03-00

    Public Chamber of the Russian Federation -
    tel.: +7 800 737-77-66

    Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Петровка, 3/6
    tel.: +7 495 626-11-00

    Yandex.Money News -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, д. 18Б, бизнес-центр «Строганов»
    tel.: +7 800 250-66-99,7 495 974-35-86

    Yandex.Raspisaniya -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 333-96-39
    The routes on the map.


    Timetables of air and railway transport. In the long term - water transport and intercity buses.

    There are timetables for suburban trains for a number of cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Veliky Novgorod, Tyumen and Nizhny Tagil.

    We choose the point of departure and the point of arrival, the date of dispatch and Arrival and voila.
    If there is no flight for the selected date, you will be asked to search for the route with a transfer.

    You can trace the route on the map.

    Yandex.Discounts Club; Learn more about Yandex.Maps; Yandex.Maps to the site

    Helpline of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation -
    address: г. Москва, 121087, Новозаводская ул., д. 11/5
    tel.: +7 499 449-79-97
    Federal Customs Service.

    Oncology, HIV/AIDS and other diseases hotline
    tel.: +7 800 200-22-00

    Social support, assistance, work of social protection bodies
    tel.: +7 800 555-02-22

    Phone "The child is in danger"
    tel.: +7 800 200-19-10

    Helpline for children, adolescents and their parents
    tel.: +7 800 200-01-22

    Helpline of the FSIN of the Russian Federation -
    address: г. Москва, ГСП-1, ул. Житная, 14,
    tel.: +7 495 982-18-00
    Federal Penitentiary Service.

    Housing acquisition through military housing subsidy program -
    tel.: +7 800 200-22-94

    Pension Fund of the Russian Federation -
    tel.: +7 800 510-55-55

    Helpline UFNS RF -
    address: 248021, г. Калуга, ул. Московская, д. 282
    tel.: +7 495 400-63-67

    Government of the Russian Federation -
    address: 103274, г. Москва, Краснопресненская наб., 2
    tel.: +7 800 200-84-42, 7 495 985-44-44



    Official website of the government of the Russian Federation.

    First of all, the site is informational in nature. Here you can read documents, draft laws, see the structure of the state, statistics by regions ...

    In addition, you can write a letter to the authorities that should be different from spam, be respectful, laconic, not emotional. Well, if you need an answer.
    Although I do not know why a simple person needs to communicate with the executive power.
    You can also download forms of documents that are more relevant. Still, the official website, you can trust that it is not an outdated form.

    The official website of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation -

    Ministry of Labor and Social Protection -
    address: г. Москва, 127994, ГСП-4, ул. Ильинка, 21
    tel.: +7 495 606-00-60

    Rosmintrud -
    address: г. Москва, 127994, ГСП-4, ул. Ильинка, 21
    tel.: +7 800 707-88-41, 7 495 870-67-00, 7 495 224-22-22
    Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.


    On the site, in addition to the legislative base, you can find out the latest news, changes in legislation regarding labor protection, pension reform ...

    There is a section “Open ministry”, and the most interesting thing for me personally is that you can apply online here.

    Hotline of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation -
    address: г. Москва, 127994, ГСП-4, Рахмановский пер, д. 3
    tel.: +7 800 500-18-35, 7 495 627-24-00
    Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.


    Official website of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

    Here and a bank of documents and public reception, health news.

    The site is very popular, thanks to comprehensive information from an official source.

    Rospotrebnadzor hotline -
    address: г. Москва, Вадковский пер. д. 18, стр. 5 и 7, 127994
    tel.: +7 800 100-00-04
    Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare.

    Hot line of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation - мвд.рф
    tel.: +7 800 222-74-47

    Free crisis line of trust
    tel.: +7 800 333-44-34

    Fight against corruption and offenses of officials
    tel.: +7 800 250-02-35

    Deposit Insurance Agency Hotline
    tel.: +7 800 200-08-05

    Psychological support hotline for cancer patients and their families
    tel.: +7 800 100-01-91

    Rosobrnadzor CSE Hotline
    tel.: +7 800 555-72-73

    Helpline of the FSB of the Russian Federation -
    address: г. Москва, 107031, ул. Большая Лубянка, д. 1/3
    tel.: +7 495 224-22-22

    FSSP RF Call Center -
    address: г. Москва, Кузнецкий мост, д 16/5, стр. 1,
    tel.: +7 800 250-39-32
    Federal Bailiffs' service.

    Roskomnadzor -
    address: г. Москва, 109074, Китайгородский пр., д. 7, стр. 2
    tel.: +7 495 893-33-93

    Student Rights Commissioner of the Russian Federation
    tel.: +7 800 333-91-94

    Federal addiction and alcohol addiction hotline
    tel.: +7 800 700-50-50

    Call center for citizens and organizations on the provision of public services
    tel.: +7 800 100-05-20

    Central Bank of the Russian Federation -
    address: ул. Неглинная, 12, г. Москва, 107016
    tel.: +7 800 300-30-00

    Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Большая Дмитровка, д. 15А,
    tel.: +7 495 987-56-56
    This is primarily an information site. Here is the structure, leadership, jobs and even a museum.


    This is primarily an information site. Here is the structure, leadership, jobs and even a museum.

    However, there is an Internet reception, a direct line of entrepreneurs, the ability to notify about extremism, as well as to appeal in the usual way, the

    Helpline of the Investigative Committee -
    address: г. Москва, ул. 1-я Фрунзенская, д. 3А
    tel.: +7 800 100-12-60

    Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation -
    address: г. Москва, 107139, Орликов пер., д. 3А
    tel.: +7 499 973-31-86

    Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund -
    address: г. Москва, 127994, ГСП-4, ул. Новослободская, 37 корп. 4А
    tel.: +7 495 952-93-21

    Sports School #7 Hawks -
    address: г. Москва, 119634, ул. Чоботовская, 6
    tel.: +7 496 732-23-00, 7 496 732-15-71

    Sports School Spartak -
    address: г. Москва, 107113, Сокольнический вал, 1-6
    tel.: +7 499 268-66-10, 7 499 269-22-88

    Sports School Marino
    address: г. Москва, 109341, Мячковский бул., 10 корп. 3
    tel.: +7 496 346-35-00, 7 496 346-34-11

    Sports School Penguins
    address: г. Москва, 117403, ул. Булатниковская, 2Б
    tel.: +7 496 384-36-43

    Sports School Constellation
    address: г. Москва, 117463, ул. Голубинская, 28, корп. 3
    tel.: +7 496 423-07-57, 7 496 421-33-00

    Sports Center
    address: г. Москва, 109029, ул. Талалихина, 28
    tel.: +7 496 632-66-26, 7 496 632-68-20
    email: с

    Sports School #9 Pennant
    address: г. Москва, 111558, Федеративный пр-т, 31
    tel.: +7 499 748-43-97

    Sports School Sharks -
    address: г. Москва, 123154, ул. Генерала Глаголева, 10 корп. 3
    tel.: +7 499 199-25-80, 7 499 199-16-06

    Sports School #85 Blue Bird
    address: г. Москва, ул. Бестужевых, 9Б
    tel.: +7 499 904-75-83

    Sports School Dynamo them. A.I. Chernysheva
    address: г. Москва, 125167, Ленинградский пр-т, 36
    tel.: +7 496 613-39-10, 7 496 614-20-98

    Sports School Rus
    address: г. Москва, 115583, ул. Воронежская, 13
    tel.: +7 496 399-13-27

    Sports School #1 White Bears -
    address: г. Москва, 125475, ул. Левобережная, д.12, корп. 1
    tel.: +7 496 459-68-92

    Sports School #2 Northern Star -
    address: г. Москва, 129081, ул. Заповедная, 3
    tel.: +7 496 476-73-21, 7 496 473-61-63

    Sports School Snow leopards - снежныебарсы.рф
    address: г. Москва, 111673, ул. Николая Старостина, 8
    tel.: +7 496 700-53-74, 7 496 700-51-52

    Sports School of the Wings of the Soviets -
    address: 121596, ул. Толбухина, 10/4 стр. 1
    tel.: +7 496 488-05-84

    CSKA hockey school -
    address: г. Москва, 125167, Ленинградский пр-т, 39
    tel.: +7 496 613-67-09

    Sports School Meteor -
    address: г. Москва, Чечерский пр-д, 23

    myToys -
    address: г. Москва, Россия, 1-й Кожевнический пер., д. 8
    tel.: +7 800 775-24-23, 7 499 775-24-23
    Shop of toys and children's clothes of world famous brands Lego, Tiny Love, Mattel, Zapf Creation, Hasbro, Reima, Molo, Geox.


    Shop of toys and children's clothes of world famous brands Lego, Tiny Love, Mattel, Zapf Creation, Hasbro, Reima, Molo, Geox.

    More than 70 000 names of Russian and foreign manufacturers and more than 350 brands.

    The myToys store fully complies with all corporate standards of the parent company from Germany, which has been successfully operating on the European market for 20 years and is number 1 in Germany.

    Nestlé -
    address: г. Москва, Павелецкая пл., д. 2, стр. 1,
    tel.: +7 800 200-7-200
    A variety of baby food for any age.


    A variety of baby food for any age.

    In addition, the site has useful information for young mothers and for future mothers. -
    address: 144000, Московская область, г. Электросталь, ул. Красная, д. 30Б, пом. 7
    tel.: +7 800 500-23-70
    Network of toy stores.


    Network of toy stores.

    The store has low prices for popular toys: Lego, Hasbro, Paw Patrol, Meccano, Barbie, Zapf Creation, Filly, Lalaloopsy and many others.

    On the store shelves you will find only official and certified toys.

    Dochki-sinochki -
    address: г. Москва, пр-т Севастопольский, д. 56/40, стр. 1, пом. I
    tel.: +7 495 461-67-04
    Goods for children, toys.

    Korablik-R -
    address: г. Москва, пр-т Мира, 118 а,
    tel.: +7 800 775-44-98, 7 495 009-04-98
    Food, clothes and shoes, games.


    Food, clothes and shoes, games.

    Clothing proven global brands from birth to adolescence.
    Baby food of the best quality, cheap and in a very wide range.
    Hygiene products for children of all ages.
    Fast and punctual delivery.
    The ability to book goods at any retail store network.
    Mandatory seasonal sales, interesting promotions and a profitable bonus program.
    A simple system of exchange and return of goods.

    Open Education -
    address: г. Москва, Большой Чудов пер., 8с1, Россия
    National Platform for Open Education, free online courses on subjects taught at universities.


    National platform for open education, free online courses on subjects taught at universities.

    Online courses in basic disciplines. Eight leading universities in Russia have joined their efforts to provide an opportunity for everyone to get a quality higher education online.

    Any user can take courses from the leading universities of Russia absolutely free of charge and at any time, and students of Russian universities can count the results of studies at their university.

    Yandex Directory -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 333-96-39, 7 800 234-24-80, 7 495 739-70-00
    Internet-catalog of organizations.

    PickPoint -
    address: Москва, 109316, Волгоградский проспект, д. 42, корп. 23
    tel.: +7 800 700-79-09
    Specialized terminals for the issuance of goods purchased in the online store.


    Specialized terminals for the issuance of goods purchased in the online store.

    Logistics service of the new generation, delivering online orders through postamats and points of issue.

    Postamat is an automated orange terminal that is installed near your home, work or study in a store, supermarket, shopping center.

    You get an online order in the postamate yourself at a convenient time for you. To do this, in the interface of the post office you need to specify the order receipt code, which will be sent to your mobile phone or e-mail.

    If you do not want to pay for your purchase on the website of the online store, you can do it in a postamat by cash or credit card.

    Unsuccessful goods you can return through any PickPoint. It does not matter how it was received: in the post office, via courier, in the postamat or at the point of issue. Specify the return policy on the online store website.

    In addition to postamats, all major networks of classic issuing points are connected to PickPoint. Upon receipt of the order, you must inform the issuing point employee the order code from the message from PickPoint on your mobile phone or e-mail.

    Russian Flowers -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Малая Калужская, д. 12
    tel.: +7 800 333-09-05, 7 499 709-87-70
    Delivery of flowers and gifts throughout Russia and CIS countries.


    Delivery of flowers and gifts throughout Russia and CIS countries.

    Create a memorable bouquet and deliver to the addressee in any city in Russia, the CIS and the world.

    Ordering a bouquet, we get:

    1. fresh flowers.
    2. delivery on time. From 3 hours in Russia and the world;
    3. free photo from delivery. You will see the joy of a loved one at the time of delivery of the bouquet;
    4. free postcard to the bouquet. At your request, we will attach a free postcard to the order on which you can write a message to the recipient of the bouquet.

    AvtoALL -
    address: г. Москва, 111402, ул. Кетчерская, д. 2А, стр. 1, пом. II, ком. 3
    tel.: +7 800 555-28-77
    Large selection of auto parts in Russia for cars and trucks, both domestic and imported, municipal and agricultural equipment, products for home and leisure, and many other useful things.


    Large selection of auto parts in Russia for cars and trucks, both domestic and imported, municipal and agricultural equipment, products for home and leisure, and many other useful things.

    The online store is focused on the convenience of customers, so you are offered a choice of several delivery options. If you live in Moscow or the Moscow region, you can pick up the spare parts yourself and take them out from the store's warehouse. If you live in another region of Russia, then a lot of transport companies are at your service. They will deliver your order as quickly as possible.

    For organizations and individual buyers a personal account is opened. It is very convenient.

    Pulse Express -
    address: г. Москва, 115432, Проектируемый 4062-й пр-д, д. 6, стр. 16, Бизнес-центр PORTPLAZA
    tel.: +7 800 333-92-63
    House mail near the house.


    We arrive and receive our parcel by code in the cell like a storage room. Simple and inexpensive.

    At the moment, more than 13 000 stores in Magnit:

    1. 10 393 stores in the format Near the house,
    2. 230 hypermarkets,
    3. 185 stores Magnet Family,
    4. 3 006 stores Magnet Cosmetic.
    You can see on the map, though the map is in the city, and the list of cities is not in alphabetical order, it is necessary to look.
    Total covered more than 200 cities, the last list in alphabetical order we offer:

    1. Apatity,
    2. Armavir,
    3. Arkhangelsk,
    4. Astrakhan,
    5. Balashikha,
    6. Barnaul,
    7. Belgorod,
    8. Biysk,
    9. Borovichi,
    10. Velikiye Luki,
    11. Velikiy Novgorod,
    12. Vidnoye,
    13. Vladikavkaz,
    14. Volgograd,
    15. Volgodonsk,
    16. Volzhsky,
    17. Vologda,
    18. Volkhov,
    19. Voronezh,
    20. Vsevolozhsk,
    21. Vyborg,
    22. Gatchina,
    23. Dolgoprudny,
    24. Domodedovo,
    25. Yekaterinburg,
    26. Izhevsk,
    27. Istra,
    28. Yoshkar-Ola,
    29. Kazan,
    30. Kaluga,
    31. Kamensk-Uralsky,
    32. Kandalaksha,
    33. Kemerovo,
    34. Kirov,
    35. Kislovodsk,
    36. Kolomna,
    37. Kostroma,
    38. Krasnogorsk,
    39. Krasnodar,
    40. Kurgan,
    41. Kursk,
    42. Lipetsk,
    43. Lobnya,
    44. Magnitogorsk,
    45. Maikop,
    46. Monchegorsk,
    47. Moscow,
    48. Murmansk,
    49. Mytishchi,
    50. Naberezhnye Chelny,
    51. Nalchik,
    52. Nara -Fominsk,
    53. Nefteyugansk,
    54. Nizhny Novgorod,
    55. Nizhny Tagil,
    56. Novokuznetsk,
    57. Novorossiysk,
    58. Novosibirsk,
    59. Odintsovo,
    60. Olenegorsk,
    61. Omsk,
    62. Orsk,
    63. Penza,
    64. Pervouralsk,
    65. Perm,
    66. Petrozavodsk,
    67. Podolsk,
    68. Pushkino,
    69. Pyatigorsk,
    70. Reutov,
    71. Rostov-on-Don,
    72. Samara,
    73. St. Petersburg,
    74. Saransk,
    75. Saratov,
    76. Severomorsk,
    77. Smolensk,
    78. Solnechnogorsk,
    79. Sochi,
    80. Stavropol,
    81. Sterlitamak,
    82. Surgut,
    83. Syktyvkar,
    84. Taganrog,
    85. Tambov,
    86. Tver,
    87. Togliatti,
    88. Tomsk,
    89. Tula,
    90. Tyumen,
    91. Ulyanovsk,
    92. Ufa,
    93. Ukhta,
    94. Khanty-Mansiysk,
    95. Khimki,
    96. Cheboksary ,
    97. Chelyabinsk,
    98. Cherepovets,
    99. Cherkessk,
    100. Chekhov,
    101. Shakhty,
    102. Shchelkovo,
    103. Elista,
    104. Yaroslavl.

    Flowers-to-Russia -
    address: г. Москва, Верхняя Красносельская ул., 2/1 стр. 2, 107140
    tel.: +7 800 200-40-70
    Flower delivery in Russia and the world.


    Flower delivery in Russia and the world.

    The international flower delivery service allows people at a distance to bring each other joy and smile, which are so easy to give by ordering flowers to a loved one.

    Today, the network brings together more than 700 flower shops in Russia and thousands of shops in the countries of near and far abroad. More than one and a half million people from 150 countries of the world became clients.

    In our assortment - bouquets and flower arrangements, timed to any occasion, reflecting a wide variety of taste preferences. You will be offered the most relevant achievements of modern floristics, as well as the flower classics loved by many. Only in Russia we deliver over 300 different compositions.

    In addition to the colors, toys, sweets, food baskets and other nice gifts will be offered.

    So that you yourself can see the joyful moment of presenting the bouquet, the service of photographing the recipient is provided and we send the photo by e-mail. For most cities, the service is free. Only with the consent of the recipient. Photographing may not be available in some cities.

    Delivery Club -
    address: Москва, Ленинградский просп., 39, стр. 79, БЦ SkyLight, башня А
    tel.: +7 800 333-61-50, 7 495 252-26-03
    Home delivery.


    Unified System of Orders.
    All services for our Users are free.
    The prices on the site correspond exactly to the current prices of the Delivery Services presented on the website.
    While only for large cities. More recently, it was only in Moscow and the region.

    How to find out if your city is in the database?

    1. We go
    2. in the form field should be indicated Moscow, click on the right On the badge "target", which will guess your city and if your not, will give out the nearest one.
    By the way, my city is not serviced, because it issued my regional center. What did not suit me. But who knows, maybe they will come to us.


    • the ability to make an objective choice among hundreds of Delivery Services
    • find the most closely located Delivery Services
    • use one site for orders, without wasting time searching for the right products and goods through Search engines
    • order goods through your personal account without re-entering your contact information
    • track the history of all your orders
    • evaluate the quality of the delivery services
    • making orders, earning bonus points and receiving prizes

    How to order?

    1. Enter your metro station or street, click on the icon with the desired product category.
    2. You will see a list of all Delivery Services in order of distance from you, ready to take the order at this time and deliver to your address.
    3. Select the Delivery Service, based on the following criteria:
      assortment, prices, minimum order amount, shipping cost, delivery time.
    4. Select the products you need in the required quantity and click the "Order" button. Your order will be generated in the Trash to the right of the Menu.
    5. Click on the button "Checkout".
    6. Enter your contact information in the booking form.
    7. Click on the "Order" button.
    8. If you are more comfortable making an order by phone, the operators of our Call Center are always ready to help you in choosing the Shipping Service and will help to place an order.

    CNL — New Life Channel -
    address: 125363, г. Москва, ул. Фабрициуса д. 31 (А), офис 5
    tel.: +380 93 436-97-25, 7 499 50-20-570
    The first Christian satellite TV channel in Russian.


    The first Christian satellite channel in Russian - CNL (Channel New Life - the channel of a new life), Kazakhstan.
    One of the 2 leading Christian TV channels.

    • Creates his own TV programs.
    • It broadcasts TV programs of other Christian television studios.
    • Organizes tours around Israel.
    • Has an open video archive, which visitors can replenish -


    1. Through cable TV, more than 400 cable networks and terrestrial stations.
    2. Through the satellite in almost all countries of the world
    3. On Internet.

    Radio Station Center -
    address: Radio Station Center, Nikolskaya Str. 7, Moscow, 109012, Russia
    tel.: +7 495 762-3076

    Radio NEW LIFE -
    address: Россия, г. Москва, 117420, ул. Наметкина 15
    tel.: +38 044 280-03-05
    Sermons, teachings, testimonies, as well as many Christian music.

    BelkaCar -
    address: Павелецкая наб., 2, стр. 15А, г. Москва
    tel.: +7 495 234-33-00

    Darenta -
    address: г. Москва, Расковой, 11, офис 81


    Rent private cars directly from private persons or rent your car!

    We choose the time from which for what day and city. The main thing is payment per minute, that is, we pay only for what we actually use.

    Yandex.Drive -
    address: г. Москва, 119021, ул. Льва Толстого, 16
    Yandex.Carsharing monitors a number of services per minute lease, so that we find a car closer to you.


    Yandex.Carsharing monitors a number of services per minute lease, so we found a car closer to you.
    Find a car, choose, now you will get Yandex.Carchering will tell you the most convenient way to the car.

    If a number of cars yet, And the application will continue to monitor the situation. As there is something suitable, it will send you a notification.


    We can determine the appropriate services for the card, the tank capacity and the brand of the car.

    Russian Bible Society -
    address: г. Москва, 115054, ул. Валовая, д. 8, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 940-55-90
    Biblical societies.


    United Bible Societies is an international Christian organization that unites national biblical societies. Founded in Great Britain in 1946, it originally included 13 biblical societies operating in Western Europe. The organization's goal, Who wants to jo

    Carenty -
    address: Ленинский проспект 39 А, г. Москва
    tel.: +7 909 666-36-93

    Lifcar -
    tel.: +7 495 744-77-22

    Matreshcar -
    tel.: +7 (495) 108 20 25

    TK Welltex -
    address: г. Москва, Амурская ул., 7 с1,
    tel.: +7 495 626-84-00
    Supplier of sewing goods.


    Sewing online store that supplies products throughout Russia.
    39 brand clothing stores operate in 36 cities of the Russian Federation, and their number is constantly growing.

    The largest supplier of goods for sewing and sewing production.

    Manufacture of hardware and applied materials. They print labels, engrave and decorate plastic elements and buttons, make lightning, brand gum and braid.

    Design department. Design and model clothes of any complexity. Implement ready-made and create unique patterns for individual orders.

    Clients: garment factories, ateliers, costume workshops, textile design studios, retail sewing shops and private seamstresses. Any business, regardless of scale, gets the perfect sales service.

    Detstrana -
    address: г. Москва, 117452, ул. Азовская, д. 24, корп. 1, пом. I, комн. 3
    tel.: +7 916 642-14-20
    Social network for future and successful parents.


    Social network for future and successful parents.

    The platform, created taking into account the interests and needs of moms, dads and those who are planning a family. Implementing the project in life, we thought about what could unite us all. Of course, this is love.

    In Detstrana you can get useful knowledge or share a unique experience with other travelers.

    Blogs, news, informative services will make your stay on the pages of the site enjoyable and useful.

    Startex -
    address: г. Москва, пр. Серебрякова 14б, стр. 4
    tel.: +7 800 333-17-20
    Fabrics and accessories wholesale.


    Fabrics and accessories wholesale.

    More than 6000 types of fabrics and 15,000 types of accessories available in the catalog.

    Fabrics and accessories large wholesale, small wholesale and even retail, at producer prices from factories in Japan, Turkey …

    Poshvu -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Тимирязевская д. 2/3, ТЦ Парк 11, этаж 3
    tel.: +7 800 333-78-35, 7 495 646-86-75
    Online store of fabrics.


    Online store of fabrics.

    Huge selection of fabrics, the possibility of bulk purchases, discounts.
    The most visited store of this kind in Russia.

    Delivery by post of Russia, for paid orders from 3,500 rubles - for free, if delivery costs 250 rubles. For example, delivery to the city of Krasnodar costs 380 rubles, the client needs to pay 130 rubles for delivery.

    5 motkov -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Лескова, д. 10
    tel.: +7 800 777-27-53, 7 495 108-32-79
    Online store yarn.


    Online store yarn.

    Crochet, knitting, fork, knitting workshops, knitting for newborns, children, men, women, knitting accessories, knitted ornaments, knitted tablecloths, napkins, knitting for home, embroidery cross, stitch, ribbons, needlework, creative needlework, fashionable needlework.

    A wide selection of yarn of all colors and varieties from different countries.
    New items that you can hardly find in other stores.
    Our prices are as democratic as possible. -
    address: г. Москва, 115035, Россия, ул. Пятницкая, д. 2-38, стр. 3
    tel.: +7 499 921-02-86
    Business social network of top managers and executives of different levels.


    Business social network of top managers and managers of different levels.

    Индустриальная Деловая Сеть -
    address: Москва, Волжский Бульвар, 95 Квартал, Корпус 2
    tel.: +7 495 495-21-57
    Closed paid network of managers.


    How it works

    1. we make an official request to join an industrial business network.
      The official request is made on the letterhead of your organization, signed by the company's CEO and blue seal, (sample We ask on the site)
    2. we receive a package of documents for entering the business network, we will have to wait a few days, many people (or depict that many people want, costs 75,000 rubles a month)
    This kind of procedure will restrict society from onlookers And curious. But you can try if that goes wrong.
    This is not VK, where everything is free, because everything is yours - people's and the responsibility of the network does not.

    Honey portal -
    address: г. Москва, 123242, Россия, Новинский бульвар, д. 25, корп. 1, офис 3
    tel.: +7 495 419-04-11

    4Frag -
    address: 127474, г. Москва, Бескудниковский бульвар, д. 6, корп. 3
    tel.: +7 800 700-71-74, 7 499 642-60-56
    The best gaming devices from leading brands: Razer, Corsair, HyperX, SteelSeries, Logitech, Cooler Master, Zowie, Asus, Tt eSPORTS and ...

    Film.Ru studio -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Малая Почтовая, 12/1,
    tel.: +7 495 229-62-00
    The leading Russian specialized online publication about cinema, is published since December 1999.


    The leading Russian specialized Internet publication on cinema has been published since December 1999.

    Kinoportal daily processes the news flow of the cinema and provides the reader with materials about the world and domestic cinema: reviews and reviews of novelties of the film distribution, background information on films and personalities of Russian and foreign Cinematography, detailed information on the films of the current repertoire (footage, trailers, schedule kinorelizov), the results of rental fees, interviews with newsmakers of the cinema, news of festivals and prizes, including Exclusive stories and photography from film sets and at international film festivals.

    InterMedia -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Арбат, 35, оф. 565,
    tel.: +7 495 638-55-43
    Information Agency.


    News of music, cinema and show business.
    Daily news feed.

    cinema Art -
    address: г. Москва, Россия, 119002, ул. Арбат, д. 35 (Центральный д. актера)
    tel.: +7 499 499-28-22
    The site of the magazine with a long history, which in the Soviet years was the main kinocritical tribune, and now exists as if in a parallel world - it is extremely difficult to buy it.


    The magazine "The Art of Cinema" is published since January 1931. Today - this is the only monthly analytical art magazine in Russia. Each issue of the "Art of Cinema" includes 25 to 30 publications on current issues of the theory and history of Russian and world cinema, television, analysis of artistic practice of all kinds of art, philosophical works, rare archival materials, reviews of major festivals, memoirs of outstanding cultural figures, Russian And foreign film screening (16 scenarios per year).

    Since 1997, there is an online version of the magazine.

    The Embassy of Canada in Russia. -

    Bombardier Aerospace -
    address: г. Москва, 119019, Россия, а/я 93
    tel.: +7 495 761-04-14
    Takes the third place in the world in terms of civil aircraft production.

    Russian public institute of electoral law -
    address: г. Москва, 109012, Большой Черкасский пер., д. 4, стр. 6
    tel.: +7 495 624-14-30
    Official sites of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

    Organizations on Yandex.Maps and Yandex.Spravochnik -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16, 119021
    tel.: +7 800 333-96-39, 7 800 234-24-80, 7 495 739-70-00
    Registration and search of organizations on the map.


    Registration and search for organizations on the map.
    Organizations on the map. Just make a request for "Name of organization" or "Church" and get the desired.

    It is very simple, you can choose another one, choose a category and organizations on the map.

    • May set the request to the address,
    • name of the organization,
    • add an organization.
    Organizations can add and edit their contact information and other reference information, which is placed in the search results of Yandex, as well as on Yandex.Maps.

    Beside the description of the organization's website there is its address and phone number, and additional information - on the company's card in "Yandex.

    Now any organization - bank, laundry or ministry - can add or change information about itself completely free of charge with the help of the service Yandex.Webmaster. For this purpose it is enough to register the site, and then:
    Advanced information

    • Region of the site
    • Addresses and organizations.

    Billboard -
    address: г. Москва, 117105, Варшавское ш., 9, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 785-17-00
    Poster of Russia's leading events of major cities: movies, theaters, concerts, exhibitions ...


    A way to choose how to spend your free time.

    The site contains the most complete and most accurate database of movie shows, concerts, exhibitions, and theater performances; The largest catalog of addresses of restaurants, clubs, museums, exhibition halls and shops in the largest cities Russia. The most authoritative book, music, restaurant And film critics publish their reviews and blog on the Afisha. In addition to professional reviews on the site, every month more than 3 thousand user reviews and over 30 thousand user ratings are published.

    You can book a movie ticket for free.

    We go, our city is displayed automatically, choose "Cinemas", choose a cinema from List.

    There is a mobile version.

    Billboard-TV Shows -
    address: г. Москва, 117105, Варшавское ш., 9, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 495 785-17-00
    The draft broadcasting around the clock on the home page


    The project of round-the-clock broadcasting on the main page of the site

    Moscow Cinema on the map -
    tel.: +7 495 640-76-09
    Moscow Cinema on the map.

    BC Dynamo Moscow -
    Official site, information about the club, news, achievements and photo galleries.

    BC 'Khimki' Moscow region -
    tel.: +7 498 691-24-33
    Official site of the club, information about the team, news, fan zone.

    address: г. Москва, Воздвиженка 4/7, стр. 1,
    tel.: +7 499 270-00-52
    Chain stores.


    Chain stores.

    A new format for bookstores, gifts and mood stores in Russia, distinguished by a verified assortment, modern design and unique atmosphere.

    32 stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg with a wide range of books, stationery, vinyl, art albums of the best European and American publishing houses, products for children, all kinds of gadgets, stylish decor items, bright dishes and amusing food.

    Clever children's books -
    address: г. Москва, ТЦ ЦДМ, Театральный пр-д, д. 5/1, 3 этаж, магазин 3-16а,
    tel.: +7 800 505-07-55
    Children's Publishing.


    Children's Publishing.

    Books come out collections, each of them has books and games, united by a common idea. From the books of any collection, each parent can create a set for harmonious development, recreation and entertainment, which is suitable for his child.

    Network of branded stores only in Moscow. The online store delivers orders both in Russia and in the CIS countries.

    In 2018, Clever opened a publishing house in the USA.

    Lernolibro -
    address: г. Москва, 117593, Литовский бульвар, 13/12
    Online store from the publishing house Impeto.

    My-Shop -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Карачаровская 1-я, д. 8, стр. 2, эт. 2, пом. 1, комн. 33,
    tel.: +7 800 100-53-38, 7 495 638-53-38

    Alpina Book -
    address: г. Москва, м. Полежаевская, 4-я Магистральная ул., д. 5, стр. 1
    tel.: +7 800 550-53-22, 7 495 120-07-04
    Publishing House.


    Publishing House.

    New items and bestsellers from the best publishers.

    2000 books on business, psychology, philosophy, history, natural and human sciences, personal effectiveness and education of children.


    1. Paper,
    2. e-books (go out simultaneously with paper books), there are free,
    3. Hybrid Books: Switch from e-book to audio at any time.


    1. Courier delivery in Moscow and Moscow region,
    2. Delivery by mail throughout Russia,
    3. Pickup by m. Belorusskaya (ring),
    4. Boxberry.

    Chitai-Gorod -
    address: г. Москва, 127322, Огородный пр-д, д. 20, стр. 27
    tel.: +7 800 444-8-444
    Online store of books.


    Online bookstore and a network of modern universal bookstores throughout Russia.

    Fiction, educational literature, professional literature, stationery, products for artists, souvenirs, hobby goods, books for children.

    Book24 -
    address: г. Москва, ул. Зорге 1
    tel.: +7 800 333-65-23
    Online store publishing group Eksmo-Ast.


    Online store publishing group Eksmo-Ast.

    The official online store of publishing houses EKSMO, MYTH, Ventana-Graf, Bust and AST, as well as their imprints Like Book, fanzon, Grand Master, Hourglass, Corpus and ...
    What makes shopping profitable.

    Books of all genres and themes.
    Book format: paper, electronic or on cd-disks.

    labyrinth -
    address: г. Москва, 2-й Рощинский пр-д, д. 8, стр. 2, 4,
    tel.: +7 800 500-95-25, 7 812 718-45-18
    Bookstores online.


    There are a lot of bookstores on Internet, but perhaps I'll select one that I used more than once, because I found more books here and at reasonable prices.
    I must say that it is profitable to buy at least 3 books for an order.