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Immediately it becomes clear that, like on YouTube, here you can not do without glasses (as indeed everywhere).
To do this, you created Separate group, where to determine the video in 3D. It is moderated, so there will be only 3D.

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YouTube 3D

Customize 3D for viewing

Three-dimensional videos appeared on YouTube. They found one of the users of the service YuriyTheBest, as reported on the official forum. To watch the video, you will need special glasses, and the authors of the videos should use the "yt3d: enable=true" tag.

One of the YouTube engineers is working on adding a 3D video viewer to the program that allows employees Google dedicates up to 20 percent of the working time to projects that interest them. The allotted time was spent on developing a stereoscopic player. The project has not received additional support from YouTube, the development is still only one programmer.

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3D Movies

This service looks not so clear, you can not take the player to the site, which is in vain, free advertising service.
Nevertheless, you can see something. Today there are not many videos in 3D, so it's good to know all the basic services. It is indicated that the site is not an amateur, but one of the world's 3D experts. Therefore, the rate is not based on quantity, but on quality.

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