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News on the Internet

It was a question of editing or not editing. Put on the media responsibility for the content on their site or not to impose. Accepted in ATTENTION:
  1. reviews in the online forums to the site. The media is a live broadcast and editing is simply impossible,
  2. This is a media site and they are responsible.
The conclusion is simple - it is impossible to edit live, but if the time is not edited, then the editorial board agrees with what was written.

Internet media no longer responsible for other people's comments

Order No. 420 of July 6, 2010 was issued, which approved the procedure for sending requests for the inadmissibility of abuses of media freedom to the mass media, the dissemination of which is carried out in information and telecommunications networks. Under this order are covered by the media, which publish publications on the Internet. The new document is based on the Law of the Russian Federation of December 27, 1991 AD No. 2124-1 "On the mass media" and a number of other normative acts. In fact, the new Order establishes rules for suppressing the placement of illegal statements in the Internet media.

That is, if there are comments to the site of any publication calling for terrorism and extremism, propagandizing violence or pornography or disclosing state secrets, Roskomnadzor will send to the electronic address of this mass media. The request to remove or correct this kind Statements. In addition to the electronic letter, the media can also receive fax. And for proper editing, the publication will be only one day after the direction of treatment. This will be checked by Roskomnadzor and, in case of non-compliance with the application, the case can be submitted to the court with the subsequent suspension of the activities of the media. Although the extreme measure waits, apparently, only malicious infringers.

News is the most underrated part of the Internet.

If in Russia it is customary to put the start page of Yandex on the browser, then in the west the start page is not Yahoo, not Google, but a news site. > Who among us starts the day with the news of the morning newspaper? In the west, this was the norm that migrated to the Internet.

In the Soviet era, the news program was political information for the people - brainwashing. Because people did not watch the program Time, but on the contrary, at this time it was most difficult to get through, especially the intercity.

Today, the authorities have undermined the press, as a result:

  • 1TB, RTR and NTV began to show the news in one key, highlight one and the same handful of news, as if that's all that is happening in the world.
  • Newspapers are engaged by local authorities
  • Putin can put undesirables in jail, and then look for what.
  • The press is as blind and we can not understand why we are not invited to the WTO, etc.
People in the west see all this and for them it is obvious that a country with a dictate that provides weapons to the entire terrorist world.
But thank God that the Internet is not under control. And you can choose a source of news in your area of ​​interest.

You can subscribe to news on News.Yandex or use the usual newsletter On the subject you are interested in.

In the west, a new generation does not read newspapers, so all publications have electronic versions. Also and in Russia all the leading publications have a online version, which may differ from printed Editions.