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  1. - Russian baptist - Addresses of churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Russia in a simple text list.



A searchable online catalog of Christian churches and associations.
Here is a detailed catalog (more than 4,000 churches), but the amount of information on churches depends on how much they have contributed.

The catalog is conveniently structured, according to confessions or geographically. There is a search. So find that we need not be difficult. If only the required church was in this directory.

If your church is not here, you can always Add a church

Temples of Russia


On the site, a group of enthusiasts makes an attempt to collect and systematize documentary information about the temples that existed on the territory of the present Russian Federation by 1917 and built in the post-Soviet period. The project is dedicated to Orthodox and Old Believer churches, destroyed and preserved until our days, forgotten and functioning.

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