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Meet, Yandex

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Unusual office of the night Yandex

There is everything: scooters and stilts, floor lamps and ottomans, tons of fruit and tens of thousands of soft toys, even special rooms for smoking on each floor. There is only one thing - the sofas. This is done specifically to ensure that employees at least sleep go home. Within the framework of the contest "Unusual Office", the editorial staff of NedSMI spent a night at Yandex.

The office really works 24/7, that is, around the clock seven days a week. The time of arrival and departure of employees is not specified, work even at night, the main thing is to fulfill what is required.

Main reception

We go around the building from the seventh floor. All negotiation here starts with the seven: 7. Dwarfs, 7. Heaven, 7. Water on the jelly. On the rest, respectively, on another figure of the floor. There are also simple variants of names over which you need to think, for example, "Seraphim".

The partitions also imitate green grass.

Office of the department for advertising.

There are old Yandex ads hanging here.

Something after moving to a new building has not yet been hung.

Here lives a catfish Edward, who did not really want to be photographed. Famous for the fact that every month jumps out of the aquarium and lies on the floor, it is not known how long until someone sees it and returns it to the water.

On the left is a microcollection of tambourines by Elena Kolmanovskaya, head of the marketing department

Almost all the walls are covered with a special film, you can write on them, if suddenly a great idea dawned. Well, or self-expression.

The office employs two thousand employees. If we assume that there are at least 10 toys on each table, a huge figure will be obtained.

Andrey Rubin, marketing manager of Yandex. This is a two thousandth employee of the company, all employees here have their own number.

The sad Stitch. Where he is looking and why I will not tell you sad, this is a secret that only Yandex employees know and I know.

By the way, I forgot to take a picture of the telescope. It's cool to see the Kremlin stars. It turns out they are spinning from the wind! Here such elk for some reason is very often found.

Many rooms with billiards, massage chairs, tennis tables...

And even...

- And what, you can come to the playroom like this?
- And it does not bother anyone, if you want - play, just do the work.

Some terrible numbers Yandex.Mail

View from window Yandex on Yandex windows

The traffic light is real, it burns exactly with the color shown Yandex.Traffic jams.

There are kitchenettes on each floor.

And this is the same piece of irrigation system. "MatrixNet - do not twist the relevance knob!"

Since the company moved to a new office relatively recently, something has not been completed yet. For example, circles behind glass doors replace postures.

This negotiation is called 5. Point. There are no chairs, only ottomans.

Each post in the office has its own number. This is so that employees can at the time explain where they are. The inscriptions on the walls can not be removed in most cases: "You're what! Here we have the formula of relevance in almost open form written!"

For some of 8 March, the strong half gave the weak a few hammocks.
- And lie naturally on them all?
- Of course.
- Wonderfully invented!

And this door is sacred for every blogger. There, the rating is.

Anton Volnukhin, the head of the "Search for blogs" service, examines the trophy from the last year's campaign against the closure of the TOP.

Blood graphs describe the blogosphere.

Vyacheslav Matyukhin, one of the leading developers of Yandex. Search for blogs. On his table of toys for some reason no.

Every 2 weeks in Yandex there is a photo exhibition of the work of one of the employees with the subsequent auction.

Very clear work schedule. Indeed, in almost 21 here already there was no one.

It is said that first Lebedev had very low prices. And then they became very high. Now he had to reduce them.

Scooters are many - not because the distances between departments are decent, just so cool.