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Advertising campaign.

Exchange of advertising spaces.
If you do not have the time or the desire to understand the intricacies of the automatic interface that allows you to directly place your ads on a variety of Internet sites, you can assign this task to service experts.
To do this, you need to:

  1. register as an advertiser,
  2. specify the main parameters of the advertising campaign (subject, size and type of the advertising module, etc.),
  3. select an expert,
  4. refill your personal account from the calculation of the planned cost of the campaign +10% (expert commission).
With an advertising budget of $200 (according to statistics, this is the average cost of an advertising campaign in Mestkom), you will pay $20 to an expert.

In this case, attracting a specialist will save you from having to choose the most suitable sites from a fairly large Mestkom catalog.
In addition, the expert can take on the job of making a banner, choose the most suitable for the price/quality ratio of the site and provide operational information about the progress of your advertising company.

If you decide to organize advertising th campaign by yourself, you will need no more than an hour to choose the resources that you want to advertise. This is the most time-consuming stage of the process. After that, you will only have to decide in what form and quantity your advertisement will be placed on a particular resource, upload your advertising module to the Mestkom and click the "Start" button.

After that your advertisement will automatically appear on all selected resources, Among which there can be not only large, but little-visited, but valuable in advertising sites. Typically, the percentage of those who used advertising on quiet "home" sites is higher in relation to the total number of visitors than on popular sites. That is, it is much more profitable to place ads on 100 sites with a attendance of 100 people than on one site with a attendance of 10,000 people a day. This is the opportunity provided by the Mestkom service, which allows receiving targeted visitors at the most democratic prices.
Network library of video works. Here you can get acquainted with the work of leading Russian directors and cameramen working in advertising. The site has a lot of commercials in decent quality.

Banner advertising.

The leading and most promising banner advertising exchange.
It's ideal to sell places for advertising yourself. But it is difficult for us to find buyers, and at a favorable price, constantly remind them of timely payment, etc.

This service primarily deprives us of a headache and frees up time. They do this work for us. It turns out beneficial to all.


  • You receive 85% of the cost of the placement
  • Payments on demand, without delay
  • Fully automated
  • Site development and ad slots
  • You yourself expose the price of a banner
  • You decide to place such a banner on your site or not.

Steve Conley -
Collection of advertising, made in the genre of comics. Author Steve Conley (Steve Conley) - quite a well-known creator for newspapers and news content.

Official website of the International Advertising Association.

Gallup Organization -
One of the world's largest consulting firms specializing in marketing research, public opinion and consumer behavior.

Advertising system by keywords on Yandex and other sites you'll ever need.

The system of advertising for the keywords on Yandex and other venues of runet.

Features of contextual advertising on Yandex:

  1. - placing ads in search results: Yandex
  2. - the presence of regional targeting: free of charge
Plus in contextual advertising Yandex in that That he does not sell anyone to the most visited runet site, but uses it himself.

The advertising medium in Yandex.Direct is a text ad, the size of which should not exceed 75 characters, plus a small heading of 25 characters. Payment is made for 1000 ad impressions. The cost of 1000 impressions (for 2003) is $20-30 depending on the focus of the impressions, i.e. The possibility of showing ads only to Muscovites or only to Russian users. The clickthrough rate (CTR) of the ad, on average, is 10% (based on personal experience), although it may vary greatly.

It all depends on the text of your ad and the number of competitors showing their ads for the same query. Thus, the cost of one attracted visitor is $0.25. In 2004, the search system Yandex introduced the same system of payment for advertising displays as the Runner. Now the cost of payment is determined by auction.

Advertisements are placed to the right of the search results. -
Something charming, a huge website by Jeffrey Zeldman, who both Leonardo advertising is both a copywriter, designer and webmaster. There are, in particular, Ad Gravyard - laid out work, not accepted by customers Web design tips, news.

Yandex blog for webmasters
Yandex lowered in the issuance of sites with shocking advertising.

Yandex - Changes in the ranking of pages with shocking ads<

Yandex said - Yandex did.

Yandex lowered in the issuance of sites with shocking advertising.
But even before that, people did not like such advertising. I can not imagine who she can attract (and the advertisement should attract). People try to avoid such advertising.
For this, various filters are used - from the Yandex settings to the installation of special programs.

All is pretty simple, do you like these sites or run away from them?
If the light wedge did not converge on such sites, I'll just forget the way to the sites with an annoying, all the more shocking advertisement or registration.

And the search engine knows not only how many people visited the site, but what they did there. And if a person does not stay to the site, this is considered a failure. For anyone, shock advertising greatly reduces the rating of the site.
Russian business portal Alliance Media.

Worldwide Network is one of the world's largest network agencies with offices in 122 cities in 74 countries. In the Russian market, BBDO Moscow Group ranks second in terms of turnover, according to the Advertising Age magazine for 1999.

Zooppa -
The community of creative people who are working together to create advertising.

Community of creative people who work together, creating advertising, from the original brand and style, to mock-ups, banners ... specific advertising products.

Community services are used by well-known companies. In fact, this is a tender and outsourcing.

How does it work?

  1. Companies place on the platform briefs,
  2. indicate requirements, terms and rewards,
  3. then select winners and work with them.
  4. Often to encourage participants, not just one participant is awarded, but several first places.

Lürzer's Archive -
A huge archive of advertising, where you can search for all advertising by year and by brand.

A huge archive of advertising, where you can search for all advertising by year and by brand.

CommercialTunage -
Find out what song was used in some kind of commercial.

Find out what song was used in some kind of commercial.

Mobile Ads SDK
Monetization of the application on iOS and Android.

The requirements for the application are the same as for the sites - do not violate the laws of the Russian Federation. That is, there is no pornography, online casinos, the spread of drugs, forcing racial hostility ...


  1. Fill out the form,
  2. add the application,
  3. application approval by moderator,
  4. after receiving the ID, we integrate Mobile Ads SDK into the application.

World leader in the field of marketing research, information and analysis in the retail trade, services and consumer goods.

All about advertising in Russia
Information site.

Google Ads -
The world's largest contextual advertising system, with the most powerful tools of planning advertising campaigns.

The world's largest system of contextual advertising, with powerful tools for planning advertising campaigns.

Advertisers are not yet actively using Google AdWords, because the prices for advertising are much lower than on the already widely used, dire -
Woolmark store: clothes made of cotton, wool and cashmere.

We earn money on short links.
That is, we give the service our links, and he gives us his - reduced.
These links lead to the same place where ours went, only with a delay on the advertisement page.
Pay for viewing: 1000 views for Australia costs $4.6, for Russia $1.5. The price depends on the country in which the advertisement will be displayed.
Russian Association for Public Relations. It has been in operation since 1991. It unites several dozens of profile companies and organizations.

AdMob -
The AdMob platform is a technology from Google that will help you analyze user behavior and maximize your advertising revenue.

The AdMob platform is a technology from Google that will help you analyze user behavior and maximize your advertising revenue. You do not have to search or invent anything anymore - everything you need is already in AdMob. Achieve maximum occupancy and high revenues by displaying ads from more than 40 networks. Enable ad network optimization and get the maximum real-time CPM in the aggregator stack.

Free promotion

Show your own ads that promote your other apps (or your friends' apps).

Direct deals

Conduct transactions with advertisers directly on the "Campaigns" tab in AdMob.

Fast and reliable payments

Get payments in local currency - quickly, safely and without commission. -
Media agency Carat is represented in 37 countries of the world, the annual turnover of the agency is more than 10 billion dollars.
Advertising ideas -YES !: a professional magazine about advertising and marketing.

Google Contributor -
Unified service for viewing sites without ads.

Service for viewing sites without ads.

How it works

We add $5 to your account. When viewing a page without ads, you will be charged for such a viewing. It is listed to the creators of the site (minus a small amount that Google retains to compensate for the cost of the service). The cost of viewing the page without ads is set by the site owner. If it changes the price, you will receive an alert about it. You can change the settings of Google Contributor at any time, as well as add and remove sites from the subscription.
Internet version of the magazine (kak) - the best Russian edition of graphic design.
Russian advertising portal.
The best website for marketing in the territory of the former USSR. -
Copywriter Randolph Rench Explains what a good copywriter is different from bad.

The original site of the network advertising agency TBWA/Chiat/Day and its affiliates in Los Angeles, USA. -
News from marketing professionals.

Adbooth -
British youth clothing store.

One of the most popular in the world, besides there is a Russian version.
There are all kinds of advertising, including videos.
Among other things, he pays for shows.
The initial theory of marketing, terms, the dictionary of marketing. -
Official site 'Nights devourers of advertising.' -
One of the leaders in contextual advertising.

One of the leaders in contextual advertising.
The main competitor of Google AdSense.

Advertising company with one of the most comprehensive advertising technology portfolios in the industry, including search, native, media, mobile, local, product and video.

It manages the delivery of high-quality advertising to more than 500,000 Web sites, and its platform and products are licensed to some of the largest publishers, ad networks and other ad technology companies worldwide.

By market capitalization, it is one of the world's top five advertising technology companies.
By revenue, it is the second largest contextual advertising business in the world.

Facebook Audience Network -
Monetization of mobile applications and sites.

Monetization of mobile applications and sites.

Facebook offers interesting advertising for earning. The configuration is complex, but the service itself is convenient. In addition, there is earnings both on the site and on mobile applications.

Types of advertising

  1. Native advertising - which naturally fits in and looks like part of an application or site,
  2. Full-screen insert - only once a day, the visitor will not be able to ignore it.
  3. Banner - classical advertising.
  4. Inserting into video is an additional incentive to make videos.

Leo Burnett -
One of the largest international advertising networks with an annual turnover of about $8 billion, which has 94 offices in 83 countries.

Audience search in social networks, automation of advertising campaigns, advertising in mobile applications.

Audience search in social networks, automation of advertising campaigns, advertising in mobile applications.

Banners and videos are shown on websites and mobile applications to users with the most relevant and current interests in residential and commercial real estate. -
The database includes 5000 American and European advertising agencies.

Seller of Advertising
Outdoor advertising of all kinds, a price and help for someone who wants to start.

The nature of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising has a specific character, since it only has a few seconds to attract ATTENTION. Therefore, it should contain only one picture and a maximum of 7 words.
Outdoor advertising is very effective for promoting the brand.
Light advertising targets a group of people with incomes above the average. Especially good lightposters in St. Petersburg in the winter, expensive beautiful goods look great against the background of darkness or faded cityscape. In addition, large amounts of advertising can be placed on the so-called city-format in a relatively short time.

Advertising agencies use their criteria for choosing places, such as: knowledge of the city, experience of previous placements, own calculations, traffic police statistics, common sense and intuition. And the wishes of the client. The placement strategy is a creative task, and it must be solved creatively.

Board advertising (6X3 meters) - the most traditional, the most effective and cheapest type of outdoor advertising - has become an integral part of the landscape of Russian cities.

Google AdSense -
Earn money with the help of Google's advertising.

AdNews -
The site of the Australian edition of Adnews. A lot of interesting information, news.

AdNews is Australia's leading online and in-print publication for the innovative advertising, marketing and media industries.

Features and investigations across online.
The edition active on social, record monthly podcasts and creat weekly video content.
The site 'advertology.' The science of advertising '- this is the news of the world of advertising, a collection of links, the schedule of exhibitions, the official information of professional advertising associations, communication with colleagues. -
The electronic 'twin' of a large-circulation American magazine on advertising and marketing - Advertising Week.

Among the members of the British Outdoor Advertising Association are such giants as Clear Channel, JC Decaux and Maiden Outdoor.

Outdoor Advertising Association.

Among the members of the British Outdoor Advertising Association are such giants as Clear Channel, JC Decaux and Maiden Outdoor.

New earnings on advertising.

New earnings on advertising.

Stated Benefits

Ability to add an ad code from Yandex or Google.
Then, if MaxTarget has not sold this ad space, it will not be left blank, and there will be an advertisement from Yandex or Google.
Thus, the site should be used more efficiently for earnings.

The site itself is made qualitatively, conveniently, clearly, nothing superfluous.


Answers slowly and formally. It will try to do nothing.On pages with reCAPTCHA from Google began to produce an error. I was forced to remove their code, what I told them. Surprisingly, they replied that I have the right to take the code, this is my website. And I thought that they lost in income, times less pages with code. And many people use reCAPTCHA.

Initially, I checked the work of advertising only on a small site site. It seems to work, I decided to put on everything except pages with reCAPTCHA. I was informed that the bot itself will re-index pages in a month, but this did not happen. The support service ignored all my arguments.

Conclusion. The support service is either incompetent, or too busy with toys or freezes on social networks. This happens when companies save on service support.


Payments go through WebMoney and Yandex. Money the next business day.
On some sites it is very difficult to get to the bottom of the payout button. Immediately, everything is simple and convenient in a couple of clicks: I go in, click the EXIT button, enter the required amount, or press ALL and CREATE AN APPLICATION. Everything.
On weekends and holidays there are no payments.

Interbrand -
The company Interbrand is known to us more on its annual report on the cost of international brands.

Got Milk? -
Site dedicated to the most famous advertising campaign Got Milk? ('Do you have milk?' Or 'Drank milk?'). -
This is a resource dedicated to the use of sex, drugs and other obscenities in advertising.
Develop your business. Internet shops about e-commerce.
Reference system TextArt. This system is an attempt to collect as much information as possible on topics: a slogan and a title.

The Guardian -
The resource section of one of the most popular newspapers in the UK. -
Virtual marketing library.

Leading information and resource website for those involved in marketing, marketing research, advertising, selling, promotion, and other marketing-related areas.

Mission is committed to providing quality information and valuable tools for business professionals, academics, and students of marketing and related fields.
This is accomplished by offering highly detailed information and educational materials that are either freely accessible to site visitors or available at an affordable price
Self-indexing the site and determine their content.

Unlike Runner, which independently indexes the pages of the site and determines their content, provides an opportunity for you to determine the content of advertising on your site.

By experience I will say that in comparison with Begun, earnings are lower and less frequent. Whether the advertisement is not successful, or the service deceives. My acquaintance earned 600 rubles from them, and they accused her of what she was not guilty and did not give money. Sometimes a huge text of the agreement is written, written difficult, which can be treated in two ways, and on its basis they deprive you of earnings, but simply throw.

Public Service Advertising Research Center -
The site is dedicated to social advertising. The site contains articles on planning campaigns in various media: outdoor, radio, television, and the press. -
European Alliance for Standards in Advertising.


Yandex.Direct API -
API allows developers to create applications that directly interact with the Yandex contextual advertising service.


Check TCI


Keyword Planner Google AdWords -
Search for new keyword ideas and ad groups.

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