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logo Mobile Ads SDK



Owner: Yandex,reliable site.

phone.:8 800 234-24-80 (Russian Customers toll-free)

Mobile Ads SDK

The requirements for the application are the same as for the sites - do not violate the laws of the Russian Federation. That is, there is no pornography, online casinos, the spread of drugs, forcing racial hostility ...


  1. Fill out the form,
  2. add the application,
  3. application approval by moderator,
  4. after receiving the ID, we integrate Mobile Ads SDK into the application.

iTunes Android

logo MaxTarget




New earnings on advertising.

Stated Benefits

Ability to add an ad code from Yandex or Google.
Then, if MaxTarget has not sold this ad space, it will not be left blank, and there will be an advertisement from Yandex or Google.
Thus, the site should be used more efficiently for earnings.

The site itself is made qualitatively, conveniently, clearly, nothing superfluous.


Answers slowly and formally. It will try to do nothing.On pages with reCAPTCHA from Google began to produce an error. I was forced to remove their code, what I told them. Surprisingly, they replied that I have the right to take the code, this is my website. And I thought that they lost in income, times less pages with code. And many people use reCAPTCHA.

Initially, I checked the work of advertising only on a small site site. It seems to work, I decided to put on everything except pages with reCAPTCHA. I was informed that the bot itself will re-index pages in a month, but this did not happen. The support service ignored all my arguments.

Conclusion. The support service is either incompetent, or too busy with toys or freezes on social networks. This happens when companies save on service support.


Payments go through WebMoney and Yandex. Money the next business day.
On some sites it is very difficult to get to the bottom of the payout button. Immediately, everything is simple and convenient in a couple of clicks: I go in, click the EXIT button, enter the required amount, or press ALL and CREATE AN APPLICATION. Everything.
On weekends and holidays there are no payments.

Russian - English

Owner: Facebook,reliable site.

Facebook Audience Network

Monetization of mobile applications and sites.

Facebook offers interesting advertising for earning. The configuration is complex, but the service itself is convenient. In addition, there is earnings both on the site and on mobile applications.

Types of advertising

  1. Native advertising - which naturally fits in and looks like part of an application or site,
  2. Full-screen insert - only once a day, the visitor will not be able to ignore it.
  3. Banner - classical advertising.
  4. Inserting into video is an additional incentive to make videos.


Owner: Google,reliable site.

Google Contributor

Service for viewing sites without ads.

How it works

We add $5 to your account. When viewing a page without ads, you will be charged for such a viewing. It is listed to the creators of the site (minus a small amount that Google retains to compensate for the cost of the service). The cost of viewing the page without ads is set by the site owner. If it changes the price, you will receive an alert about it. You can change the settings of Google Contributor at any time, as well as add and remove sites from the subscription.

logo AdMob

Russian - English

Owner: Google,reliable site.

Uses: Android.


The AdMob platform is a technology from Google that will help you analyze user behavior and maximize your advertising revenue. You do not have to search or invent anything anymore - everything you need is already in AdMob. Achieve maximum occupancy and high revenues by displaying ads from more than 40 networks. Enable ad network optimization and get the maximum real-time CPM in the aggregator stack.

Free promotion

Show your own ads that promote your other apps (or your friends' apps).

Direct deals

Conduct transactions with advertisers directly on the "Campaigns" tab in AdMob.

Fast and reliable payments

Get payments in local currency - quickly, safely and without commission.



We earn money on short links.
That is, we give the service our links, and he gives us his - reduced.
These links lead to the same place where ours went, only with a delay on the advertisement page.
Pay for viewing: 1000 views for Qatar costs $8.38, for Russia $0.76. The price depends on the country in which the advertisement will be displayed.

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