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Google Maps

logo Google Earth

reliable site
- Russian

Owner: Google,

Uses: Google maps.

address: USA

Google Earth

Online version of Google Earth.
Actually it is built into Google maps, and uses one database. So, there is no difference how to use it, separately or through Google Maps.

To hold a circular rotation, hold down the Ctrl or Shift button and use the mouse.

Unlike Google maps, here you can share only the link, and not embed the map on the site. But there's a bone in the menu - a random place on the map.

There is a small globe below which shows the place you are viewing.

logo Earth Engine

reliable site

Owner: Google,

Uses: Google maps.

address: USA

Earth Engine

Google maps exist only a few years, periodically updated.
Nevertheless, during this time, in some parts of the earth there were changes, the islands were washed, the islands became peninsulas.
Or how Shanghai or Dubai has grown ... or how the Aral Sea has shrunk.
You can visually see a number of places where this happened and see the process.

Google Maps directions.

Just try it.

We tested for northern Scandinavia, where there are very small settlements.
It's very simple, we have set the item From and to To.
It was indicated Distance by road, time by car and on foot.
For St. Petersburg will give out the routes of public transport, including a fixed-route taxi.
Details are described how to get to where, on what street to leave the city, where to turn, to the number of Trails leave.

There even found panoramas (remember, it's a sparsely populated north of a small country), so you could see the month Then the interchanges that is, how it looks.

logo Google Maps

Google Maps

Leading online maps.
Google was the first to create this miracle, which allows you to see the whole world and the map in terms of and photos of decent quality with detailing to the house.

There are maps that better and more accurately show certain cities or countries, OpenStreetMaps is better in small settlements in Western countries, Yandex.Maps for Russia, Here WEGO - Scandinavia.

But Google is much better in everything: maps in terms of, in photos, 3D, panoramas ... Google maps are integrated with other services. And they are constantly developing, raising the bar higher.


Google linked the panoramas to Google maps, which made them incredibly convenient. I must say that even in Russia Google has covered the incredible territory with panoramas.

As with almost all Google services, maps are Russified. The names of countries and cities in Russian and below the original language. Streets in Russian in the CIS and English in other countries.


In fact, this Google Earth program is built into Google Maps.
In order to take advantage of this effect, you need to go into the photo mode and the 3D button below the compass will appear.

The terrain is very well implemented: mountains, valleys ...
As for the cities they remained flat, although the whole picture is tilted. The real effect of 3D up to the trees is only in the large cities of the Western world (Europe, Australia, Canada) and much of the US.

To hold the circle, hold down the Ctrl or Shift and use the mouse.

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