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Due to the straightforwardness of male thinking, guys think how to start dating, girls find a thousand ways to do it.

You may in internet you find a partner without limiting yourself either by time (time zone) or geographical location. There are pluses and pitfalls about which it is better to know.

The danger of online dating is connected not only with the risk of just getting into a silly situation, but with an unpleasant opportunity to even hurt your psyche. An impudent interference in personal life to the sites of online dating and communication can leave an incurable trail in the soul of the "victim".


You will be asked to determine compatibility through horoscopes, numerology and even calculate the compatibility of fluctuations in biofields.
If you look at the kitchen of these calculi, you will never use this 100% roulette for luck.



Communication through the Internet creates the illusion that it does not commit to anything serious. And this sense of freedom is given by relaxed communication and the opportunity for a person to show himself on the best side.

Pretend yourself as someone else

A very common danger of online dating is the risk of Contact with a person who impersonates someone else. For example, a guy who has not achieved the liking of a girl, creates a new account for herself under the name of a rich man of the age. The girl is "bought" for this deception. Then the truth, of course, pops up. And it's good if the problem is solved by a banal scandal.

The teenage girl wanted to find a friend on the Internet and pretended to be a young girl. I found a young guy who understood her so. And I decided whoever he was, whatever it looked like, I'll meet. We agreed on a meeting, a hotel room was made, she prepared herself, lit candles and all that romantic. And ... her father comes. He also pretended to be another.

Also, we can not say about the existence of marriage scams. The scheme of their "work" is traditional: a guy with a dangling tongue becomes a favorite of a dating site, is interested in a few heels of girls, each of whom then bewitches in a personal ICQ, more and more "deserving" her trust. It comes to the invitation to come to visit the girl for a while, get to know each other better. Also nothing guards - after all this that charming young man, soul of a site of acquaintances. You can trust him for one hundred percent. And meanwhile the guy-douche arranges an emergency tour in different cities, "traveling" from girl to girl. After each visit, the next "enchanted" disappear from the apartment money and valuables. And the rascal, of course, to the site of dating no longer appears. There are also opposite cases of the danger of online dating already for guys - a guy gets acquainted with a girl on the Internet to the site of acquaintances, becomes attached to her through actions on her part, then - virtual sex, turning into a virtual romance and, that often happens, in virtual love. And when it comes to a real meeting and real sex, it turns out that the girl agrees to do whatever the guy wants, that's just for a fee. Having become a victim of virtual dating on the Internet and their expectations, the young man agrees and becomes a sponsor for the girl instead of looking for true love.

A separate place among the dangers of online dating is occupied by relationships with lovers of sexual and psychological "experiments." They quite deliberately choose for their purposes a specific "victim", knowing in advance that their actions will cause her psychological trauma. Nevertheless, their interests are above all.