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reliable site.

phone.: +44 191 477-17-00

Amazing Tunes

We are looking for the desired artist or simply choose an existing channel. Provides a player that does not interfere with walking on Internet.



An online player where we just listen to background music, you can choose electronic music faster or quieter, classic or the sound of rain.
It's like a radio, if you liked the song, you can see the information on it, until the next one begins.

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German - English


Conserve the sound

Sounds of devices that are out of use.
You can select by photos, turn on the sound and listen.
Some devices we used before, some we see for the first time.
And some today look more modern and have a completely different sound.
You can remember youth.

logo Coffitivity




The background noise of the cafe.
There is no rain noise or anything else, only the cafe and the volume level.
True there are 3 options for free cafe and 3 for a premium account (this is Paris Paradise, Brazil Bistro, Texas Teahouse). Here and it's not free !!!

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Lite sound session

Internet radio "Lite sound session" - light music.
Radio channel with pleasant music.

If you are not satisfied with such music, click More sound session and select:

  1. Deep sound - deep sound
  2. Dark sound - dark sound
  3. Indie sound - indie sound
  4. Lite sound - light music
  5. Best sound - best sound

logo Virtual Shower


Virtual Shower

Virtual shower.
The site is only 1 page.
2 buttons: start and stop.

And settings:

  1. How long? - the height of the shower (from what height the water falls),
  2. Size of room - the size of the room,
  3. Pressure - the pressure of water,
  4. Radio - you can turn on the radio and make it louder.
Close your eyes and step under the different kind of shower.
Where the tap is headphones, and plumbing is Internet. Where there is no water.
Unless, unless you overturn a couple of glasses of drinking water in a fit of pure bliss. :)

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