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Audiosauna -
Writing music playing.

Virtual music studio. At your disposal: a synthesizer, a selection of presets and effects, filters, a sequencer and the ability to input music from the keyboard. In my opinion, it's obvious that the site does not pull to the professional studio, but it's far from being a toy. So it is quite suitable for beginners. Start here, and then think about the cool studio.

AudioTrimmer -
Fast online trimming of audio files.


  1. mp3
  2. wav
  3. wma
  4. ogg
  5. m4r
  6. m4a
  7. aac
  8. amr
  9. flac
  10. aif
Completely free and easy:
  1. Load the audio file,
  2. select the part you want to crop,
  3. press the "Crop" button.
  4. Ready.
Gnoosic -
Service music recommendations.

Service music recommendations.

Enter the names of three favorite performers (soloists or groups) and you will be offered another one, similar.
You rate the proposed artist — like — dislike — I don't understand.

So simply we find something new from what we like.

Incredibox -
Writing music playing.

We create background electronic music for ourselves.
Here everything is simple and clear, understandable if you watch the video.

How it works

  1. Start, click Create your mix
  2. Select the style by the creation years,
  3. The little man and tools appear below, just pulling on It's a tool or a melody that he needs to sound - RHYTHM, EFFECT, MELODY, VOICE,
  4. Immediately the next person appears, select a sound for him,
  5. If you do not like a sound, double-click and remove it,
  6. Liked it? - Write - Record.
Become a star.

The first licensed online karaoke service.
online factory to create stars! Internet space for your personal creativity.

Do you like to sing, sing well, but only your relatives know about your talent?
Want to recognize the millions, want to attract attention to your talent well-known producers and already established show business stars?
And, maybe, you always dreamed of writing for magazines or even writing a book?
Evaluation of creative research is an indispensable part of real show business, otherwise as among a pile of useless ore to find the golden grains of real talent! We would be left without stars, if there were no people who open them!

You perform your favorite songs, create clips, communicate with other users who praise you or point out mistakes, and who knows - maybe your result The famous producer will be interested in the activity, and you will become a new star in the sky of our show business!

Learning Music -
Ableton online music course

Ableton online music course.
Ableton creates hardware and software for creating and playing music.

Cookers is convenient for beginners.
The site is well structured, not overloaded, it introduces the basics of music, building melodies and rhythms and structuring tracks.

Every Music Genre to Ever Exist -
Mapping of every music genre to ever exist.

Every Noise at Once is a mapping of every music genre to ever exist, with each genre placed in relative proximity to other similar genres. This makes it a great way to discover new flavors of music that you'll love.
The most authoritative portal in runet about hip-hop.

The most authoritative portal in runet about hip-hop.

Here pass

  1. premieres of rappers' albums and clips,
  2. live news,
  3. album reviews,
  4. interviews with artists.
Music for any mood.

Music under the mood (sadness, energetic, morning ...) or an event (New Year's, Romantic ...)

For each song, there are always emotions.
We do not know why, but maybe that's why we love music.
It's by sharing emotions that we create a mood for each other.
Listen to music in the mood!

MP3 Cutter
Line cutting MP3.

Free online program for trimming audio files of formats: MP3, WAV, WMA.
All you need to do is:

  1. download the melody to the site
  2. choose the desired segment using the scissors
  3. Apply the effect of amplification/attenuation of sound
  4. press the 'Cut file' button
The program has the function 'amplification/damping', which serves to smoothly change the volume change at the beginning/end of the song. Using this option, you can cut a better ringtone, which will not have an unexpected entry or a sharp ending.

In addition, the trimming program MP3 supports various audio formats (MP3, wav, wma).

Line cutting MP3.

Service of cutting MP3 online.
Now, in order to trim MP3 and create a melody for the cellphone, no more complicated programs are needed.
One, two, three, and the melody for the mobile is ready!

Everything is simple and obvious, just go to the site. Nothing extra.
Now the site also allows you to glue songs, there is a video-audio converter, you can record audio yourself.

How does it work?

  1. Click the "Download MP3" button,
  2. select the MP3 file, wait for it to load and be ready.
  3. As soon as the file becomes available for editing (and this depends on the speed of your Internet), just below the button, the track will turn pink, and the play button will turn red - now you can cut MP3.
  4. In the presence of two sliders, which denote the beginning and end of the desired passage of the composition. Have you chosen?
  5. Next, click the "Cut and download" button, the download will start instantly.
Mp3Juices -
A popular and free MP3 system in which you can listen and download songs online.

A popular and free MP3 system in which you can listen and download songs online.

The site does not post songs, but receives them from YouTube and other sources.

We need to know the name of the song we are looking for and enter in the search query.

Mihxail Povorin
Ear Training (for Music) -
Improve your musical ability by developing a more intuitive understanding of what you hear.

Improve your musical ability by developing a more intuitive understanding of what you hear.
For best results, practice a little bit every day.

Free Music Archive -
Another online music library where you can find and download free music from all genres.

Another online music library where you can find and download free music from all genres.

Music is available through the licensing of Creative Commons, meaning that the artists themselves decided that they want to give their music for free.

All the music was selected curators, and every page of the artist has a biography and links to the artist's homepage.

This will help users learn more about the artists.

A Web Whiteboard -
Simple drawing tool online.

A simple risovalka online.


  1. Choose a pencil, scissors, text, image, delete ...
  2. the thickness of the pencil,
  3. the color of the pencil.
There is an opportunity to share our creativity or invite a friend and create onlin
Maranatha! Music -
One of the two leading Christian music publishing houses.

The publishing house is under a long-term distribution agreement with EMI/CMG, a leader in the field of Christian music distribution.

The goal is to deliver the most famous songs of faith in the arrangement for church singing.

Inside Abbey Road -
We may follow in the footsteps of musical legends, and step inside the famous British recording studio as it’s never been seen before.

We may follow in the footsteps of musical legends, and step inside the famous British recording studio as it’s never been seen before.
Once inside, you can explore every nook and cranny of the three recording studios, and discover stories, images, videos and music spanning the decades.
You can also be guided around by producer Giles Martin, Head of Audio Products Mirek Stiles, or broadcaster Lauren Laverne, and even play with interactive versions of pioneering Abbey Road Studios equipment.

Gospel Music Association -
Gospel Music Association.

An international organization, with which our Evangelical Music Association cooperates. She actually gave the idea, it's visible by the name and logo.

Ujam -
Writing music playing.

Everyone can become a composer.

  • We sing a melody or namurlykivayem,
  • choose the instrument on which it should be played,
  • choose an arrangement (orchestra ...),
  • listen to your creation.
It is clear that no one buys this music, but we can quickly see how it will sound, and then throw it away, or bring it to mind.
AllMusic -
Music database online since 1991.

Music database online since 1991.

Information about music genres, musicians and bands, as well as information about album releases and professional reviews.
The authors of discographic descriptions, biographical essays about composers and performers, short abstract reviews of music works presented in the database are professional musicologists and critics with a total number of more than 900 people.

The largest music archive ~ 6 million compositions and a library of music album covers (over 500 000).

10 tracks Cloud Music Player -
Hosting for music. Free provide 40 Gb space.

Free give 40 GB of space. Invite friends to 10tracks and post messages on social networks about @10tracks - and add up to 75 Gb of bonuses to your profile.
Thus, your music will be with you everywhere: computer, tablet, smartphone.
You only need Install applications.

Sites with music

Any track from VK,, PromoDJ and SoundCloud can be added to itself with one click with the help of the extension for Google Chrome.

Download from web player

You can download tracks from your computer via web player or by selecting folders, or importing music to a site from Windows Media Player, iTunes or WinAMP.
Chrome Music Lab -
Song Maker.

Google creates simple funny musical toys that you do not need to learn, but just play and immediately see ... or rather hear the result. These are not training programs, they are just pastime. You can say we draw a figure and listen how it sounds.

Integrity Music -
One of the two leading Christian music publishing houses.

Integrity Music’s desire is to help people world-wide experience the manifest presence of God and resource the church with songs of substance, in order that everyone has a part to play.

In 1985, a small group of men and women from various denominations came together to capture a new sound in praise and worship by taking a caravan from church to church to introduce worship leaders and songs from one church to next.

The aim was to help people worldwide experience the manifest presence of God, this collection of records resulted in forming ‘Integrity’s Hosanna Music’ along with a publishing imprint.
These would become the cornerstone of Integrity Music, including songs like ‘Give Thanks’, ‘Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord’, ‘Revelation Song’, and more recently ‘We Believe’ and ‘Great Are You Lord’. -
Create, watch, print, share and listen in a professional quality recording music on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
The largest online archive of classical music and music.

The largest online archive of classical music and music.

On the site you can find and listen to the best works of classical music.
The site is made almost without design, but the main thing is the base.

AlbumLinerNotes -
Largest archive of Liner Notes on the internet.

The largest archive of electronic offline journals: computer, entertainment and other magazines.

YouTube Musiс -
Google Play Music.

Cloud media player.
189 rubles a month for full access, if it is not clear what will be available, you can try a month for free.
However, it depends on the budget, if you are not determined to pay, do not try,

Over 18 million tracks, unlimited number of plays.
Create radio stations based on any track or artist.
Ability to skip tracks in a radio broadcast.
Recommendations based on your preferences.
Possibility to store up to 20 000 tracks from your own collection in the library.
nce download your favorite tracks on your smartphone or Android tablet.

Free storage of music

Add to Google Play to 20,000 songs from your own music collection with Music Manager. This simple application scans your iTunes library and other folders with music on your computer and replenishes your collection. If your collection contains tracks that are not available on Google Play, the app will download them to your library. After adding, you can immediately listen to music online or in the "Play Music" app.

Automatic sync

The Google Play audio library automatically syncs between all your devices. For example, by purchasing an album from a phone, you can immediately open it on your tablet, and adding a track from your computer - listen to it on your mobile device. Forget the wires forever and just enjoy your favorite music!

Share with friends

Have a cool track on Google Play? Share it with friends on Google+, and the first audition will be free for them. And the songs that they will let you listen to will be stored in the playlist "Share with me".


Music Timeline -
The scale of musical styles.

Google considers everything, decided to count music - "I was counted".

Visual scale of popularity of musical styles depending on time.
If you click on any style of music, then we get a scale of this style with component directions. For example, if you press ROCK, we see that it consisted of CLASSIC ROCK, HEAVY ROCK ...

You can not only admire it, but also pick it up And buy it on Google play. Actually this is the service from Google Play.

Christian phonogram
Christian backing.

Free MP3 and Midi phonograms.
The base is small, but free.

Lyrics -

Social project with lyrics.
Search for artists and song names. You can search in alphabetical order.

On the page of the YouTube player song, for convenience, there are other songs from the album, links to users who like this song, adding it to a personal playlist, a concert calendar with links to online sales points Tickets to them.

Information about the songs.

On the site you can read interesting facts about your favorite songs.
Lyrics, song transfers, curious figures and dates.

The Tourist Map of Music -
Find similar musicians.

Find similar musicians.

Just enter the name of the musician or group, pay attention to the hints, otherwise we can not find anything. Introduce, of course, in English.
And we get a floating cloud with the name of musicians and groups of loved ones requested by the spirit and music. The essence is simple if you really like some musician and would like to listen to something similar, this service is for you.

An unofficial version of the cult British magazine NME.

The Russian-language version of the cult British magazine NME ceased to exist in 2003, but because it's rock'n'roll alive, a couple of months later this site appeared. Here everything is the same, only without posters and the first letter N.
Welcome to the world of rock and roll, where there is no place for blunt aimless whining, but there are cool dudes with whom I want to be friends, who tell amazing stories and Play music that can change your life. Forever.

Music Can Be Fun -
Draw music.

Drawing music.
The site is very similar to the one described above.

Musical social network.

Musicians face problems in finding work, and therefore the main mission of this project is the creation of an effective mediation platform where musicians from all over the world could look for work and offer their services, develop a network of professional and friendly contacts, and exchange various kinds of information.

  • Tell us about yourself, your creativity, work experience within your framework,
  • post photos,
  • post audio and video files of your performances to confirm your professional image and attract potential employers, partners and friends.
  • post job search ads, staff, musical instrument, rehearsal room, teacher
  • or yourself offer services to other users.
  • discuss the urgent issues in the system of internal instant messages, tell and comment on the latest rumors and facts from the world of music.
  • Make friends. Learn all the new things in your friends' lives, create joint projects, share or restrict access to your information.
Old LP

The site contains entries made from old records.
The entries on these pages have been restored a little. Strong clicks are cut out. Sizzles and crackling, of course, remained.

Many old songs on the radio are almost impossible to hear. In the fifties and sixties they were broadcasted on the radio, they sounded from gramophones and record players. They danced to this music in companies.

HowToTuneAGuitar -

The name can be translated "how to set up the guitar", but the site has much more possibilities.
You can choose a tool (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar). You can set the sound to be audible, but do not bother.

Guitar lessons, musical theory, exercises, chords.

How to store a guitar, advice before buying what to choose.

Musicovery -
Music for any mood.

Music under the mood.
We go and see the mood map, we poke into the area that is closer to our mood.
You can choose a style, on the scale choose closer to the hit or novelties.
And you can use the search and select

  • Energetic - vigorously,
  • Dark - sadness,
  • Positive - positive,
  • Calm - quietly,
  • Hits - hits,
  • Discovery - new items (discoveries).
  • Musicroamer -
    We enter the artist of music that we like and we will be offered 8 similar ones.

    We enter the artist of music that we like and we will be offered 8 similar ones.
    We can click on any and we lose up to 20 fragments of songs.

    The new format of music to music has always been at your fingertips.

    The new format of music, so that music is always at your fingertips, and most importantly - you would not have to guess what else to listen to.

    I have not yet met the most complete database and the most convenient interface.
    Looking for music by Directions and years or a simple search, search also for directions and years (if necessary). Which is very convenient, because the base is huge.
    You can buy an album or a song or listen for free if it's available for the selected album, add it to Facebook, create your own music library.

    In plans: Music on your computer, mobile phone and In social networks will become a single whole. Files and wires will no longer be needed.

    Zvooq collaborates with a huge number of studios, all music is legal.

    Christian wholesale center for Christian products.

    Christian wholesale center for Christian products.

    More than 8000 products:

    • CDs of foreign and Russian performers,
    • feature and documentary films, publicity programs, concerts and performances, children's performances and cartoons on DVD,
    • audio books, seminars and conferences in MP3 format,
    • Bible - synodal, modern translation, with illustrations, comments, with noncanonical books, children's ...
    • Christian literature,
    • clothes with Christian symbols - T-shirts, hoodies, ..,
    • souvenirs with Christian symbols - mugs, car pendants, mouse pads, photo frames, pens and ...
    • cards,
    • ...
        Regular wholesale buyers get up to 40% discount or even delay of payment.
    MusicTheory -
    Learn music theory.

    Learn the theory of music.

    Musipedia -
    Search songs by melody.

    We can play a melody on a virtual piano, write notes or sing through a microphone.

    Musopen -
    Classical music online.

    The site saves copyright from classical music (notes, records and Lessonbooks) to sleep quietly under the sounds of legally downloaded Beethoven.

    The site has radio-classical pieces playing one after another in a random order.
    Downloadable music sc

    Search music.

    Search for music.
    Perhaps the simplest thing you can think of.
    You do not have to think anything, just enter your desired form into the search form and get a list of songs.
    Songs can be downloaded or listened to immediately.
    Everything is

    MP3 tag editor -
    A free online website to edit mp3 tags, change album art, and other ID3 (ID3v1, ID3v2) tags.

    Free online site for editing MP3 tags, changing album artwork and other ID3 tags (ID3v1, ID3v2).
    We simply drag and drop the MP3 file into the form field and get the information already written into the file. If it is enough, the site will offer the missing, if there is one in its database.
    And most importantly, it will add a cover.

    ecrett music
    Generation of songs.

    Generation of songs.

    Artificial intelligence creates melodies.
    Set the theme (travel, kitchen, party ...) _ and the mood is sad, cheerful, upbeat ...

    The hit does not work, you get a background melody, which can be used as a background melody for the video and not be afraid that you will be blocked for copyright infringement, for example on YouTube.

    Song kick -
    Tickets for concerts online.

    Hybrid search engine, calendar and
    You can search and, what's more fun, subscribe to events, to your liking, indicating your favorite performers. Some of them are available online booking tickets.

    Now on the site more than a million concert from the past, present and future.


    Kompoz -
    Writing music.

    A platform for creating musical compositions.
    Music lovers can listen to something interesting here, but to create something, you need musical knowledge.

    One of the advantages of the site is cooperation. Let's say I have a cool song idea, but I only own a guitar. You can find a partner here. Or I started and could not finish, can someone help?

    The site is paid.

    Sony Music -
    SoundClick -
    Social music network.

    Social network of music. There is streaming music, the ability to download MP3 or sell through the online store. Of course there are all social: friends, videos, photos, blogs and ... At the moment there are more than 4.5 million songs, More than half a million bands and artists. 4.5 million participants.

    Yandex.Music for children
    Children's audio.

    Children's Songs on Yandex.Music
    Among other things, we know for sure that this is guaranteed licensed music.

    Husky Tunes
    Portal about the musical life of the new Yekaterinburg.

    Portal about the musical life of the new Yekaterinburg.
    Here you can find out about concerts, musicians, and musicians can find help for organizing concerts.
    This is an informal community, a playground for representatives of local creative parties

    Subscription to the media services of Yandex.

    Subscription to the media services of Yandex.
    The cost of 169-299 rubles per month, depending on the number of devices.
    90 days - free trial period.

    First of all, subscription allows you to listen to any tracks on Yandex.Music without the Internet, in high quality.
    KinoPoisk HD: in the package Plus more than 6000 films and series.

    At the moment, subscription may be of interest to residents of large cities where there are services Yandex.Taxi, Yandex.Drive, Yandex.Eda, Yandex.Afisha.
    You get discounts on all these services.

    Extra space on Yandex.Disk. In my opinion, a questionable bonus.
    Say, I took advantage, and then changed my mind to use a subscription. And then what?
    Losing extra space with content? Or do you always have to pay a subscription?
    Well, that's a very questionable bonus.

    Riverdance -
    Hype Machine -
    Information about the songs.

    Aggregator of the music blogosphere.
    On the site you can learn and listen to the most popular music of the blogosphere by years and months from 2007.
    And you can listen to something randomly.
    Site in English, like music.

    Tastebuds -
    The musical introduction.

    Music chat and dating.
    And where is the music and find a life partner?
    Here you can find a partner whose musical preferences coincide with yours.
    If they coincide, the temperament, the rhythm of life and Other preferences.

    51 bilet
    Tickets for concerts, theaters, museums in Murmansk.

    Tickets for concerts, theaters, museums in Murmansk.

    On the site you can get acquainted with what is happening in the cultural life of Murmansk.
    If you like something, interested, you can buy a ticket,

    1. theater,
    2. opera
    3. ballet
    4. comedy,
    5. musical,
    6. drama,
    7. creative evening,
    8. concert,
    9. show,
    10. touring
    11. museums.
    Spotify News -
    The Rolling Stones -
    Isle of Tune -
    Writing music playing.

    A musical island.
    A simple game, first we draw streets, as we like.
    Then we arrange lanterns, trees, flower beds, houses closer to the road.
    Then we expose 3 cars in different places, START and passing by objects we hear a sound.

    Lite sound session -
    Background music.

    Internet radio "Lite sound session" - light music.
    Radio channel with pleasant music.

    If you are not satisfied with such music, click More sound session and select:

    1. Deep sound - deep sound
    2. Dark sound - dark sound
    3. Indie sound - indie sound
    4. Lite sound - light music
    5. Best sound - best sound
    Amazon Cloud Drive -
    Amazon Cloud Drive.

    5Gb is free.
    You can buy 1Gb for $1 a year - up to 1Tb, which will cost $1000 per year.

    Free storage of all audio tracks purchased in Amazon MP3, their size will not be taken into account.
    For $20 we get an unlimited place for any music (MP3 and AAC).

    There are applications for iPhone, iPad and Android.
    Built-in Amazon Cloud Player.

    Import tracks from VK in Yandex.Music
    A tool that will allow you to tie Yandex.Music VK and learn your preferences.

    A tool that will allow you to associate Yandex.Music with VK and learn your preferences. Thus, you will be offered music that people listen to with your preferences.

    CommercialTunage -
    Find out what song was used in some kind of commercial.

    Find out what song was used in some kind of commercial.

    BeSonic -
    Registration is required, then you can share and download any music.

    Registration is required, then you can share and download any music.

    Like most similar sites, BeSonic has a search that allows you to find the desired song. There is a filter by genre.

    Beatmaker -
    Table, every line - a tool, connect it where we need timeline. Hit play and listen to his hit.

    Table, each line is a tool, we connect it where necessary on the timeline. Click play and listen to your hit.
    You can save our treasure.

    Metronomeonline -

    The name speaks for itself - a metronome online.
    A lot of settings.

    DistroKid -
    Sell ​​music.

    A platform for selling songs in iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play ...

    C you take about $20 a year and no more interest.

    GTP-tabs -
    Libraries tablature for playing the guitar.

    Libraries tablature for playing the guitar.

    Search songs by melody.

    The name itself says that the song is searched for by rhythm, just tapping it on the keyboard.
    Since many songs can be similar, it is searched among hits.
    Choose first - classical music or variety.
    There is a hit parade, something that is sear

    Free service for listening to your favorite music.

    Free service for listening to your favorite music.
    Here you can find millions of tracks and add your own music.
    The music collection is regularly updated with new tracks.

    On the home page of the music you can find various music selections in different genres and for different occasions.
    In the top menu there is a convenient filter, using which you will find exactly those sets that you need.

    You can create your own music collection, download your tracks from disk or import them from VKontakte.

    Tune My Music -
    Transfer your music library from one service to another.

    Transfer your music library from one service to another.
    Supports Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Deezer,, iTunes, Amazon Music, Groove, Pandora, Rdio, Tidal, deezer.

    Not so long ago we had to store our music collections on records, cassettes, discs and in MP3 players. We always had to carry our music with us.

    Today, this is simply not necessary, thanks to the emergence of streaming services.
    But what happens if you want to change your device and transfer music from Spotify to Deezer? Or maybe you found a great YouTube playlist, and you want to listen to it in Spotify? Perhaps you just want to transfer your playlist to one of the broadcast services.

    TuneMyMusic allows you to solve all these problems.

    Tuner online -
    Setting up the guitar online.

    The site uses the same customizer, but there is something else and what is not. In short, you have a choice.

    Yousician -
    Learning to play musical instruments online.

    Free online guitar lessons.
    Simply connect and play, and experts determine your level and from it you get lessons and exercises.
    The team site teachers from 17 countries, including Russia.

    Setting Guitar Online
    Setting up the guitar online.

    Tuning your guitar via microphone online.
    To configure online guitar microphone should be connected to a computer, bring your guitar and alternately compare the strings of your guitar sound with a reference.

    Letters online tuner to tune your guitar strings appropriate means.
    In accordance string sound of your guitar to the standard, the letter becomes green
       6 cord - E
     .   5 string - A
       4 string - D
       3 string - G
       2 string - in
       1 string - E

    If you know English, then ukvy easy to remember phrase Every Able Dog Gets Bones Easily.

    Pointer online tuner scale shows constricted (to the right of the letters), or not reach (to the left of the letter) your string.

    Jamendo -
    Music Ministry.

    A site for music performers to easily and conveniently promote it.

    • music, distributed under various Creative Commons and Free Art licenses
    • albums can be downloaded completely using BitTorrent and eDonkey
    • audio files in Ogg/Vorbis and MP3 formats
    • built-in advisory system
    • Tags and reviews that allow you to discover new musical talents
    • voluntary donations to musicians and singers through PayPal
    The site is about guitar - tuning, chords ..., but the main thing is to learn how to play the guitar.

    The site is about guitar - tuning, chords ..., but the main thing is to learn how to play the guitar. A tutorial on guitar, where you can find out the notes, the structure of the guitar and play.
    You will be helped to buy a guitar, to stretch and tune

    Midomi -
    Search songs by melody.

    Click "Click and Sing or Hum" under "The ultimate music search".
    We need a microphone and we just humming the best melody.
    If you are as musical as I am, you can ask a member of the family who does it best. However, we can try it ourselves, suddenly lucky.

    JamStudio -
    Play music online.

    Allows you to quickly create a simple composition that can serve as an accompaniment for your improvisations, or try out different harmonic series. In the mixer, add the necessary instruments (bass, drums, percussion) and choose their style of sound. Maybe someone will seem like a stupid waste of time, but believe me - an exciting activity, and useful to the same. After all, the hearing must be trained.

    Tekartik -

    Also a simple site with chords, only a modern style and chords not only for guitars, but banjo, mandolins, bouzouki ...
    It's simple, otherwise why would this site be needed?

    Pianu -
    Learning to play musical instruments online.

    Learn to play the piano online.
    You can play an online online instrument, you can connect your synthesizer.
    Piano is a classic instrument and of course you will learn to read and write.

    eMusic -
    Free storage and player for our music.

    Free storage and player for our music.

    This is essentially a cloud where you can store your music and listen for free on devices. If you want to listen to more than 5 devices - subscribe for $13 per month. We load our music into the cloud, it is structured by artists and albums.

    Also eMusic will offer novelties of different genres, trends and selected hits by the editors, lists of similar artists.

    Will offer to buy songs (which pays for the whole holiday).

    NameMyTune -
    When you need to find the name of a song.
    You can download movies, sermons, books ... by direct links, through file-sharing networks. Mixter -
    Service of free distributed music under Creative Commons license.

    Service of free distributed music under Creative Commons license.
    All music can be downloaded, used and distributed.
    However, not everything can be used for commercial purposes, specify.

    Looperman -
    Big base of magnifiers, samples and vocal tracks.

    Big base of magnifiers, samples and vocal tracks.
    Everything can be downloaded and used in your arrangements.

    CC Trax -

    База электронной музыки для скачивания: дабстеп, техно, хаус, даунтемпо и эмбиент.
    Поддерживается скачивание альбомами. Не все можно использовать для коммерческих целей.

    GetDoneWorkMusic -
    As the name says it play music to help you get work done.

    As the name says it play music to help you get work done.

    AudionautiX -
    Music that can be downloaded and freely used, to make remixes.

    Music that can be downloaded and freely used, to make remixes.

    Everything can be used for commercial purposes.
    The only condition is that you specify Jason Shaw's authorship.

    iBeat -
    Base of samples with drums, piano and guitar chords in hip-hop or jingle style.

    Base of samples with drums, piano and guitar chords in hip-hop or jingle style.
    Everything can be used for free in your track for radio program, TV show, podcast.

    Shazam -
    Search songs by melody.

    A simple application, like a website, you can start using Facebook accounts or register.
    We share the application with a fragment of the melody with anything - radio, television, cinema, club ...
    The program is looking for its extensive database And as a result gives us a link to YouTube with this song.
    Why YouTube? Probably to hear and see.

    blocSonic -
    Base of music for free use.

    Base of music for free use.
    3,000 compositions by 400 authors.
    Not everything can be used for commercial purposes, check out.

    FreePD -
    Base of free music.

    Base of free music.
    Can be used for commercial purposes. You don't have to specify anything.
    A track with high quality sound will cost money.

    Incompetech -
    Base of music for free use.

    Base of music for free use.
    Mention of authors is required.
    The site is structured by genres and moods.

    Donations are welcome.

    Yandex, music search -
    Lead search engine Runet.
    Music can be searched on the usual search engine Yandex, for this purpose nothing special to do is not necessary.

    Lead search engine Runet.
    Music can be searched on the usual search engine Yandex, for this purpose nothing special to do is not necessary. Just ask the artist and song request so that it's understandable. You can have a performer in English or Russian, a song is better than the original name, so that the search engine understands exactly what is going on.
    If the song's name is unique, you can simply specify the name of the song.

    If you specify the name of the song in search, You may be invited to listen to it. Not all songs have Yandex use rights, but the number of them increases, there are already contracts with several major companies in the music market (for example, Universal and EMI). Already available for legal listening to music U2, ABBA, Rammstein, Rolling Stones, the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Alexander Rybak and ...

    Yandex music search -
    Search music.

    If you specify the name of the song in the search, you may be asked to listen to it. Not all songs have Yandex use rights, but the number of them increases, there are already contracts with several major companies in the music market (for example, Universal and EMI). Already available for legal listening to music U2, ABBA, Rammstein, Rolling Stones, the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Alexander Rybak and ...

    In addition, if you request a song, you will be asked to listen to it, Text, translation (if any), text with chords.

    PureVolume -
    Free downloading music from one of the first independent sites.

    Free downloading music from one of the first independent sites.

    Like Jamendo, you do not need to create an account for downloading music.

    Also, music is well ranked by categories: best songs, popular downloads, popular songs and the most popular.

    Esperanto-muziko — Wikipedia
    Musical social network.

    Music social network.
    A project for musicians, music and music lovers, music lovers.
    The site provides the opportunity to create profiles of performers and groups, personal profiles, placement of photo, video and music content. This is a powerful information music database (performers, venues, audio and video materials, rehearsal bases, announcements and events, news, reviews of concerts, reviews of releases, interviews and other kinds of materials).
    The project is designed primarilyBut musicians and musicians, and is a convenient place to communicate and find new listeners, partners, colleagues, friends and close people in spirit. The project's distinctive feature is a 24-hour online broadcast consisting of music videos, author's programs, reports And programs

    Music videos, novelties, unique live performances of musical groups in the concert bunker and at famous concert venues, photos and video reports, interviews, concerts and music announcements Events, news, author programs and programs - this is what allows ONMUSICSTAGE.COM project guests to become permanent users of the resource.

    Currently, about 50% of the broadcasting is made by music videos.

    YouDJ -
    One of the best sites for DJ music mixing. I feel like a real DJ after this site!
    Mixcloud -
    Strimming platform, where you can listen to mixes, podcasts, famous DJs.

    Strimming platform, where you can listen to mixes, podcasts, famous DJs.

    Winamp2-js -
    Online version of the once popular player on Windows.

    If you remember the player Winamp (for a long time the most popular player on Windows, which ceased to exist), if you have nostalgia. Let's just say you want to remember.
    Then here it is, online and install it is not necessary.
    Just go in, give a link online or point to the computer and listen.

    Riffstation -

    Chords for guitar, ukulele and piano for almost any song.

    Ask for a song, choose. There is a video with this song and chords (the chord is not only indicated, but also shown), you can play along with the performers.

    Did you like the song? - Add to your songbook (my song book). For this you need to register. You can sign in through your account on Google, Facebook or Twitter.

    Dinahmoe -
    Writing music playing.

    Collective improvisation.
    Running wave, we just move the mouse up and down and so change the tone of the melody that I get.
    You can choose a different color and there will be a different sound.
    If we click and hold our mouse, our sound is louder.
    Besides us there are several more participants, so we are your music.

    Lyrics mode -

    More than 650 thousand songs from 25 thousand performers.
    There is a widget with which the user can "hang out" the text from the repository on his website or blog. The most popular songs have video clips.

    The Text on request function works. Users are allowed to add missing materials and discuss existing ones. Such comments are called Meanings, since they are just about the meaning of the words of a song. By the way, the developers thought about those who prefer mobile devices, and provided a special version for them.

    Weborama -
    Online player.

    I used to be an avid music lover.
    I had a bunch of proprietary LPs in styles, from light jazz to heavy rock.
    And depending on the mood, I chose the disc as on a scale.
    What Something similar offers this service. A lot of music (more than 40 million tracks) and even your own radio.


    Delicate Music
    Relax and listen to Jazz and other delicate music. Good music for good people.
    We listen to music from VK.


    Octave -
    Free library of UI sounds intended for iOS.


    Baby radio
    Children's radio.

    The only radio station in Russia, broadcasting of which is entirely devoted to children.

    The twenty-four-hour broadcast of the Children's Radio consists of children's songs, performances, educational and entertainment programs and headings, information and educational programs for parents.

    The radio station takes into account the age features And the daily routine of the listeners: the morning block is addressed to preschool children, day programs are for children over seven years old, late at night - a block for parents, at night - music for sleep.

    SongBPM -
    Base of songs. Feature - the songs are classified by tempo, which is suitable only for joggers.
    Bandcamp -
    We listen to the music of unknown performers, and if you want to buy it for a nominal fee. Musicians can express themselves or sell their music.

    We listen to the music of unknown performers, and if you want to buy it for a nominal fee. Musicians can express themselves or sell their music.


    Get instant streaming of your purchases, follow your favorite artists, keep a wishlist, showcase your collection, and explore the music of like-minded fans.


    Sell directly to your fans with total control over your music and pricing. Easy access to your customers’ data, real-time stats, music chart reporting, and more.


    Unified accounting and stats across all your artists, a single fulfillment interface for all your merch, direct payments on a per release basis, and a whole lot more.


    HMS TV -
    Houston MediaSource.


    Wave of Happiness
    Russian Christian Radio.


    MoodTurn -
    Sounds of nature.

    Sounds of nature and background relaxing music.
    Choose a topic and listen.
    The site will have a corresponding background picture, which will change periodically.
    Music or sounds will not appear right away, a little patience.

    Noisli -
    Sounds of nature.

    The sounds of nature.
    The site is intuitive.
    Sounds are indicated by pictograms - rain, thunder, forest, water, fire ...
    We press on what we need and adjust the volume of the sound.
    You can include several and separately adjust each sound, so we get an interesting and necessary background.

    MyNoise -
    Sounds of nature.

    A lot of sounds and noises with fine tuning of ranges.
    I was very impressed.


    Songs from TV shows and movies.

    Songs from TV shows and movies.

    The first application in Google Play, in which you can listen to songs played in TV shows and movies.
    More than 500 TV shows and 600 films, more than 400 000 songs played in them.

    Just enter the title in the search and you will find all the songs that sounded throughout the film.

    The songs from the series are divided by season and series, so you will not be difficult to find the desired composition.


    Collectorz -
    We create a catalog and catalog our collections of films, music, books, programs, games, comics.

    We create a catalog and catalog our collections of films, music, books, programs, games, comics.
    Free limited to 100 albums. Withdrawing the limit for $15.
    Automatic download of complete information about the album, the film ... from the online database.
    Shortcuts are added: artist, title, year, genre ...

    You can make a backup online copy of your database and synchronize between devices.


    Opportunities for text, post photos, illustrations, personal communication, promotion of their own creativity.


    Wikipedia -
    Eurovision Song Contest.
    Wikipedia -
    Winners of the Eurovision Song Contest.
    Eurovision -

    The official website of Eurovision will help you get what people love at this contest - songs.
    They can be listened to and watched before or after the competition. So to say, prolong the pleasure.
    I personally like to watch the song I liked in different formats:

    1. before the contest - in clip format,
    2. at the contest - in the format of a show of a performance or a concert.
    There is also related information. For example, the contest takes place in Kiev - there is information about Kiev. Especially will be in demand for those who plan to attend the competition.

    And of course, information on the participants, and after voting - the results for the semi-finals and finals.

    In short, the necessary information, and most importantly - videos with songs.

    Blog about Eurovision.
    Eurovision Young Dancers -
    Eurovision Young Musicians -
    Junior Eurovision Song Contest -


    Radiooooo -
    Choose a country on the map and a year, listen to the typical songs of that time, you can choose slow, fast weird.

    Music on the map with a time scale.

    How it works

    1. Choose decade of the 20th century or now.
    2. Click the country on the map.
    3. Listen to the music of the selected country of the selected era.
    4. You can set the pace slow, fast weird (slow, fast, strange music).
    It turns out like a radio station of music that you like.
    Indaba Music -
    Social network for the cooperation of musicians.
    Partyflock -
    Dutch online community for people interested in home music and other electronic dance music. -
    The music network - radio online.

    Web 2.0 ears: online radio that adapts itself to the listener.
    It remembers what you are listening to (and what you do not want to listen to), and toss new songs based on the choice of other users with similar tastes. If you put a small nozzle on the player, will also start to take into account the music you are listening at home.

    At the moment, participants Last. Fm listened to and appreciated almost 3 billion tracks, so there's nothing to rely on.
    The best way to find out any new artists on Internet is not yet figured out (except for competitors from and LAUNCHcast).

    It is believed that really should become the 'last radio': the world of FM radio stations will change irrepressibly, but the big Their part will quietly wither away.
    It will happen when the majors give to use their bottomless archives and the newest Revenues, and this is all going to. Source: Big City

    Social network for musicians and entertainers.
    Tagworld -
    Rival MySpace, there is a search engine for music and IM client with the ability to video chat.
    SoundCloud -
    Storage of original musical works and networks.

    File storage for music. Allows you to store, send and receive tracks for free and without limits - files of any size and format.
    You can share without registration at all: download the song to the site and get a link to the "cloud" by mail, in which it hangs, ready to play and Sending to friends.
    If you need to see the statistics of the auditions, register. -
    Social network for musicians and bands.

    Helping novice musicians build their careers.
    Connects musicians with festival venues, brands, publishers, labels and fans.

    Powerful career management and online marketing tools give emerging artists from around the world access to the global music industry.

    Buzznet -
    Social network for music and pop culture.
    8 tracks -
    Musical social network.

    Explicit social music network.
    You can download your music, you can listen to what others have downloaded, you can make compilations for the mood, you can listen to the compilations of others.
    All this without restrictions, free of charge and legally. Everything pays for advertising that can be turned off for money.

    Playlists should not be shorter than eight songs.
    You can not often skip songs.
    The list of songs in the playlist is not visible in advance and appears only as you listen.

    Myspace -
    The leading music social network.

    The founders of the portal are Tom Anderson and Chris Deval.

    Created in 2003. Since the beginning of 2008, Russified.

    1. Communities of film enthusiasts and photographers, but the "face" of the portal are musicians.
    2. The biggest party of music lovers and musicians of all levels and directions, from star to housewife.
    3. A ready-made template for a business card of a music group and a way to unwind, along with the possibilities of creating fan blogs. Fast, simple, affordable.
    4. A real alternative to show business, when a listener could buy only a whole album at a fixed price and with a choice only from what the producers of record companies deigned to pay attention to.
    5. It is enough to have a broadband connection to the Network, and everything will play itself. And the author of the page can allow you to download music to your computer (this is how amateur musicians do) or just listen. -
    General music.

    Beatles stream.
    Beatles channel.
    Spotify -
    Beatles channel.
    Beatles Radio -
    Music of The Beatles online.

    Beatles music online.
    Perhaps the oldest online radio entirely dedicated to music Beatles.
    They have collected not only the Beatles' songs included in their albums, but also rare records.

    The site itself looks the way the sites looked 15 years ago - no way. But we need that music.
    However, this channel can be listened to in other places, for example on TuneIn.

    iTunes -
    Beatles channel.
    Music - Beatles
    Beatles albums.
    TuneIn -
    The Beatles' radio and podcasts - aggregator radio online.

    The radio aggregator allows you to listen to the radio online.
    Here you can find a lot of radio channels, you can find many radio channels fully dedicated to the Beatles.

    Almost all radio channels are dedicated only to music or almost only music of the Beatles.
    If you are interested in spoken radio, there will be a number of podcasts of the Beatles.

    The site itself and the player is made very qualitatively, often better than the presented radio channels, especially all in one place.

    The Beatles -
    The official website.

    The official Beatles website.
    The Beatles' main thing is the songs, and this is what the Beatles' website is all about.
    Here you can get the basic official information on albums and songs, as well as buy.
    There is related information, but it is not much, it is primarily photos and videos.

    181fm -
    Beatles stream.
    Last FM -
    Beatles channel.


    Radio Fonki
    Christian radio stations in one place.

    Christian radio stations in one place.

    The catalog of radio stations, already more than 400.
    Members may suggest adding new stations.
    You can see only new or common list.

    As far as I understand, at first more familiar people go, that is, those who have been working for a long time and have experience, therefore they will be more likely to be in demand.


    You can click the genres (at the top right of the book icon).
    • Russians
    • Ukrainian
    • foreign

    • worship
    • pop (pop)
    • rock (rock music)
    • hip-hop
    • ethnic
    • classic
    • instrumental
    • acappella (a capella)
    • christmas
    • remix (miscellaneous)

    • conversational
    • children
    You can click on the logo of the radio station and listen, or you can click on the text name and get to the description page, where
    • description of the radio station
    • player with a choice of streams for speed, if there are several streams,
    • not working - you can report a dead thread to help keep information up to date
    • link to the official website of the radio station
    • you can take the code and paste it onto your site,
    • add to favorites - if we are registered, we can pick up our collection of radio stations.


    Radio RuChristmas
    Christmas songs in Russian. Various (famous and new) Christian songs dedicated to.

    There are thousands of free music to download. You can see which MP3s are downloaded more often and which ones are played more often. You can register and download music if you are a musician.
    Unsigned Band Web -
    Many kinds of songs, broken into more than 70 categories for download. Just listen to the online does not work. You can download your music, for musicians.


    Spotify -
    The most popular streaming music service in the world.

    The most popular streaming music service in the world.
    Popular thanks to the convenience and musical base.

    Personally for me very soon all became clear.
    You just create your own playlist. Well, not you, you're using it, your preferences are being studied and your playlist is being created.
    At the moment you can listen to popular playlists. I especially liked the song, we note the heart, do not like it - we press the following.
    May choose a specific artist, there is a form of search.
    We just listen to what we're interested in and build our own playlist.
    It will be ready soon and we can listen to it like our radio.
    If we can choose a set of songs we can choose the ones we already have, we can choose the artists and the songs.

    Service is free. If you like to listen music offline so you have to pay.

    Personally, I'm avoiding everything that's paid for as much as possible. There are too many small payments, additional worries.

    Yandex.Music is looking not only for performers, songs, albums, but also for 'Pam param pam pam pam pa'.

    Service for searching and listening to music.
    All music on the service is legal - Yandex has entered into agreements with more than 50 rightholders, including Universal, EMI, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, First Music Publishing House, Monolit, SBA Production ...

    The main thing is that Yandex is definitely better suited for those who love Russian music, Western services have few contacts with our rightholders.
    Yandex has fewer agreements with western rightholders, but All the same quite a lot.

    Simple, intuitive, convenient, licensed.

    Translation And

    • Search for styles,
    • musicians,
    • songs,
    • years and just search.
    • The entire search takes place without rebooting, so do not interfere with listening to music.
    • The history of the listener is saved.
    • You can play one song or an entire album.
    • You can add to the playlist.
    Nothing to study is not necessary, just go and use.
    • More than 20 million tracks
    • more than 60 000 artists
    • in 81 genres

    Paid version

    1. Trial month;
    2. 149 rubles a month;
    3. when paying for a year - 25% discount;
    4. HQ - music of high quality;
    5. access to all tracks on Yandex.Music;
    6. the ability to save tracks and listen to them without connecting to Internet.


    Apple Music -
    Service for searching and listening to music. 60 million songs.

    Service for searching and listening to music. 60 million songs.
    3 months free.
    Subscription - 269 ₽ per month.

    Apple Music is available on iTunes. You can use Apple Music on iOS and Android devices.

    Student subscription

    75 ₽ per month.

    Individual subscription

    .169 ₽ per month.

    Family subscription

    269 ₽ per month.
    up to 6 users.
    YouTube Music -
    Streaming music, audio and video.

    Streaming music, audio and video.
    Subscription - 299 ₽ per month. It is more convenient to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

    There are many music videos on the leading video hosting YouTube.
    Google has made a separate service where you can put them together.

    The service guesses your preferences and first of all offers videos that you might like.
    You can watch them in a stream, or you can watch them as separate videos.

    The application allows you to listen to streaming music.

    Deezer -
    In fact it is the search engine of music, but with its well-integrated player.

    As a matter of fact it is a search engine of music, but with its well-integrated player.
    It is calculated on fans of musical centers.
    In addition to the songs, you can listen to the radio streams and playlists of friends, share your audio files, read the industry news that Michael Jackson sells at the auction awards, socks with diamonds and a bunch of personal belongings and who knows who will soon put on his contextual advertising Direct.

    Music player VK and Odnoklassniki.

    Music player VK and Odnoklassniki.

    Create playlists, add your favorite tracks, download and listen to new music on the way to work and with friends.

    App features:

    • Synchronization with profile.
    • Broadcast music to VKontakte profile status.
    • Save music to your phone.
    • News feed.
    • Multifunctional player with equalizer.
    • Personal recommendations.
    • Top of the popular.
    • Pages of artists and genre sections.
    • Timer to turn off music.
    • Equalizer.


    Archive of 90-th
    The site is dedicated to people who have grown up in the 90s.

    The site is dedicated to people who grew up in the 90s.
    Here everything will be added, as for the 90s:

    1. TV screensavers,
    2. links to music,
    3. games,
    4. pictures and much more.
    Something you can read, see, download something.

    If you want to share your memories and contribute to the project, you can participate.


    New radio -
    Programs for young people and those who feel young and advanced. Basically, these are programs aimed at active and positive perception of the world. Here you can hear alternative music, conversations with musicians, reflections on life.
    Radio Piligrim
    Radio for active Christians.

    Radio for active Christians.Christian music, communication, sermons, various programs on current topics, live broadcast, online broadcasting of services ...

    The site offers 3 channels:

    • Christian radio,
    • Christian music channel
    • The Bible - around the clock reading.
    Broadcast quality - 128 Kbps.
    RuWorship Radio
    Songs in the style of Praise & Worship, songs in the style of Gospel, songs of glorification and worship in Russian.
    WMBM Where Ministry Blesses Many -

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