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logo IMCDb



IMCDb - Internet Movie Cars Database.
This site collects the whole database of cars that have ever been shot in the cinema.
We choose the automaker, then the brand and there the number of films in which this The brand participated. Then you can see the car in the frame of this movie, etc.
I looked at rare car brands, including those that are not sold in the west and was impressed.

logo Carprice



Urgent redemption and sale of used cars in Russia, not yet in all, and Moscow, Peter, Kazan, Samara, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod.

Here you can sell your car very quickly. It is clear that the fastest selling is nothing. Therefore, it is better not to do this. But if money is needed urgently and you need to sell quickly, then you will not get a bad price.

By the way, the site is solid and many invest in it. So this is not a butterfly one-day.

In Russian
logo Comauto




Evaluation, buying out your used car VAZ, GAZ and foreign cars.
On the site you can calculate the cost of the car depending on the

  1. brand,
  2. year of release,
  3. color,
  4. mileage,
  5. engine size,
  6. body type,
  7. engine type,
  8. gearbox,
  9. presence of air conditioner,
  10. engine condition,
  11. chassis status,
  12. body condition,
  13. What account do you own,
  14. etc.





The largest Russian-language auto show.
The site was created in January 2001 because it is a good base and a habitual place for selling used cars.
Originally was completely dedicated to Japanese cars.
Now restrictions No.

Here you can buy a used car, spare parts and find information on cars, rules of traffic regulations, travel. There is a forum.

In Russian
logo Emex



Auto parts store in Russia.
Large selection of suppliers and a large network of stores across the country.
if you have such a shop in the city, it will be convenient for you to order spare parts online if they are not available.
Prices are low. From what I needed to take on my Polo sedan, I did not see cheaper prices.


logo EuroAuto



Franchise network of service stations, parts stores and demolition shops in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Delivery of spare parts throughout Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
In major cities of the Russian Federation - for free.

The main advantage - cheap spare used autoparts.
Prices are not the lowest, but reliable.
Friends hold a store of spare parts and never this site is not deceived.

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