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logo Avtozam



Assistant in the repair and maintenance of cars.

The site is beautifully structured.
Choose the country of your car manufacturer, brand, model.
And only then choose the area of the car, which we want to do now.

logo Avtozvuk-Info




Lovers and professionals car audio.
Information, valuable tips and thousands of ways to install car speakers yourself.

In the car is not very easy to ensure the melodiousness and uniform flow of sound waves. But the professionals will tell you how to put the speakers and speakers correctly so that the sound “crashes” on the driver and passengers not only with all his strength, but with all the frequencies and reproducible nuances.

Autonews, photo gallery and video collection, catalog of companies and products.

logo Car guides



Car guides

Technical manuals for repair and service, descriptions, as well as the operation of vehicles.

Various models and brands of cars, different years of release and modifications, with petrol or diesel engines, with automatic or manual gearbox.

The address and telephone directory of auto enterprises is as close as possible to specific car brands.

logo Avtoelektrik-Info



Information on the repair and maintenance of electricians of all the most popular models of cars and motorcycles.

The goal is not only to publish on the website documentation, a directory of brands and companies, original instructions and photographs for the repair and maintenance of electricians of all the most popular car and motorcycle models, but also to create a platform for communication between vehicle owners.

logo AvtoExperts





Service of questions and answers for motorists.
Questions on the topics: maintenance, operation, repair, breakdowns, selection and purchase of cars.

I like that you can choose a car model and a category (engine, performance, tuning, engine oil, traffic police ...).
So you can watch exactly what interests you.

In general, the activity of users, the service is average. Try it worth it.

logo AvtoALL



Large selection of auto parts in Russia for cars and trucks, both domestic and imported, municipal and agricultural equipment, products for home and leisure, and many other useful things.

The online store is focused on the convenience of customers, so you are offered a choice of several delivery options. If you live in Moscow or the Moscow region, you can pick up the spare parts yourself and take them out from the store's warehouse. If you live in another region of Russia, then a lot of transport companies are at your service. They will deliver your order as quickly as possible.

For organizations and individual buyers a personal account is opened. It is very convenient.

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