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logo CIAN


tel.: +7 (495) 606-98-88


The leading site for real estate: sale, rent, daily rent, new buildings, selection of a mortgage. The main feature of the site is to make a purchase - rent is maximally protected.

The program "We work honestly"

This program is designed to write only the truth, respond promptly to complaints, otherwise the participant can be excluded from the program temporarily or permanently. Depending on the severity of the violation.

But remember that this program does not guarantee anything. Let's say the program requires the participant not to expose the understated price and place high-quality photos. But I just saw the price of 2,500 rubles. In Moscow for a month (nowhere and for 5,000 rubles.) And no photos.


Well, it's clear, on this site a large database, though above all Moscow, Peter. There are many other large cities, but not all of Russia.

You can easily filter out all unnecessary. At the request it is possible to specify - a balcony, with animals, with children, whether there is furniture, a refrigerator, the TV, phone. You can look at the map, find out the distance from the metro. You can look at the panoramas of Yandex building, photographs of the apartment, if there is (do not judge strictly, photos are made by the owners of the apartment, not the studio).

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logo Domex


tel.: +7 (495) 22-55-77-6


The portal for real estate in Russia and abroad, provides operational data on the state of the real estate market, analytical information, advice on the mortgage.

The main feature Project is a free service for individuals, real estate and construction companies in the search for proposals for the purchase, sale and rent of apartments, country houses and land.



Comprehensive property website, very useful for property research such as finding out how much properties have sold for in a given street.

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