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  1. - N1 - Real Estate HSM.
  2. - Etagi - Real estate agency in Tyumen, Russia.
logo Yandex.Realty


Real estate search in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
You can also make an ad for free.
Everything is very simple, convenient and intuitive.
You are immediately invited to your region. You can specify a search or search on the map.
In principle, you can specify a query in the usual Yandex search engine, for example. Rent an apartment

On the map

You can click On the map. A
nd so we can see housing prices on the map.
There is a filter, we can choose only the options that suit us: by the number of rooms, the combination or incompatibility of the bathroom, the secondary or new building, area, panel, brick ..., only from the owners ... And only these options are viewed on the map.

On the maps of large cities, you can choose the Layer/Rental price and get a map with a tint: red - expensive, green - cheap.

Yandex.Real Estate takes into account:

  • The relevance of the announcement - according to statistics, the apartment is sold and surrendered after a certain period of time after the announcement. Yandex calculates these terms, taking into account the updates of the announcement, and the aging ones are eliminated.

  • Price Matching Location - the price of the apartment depends on its location in the city - some areas are more expensive, some cheaper. Yandex group offers by location, based on the geography of cities, considering in which administrative district is the apartment, in the center or on the outskirts, how close it is to the metro. For each such group, the average spread of prices for apartments of different area is calculated - separately for sale, separately for rent. If the price in the ad is less than the minimum border of this gap, most likely, the data in it is not true. For example, a very cheap one-room apartment can actually be a room in a communal apartment. Also, ads with misspellings are canceled, for example, with the cost of renting several billion rubles.

  • Duplicate Grouping - to increase the probability of a call from a potential client, real estate agents often post on the site more than one, But several ads. For example, indicate different metro stations or slightly different prices. To offer the same living space can be several agents at once. Find the same ads easily by their parameters - address of the house, floor and area of the apartment. Such ads are combined into one.
As a result, Yandex.Real estate filters out up to 30% of ads. But we can be sure that most of the remaining proposals can be trusted.

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logo Yandex.Rent


Yandex helps to rent, rent an apartment in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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In Russian
logo OZON Real Estate

OZON Real Estate

Selling real estate online.
This segment of the market has just begun to sell through OZON.
While builders are starting to sell new housing.
OZON is an intermediary in this case, which adds credibility.
However, I would wait for now. The first pancake is always a pain in the ass. Let them set up the process.

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logo DomClick


LLC Real Estate Center from Sberbank.

Here you can sell, rent, buy a secondary housing, new building, take a mortgage.
In short, this is the usual real estate portal, plus the possibility of Sberbank.

Sberbank cooperates with a number of real estate agencies. And the participation of Sberbank gives additional reliability. Here and registration, and payments through the bank.

Chat with the mortgage manager and exchange documents online.

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In Russian
logo KVS


Online apartment store.
Quite young and has already come out in the leaders.

KBC construction company has been building housing for a long time and sold it, then decided to expand its business.
At this stage covered all types of housing sales in St. Petersburg and the region: new apartments, secondary.

All kinds of payment

  • 100% - normal purchase,
  • installment,
  • mortgage,
  • housing programs,
  • maternity capital,
  • war mortgage,
  • home repayment.
The success is not only due to the user-friendly site where you can find the desired accommodation using filters or on the map.
But the main thing is the simplicity and reliability, as well as the favorable credit.

In Russian
logo дом.рф



Integrated housing development institution focused on national initiatives that aim to improve housing quality and affordability.

In Russian

Real Estate Russia - Top 100: Top Russian Real Estate Websites Directory!

logo PadMapper

English English - English

Uses: Google maps.



Easily search apartments for rent across the US and Canada.
Just choose a city (search form, pre-leased or on the map) and further specify the price range, the number of rooms, etc.
We are offered apartments/houses that meet your criteria.

logo GdeEtotOffice


Site where you can buy, sell, rent or lease commercial real estate.
So far the site works for Moscow and St. Petersburg with the regions.

You need a room for an office or warehouse, a sales area in a shopping center, industrial premises or a plot of land.
You can buy or rent.
On the site you can find a suitable option on the map.

If you own real estate, you can offer it on this site.

logo CIAN


The leading site for real estate: sale, rent, daily rent, new buildings, selection of a mortgage. The main feature of the site is to make a purchase - rent is maximally protected.

The program "We work honestly"

This program is designed to write only the truth, respond promptly to complaints, otherwise the participant can be excluded from the program temporarily or permanently. Depending on the severity of the violation.

But remember that this program does not guarantee anything. Let's say the program requires the participant not to expose the understated price and place high-quality photos. But I just saw the price of 2,500 rubles. In Moscow for a month (nowhere and for 5,000 rubles.) And no photos.


Well, it's clear, on this site a large database, though above all Moscow, Peter. There are many other large cities, but not all of Russia.

You can easily filter out all unnecessary. At the request it is possible to specify - a balcony, with animals, with children, whether there is furniture, a refrigerator, the TV, phone. You can look at the map, find out the distance from the metro. You can look at the panoramas of Yandex building, photographs of the apartment, if there is (do not judge strictly, photos are made by the owners of the apartment, not the studio).

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