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Internet offers

  1. Listen to music,
  2. listen to the radio or make your own,
  3. download songs or mp3 ringtones in other formats,
  4. edit MP3,
  5. find lyrics,
  6. chords and notes of songs,
  7. programs - players and for working with sound,
  8. Star sites and fan sites,
  9. most become a star,
  10. Find out the news in the world of music,
  11. learn about concerts and buy a ticket,
  12. buy tools.
Also it is possible etc.



Lists of texts of songs of popular performers.
Lessons of playing the guitar.
Finger chords.
The history of rock music and much more.

Old LP


The site contains entries made from old records.
The entries on these pages have been restored a little. Strong clicks are cut out. Sizzles and crackling, of course, remained.

Many old songs on the radio are almost impossible to hear. In the fifties and sixties they were broadcasted on the radio, they sounded from gramophones and record players. They danced to this music in companies.




The most authoritative portal in runet about hip-hop.

Here pass

  1. premieres of rappers' albums and clips,
  2. live news,
  3. album reviews,
  4. interviews with artists.

logo 5Lad




Site for beginner guitarists.

  1. Lyrics with chords.
  2. Fingering for guitar.
  3. Top 100 songs.
  4. Tune your guitar online.
Choosing a song. The more like the song, the more interest.
Take the guitar and go. We do not know how to take a chord? - in fingering.

Guitar upset? - Customizable. But on my smartphone, I like guitar tuning apps more.In any case, many people choose this site. At least you should try.

logo AmDm

reliable site



Guide for beginner guitarists.
Here you can find chords and lyrics to a lot of songs.
In addition to the chords placed over the lyrics, there is a fingering (drawn as the chord is put).
In the base of more than 98,000 rebounds and 7,000 performers with a daily update of the base.

You can offer in our group original songs, cover songs, analysis of songs on chords and collections of songs with a guitar.


  • Search by artist and topic.
  • Displays chord fingering.
  • Autoscrolling with speed control.
  • Ability to change the pitch and size of the font in the selection.


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