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Wego -
Singaporean travel search engine.

Singapore travel search engine.
Here you can choose the tour and pay for the plane and hotel.
A good site for traveling to the east - China, Singapore, Indonesia, India ...

BlaBlaCar -
Leading travel community, marketplace, bringing together drivers and passengers who are on the way.

A leading community of Travel agencies, a platform that unites drivers and passengers along the way.

What we need for a long trip is to find the cheapest and most comfortable way to do it.
That's why this site was created. Do you see? Let's say you go by train, and there they begin to cudgle demobals, usually they are harmless, funny, but you can not sleep ...

Especially if you are planning not to go by yourself, but to transfer the associated cargo.
Recently, the service has become paid for passengers. They will have to pay a percentage through the site. The further, the percentage is less. On short trips - 20%.


  1. More than 25 millions of users,
  2. 10 million people travel quarterly,
  3. 22 Countries: Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Hungary, Holland, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Croatia and the Czech Republic,
  4. 2.8 people - the average occupancy of the car BlaBlaCar (against the usual 1.7),
  5. more than 2 million available for booking seats,
  6. more 3 billion kilometers of published routes, you can 80,535 times about ognut land,
  7. about 275 million € saved our drivers,
  8. savings of the order of 700 thousand tons of emissions CO2.

Car crossing points in Europe
Border crossing points.

General information on the points of entry through the Russian border, and in the long term across the border of the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine;
Addresses, phones, location of MAPP on the map and ways to travel to it by car;
Information on queues and images from web cameras on the border;
Features of the operation of an MAPP;
Reviews of autotravelers on the border crossing;
Useful information for traveling to Europe by car;
and ...

All World Drive
The site is about independent travel for self-sufficient and savvy.

The site is about independent travel for self-sufficient and savvy.

This is a blog for travelers.
Thoroughly considered all aspects of independent travel in different directions.
There is a forum for discussing all relevant questions on the topic.

Community lovers of independent travel.

Love the Freedom of choice?
Want to see the whole world?
What about savings when booking flights and hotels?
Looking for interesting fellow travelers?
Hurry to share vivid impressions?
Need sensible tips when planning a trip?

Then we are with you on the way! Answers to all these questions, a bunch of topics and reports for discussion, meetings in real life and a sea of ​​positive emotions you can easily find on the Vinsky Forum.

Wikipedia -
Open World Encyclopedia, makes all Internet users in all languages ​​of the world.

Open World Encyclopedia, compiled by all Internet users in all languages ​​of the world.
Anyone can become a co-author of this encyclopedia.
You can create a new section, a new article, a note, fix an error in an existing one, add something, comment, etc.
In general, you are a full-fledged creator of this vast knowledge base.

A wiki is a hypertext environment (usually a Web site) for collecting and structuring written information. Characterized by the following features:

  • A lot of authors. Some wikis can be edited by all visitors.
  • The ability to repeatedly edit the text through the wiki itself (the website), without the use of special tools on the editor's side.
  • Manifest changes immediately after they are made.
  • Separation of information into pages where each has its own name.
  • A special markup language that allows you to quickly and easily mark out structural elements, formatting, hyperlinks, etc. in the text.
  • Change accounting (version accounting) of the text and the ability to roll back to the earlier version.

Interactive map of the Moscow metro.

Interactive scheme of the Moscow metro.
Suggests the best route and calculates the time on the way.
To find out where the desired station is, just type a few letters of its name.

Places near the metro

Directory of places near the stations. Shopping centers, clothing and footwear shops, restaurants, cinemas and much more - everything is really close, you can walk to any place in five minutes.

Wikivoyage -
Free travel guide

Wikitravel. An open multilingual project dedicated to tourism and the creation of free guides.
The project of the Wikimedia Foundation, the authors of Wikipedia. In fact, this is the base for those who without advertisers want to find something interesting to visit or just interesting.

AirVūz -
The platform of video-exchange for the world community of drones - drone.

The platform of video-exchange for the world community of drones - drone.
Thanks to the mixing of user content and original programming, AirVuz became the first video site for the developing century of drones. A very beautiful video, not always from the air, I would say - from different angles.
Quality of a picture excellent, it is possible to include and look successively rollers if not to disconnect AutoPlay.


  1. Extreme sports
  2. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and trains
  3. Celebrities
  4. Cities
  5. Concerts and events
  6. Dron art
  7. Drones
  8. Learning
  9. Attractions
  10. Flora and fauna
  11. Aircraft and helicopters
  12. Stadiums
  13. Travel
  14. Water activities

Mahnem!ru -
A resource for finding travel companions, as well as company for walks and interlocutors for language learning.

A resource for finding travel companions, as well as company for walks and interlocutors for language learning.
You can choose from descriptions, photos, chat and decide to vacation together.
Rest on the sea.

Site about vacation at seaside resorts, especially in the Krasnodar Territory, Crimea, Abkhazia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Georgia.

Here you can find and book accommodation around the Black Sea and Azov coasts, as well as in Montenegro. The database presents all categories of housing: from large hotels to private apartments and rooms.

The Photos section will help you to see in detail all this or that resort, its nature, beaches and all major objects.

The forum is a place where people leave their reviews about cities and hotels, restaurants and entertainment, share opinions and advice.

Gallerix -
Virtual museums and galleries around the world.

A large art gallery.
Section All the Hermitage paintings - 100 reproductions in extremely high resolution.

Information sites about tourism, travel.

The recommended service, guide and guide to the cities of Russia. The goal is to help the city's guests navigate the terrain and find something necessary or worthy.
That's why it's a mobile app that recognizes your location and offers you something, Something interesting or necessary (where to eat) nearby.

Actually all this extensive base is also on the site. It's more like planning a visit to a certain city.

If we visit any particular city, we already have the reason for this visit and we already know what you can visit. This service will help you find "what else to visit."


The site contains information about electric subway cars operated in the cities of the former USSR.

Independent tourism and travel.

On the site you can

  1. Forum discussion,
  2. ask questions and get answers to topics related to tourism,
  3. share reviews about your trips,
  4. Search for travel companions or sponsors for a holiday.
  5. search and book flights, watch the best airline deals,
  6. Add free ads related to tourism, or commercial tourist information.

PlanetWare -
Information sites about tourism, travel.

Guidebooks provide the widest choice of ready-made routes.
By going to one of them online, you will get detailed information about all stops with links to their own sites.

If you are not yet determined with the country, Where you want to go, you can find yourself a "tour of interests", simply selecting your favorite pastime from the extensive list of hobbies.

Deutsche Bahn -
The site of the German railways.

The site of the German railways., The site of the German railways., "The site of the German railways. But, he also sees train tickets throughout Europe - conveniently.

National Geographic
The most famous popular science geographical publication in the world.

The most famous popular science geographical publication in the world.
On the site you will find the articles of the magazines of National Geographic Russia and National Geographic Traveler and the own materials of the authors of the site.

The main themes of our site: science, travel, nature, adventure.

A separate photo section is devoted to readers who are fond of photography. There you will find photos of users, photo secrets and photo reviews, you can take part in photo contests that are regularly held on our website.

Shares of airlines and ways to fly are almost free.

Shares of airlines and ways to fly are almost free.

The most profitable travel options for Russians.

Great Escape -
Interactive map of the choice of places of rest.

Interactive map of the choice of places of rest.

How it works

  1. We go to the site, he determined our geographical position and suggested the airport of departure, as well as the currency. Airport and currency can be changed.
  2. We set dates, our budget, filter on visas, places by popularity.
  3. Get directions, mouse over or click and get more detailed information on the selected direction.

Bank tour
The largest federal network of travel agencies specializing in burning tours and trips.

The largest federal network of travel agencies specializing in burning tours and trips.

It differs from the usual tour only in that it can be purchased a few days before departure, at a lower price.

Departures from 40 cities of Russia. Every year tens of thousands of clients trust us with their holidays from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Nazareth Village -
Nazareth Village.

At the time of Jesus, Nazareth was a small one of himself not representing a village. Josephus describing these places, more than once mentioned the city of Sepphoris (the largest city of those places) and a number of nearby villages, but never mentioned Nazareth. No wonder that they said "from Nazareth, can there be anything good?" (John 1:46).
It's like our Katzapurovka. The project was initiated by Protestant communities. A small place, an educational center.
The village is 2 km from Nazareth. This is a museum that imitates the life of Jesus. The whole exterior and interior reflects the life of the 1st century - architecture, wineries, olive presses, stone arches and lamps, as well as the clothing of the inhabitants of the village and their food. This unique museum will leave an unforgettable impression.

Nazareth village

Nazareth village

Nazareth village

Nazareth village

Nazareth village

Nazareth village

Routs on Google Maps -
Google Maps Directions.

Google Maps routes.
Just try.

We tested for northern Scandinavia, where there are very small settlements.
It's very simple, set the point From and point To.
The distance along the road, Time on the car and on foot.
It is described in detail how to get to where, on what street to leave the city, where to turn, to the number of which route to go.
They even found panoramas (remember, this sparsely populated north is small Country), so that you could see the place of the interchanges, what is, what it looks like.

Environmentally friendly routing

As far as apps are concerned, they will suggest a route that will save fuel.

Learn more about Google Maps. Google Map site

Determine the distance on Google Maps -
Google Maps Directions.

Google Maps directions.
Just set the city in the search form.
It will be the departure point.
A drop-down menu will appear where you will select "How to get there" and enter the destination of the trip.

The distance along the road, the time on the car and on foot will be indicated.
Details of how to get there, Where, on what street to leave the city, where to turn, to the number of which route to go. Almost navigator.

You can see the panoramas to see places of interchanges, what is, what it looks like. Learn more about Google Maps. Google Map site

Where to go to rest for months? Beach.

Information about the most popular countries that tourists choose for a beach, sightseeing holiday, as well as for a ski holiday at different times of the year.

Descriptions of the most interesting sights, addresses of visa centers, tables of distances between cities and brief phrasebooks.

From the points presented on the site, you can create and publish your own travel itineraries, leaving detailed descriptions and reviews along the way.

Wikiloc -
Routes of the world - mountain, hiking, cycling tracks.

Routes of the world - mountain, hiking, cycling tracks.

About 4 million participants, more than million tracks and more than 22 million photos.

Discover millions of outdoor routes around the world. Choose between hiking, jogging, cycling, MTB, kayak, skiing and another 70 different types of activities.

Record your own routes to the map, add waypoints, take photos along the course, and upload them from your phone to your Wikiloc account.

Use free topographic maps offline from around the world for free, without the need for Internet coverage or mobile data. This is convenient when you are in the mountains or traveling without an Internet connection.

Weather on the map.

Marine weather stations on the map.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Administration (NOAA) and the National Data Center for Buenos (NDBC) continuously receive information from numerous coastal stations and buoys located in different parts of the world.

Marine Stations measure the speed and direction of the wind, atmospheric pressure and air temperature, wave height, water temperature, etc. Clicking on the station marker, you can get this information for the selected region.

Gear Shout
Information sites about tourism, travel.

News and equipment reviews.
The goal is to inform readers about various novelties of sports and military equipment, clothes, footwear and various technologies for sports, active recreation, travel, tourism and survival from the most famous companies. We are for a healthy lifestyle.


Portal for cyclists.

  • for those who want to purchase a bicycle, but do not have enough information to make a choice.
  • for those who ride a bike just for those who are engaged in cycling professionally.
  • for cyclists ready to talk about their route and share their experience of overcoming difficulties and preparing equipment for hard tests.
The goal is to collect as much information as possible on the subject - history, technical features, various nuances of management and repair.

The site has a
  • Library
  • Catalog
  • Stores
  • Events
  • Reviews
  • Entries
  • Announcements
  • Dictionary and library
  • Photo galleries and videos
  • Users blogs
  • News

  • WikiRoutes
    Urban transport routes on the map.

    Wiki site for collection of all transport routes.

    In addition, there are recommended routes, how to get better.
    The site is young, the base is still small.

    Wikitravel -
    The project, which aims to create a free, free, relevant and reliable worldwide travel guide.

    The project, which aims to create a free, free, up-to-date and reliable world guidebook. Currently there are 750 Russian language guides and other articles written and edited by wikitravelers from all over the world.
    This is a wiki project, Which means that you too can participate in the creation of this directory.

    What is Wiki.

    Google Maps -
    Leading the project, more detailed and accurate, in cooperation with NASA Google map.

    Leading the project, in cooperation with NASA Google maps more detailed and accurate. If our maps are concentrated mainly around Moscow, something about Russia and the near abroad, then Google is the world leader.

    This service spawned a new kind of advertising - on the roofs of houses.

    More Google services using maps

    1. Photo on the map.
    2. Personalize Google maps - it's easiest to put a Google map on your site, but in addition, it's easiest to build your service based on Google maps.
    3. Wiki maps - connecting Wikipedia and Google maps.

    Mitfahren -
    Search for fellow travelers or companions in Germany.

    Search for fellow travelers or companions in Germany.

    Free Campsites -
    Free campsites on the map.

    Free camping sites are often the most beautiful and peaceful campsites.
    They are also well kept secret and can be hard to find.
    Search a map of free and cheap campgrounds, many with photos and reviews.
    This is also a platform where you can share places you've discovered.

    Eightydays -
    Multi-city Travel.

    Multi-city Travel.

    How it works

    1. Specify the approximate dates of our planned trip,
    2. specify the place of departure (usually your city),
    3. choose a place to visit from a small list (initially Schengen countries and everywhere else are offered),
    4. Then we are sent to the map with more detailed information regarding the tour.
    I did not like a little choice. But if someone can arrange a well-designed tours in many places, try here. The main thing is if the price builds.

    Russian Lapland
    A great opportunity to fish on the cleanest rivers and lakes, a good place to admire the Northern Lights.

    Lovozero is the Saami center of the Murmansk region. There are no noisy cities, many deer.

    A great opportunity to fish on the cleanest rivers and lakes, a good place to admire the Northern Lights (if you choose the right time to visit).

    You can ride a quad bike. In winter, you can enjoy the Northern Lights on the polar night, in the summer the polar day is light day and night.

    Geocaching -
    Global treasure hunt game.

    Global treasure hunt game.
    The game of travelers using satellite navigation to find caches of other participants in the game.
    Understandably, you can create caches.
    The principle is simple, and the implementation is made fascinating.

    Burger King -
    Fast food.

    One of the popular fast food, more expensive McDonald's, but a bigger burger and more relaxed. They are also many in the country and in the world. Fans can find the nearest on the map, learn about promotions, navigate the menu.

    The lessons of survival.

    All refuellings of Neste Oil.
    This is the Finnish gas station, which is represented primarily in St. Petersburg and the region. Also there is in Veliky Novgorod, Pskov ...

    Schedules of public transport in Russia.

    Timetables for buses, taxis, minibuses, trams, trolley buses, subways in Russia.

    Schedules in more than 10,000 locations across the country. Schedules have also been implemented with stops, thanks to which you can quickly and easily see the flights you need, which will pass through your station today and tomorrow.

    Going to a specific stop, you will be able to see all the modes of transport going through this stop, and make a route between the necessary points, starting from a specific stop.

    Bus tickets to Russia, Belarus and Europe.

    Online service to search, order and purchase electronic bus tickets in Russia and abroad. More than 5,000 carriers are connected to our system, so for any route we offer several travel options.

    A clear and informative search system: bus ticket price, route, duration of the trip, schedule, information about the carrier.

    Best prices - compare prices, find cheap flights and book coach tickets at the best fare online.


    Ability to return bus tickets in case of emergency. This procedure is in accordance with the conditions of carriers, as well as Russian legislation.
    Online booking of Busfor bus tickets guarantees you a refund in case of trip cancellation.

    100 Best Things To Do In Norway -
    Overview of the main places to visit in Norway.

    This page provides a brief overview of the main places to visit in Norway.
    Easy to navigate.
    I have only been to the north of Norway, I like it, these places are familiar to me.

    Panorama 360-VR
    Virtual Map of the traveler.

    Virtual cards from the traveler.
    Always good panoramas of this kind, when they are made not by a global service, but by one or a few people.
    I think we have repeatedly rushed to the doorposts on Google or Yandex panoramas (by the way, Yandex is noticeably shoal less).
    But when one person does and not everything and everything, but only that which he likes, here is the manual work and the quality is perfect.
    It is always interesting to see photos of the traveler who can photograph, And here such a photographer, only uploads not photos, but panoramas of his travels With beautiful views.
    Itself did not waste anything, something was left for memory, and we were pleased.

    Busradar -
    Search for bus flights.

    Search for bus flights.

    Convenient search for bus destinations in Europe. Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries are also represented, but only the largest routes.

    You can search for routes on the map.

    We can compare the offers of different shipping companies to find the best route for the price and time.

    Guides and tips for independent.

    A travel site that shares interesting itineraries, detailed travel guides, interesting news, useful tips and other practical information that travelers will definitely need.

    A project for adventurers, adventure seekers, and those who are tired of standard and boring routes, obligatory meetings with the tour operator’s guide at the hotel and shopping for “exclusive” excursions at inflated prices.

    You will learn how to book cheap accommodation abroad, how to fly to Europe, how to spend a weekend in Paris, with only 100 euros in your pocket. Our travel guides will help you plan your route, as well as tell you where and what you can save in a particular country, about free entertainment and interesting places

    Jetset Weather -
    Choose trips by weather.

    Choose trips by weather.

    How it works

    1. It's very simple, go in and see where it is warm now. However, you can choose the temperature filter yourself (warm, hot, cool ...).
    2. You can set the time, region.
    3. We will be offered a series of photos showing the city, country, temperature (sunny, overcast ...) and prices.
    4. If you are interested in something, click to get some more detailed information. -
    National tourist portal.

    The purpose of the portal is obvious - the development of national tourism. That is, here we can choose where to go and what to see in Russia.

    You can choose where to go on the map. Here, only what can interest the tourist and nothing else is noted.Even in small towns I found a lot of interesting to tourists.

    Naturally, we can choose your route, places for visits, but it's good to clarify. For example, on the map there are indicated the dispensaries of the closed type, only for workers of the enterprise or places are not present or in the winter fountains do not work.

    Lux Express -
    The bus carrier in the Baltic States, there are good sales from St. Petersburg and Moscow.

    The bus carrier in the Baltic States, there are good sales from St. Petersburg and Moscow.

    Passenger transportation on new comfortable buses with WI-FI and personal media systems.

    In this group, you can find out the latest and accurate information about our shipments, contests and promotions, as well as ask questions and share travel experiences with Lux Express.

    A handbook of practical information for hikers.

    A lively, continuously updated and updated guide to practical information for tourists.

    About countries, resorts and hotels first-hand.
    It has material on all matters of interest to travelers.

    Every day our experts add something new to it - true travel pros who know everything about their" destinations and generously share their personal experiences.

    Sunmar Tour
    Travel agencies.

    Included in the OTI group.

    The first Russian tourist company that specializes in economical options for recreation and on hot tours.

    Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, Greece, UAE, Dominican Republic, India.

    SANDEMANs NEW Europe -
    Free tours in 19 cities of Europe.

    Free tours in 19 cities of Europe.

    • Amsterdam,
    • Barcelona,
    • Berlin,
    • Brussels,
    • Copenhagen,
    • Dublin,
    • Edinburgh,
    • Hamburg,
    • Jerusalem,
    • Lisbon,
    • Liverpool,
    • London,
    • Madrid,
    • Munich,
    • New York,
    • Paris,
    • Porto,
    • Prague,
    • Seville,
    • Tel Aviv.

    Train for rent -
    Industrial tourism.

    A modern tourist is a person experienced, few people can be interested in a standard excursion to a museum or a monastery.
    The main reasons are two:

    1. independent tourism. With your own transport and Internet, you can easily organize for your family or friends a visit to any sights that interest you.
    2. lust for exclusivity. A trip along the Golden Ring or a rest in cottages will surprise no one.
    It is much more pleasant to brag to friends and colleagues when you have visited a place they have not even heard of!

    The first, the proposed tour is a trip to an active peat-mining enterprise with riding on a narrow-gauge railway. Due to the closure of most peat-farming outskirts near Moscow and the dismantling of narrow-gauge roads, this is practically the only place near Moscow's where it is possible to drive more than 20 km along a departmental narrow-gauge road.

    Social Networks tourists.

    A network project that gives people the opportunity to share information about their travels, travel, plans for future trips, as well as photos from all over the world. Your friends can find your page and your photos from vacation. You can get information about the country, city, hotel, ask a question to people who have already visited there, evaluate photos and feedback from other participants.

    Поездочка.ком is an online community of people who are very fond of traveling and are glad to share their impressions.

    Thanks to Trips, you keep in touch with your friends and get all the necessary information about travels that are not written in your advertising brochures.

    Attractions, dangers, best places, popular hotels, clean beaches, delicious food, Trans Sports, cheap flights, local people, photos of travelers.

    Compensair -
    Compensation for delay or cancellation of the flight.

    Compensation for delaying or canceling a flight to/from the EU up to € 600 in the event of:

    • Flight delays.
    • Flight cancellations.
    • Denied boarding.
    • Missed transplant.
    € 450 - the average amount of compensation received by users of the site.The service takes a 20% of the amount due to you, which is sold. But the service takes over the entire routine.

    You can easily break through the flight for compensation.

    More than 100 airlines from 50 countries.

    How it works

    1. Submitting an application - fill in the flight details and a short description.
    2. We get compensation in a convenient way for us.

    Vacation with children
    Holidays with children - where to go with children in Moscow and Moscow region, on weekends, holidays, holidays.

    Smarter Travel -
    Expert travel tips, inspiring destination stories.

    Expert travel tips, inspiring destination stories, and timely travel news to feed your passion for seeing the world before, during, and after your trip.

    Discover Moscow -
    The site of the Moscow authorities for foreign visitors to the capital.

    The site from the Moscow authorities for the guests of the capital is a joint project of the Department of Education, the Department of Cultural Heritage, the Department of Culture and the Department of Information Technology.

    Here are all that a tourist in Moscow will need: how to travel, where to stay, where to eat, what to visit, visa issues.

    The site is built on the principle of Wikipedia: everyone can offer their own route or add information on objects, including audio-visual elements.
    Participate in project contests, send your history of an ancient house, it will be appreciated by experts and visitors of the site, and who knows, suddenly it will be included in the best tourist routes.

    Tools for finding and buying rounds for selection of hotels.

    Service for finding and buying tours and for selecting hotels.

    Site services

    1. we find ready tours;
    2. independently organize a trip;
    3. choice by tour operators;
    4. choice of hotels and their ratings;
    5. choice by price;
    6. choice by payment method.

    Which city to visit? Click and get a random city.

    Which city to visit?
    Click and get a random city.
    There will not be all the cities in the world, but only those that you should go to.
    Also we get to the place on the map and the panorama of that place, so more clearly, to understand whether i

    S mashinoy
    Social network motorists.

    Smashina is a network for communication.

    The peculiarity of the site is that all its users are car owners.
    The features of the site allow you to search for people by car number, sex, age, city and other signs.

    Momondo -
    Hot tours.

    A very intuitive website for finding the cheapest tickets.
    This is a Danish website. There are a number of languages ​​- including Russian.
    On the site you can see the price scale of airlines depending on the seasons.

    Search for rooms in more than 100,000 hotels all over the world, from cheap hostels to the most expensive and most luxurious hotels.

    Payment methods

    VIP Geo
    Last-minute tours from all tour operators of Russia.

    A travel portal and tourist guide where you can find everything: from trips to the farthest corners of the world to useful travel articles.

    Here you can buy a tour, share your impressions of the trip, find a travel companion, or prepare for a trip.

    Purpose: to help travel agencies and tourists to find each other. We do so that tourists always have access to current trips, and travel agencies can organize travel for a wide range of clients.

    OTI Holding -

    The leading holding in the sphere of tourism, it includes: Coral Travel, Tez Tour, Sunmar Tour, Blue Sky, A-class Travel.

    BR -
    Belarusian railway.

    Belarusian railway.

    Timetables trains and trains, tickets, shipping and other related information.

    Professional tourist portal.

    Professional tourist portal.

    This site is more for a more advanced user. There are news, quotes and a lot of information in the tourist business.

    Here you can determine how economically sound, and therefore reliable tour operator.

    Cool Cousin -
    Information about where to hang out / eat / rest locals.

    Cool Cousin is the easiest and funnest (it’s a word) way to find places you’ll love in cities around the world.

    All you do is connect with vetted locals who share your interests — aka Cousins — and explore their favorite city spots and activities. With the Cool Cousin app, you’re just two taps away from getting personalized recommendations from a local you can trust. So long unidentified tourist traps and wasted hours of research. When you have a Cool Cousin, FOMO is NOMO (yes, we have copywriting skills and we’re not afraid to use them).

    Urban cats who care about their city and want to make sure visitors spend their time and their dime in businesses that deserve it, Cool Cousin is the best possible way to rep your town. As a Cousin, you get to shout out to beloved local businesses that will be thankful for the traffic, connect with international city explorers like yourself and take part in our thriving global community. Like the sound of that? Become a cousin.

    Providing emergency assistance to tourists in accordance with the Federal Law.

    Association TURPOMOSCH takes care of tourists who are in a difficult situation, due to the financial insolvency of the tour operator - a member of the Association.

    The Association's goal is to provide emergency assistance to tourists in accordance with the Federal Law "On the Basics of Tourist Activities in the Russian Federation".

    Check whether your tour operator is a member of the association at Register of Tour Operators

    Snow village
    Snow Village.

    Internet-shop of fashionable clothes: fur coats, sheepskins, leather jackets and accessories.In many countries snow has long been used as a building material for hotels made of snow and ice. Even the fact that the temperature in the rooms rarely rises above minus 3-5° does not stop the guests; S.

    Each of the snow hotels in different countries has its own architecture and features.

    The sculptors create various interior items for such hotels - real works of art made of snow and ice.

    "Snow Village" in Kirovsk is the first project of snow hotel construction in Russia.

    Mode of operation

    from December 21 to May 01

    daily - 11.00-21.00

    December 31 - 11.00-17.00
    January 1 - 13.00-21.00

    There are ticket sales offices for visitors.

    For those who have purchased an e-ticket, there is a separate express box office.

    The work schedule may change, please check the site.
    On separate days there is a big queue, a traffic jam for several kilometers.
    We recommend you to call and clarify the most convenient time of visit.

    Electronic newspaper of the tourist industry.

    Community for professionals of the tourist market.

    The monthly audience of the portal is more than 1 million people.

    The news strategy of TURPROM is based on the fact that only the original source is recognized as an authoritative source of informat

    Hot tours.

    The project of a major travel agency "Upgrade".
    The site among other things publish ads about unsold travel packages of other agencies at low prices - in Essence is the drain of cheap tours, such an approximate "Chiptrip". This is, perhaps, the most convenient and pleasant site of the travel agency in Russian.

    A dozen countries for recreation, the most typical, and restless, all inclusive; The price is something from $200 for a ticket for one; Point of sale in Moscow, Peter, Kiev and Kaliningrad (for the ticket it is necessary to go to the office in one of the These cities). On the site - pay attention to what should be a site with tickets - a simple, understandable tape with ads, the human language of descriptions, including in the help section, branches in social networks, subscription to vouchers.

    Payment methods

    DworkS -
    Visas for the country on the map.

    Visas for the country on the map.

    How it works

    1. We go to the site and choose our country (if you are in your country, the site will offer it to you),
    2. we get to the page where it is marked with flowers on the map, where a visa is required for us, and where it is not required, where an electronic visa is available, and where a visa is on arrival.
    You can set a filter geographically or by type of visa.In addition to the map, you will be offered a list of countries with brief information on the topic.

    Советуем, куда поехать отдыхать
    Where to go to rest.

    Animal lovers.

    Now every dog ​​or cat has its own social network.
    Communicate on behalf of their pets, of course, will be their masters, but nevertheless.
    New social network with its inherent blocks.

    The bulletin board is what the resource begins with, the photo gallery, blogs and groups, photo contests and just communication.

    Animated Knots -
    The lessons of survival.

    All kinds of nodes: sea, surgical, alpine, decorative, coupling ... and even how to tie ties.

    How does it work?

    1. Select a group,
    2. select a node,
    3. look through the steps,
    4. select the speed of changing pictures - Fast-Medium-Slow-Loop (Fast- Medium-Low-Slow).

    SnowVillage -
    Snow Village.

    Finns were the first to come up with such a hotel. Therefore, the level is higher.
    Just go to the site and it will become obvious.
    There is a restaurant, an opportunity to marry and spend a honeymoon.
    Well, everything costs much more.

    Visit Norway -
    Useful websites about Norway.

    A wonderful site about Norway for tourists.
    The website provides information on several ways to plan your trip to Norway. Try using our search engine, which offers thousands of options for your choice.

    You can decide where to go and where to stay.
    You can find ways to relax cheaper (Norway is an expensive country).
    Find out the weather, determine the route on the map. We are watching the exchange rate.
    Bus transport in Norway.
    In addition to buses on the site, there is a lot of information about hotels, cottages ... and rest in Norway.

    Best Vietnam
    This is a site with useful articles that will be interesting to know the tourist about Vietnam.

    This is a site with useful articles that will be interesting to know the tourist about Vietnam.

    1. Cities
    2. the islands of Vietnam,
    3. sights,
    4. transport,
    5. where to stay.

    Visit Norway -
    Map of Norway.

    What can be good after all these advantages?

    There are no Panoramas.

    • Detailing to houses.
    • Norway is a mountainous country, because the relief is indicated.
    • High-resolution satellite imagery.
    • You can build a route (only in Norway), along the way you will find hotels, restaurants, attractions ...
    The map is worthy, worth a look.
    Tourist Information Centers are created to inform about tourism opportunities in Russian regions.

    Tourist Information Centers are created to inform about tourism opportunities in Russian regions.
    Contact the TIC through a messenger, get reliable first hand information.

    • TIC advice is free for you.
    • TICs provide reliable information.
    • TICs are created in most regions of Russia.

    Lardi-Trans -
    Determine the distance.

    The determinant of distances. Russia and Europe

    City 1:
    City 2:
    City through:
    Minimum time
    The minimum distance
    Use reserved
    routes for freight transport
    Do not leave the country
    Exclude ferries

    AutoTransInfo -
    Determine the distance.

    The determinant of distances. Russia and Europe.
    A service similar to the above, but the route on the Google map is also shown.
    Cheap flights and travel.

    Travel Planner.

    Traveling is easy and inexpensive. Read guides, reviews and tips - they will help you plan any trip.

    Joint trips with fellow travelers.

    Save time and money by driving together with your fellow travellers and make it cheaper for drivers.

    If you are the driver:

    Suggest a trip.
    Indicate the place of departure and arrival. Add your trip details.
    Find passengers.
    Contact your travel companions for more details about your trip.
    Make a trip.
    Reduce fuel costs with traveling companions.

    If you are a passenger:

    Find a trip.
    Use the search function and filters.
    See detailed information about your trip.
    Book a place.
    Contact the driver for more details about your trip.
    Make your journey.
    Go on a trip together with your fellow travelers.

    Social Networks tourists.

    Free service for travel and travel lovers, allowing you to effectively and colorfully convey your travel experiences, share them with friends, communicate in communities of interest and plan your trips based on the personal experience of others.
    In just a few seconds you get your own Page of the traveler, and can begin to form a personal travel history.

    Create a map of all your trips and each separately. The authors use the technology Google Maps API, but added several of their own unique developments for greater visibility, convenience and beauty. All your trips are marked with flags, visited countries are painted over, and on the map for each individual trip the route of your movement is displayed.

    1. Create photo galleries,
    2. write travel notes and stories,
    3. travel reports,
    4. the most interesting and memorable can be reflected as special notes on the fields - "Facts",
    5. to each You can attach the corresponding photo gallery to the report, and vice versa,
    6. add the video,
    7. send personal invitations to your friends to view your reports and photos,
    8. to the services of the scheduler of future trips.

    MakeMyTrip -
    Indian online travel company.

    Indian online travel company.
    Here you can choose a tour, plane tickets, etc., a complete set.
    The site will be useful for travel to India or neighboring countries.

    Biblio Globus

    Offers complete packages of tours, including air travel and transfer.
    5 own inking structures for reception and service of tourists are organized: in Thailand (Biblio-GlobusAsia) and at Cyprus (JTACyprus), in Vietnam, in Tunisia, in United Arab Emirates.

    Cyprus, Greece, Tunisia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, US, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Israel, Maldives, UAE.

    Official representations:
    Moscow, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Bottom Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Tyumen, Ufa, Khabarovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kiev.

    Сovid Controls -
    The purpose of the site is to show on the map where the situation with Covid is safer.

    The purpose of the site is to show on the map where the situation with Covid is safer.
    Here tourists can choose a country to visit.

    Here you can see the statistics and just orientate yourself by color.
    Say, a number of countries are immediately removed.

    Then you can click on the countries and get more detailed information.

    Guide to the Moscow region.
    Moscow Region Tourism Committee.

    The guide is conducted by local historians and journalists, bloggers and guides, as well as ordinary travelers, who share their experience in exploring the Moscow region. and share your experience, send your favorite routes, stories about unique activities and sights.

    Special attention to the Guide is given to photos - all copyrighted, in good resolution.

    Hotel reservation.

    Find the cheapest prices for all global booking systems for hotels, air tickets and car rental around the world.
    The ability to see prices in booking systems through the eyes of a travel agent, compare all offers and choose the best.
    Thus, the service helps tourists to find the best prices, no need now to scour Internet in search of affordable hotels and other services. It manually selects cheap hotels that recommend service users and weekly monitoring of popular tourist communities and forums.

    At the user's request, hundreds of offers of airlines, hotels and travel agencies are compared. After choosing the appropriate option, you can reserve it in any convenient way: directly through the hotel, airline website or through a travel agent.

    You do not need to register on the site. All services are rendered free of charge. The site is very easy to use, there are step-by-step guides for finding the best price for a hotel, car rental, a detailed guide to finding cheap fares for a flight.

    Shop hot tours.

    Shop hot tours.

    The site is for informational purposes only.

    Up-to-date information, including the cost of the tourist product, can be obtained from the managers of the company on the phones indicated on the website.

    FlightAware -
    Live flight tracking service for airports worldwide.

    France, with love for Paris
    About Paris and France.

    About Paris and France.

    Movingimage -
    Virtual museums and galleries around the world.

    Virtual museum "Museum of Moving Images."
    New York museum is one of the most famous museums devoted to everything that is connected With the production of films, TV programs and video games.

    Vokrug Sveta
    Leading site of Russia on travel.

    Monthly cognitive journal for the whole family.
    Speaks of travels, amazing corners of our planet, historical events, famous people, scientific discoveries and technical achievements.
    The magazine has won the love of Russians of all ages and generations and almost continuously has been published for 155 years.
    Visa Waiver countries on the map.

    A good base about the trips from Rambler.
    There is an interactive map for countries without visa entry and you can click on the country to get exhaustive information.
    There they collected literally everything you can find. Sometimes it seems that too much information, I would like to simpler. But it is important to find what is required, and every day we are not interested in such issues, so I'm happy.

    FlixBus -
    The largest bus carrier in Europe.

    The largest bus carrier in Europe.
    More than 350,000 routes in 2,000 cities and 28 countries.

    Here you can pick up, cheap to buy a bus ticket for Europe.
    Flexible exchange and return tickets.

    The FlixBus bus lounge has free Wi-Fi, sockets and air conditioning.

    Each passenger receives a comfortable seat with extended legroom and can carry free hand luggage and standard luggage.
    Check flight status.
    Ability to apply for finding forgotten things.

    Discounts for users of the application and mailing subscribers.

    Globe Genie -
    Virtual Teleportation.

    Virtual teleportation.
    We get to different places of the earth at random choice.
    We see the place in the panorama and where it is on the map. It's funny.

    Sar-El Tours -

    Christian tours to the Holy Land.
    One of the leading travel agencies in Israel, collaborates with Christian communities around the world. Making up the program of the tour, takes into account individual wishes and requests of each group.

    To tell the truth, it seemed to us that the guide knows everything: the history of Israel, the political situation inside Israel and its neighbors, the Bible, Hebrew, Russian, English (probably Aramaic and something Yet), the culture of the Jews, Christian and Russian, explain everything from the migration of birds, the depth of the lakes, the height of the mountains, the annual precipitation, the temperature, who where, when ... believe me, learn a lot of interesting things.
    The guide accompanies the group from the airport, Will help you stay and learn how to shop.


    • Israel is a country where the Bible, faith and history form a single whole, and prophecy and promise continue to be fulfilled.
    • Sarel employees want to be not just a travel agency, but to build a bridge between the Holy Land and Christian communities.
    Discover Israel, get acquainted with its people and expand your horizons!

    A wide range of local contacts will allow you to organize interesting meetings for the group with local politicians, representatives of Christian communities; Listen to the lectures of professionals in any area of ​​interest to you: in agriculture, the media, etc.

    Tour "All Peoples"

    Day 1 - Arrival in Israel, transfer to the hotel in Natanya.
    Day 2 - Caesarea; Bahai Gardens (Haifa); Druze village; Acre;
    Day 3 - Pkiyin; Zefat; Circassians; Tiberias; Capernaum; A walk along the Sea of ​​Galilee.
    Day 4 - Mount Ben-Tal; Tell Dan; Banias; Mount of Beatitudes
    Day 5 - Masada; Qumran; Bathing in the Dead Sea; "Eretz Bereishit" ("Beduin's Life").
    Day 6 - Mount of Olives; Mount Zion; Temple Mount; Jewish Quarter of the Old City; The Western Wall; The Armenian quarter of the Old City.
    Day 7 - Monasteries and churches, including the Old City, the Way of the Cross and Ein Karem; Yad Vashem.
    Day 8 - Promenade in Armon HaNaziv; View of Bethlehem; Museum of Israel with a model city of the times of the Second Temple; Architecture of Jerusalem.

    Pilgrim tour

    Day 1. - Arrival, tour of Jaffa, Caesarea. Transfer to the hotel in Netanya.
    Day 2. - Haifa, Muhraha (Mount Carmel), Mount Megiddo, Mount Tavor (Transfiguration), Nazareth, Kana. Hotel in Tver.
    Day 3. - Walk through the Sea of ​​Galilee, Mount of Beatitudes, Tabha, Capernaum, baptism in the Jordan. Hotel in Tver.
    Day 4. - Jordan Valley, Beit Shean, the source of Gideon, view of Jericho, Dead Sea - bathing. Hotel in Ein Bokek (Dead Sea).
    Day 5. - Ein Gedi, Masada, moving to Jerusalem.
    Day 6. - Old City of Jerusalem, Western Wall, Temple Mount, Yad Vashem, modern city. Hotel in Jerusalem.
    Day 7. - Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Bethesda, Lion Gate, Via Dolorosa, empty Tomb, communion. Hotel in Jerusalem.
    Day 8. - Ability to travel to Eilat.

    Youth tour

    Day 1 - Arrival in Israel, transfer to the hotel in Natanya.
    Day 2 - Caesarea, Carmel, Megiddo, excavations of the village of the 1st century AD. Under Nazareth, the kibbutz "Manara" - attractions on the mountain. Hotel in Tiberias.
    Day 3 - Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Tabha.

    Hunting the Northern Lights tour -
    The site tracks the Northern Lights by us on special resources.

    Some believe that in order to see the Northern Lights, it is enough to come to any point beyond the Arctic Circle at any time and it is in front of you.

    Not so simple. The first thing to consider is solar activity. Since the appearance of the Northern Lights directly depends on this factor, ideally, you should choose the date of maximum activity of the sun.

    Second - the weather should be cloudless, so that the clouds do not hide the shine.

    The lights of the city do not allow to see the sky, because there are almost no chances to see in the cities.

    The site tracks the Northern Lights by us on special resources that show information about the activity of the sun, which comes from satellites in real time. Scientists from the Geophysical Observatory of Lovozero, the only station in Russia studying the Northern Lights, taught us to get the most accurate indicators.

    This site will offer you the best time to visit the Arctic.

    You need to have warm clothes:

    • underwear, thermal underwear as possible,
    • warm shoes,
    • a warm jacket and pants,
    • warm gloves, and better mittens,
    • warm headdress.
    The Northern Lights are visible only on cloudless days. So, the clouds do not keep warm and expect those frosty days.

    Tourist portal.

    The site was created in 1999 as a thematic industry information portal.

    More than a million pages of current tourist information: descriptions of countries, resorts, hotels, attractions; reviews, tips and photos of tourists; articles, photo stories and tourism news; offers of landlords and travel agencies, train schedules and tourist routes.

    The content of the site is formed from the author's editorial materials. Also, speaking as an information broker, published materials users - tourists and representatives of the tourist industry.

    BBC Weather -
    Global weather services.

    The only site where I did not find a prediction for my city.

    Trip Advice
    Hot tours.

    Travel guides for those who like to travel alone, about

    • how to save on living in Paris or where cheap and tasty to eat in Barcelona.
    • here do not offer hotels for several hundred euros per night, but will tell you about little-known apartments or family hoteliers.
    • There are no bus group tours, but will help to feel the city or country, get acquainted with the real, non-tourist culture and taste traditional cuisine.

    Lonely Planet -

    The online publisher of tourism. The publication originally produced guidebooks (which it still does), now puts more on the online version. In 2012, Lonely Planet guidebooks began to be published in Russian.

    Hitchwiki -
    Hitchhiking encyclopedia.

    Hitchhiking encyclopedia.

    Hitchwiki is a collaborative website for gathering information about hitchhiking and other ways of extremely cheap ways of transport. It was inspired by Wikipedia and by Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. At some point it was left abandoned by its founder, and found and adopted by Guaka. As a hitchhiker you're encouraged to read and write this guide, by adding your knowledge, improving existing articles and starting new ones! Anyone is allowed to edit - you just need to log in.

    Hitchwiki is gathering all sorts of relevant information about good hitchhiking spots, knowledge about hitchhiking possibilities in different countries, general know-how about what to pack and when to go, what to eat, and how to stay safe.

    Just click edit at the top of an article, make your changes and click Save page. A good article to start editing or writing is probably your home town. To create new articles you can add and around the title of the new article, in some other article, on your user page or even here on the main page. Save the page, click on the red link and start writing a new page. Be bold about editing, just do it! If it feels a bit awkward, you can practice in the Sandbox.

    Google Travel -
    Travel portal.

    Travel portal.

    Convenient flights at competitive prices.

    When we plan a trip, we use Google to choose a place, time, hotel, plane.

    Well, if we find out anyway through Google, they collected this kind of information in one place.
    What do we need?
    We do not want to come to India for the rainy season, we do not want to buy the most expensive tickets.
    We want to see something new.
    And we are limited by budget.

    The portal allows you to choose a place, hotel, plane tickets.
    So it will be more convenient to find a place, respectively, prices.

    The portal offers links to selected hotels on

    with specified prices, you can go and make an order or search for something more interesting.

    Russian Railways tickets -
    Train tickets.

    Tickets can also be bought on the official website of the railway Russia.
    The cheapest way is without intermediaries.
    Such a ticket will cost you less, Than to buy at the checkout. For example, if we buy 2 round-trip tickets, we save about 900 rubles.
    There's a toll-free number 7 800 200 67 67.

    Receiving a ticket

    When buying a ticket for trains from 001 to 899 numbering, a ticket is not required. It is enough to produce a passport, because the place is bought in your name. Thus, there is no need to queue at the cash register.

    In other cases, when buying a ticket, information can be printed out, or you can rewrite the 20-digit ticket number. Then you need to transfer it to the cashier and get a ticket.
    You can call and find out beforehand if it can be done at your railway station.Payment methods


    For this you need to contact the railway ticket office (not via Internet). The money will be returned to the plastic card.
    The fee for the operation when returning to the cashier's office of JSC Russian Railways an unused travel document (ticket) ordered and paid for at the site, is 99 rubles. 30 kop. From each place regardless of the date of the ticket.

    Tripline -
    The site allows you to build routes and make an animated presentation.

    The site allows you to build routes and make an animated presentation.

    You can impose data imported from Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram and Tripit on the presentation.

    Convenient multimedia card, description, comments, advice on routes.

    Convenient multimedia Maps, with descriptions, comments, recommendations on routes that can not be used when traveling - just unreasonable!

    Travel - an integral part of the life of any person. And international travel is also an occasion to see a lot of new things, to boast of your friends and just get a lot of new impressions. Sometimes it is difficult to find an optimized route. In this difficult issue will help the card. A better multimedia card. This is exactly the solution for this task, and the Tripster service is called "travel on the map."

    This, almost unique, service provides you with a full set of tools for determining the route of a future trip or tour, thanks to the use of Google Maps. Implemented on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies, including AJAX, this site quickly works with large data sets, including with scalable multimedia Maps, which provides the user with many new functions. One of the interesting features is, for example, the creation of a travel history. It is also useful that, for example, if you are aiming at a city, you will get information about it and see how many users of the service have already visited, read their reviews, their recommended routes and much more.

    Tripwolf -
    One of the best sites for tourism.

    One of the best sites for tourism.
    The tourist will receive the exhaustive information:

  • tourist routes
  • attractions
  • beaches
  • places
  • for outdoor activities
  • nightlife
  • places
  • slept
  • public catering
  • purchases
  • transport
  • other
  • entertainment Map, photos, videos. You can download and print a beautifully illustrated guide and take it on a trip.

    Languages: English - German.

  • Passport Index -
    World’s most popular online interactive tool, which collects, displays and ranks the passports of the world.

    The most popular interactive interactive tool in the world, which collects, displays and evaluates the world's passports in real time.

    Passports can be selected on the cover, the color of the cover, the list, on the map. By choosing a passport we get a list of countries where you can go from the selected country without a visa, with an electronic visa, a usual visa.

    Passports (in fact, the country) are ranked according to different ratings, if anyone is interested or curious.

    Airalo -
    World's First eSIM Store.

    World's First eSIM Store.

    Connecting to advantageous rates in other countries for travelers.
    More than 100 eSIM cards.
    So you will be able to freely use the Internet and a stable connection, perhaps wherever a tourist can go.

    Cruise Portal.

    Included in the tourist holding DREAMLINES GmbH, founded in 2011 (Germany).

    The company has offices in 8 countries: Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Russia, the Netherlands and the USA.

    1. Sea and river cruises on behalf of more than 35 different cruise companies, a cruise of any class from “standard” to “luxury”.
    2. fresh promotions, special offers, seasonal sales and discounts,
    3. Qualified support before, during and even after the cruise,
    4. related services:
        hotel before or after the cruise;
      • flight to the place from which the cruise begins or where it ends;
      • transfer services;
      • excursion program before, during and after the cruise;
      • insurance services;
      • visa support.
    5. the best cruises at the most attractive prices and provide you with the "Best Price Guarantee."


    Site for those who ride. In summer, on a bicycle, roller skates, skate. In winter, skiing, skating or snowboarding. Or vice versa.

    And this site is for those who do not just ride, but ride openly. That is, does not hide the fact that he skates. On the contrary - he regularly keeps in touch with his movements. And it adheres to like-minded people. Better, of course, if like-minded people. Can, in general, forbid registration for the male sex?

    Using Katushkin, you can:

    1. Find someone to ride with.
    2. Where to ride.
    3. When.
    4. On what.
    5. And how.
    6. And also:
    7. Learn everyone by reading

    All-Russian Association of Passengers
    Passengers of all modes of transport, unite!

    Passengers of all modes of transport, unite!
    Passengers, have decided to unite.

    We have our own opinion, our own position, our own attitude to the conditions of transportation!
    And the firm belief that we have the right only to the best and quality service, to the observance of all modern rules by the companies-carriers: from transparency in the formation of tariffs and traffic in strict compliance with the declared schedules to providing the equipment of the park with environmentally friendly vehicles under the control of drivers - professionals.

    It would be wrong to assume that passengers are concerned only with the appearance of buses and the presence of air conditioners in trains.
    We understand perfectly well that drivers, pilots and navigators are the same people as we are, who have the right to rest, because our safety depends not on their well-being.
    Society is against violations of working conditions of drivers, against admission to work of people who have not passed medical examination before entering the route.

    Only together will we be able to radically change the situation and make people reckon with us and respect us, no matter what city we come to.

    The idea was supported by representatives of the Federation Council and the State Duma, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Presidential Council for Civil Society Development and Human Rights...

    Israel Ministry of Tourism -
    Israel Ministry of Tourism.

    Ministry of Tourism of Israel.
    The main goal of the Ministry of Tourism is to attract foreign guests to the country. To this end, the Ministry established the State Tourism Company, which deals with marketing, professional training of personnel, control of hotels, advertising, etc.

    The ministry's second most important task is the development of domestic tourism, i.e. Encouraging Israelis to rest within the country.

    KAYAK -
    Compare prices on hundreds of sites at once.

    Compare prices on hundreds of sites at once.

    Search for flights, hotels, car rentals and not only with KAYAK. KAYAK searches simultaneously on hundreds of sites where you can get the necessary information and make the right decision.

    Routes and distances
    Routes and distances between cities of Russia.

    How many kilometers from Moscow to other cities in the country?

    The signs below show the distance from Moscow to some cities along directions popular with Russians.

    If you want to know not only the distance, but also the travel time, the consumption of gas and the city along the route, click on the pointer.

    To find other routes and distances, use the search form. Good luck on the roads and good luck!
    Vacation guide.

    Tips. Lifehacks. Useful selections.

    Tips, how to travel on tours and independently: how to get there, where it is better to stay, how much it costs.

    Current information on resorts, prices, leisure conditions.

    Useful collections on routes and countries for travel.

    The routes on the map.

    Itineraries are a community of traveling people. If you like to visit new places, travel around the world, go hiking, make extreme expeditions, then this site is for you.

    Routes provides registered users with placement and storage services, including but not limited to text and photo materials, then Content corresponding to the subject of "Travel", on personal user pages, in comments to entries of other registered users.

    What you can do on the site

    1. Find stories, useful information, photos, coordinates and satellite imagery of the places where you are going to go.
    2. Find traveling people who have been or are living in the area where you are going to, and contact them.
    3. Create your personal page and add there a collection of places you've visited.
    4. Write in detail about your routes. Upload photo albums, maps, coordinates to your stories. In this case, the maps will be saved in several formats and will be convenient for viewing.
    5. When you upload photos to a site, they do not need to be reduced, they will decrease to the correct size automatically.
    6. If you add geographic features to your routes, they will appear on your Google map. And if you upload a .kml format file from the Google Earth program to the route, then the route will also appear on the map.
    7. You can add "useful notes" to the route that will be available to users on the geographic site page.
    8. Add your own satellites to the site, even if they are not registered on the site. This will not prevent them from registering under their own name in the future. And on your page they will be now.
    9. All people with whom you have shared routes are automatically added to your Friends page. But you can add to friends and other people registered on the site.
    10. The site will help you organize a trip, to assemble a group. To do this, you can create an upcoming route and not publish it. And on the route page, create a forum for discussion with the participants. The route will not be visible to all users, but you can transfer the link to the page of the route to your friends and invite them to the trip.
    11. Vote for the materials of the site online and yourself participate in the contests of stories. In July, the site starts a contest with excellent prizes: backpacks, down jackets, GPS, sleeping bags and other necessary things in travel.


    Itineraries are a community of traveling people. If you like to visit new places, travel around the world, go hiking, make extreme expeditions, then this site is for you.

    Section of cycling.
    Popular routes.
    Photo Albums of routes.

    Distances between cities.

    Information about the distances between the cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In addition, on the page of this city there is information about its location, time zone and zip code.

    TUI -
    Leading International Travel Company.

    The leading international travel company, founded in Hannover in 1923.
    TUI motto: "All for your smile"

    180 countries, 53 000 employees.

    • more than 15 tourist destinations,
    • more than 440 travel agencies under the TUI brand,
    • the only tour operator in Russia offering a full package of tourist services, including air travel, under a single brand.


    Matador Network -
    The platform for travelers and journalists.

    A platform for travelers and journalists.
    Of course, there are reviews here that do not recommend something to visit, and who recommend something to visit. In addition, there is additional information about famous people: writers, athletes, filmmakers ... who are somehow involved in a visited tourist place.

    Pegas Touristik

    One of the best travel agents, reliable, stable.
    How many times I used, I was always happy. And not only bought tours, but also issued visas, insurance. It turns out more profitable than doing it yourself.

    Local travel agents say that Pegasus always refunds money. If you traveled, rested, but something did not correspond to reality, you will be quickly and without compensation paid on your request through a travel agent.

    Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, India, Thailand, Andorra, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Israel, UAE, Cuba, Vietnam, Mexico, Kenya, China, Jordan, Morocco, Maldives and Mauritius.


    HostelsClub -
    Order hotels and tours online.

    Booking hotels and tours online.
    There is a choice of cheap hotels. Easily found the hotel for $30 per night - usually more than $80.
    Choose a city, look at the map where it is.

    Online travel insurance purchase service.

    Online travel insurance purchase service.

    The official representative of insurance companies: Ingosstrakh, Allianz, Alpha Insurance, Liberty Insurance, VSK, ERV, Rosgosstrakh, Reso-Garantiya and ...

    Advantages - in one place choose the best insurance option and get the policy as quickly as possible.

    Gorky Gorod
    All-season resort.

    The official site of the resort Gorky Gorod.

    All-season mountain resort in the foothills of the Main Caucasus Range, on the territory of the famous Krasnaya Polyana Big Sochi.

    The high level of service, architectural refinement and picturesque landscapes of the nature reserve attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world to the resort every year.

    HostelsClub -
    Order hotels and tours online.

    Booking hotels and tours online.
    There is a choice of cheap hotels. Easily found the hotel for $30 per night - usually more than $80.
    Choose a city, look at the map where it is.
    Portal about tourism.

    Portal about tourism.

    Information about countries, travels, hotels, as well as current offers on tours from tour operators and travel agencies.

    Blacklane -
    German service - Transfer to more than 50 countries around the world.

    German service is a transfer in more than 50 countries.
    Only professional drivers, insurance, three classes of cars: business class, business van/SUV, premium class.

    You can make an order using the application for mobile.

    Holidays with children in summer and winter.

    Where to go on holiday with children in Finland or the Baltic States, Spain or Germany, the United States or the Maldives? Holidays with children in summer and winter, at sea and in the mountains, educational and language camps, the best resorts and museums of the world for children, as well as reviews, reviews, photos and special prices and conditions.

    Poster for children, photos, reviews, descriptions of places and events in 22 cities of Russia.

    The goal is to provide users with quick access to reliable information needed to make informed decisions about spending and helping people spend more time with their families.

    The site aims to become the most popular, reliable and popular source of information about everything that is for children in Russia and around the world.

    Evakuator-mos -
    Tow on the map.

    Evacuators on the map.
    Judging by the address, the service started from Moscow, where it will be the largest base. However, there are many cities in Russia. For Russia, not a complete base, but what is, is better than nothing.

    Use is simple, find the nearest tow truck on the map, click, call on the proposed phone.
    If it does not help, then we will use the traditional way, ask the traffic police. The truth here is inconvenience, first wait for them, then the evacuator.

    Tur pogoda
    Tourist portal about the weather and recreation.
    Travel blog.

    China Travel
    Tours to South-East Asia.

    Tours to South-East Asia: Vietnam, China and ...
    Anyone who has touched China or the East in general understands how specific this region is. Therefore, it is better to use the operators who are engaged in the East.

    Business tours

    • conferences, seminars, exhibitions,
    • Hong Kong (visa is not issued for stays of up to 14 days) is Asia's largest financial and trade region, the venue of numerous international fairs,
    • Singapore,
    • ...


    • Korea,
    • Vietnam,
    • China (excursions, treatment, beaches),China
    • ...


    Preferably Vietnam, Thailand or the Indonesian Islands.

    Industrial Business Network -
    Excursions around the world, booking excursions.

    Excursions around the world, booking excursions.

    How it works

    1. we set the budget,
    2. type of excursion (walking or car, overview, historical, thematic, children, excursion, photo session ...)
    3. Excursions, reviews, photos, tour price and guide information.
    4. Pay and print a voucher,
    5. see the list of required documents (passport, visa, ... if needed).
    Read the information on how you can refuse From the excursion and how soon to return the money. If there are less than a week, it will not be possible to return everything.


    Hot tickets
    Hot tours.

    We choose where to go at the best prices. You can see the photo, find a travel agent not far from home.

    The photo will show the resort at the best time of year, so find out the weather in this area for the time of the planned visit.

    TV Museum
    Virtual museums and galleries around the world.

    The Virtual Museum of Radio and Television.
    The history of television and radio is the history of Russian culture, The history of our country, therefore rich, interesting and attractive. It can not be complete unless there is a museum of radio and television, there is no encyclopedia, there are no public collections of private archives that are kept by those who started radio and television. Therefore, in the beginning of 2001, the idea arose for creating a virtual museum of radio and television on Internet. The Moscow Office UNESCO supported the concept of the project.


    FreeTour -
    Free tours around the world.

    Free tours around the world.
    Good local free guides and suppliers of budget tours to destinations around the world.

    More than 120 countries around the world, adding new features daily.

    These tours and activities are an ideal way to explore new cities and discover authentic local culture on fair terms without high prices.

    Social network motorists.

    The first live auto portal: auto news, auto reviews, user reviews, test drives.
    Portal for friends, united by the main thing: love of cars and everything connected with them.
    Everyone can feel like an auto journalist !
    Share experiences, travel, tests, sensations, love for your iron friend.

    Tez Tour
    Included in the OTI group.

    Included in the OTI group.

    Works in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Armenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania and Egypt.

    Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Maldives, Sri-Lanka, Greece and Austria.
    Works through the sale of franchises to travel agencies.

    Like A Local Guide -
    Interesting places and places that are noted by local residents.

    Interesting places and places that are noted by local residents.

    A large number of participants.
    Choose a city and ask the resident a question.
    Thus, we receive the latest information without intermediaries.

    And you can join and answer your own questio

    This is Finland -
    Flightstats -
    Track flight status at airports worldwide.

    RoadTrippers -

    The site is before America's auto travelers.
    America is a nation on wheels. My friends in the US said that in America you must have a car. They do not ask "do you have?" "My friend from Sweden planning a trip to the US was looking for where to rent a car. By the way, one of my friends from Canada was traveling to Europe (he comes from Great Britain). He bought a used car in the UK and traveled all over Europe. Then he returned and sold the car. So it turned out cheaper.
    That's the idea.

    We know that a trip can be a huge challenge or an exciting journey. Here you need to find good restaurants (inexpensive, but who know how to cook), where to stay for the night and where to stop to look something.

    The main thing on the site is a map: classic routes along the US roads, examples of trips, unusual places.

    Of course, on the map you can find cities in Russia and other countries, but here the information is much more scarce, raw.

    Google Ventures -
    Finland travel guide.

    The most readable portal about Finland in Russia.

    1. Comprehensive information on all types of tourism in the country of Suomi
    2. fresh announcements of the most interesting and vivid events in the cultural life of Finland
    3. valuable tips and advice to Russian tourists
    Every day we talk about the diversity and richness of Finnish culture.

    Also through the site you can fully organize a trip to Finland.

    Reviews about travel and trips.
    The tricks of thrifty travelers.

    The tricks of thrifty travelers.

    Tips for tourists and independent travelers.
    Instructions and travels.
    Discounts, promotions and sales from airlines and travel agencies by city.

    Sweden -
    Rome2rio -
    We build routes with transfers to buses, airplanes, trains and ferries.

    We build routes with transfers to buses, airplanes, trains and ferries.
    You can add a lot of points and make complex routes. Works well in Europe.

    Enter any address, point of interest, or city as your destination, and we will instantly display all your travel options and booking information, as well as information about housing providers and what you can do, in one convenient place.

    Regardless of whether you travel after a flight, train, bus, ferry, trip or car rental, you will be offered indicative prices, travel time and booking details from more than 5,000 companies in more than 160 countries, which makes us one of the best online. travel resources used around the world.

    Tickets map.

    We set the departure point, the approximate time of departure, only direct or not, with or without visa, one way or both, the length of stay (approximately) and the maximum amount.
    As a result, we will get where much will cost.
    There is a help mode (with prompts).

    Cautions for tourists.

    Shock Voyage is a site that collects all the negative about tourism.
    The goal is to warn. Tourism is an industry where big money is spinning, so the advertising company works well. That is, the negative is ignored, the positive is stressed.

    Here, the facts are being discussed, it is enough to look at the names of the sections:

    1. The most dangerous countries for tourists
    2. How do they fool travelers?
    It is clear that the whole world is real and nothing is perfect, but it's up to you, in this case this rule should not be put together, or it's an isolated case that can happen anywhere.

    Travel planning in Russia.

    Travel planning in Russia.
    Places that are not in the usual guidebooks, people who talk about their travel experiences.


    ITA -
    International Union for Tourism.

    WTO -
    World Tourism Organization.

    ETC -
    European Commission for Travel.


    The routes on the map.

    Timetables of air and railway transport. In the long term - water transport and intercity buses.

    There are timetables for suburban trains for a number of cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Veliky Novgorod, Tyumen and Nizhny Tagil.

    We choose the point of departure and the point of arrival, the date of dispatch and Arrival and voila.
    If there is no flight for the selected date, you will be asked to search for the route with a transfer.

    You can trace the route on the map.

    Yandex.Discounts Club; Learn more about Yandex.Maps; Yandex.Maps to the site

    Travel social network.
    Blogs tourists.

    Tourist blogs.

  • hotel reviews,
  • operators,
  • carriers,
  • find Travel agencies and friends. Difference from other sites - all the materials you publish yourself. And read accordingly.

  • 43 places -
    Social Networks tourists.

    It is literally possible to translate the name FOR FREE PLASES.
    Here it is offered, how it is cheaper (for free) to look more sights.
    This is a small social network where users share with the whole world their attempt.
    Social network for tourists.

    A guide to cities and countries for travelers, photographers and connoisseurs of tourism.

    Bright photos from all over the world, travel stories, answers to any questions.

    Keep your impressions and memories brought in the form of photos and reports, participate in competitions for the title of the photographer of the week, learn new things about cities and countries, plan a vacation and, finally, make new friends.

    Tourist social network.

    One of the largest travel communities in the CIS.

    Write stories about your travels, share opinions about cities, countries and places of interest. Create photo albums and they will see thousands of interested users.

    Get answers to any travel related
    The social network of travelers.

    A social network of tourists, with which you can:

    • Find and communicate with those with whom you once rested or find Travel agencies for future travel.
    • Read reviews and opinions of tourists and travelers about the rest in all countries, regions and resort cities around the world, as well as travel agencies and tour operators.
    • View all information about the location and reviews about the hotel that you have chosen for your holiday.
    • Add your travels, photos, impressions and opinions about hotels and places, get feedback from those people who also were or plan to go there.
    • Maintain your travel map, visually displaying on the world map all the places that you visited.

    CouchSurfing -
    If you travel, you can ask questions about the place of the future travel and arranging meetings.

    One of the largest guest networks.
    Search by map.
    There is a Russian version of the site.
    Unites more than 1.000.000 members in 231 countries (as of April 2009).

    Members of the network provide free of charge Each other's help and accommodation during their travels and organize joint trips (however, sometimes, by mutual agreement, guests pay for a phone or food). Registration is free.

    Each member of the network can leave a comment on the site of the person who visited him or about the hosts who hosted him.

    TravBuddy -

    Travellerspoint -
    Travel on the map.

    The site is one of the web's largest and most active travel communities with members representing every country in the world.

    More than 30,000 blogs have shared 175,000 stories to date and over 1.4 million photos have been posted.
    Forums and travel helpers answer numerous travel-related questions 365 days of the year.
    They also have over 50,000 accommodation booking options available on the site.

    Location-based social network with a map of interesting places with a photo area, adds its interesting places, write reviews, opinions, meet people with common interests.

    Geolocation social network with a map of interesting places with photos of the area, add your interesting places, leave feedback, opinions, get acquainted with people with common interests.

    I am a pilgrim
    The social network of travelers.

    Community travelers.

    Community of travelers.
    Blogs, forums. Information on all countries of the world and cities.
    Information is collected by users, therefore while information is in the most visited places of the world.
    The service is tied to the Google map.

    The search for new impressions is.
    Turbine is a space that unites people who are aware of the value of their knowledge and experience for the world around them. This is a space in which everyone can discover something new for themselves and others.
    The new thing that can give amazing emotions and impressions, and that is so easy to miss because of lack of time or lack of information in guidebooks! The purpose of the site is to provide you with a source of interesting, useful and reliable information collected by real Travelers and allowing you to feel more secure away from home, which means - to pay more attention to what surrounds you.

    Sections of "Ribbons", "All Photos" (more than a million), diaries (we combine notes about one trip into a single Structure).
    You can collect in cop Ilkah materials in certain areas or subjects, subscribe to all new for interesting cities and countries, book flights and hotels at the best prices, as well as help other members of the community, answering questions and participating in discussions in the forums.

    WAYN -
    Travel and lifestyle.

    International social network of travelers.
    You can log in using your Facebook account.
    The network first of all helps not to spend extra money. Go to where it really costs and pay less.
    Well, the rest is understandable - friends, share impressions, photos, videos, practical information, just relationships. Maybe they can go to each other. But this is predictable. Moreover, the site has a section - dating.

    Also, the service helps travel agencies keep in touch with tourists. And tourists can buy what they need right here. This is not only convenient, but also reliable, the service is decent.

    The social network for people who have a garden or live in their own homes with land and interest in matters of gardening.

    A social network for people who have dachas or live in their own houses with a land plot and are interested in gardening, gardening, floriculture, construction, etc.
    And if to speak easier, this site is for all those who consider themselves a summer resident!


    Rosturizm -
    Federal Agency for Tourism.

    Federal Agency for Tourism.

    Here you can check if your travel agency is present in the official registry?

    Well, the best defense is attack. But in our case this truth does not fit. In our case: informed - protected. And prevention is always better than cure. Because the site has a lot of information about the Protection of the rights of tourists. We are more important not so much to know what to do in case of what, and what to know, so as not to get involved.

    And if something went wrong, do not hesitate to ask for help, at least you will be explained the order of your actions in your situation.

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