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The biggest shot taken with the Hubble telescope.
665 million pixels in size 34372 × 19345 pixels, weighing 1.6 Gb.

The picture shows the Galaxy Triangle (twice smaller then Milky Way).

In fact, this is not one photo, but a group of interactive photos, like on Google maps.
We see everything, click on a certain place and get a more detailed photo, and so on.


100,000 Stars

reliable site

Owner: Google,

100 thousand stars. The Milky Way in 3D is a virtual tour of the nearest star systems. You can orient yourself manually, which is great, but what's more interesting, you can turn on Play and see the journey to our planet.

Few people looked at the starry sky in any detail with an armed eye.
The site allows to do this.
You can zoom in, remove admiring the starry sky. Just to find out what is here or there and what it is.
You can see individual photos of the site you like.
Russian is there, but machine language.



A starry sky map is 360 degrees.
There is full-screen mode, the ability to watch the sky as is or to show constellations. Just sewed 5,000 megapixel photo of the starry sky from 37,440 separate pieces. This unique work, shows us all the familiar Milky Way with an unknown precision and clarity.


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