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Payment Internet systems

What payment systems are more convenient to use on the Internet?

If you already have money on the Internet.
  1. ЮMoney
  2. WebMoney
  3. RBK Money - strongly passed its positions
If you do not have money on the Internet. Then you pay for their input on the Internet.
Because it will be cheaper to pay through a plastic card.
But then you can be robbed, because we only use official services, which are very few.

Entering money into the Internet

The most convenient is through QIWI.
Its simplicity, accessibility and the least commission.

Withdrawing money from Internet

The most convenient is via the Contact system.
Its globality, small commission, speed and the absence of bureaucracy.
The Internet extensively offers the possibility of paying by credit cards, as well as by bank and postal transfers, etc.
But the most reliable are Internet money.

A large percentage is taken to transfer money to Internet payment systems and back. But a negligible percentage for operations inside the Internet.

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Microsoft is starting to develop an online payment system that will allow for micropayments to be cheaper than for conventional cards. This was announced by Bill Gates at breakfast in Davos.

Runet is interested in an international payment system that is accessible to us.

International System

The main principle of Western payment systems is the use and protection of plastic cards.
The fact is that plastic cards are very common in the west and nobody wants to learn something else.
  1. PayPal - leading, closed for the Russian user to the reception, you can only spend,
  2. Google Wallet is a serious competitor for PayPal,
  3. Flexible Payments Service - the world's largest online store Amazon launches its own payment system, which will be more profitable than all its predecessors.
Western people, as a rule, will use PayPal, and most likely a plastic card (which is cheaper and more convenient).

Runet System

  • The leader in Russia is ЮMoney - it's easy to get and start using.
  • Number 2 WebMoney is a complex, failing, but popular system.