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logo Boxberry

Russian - English

phone.:8 800 222-80-00 (Russian Customers toll-free)


Delivery service for online stores.

The same as Ulmart, only more than one online store. You can buy in different places, and get in one.

Boxberry has a huge number of points of delivery of goods across the country. If you have no such item in the city, you can open it via site.

On the site you can track the approximate way of movement of your order.

In Russian
logo PickPoint



Specialized terminals for the issuance of goods purchased in the online store.

Logistics service of the new generation, delivering online orders through postamats and points of issue.

Postamat is an automated orange terminal that is installed near your home, work or study in a store, supermarket, shopping center.

You get an online order in the postamate yourself at a convenient time for you. To do this, in the interface of the post office you need to specify the order receipt code, which will be sent to your mobile phone or e-mail.

If you do not want to pay for your purchase on the website of the online store, you can do it in a postamat by cash or credit card.

Unsuccessful goods you can return through any PickPoint. It does not matter how it was received: in the post office, via courier, in the postamat or at the point of issue. Specify the return policy on the online store website.

In addition to postamats, all major networks of classic issuing points are connected to PickPoint. Upon receipt of the order, you must inform the issuing point employee the order code from the message from PickPoint on your mobile phone or e-mail.

iTunes Android

In Russian
logo Vocaroo



Service for sending voice messages across the interwebs.

How it works

  1. Record a voice message using a microphone (usually it is in a webcam),
  2. listen to make sure that everything is written down articulately,
  3. choose the result:
    • just a link that we can send ourselves,
    • download in a format convenient for us (P3, Ogg, FLAC, or WAV),
    • We take a QR code,
    • immediately we send by email.
It's still under development though, so problems may occur.

logo for busyness



Owner: for busyness

For those who like the mail interface, you can create mail on your domain.

Free up to 5000 mailboxes is created, the size of one box is unlimited.

Domain free

If you do not have a domain, you can get it for free. But ...
But in this case only mail will be on this domain, you can not use it for the website address.
Free of charge it will only be the first year, in the future it will cost 450 rubles. in year. So it's better to buy it yourself and bind it.
You can get it for free and then buy it, it can be done within the first 11 months.

Your domain

If you already have a domain, you can attach it to the mail. In this case, you can use your domain for the site and for mail.

The procedure for creating mail on your domain

  1. Sign up with

  2. Visit

  3. Connect the domain or buy.

  4. Confirm your domain name.

  5. If you have a hosting:

    In the control panel of the site's mail, we change MX records (details):

    • MX record
    • Priority - 10
  6. We are waiting for the settings to work, it will happen within 48 hours exactly (most likely within 1-2 hours).

Mail setup:

Name Subdomain name Record type Data Priority @ MX 10 TXT v=spf1

Configuring MX records - there may be instructions for configuring specific hosting. If your on the list, use. For the rest, use the table above.

Account access
Here you can create new email addresses and it's very important: you can change the password of your users.
You can not look at their mail, but I can change the password.
How many times I've seen people lose their password to their mail, or they cracked it and they were horrified for a long time and persistently tried to restore it. And all accounts are tied to the mail in VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, etc.

In this case, my users just call me and I ask them a new password. Do not hack anything. By the way, people often forget their passwords more often.

Access to mail

Go to and enter your login and password.

Or to the main page
As the login you need to enter the full email. For example,

Setting up mobile mail

Incoming IMAP mail

mail server address -;
secure connection - STARTTLS, SSL or TLS;
port - 143 (if used encryption STARTTLS) and 993 (using SSL/TLS encryption);

Outgoing SMTP mail

mail server address -;
port - 465 (with encryption);

If you do not have a simple description, look at the official help

iTunes Android

In Russian
logo Blogtrottr



RSS by email.
We give a link, email address and specify the time - immediately or once a day ...

logo Boxoh



Universal tracking of parcels: UPS, FedEx, USPS, with DHL with RSS and a card.
To be honest, I do not care where the package was on the map, so I know geography.
This service is better understood by Western Postal services and ours are worse.
So it's worth using if you wait for the parcel from the west.

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