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Gmail -
Free e-mail, which is integrated Google search technology.

Free mail, in which Google's search technology is built, is a worthy competitor to all email clients.
The web interface is completely built on AJAX, which gives him the right to be considered a worthy alternative to Batu, Outluk and any other "postman."

And the service Google Calendar is not inferior to the calendar Microsoft Outlook.
In addition to the lack of shortcomings in web applications, these services also have obvious advantages over offline counterparts. Namely, their mobility.
You can not access your mail and organizer, which are stored on your computer, which is not at hand.
But you can always access them if they are stored on the Web.


  1. RSS feeds in Gmail.
  2. Gmail for mobile devices.
  3. Russian inferface, plus Russian dictionary.
  4. Built-in translator.
  5. Built-in chat.
  6. Antivirus scanning.
  7. The best antispam.
  8. An answering machine for the holiday.
  9. Contact groups - You can send messages to a group.
  10. View as HTML - you can view the attached Microsoft Office documents, OpenOffice or .pdf as web pages.
  11. Auto-save - failover protection.
  12. Mail forwarding and the ability to respond with a different email address.
  13. Exporting the address book.
  14. Convenient search.
  15. Mail Chains - group mail.

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