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Owner: Yandex, reliable site.

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A collection of links to sites, which the editors collected manually. The purpose of the Catalog is to offer the user a representative selection of sites in each rubric and to facilitate the search for information on Internet. To do this, the Catalog uses not only the usual subject heading (Entertainment, Sport, Work, etc.), but also the typical (Goods and services, Soviets, etc.) and geographical.

The catalog is a rating of the resources described in it. Sites in rubrics are arranged in descending order of their thematic index of citation (TCI).

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English - Russian

A good catalog of sites by category.
You can build sites for authority, attendance or transitions.
In my opinion the best catalog in its simplicity, clarity and content.



tel.: +7 (812) 490-70-33

Fighting illiteracy on Internet, or rather with mistakes, and more often with typos. The visitor of the site, having noticed the error, performs the most complicated operation:

  1. Selects the word with an error with the mouse,
  2. holds Ctrl
  3. press Enter.
And the information was sent to you by email with a word (or words) with an error and the address of the page.

Installation is elementary, the author tried. I installed the code in the header.

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