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Registration to the site

Why require registration

My nephew made a website, and there it can be done so that there is an obligatory registration. "Cool" he thought and hooked up, the site of it turns out like a real one.

  I just told him how much he often uses the services of sites where registration is required?
Normally, you go to the site, where you can download the same, but without registering, it simply repels visitors.
And he quickly turned off this feature.

So, they are making IDIOTES. You noticed that in our country there are many shops with 2 entrance doors, one is always closed. In the west, all the doors will be open and if it's warm outside, they will be open wide.
That is, they remove all possible obstacles in the way of the buyer to your box office.
In the case of the Internet, a wise person removes all obstacles on the way to the content of your site.
Then he will be in demand and visit.

How to avoid compulsory registration to the site

Well, first, just walk away and take advantage of the one that offers the same, but without registering, as most users do.

Or dial the login and password that are almost everywhere, thanks to the communities of the Querertists, for example:


Of course there are admins who delete such accounts.
By the way, on services where registration is justified and makes sense, for example mail, Google services or Yandex, torrent ...
There's no need to look for such an input, it's not there, you have to register and use it.

And if you need an email for registration?

For this, there are a number of one-time mail services without registering.
For example, you have to enter an email, and you do not want to shine it, just write or or whatever you like.
If you need to activate your account, please visit and look at the mail for mail or Name or .... Everything is simple, registration is not needed.
If someone else used this name, then the mail will not only be for you.

Details of a one-time mail