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Individual scarf to order.

How it works

  1. Idea - a clear assignment to the layout: colors, inscriptions, slogans, photos, design elements, desired fonts ... You can also sketch out a scarf on a piece of paper and send it to us for development.
  2. Layout Design - a technical layout for the knitting machine is being developed based on our idea. The layout will be presented to us on agreement.
  3. Production and shipping - the layout is sent to production. The finished scarf can be picked up at the office or we will send it by the forces of transport companies and carriers upon prior agreement. The cost of transportation is not included in the total cost of services and is charged additionally.
Now no one has a scarf like yours.

logo Biglion



A clone of the world-famous Groupon.

  1. A special offer appears daily on Biglion, under which you can purchase a coupon with a discount of 50 to 90%. Every day is something new. Maybe it's a coupon for visiting a cafe or restaurant, a beauty salon or a SPA, a bowling alley or a movie, etc.
  2. Buy coupons for yourself or as a gift simply by clicking the & Buy Buying button, and choose the payment method that is convenient for you (by bank card, electronic money, through payment terminals, etc.).
  3. The offer will be confirmed if enough people buy the minimum number of coupons specified in this offer on the site. If this does not happen, the offer is canceled and the money is returned to you.
  4. Did you become the lucky owner of the coupon? Congratulations! Simply print it out and present it at the place of demand.

Why do we have such large discounts?

We work directly with each partner and agree with him on the best conditions for you. We guarantee the partner to attract a certain number of customers. In return, the partner provides the best conditions: this is called collective (wholesale) purchases.

What is a coupon?

A coupon is a certificate that gives you the right to receive the services described in a specific offer.


iTunes Android

Black Friday



Uses: Google maps.

For the first time in the territory of the Russian Federation, such an action was held in early 2013, then only online stores participated.

Specially for this is the official website, which details the entire process of registration and purchases of goods on the big sale day. The biggest discounts were on the goods, like clothes and shoes. In fact, it was a banal sale. Maybe there were big discounts, but for a negligible amount of goods. Any big price reduction followed a big increase. Real, but small discounts were on obsolete clothes and shoes, which I better buy where you can measure.

logo Blue inc

Russian - English

Blue inc

British clothing store.
Clothes of an unusual style and bright.
Our life consists not only of gray everyday life.

Youth clothing: Ben Sherman, Police, NY ...

Of course you will find more familiar clothes.

Delivery in Russia ~ £ 10.

iTunes Android

logo Book24



phone.:8 800 333-65-23 (Russian Customers toll-free)
address: г. Москва, ул. Зорге 1


Online store publishing group Eksmo-Ast.

The official online store of publishing houses EKSMO, MYTH, Ventana-Graf, Bust and AST, as well as their imprints Like Book, fanzon, Grand Master, Hourglass, Corpus and ...
What makes shopping profitable.

Books of all genres and themes.
Book format: paper, electronic or on cd-disks.

logo Bookean



This is not the most famous bookstore, but I put it first because of the convenience of delivery.
More than 200,000 titles daily and 1,000 new products every week!
The fact is that a chain of 500 stores in 250 cities of Russia and you will get the book not through mail, but in your store, which is much cheaper. If on other services I paid for shipping more than 200 rubles (which makes ordering less than 3 books not cost-effective), then for the delivery through the store - 10 rubles per book.

How we work

  1. We go to the site and choose books,
  2. you can register immediately, or you can choose after books,
  3. when you have selected books and registered, we make out an order. When registering, we indicate the form of dispatch: by mail or in the shop.
  4. We receive SMS that the book has come,
  5. go to the store, get and pay.
And for shipping you pay a minimum of three times cheaper than by mail. If at ordering by mail it is profitable to order at least 3 books, then it is profitable to buy one book at delivery through the store.

The site itself is decent and understandable. Large selection of books. If the book is not in stock, you will be notified by mail or via SMS. To do this, you do not need to register, you just need to press a button and enter the cell number or email.


You can call the number 8-800-200-2665 or you can chat with a consultant for free.

If you cancel the order, it's okay, the book just stays in the store and someone buys it.


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