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Let's say you have Yandex.Money, but they are not accepted everywhere. You can create a virtual card Yandex.Money and pay Yandex.Money where they are not accepted.
If you have any doubts, you can always delete the virtual card.
The card can be linked to an account in Amazon, the App Store, Google Play and PayPal.
To issue a card, it takes only a few minutes. After that you will receive one part of the details in the SMS, the other - to the site. This means that no one but you can pay from the card.

Free release

The card is valid for 1 year, but you can close it at any time and release a new one.

The card is issued almost instantly, the CVC code is sent from SMS to the mobile phone bound to the account.

Replenishment without commission

There are many ways to replenish the card without commission, ex. in Svyaznoy.
Just replenish your purse Yandex.Money.

Payments on any sites where MasterCard is accepted

To pay, use the card details. If you need the owner's name, specify your data in Latin.

Pay ATTENTION: the card can be issued only if the phone is attached to the account.

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In Russian

Owner: Yandex,

Uses: YouTube.

Yandex Academy - School of Webmasters

In the School of Webmasters of Yandex, experts from different areas of the Internet industry share their experience with beginners and experienced webmasters. Experts talk about the main stages of the creation and development of the site: from writing a technical assignment to promotion in search engines, web analytics and evaluation of what was done.

In Russian
logo Ya.Soberu


Owner: Yandex,



Create a page to collect money for a gift or a good deed.
Maximum amount - 15 000 rub.




Owner: Yandex,


Service of questions and answers.

We register if we do not already have an account on Yandex.
Here you can ask a question and get answers from various users.
You can also participate in the answers to the questions of other participants.

Also, one should not forget that many questions have already been asked on this platform and, accordingly, answers have been received to them. Therefore, before asking a question, look for it through a search, maybe you will immediately receive an answer. It is unlikely that you are the first to ask this question.

If you already have an account in Yandex, then you already have a login, which is displayed in Yandex services. This name can be changed on the page Passport , change the "Name in the comments and reviews."


Owner: Yandex,


Find masters to clean the apartment, repair the equipment, organize a photo session or send a parcel by courier.

To call a specialist, you do not need to register and place an ad:

How it works

  1. Select the category of work;
  2. we look at the profiles of specialists and choose;
  3. contact the contractor by email or phone and agree on the terms;
  4. Write a review about the work done.
Customer registration is not required.

Works are performed by individuals or organizations.

You can register as a performer of work, wait for orders and earn good reviews.


Owner: Yandex,

Reviews and ratings — Yandex

The new service from Yandex, while it is not completely clear how it will work even for Yandex.
We go into your account and we will be periodically asked to rate stores in our city, movies and games.Do have shops parking, payment by card.

We apprec

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