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Google Mail Aliases

On Google mail, like Yandex, when sending mail, we get 2 addresses:
In addition, in the name of our account, you can put the point where you want, ex.
This is called Google BLIND, Google Mail does not see the points (rather sees, but ignores).

Also, Google Mail allows you to add text after your login, put a "+", and then your text is Latin and numbers.

Then you can configure the filter and view the mail separately for one or another address.


How to send a "forbidden" attachment via gmail

One of the problems with Gmail is that some attachments, the most innocuous, are considered "illegal" and do not pass.
There are several ways to bypass this:
  1. Use another mail, ex. or will miss the trait of the bald.
  2. Compress to the archive using the archiver 7zip. It's free, and Google "does not know it," so all the investments go easy.
  3. Just change the extension, ex. Instead of we'll write and everything.


If you send HTML, PHP ... a page, it becomes part of the letter. Such things are simply sent to the archive.

Sometimes you get distorted pictures in GIF format. Also we send to the archive and the problem is solved.

Import mail and contacts in Gmail

logo Gmail

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Owner: Google,

Uses: Gmail.


Google linked Google Drive to the mail.
So you can make attachments of up to 10 Gb.


  1. 15 Gb is the general place for mail and Google Drive
  2. 25 Mb - the maximum size of the mail attachment.
  3. 50 Mb - the maximum size of the incoming mail attachment. That is, if someone sends you a letter with this attachment, you will receive it.
  4. 10 Gb - the maximum size of the file you upload to Google Drive.

You can save the file to Google Drive without leaving the mail and Mail a link to it.
Or just make a regular attachment if it exceeds the permissible size, you will be asked to download it to Google Drive and send the link.
From you just need to agree, there's no need to go anywhere, Everything will go unnoticed for you, staying in the mail.
The recipient does not need to have an account on Google.

iTunes Android

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You are full of Google mail and you do not understand what?
Here you will be helped to find the biggest letters and you can effectively clean the mailbox.

We go to the site, click START. We are invited to use our Google account and we receive a letter with a report to our address.

logo Gmail - Confidential mode

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Owner: Google,

Uses: Gmail.

Gmail - Confidential mode

Google provides the option to delete the email sent.

You want to share something, but do not want anyone else to know about it.

How can others know about your message?

  1. You sent an email and someone hacked your friend's mail, or just has access to your friend's computer in his absence.
  2. You sent an email to a friend, and he was mistakenly sent to someone else from your address book.
  3. Have opened your mail or have access to your computer in your absence.
  4. They intercepted your letter.

How to protect?

Encrypt, then no interception is not dangerous.
Self-governing letter.
You send a letter, your friend read and enough, the letter is deleted, let others have access to the computer in the absence of your friend, there will no longer be this letter.

In order for your letter to not be sent in error to another from your address book, you do not send it yourself to another, be careful. If all the same it happened. The copy of the letter will not survive. And if he does not know when the letter was sent and will come later, he will not even know about the existence of the letter.

Another subtlety. Not every mail supports encryption. It is important that your friend has a Google mail or another that supports encryption. And then, if you accidentally sent a letter to the wrong place, there might not be an encryption option and they will not get the text.

As for protecting sent email on your computer, just delete it immediately, and then remove it from the Recycle Bin. It's already in your hands.


You can put additional protection on the SMS code.

How it works

When creating a letter, click on the lock icon with the clock on the bottom right and set up. Everything is simple, nothing superfluous.

logo Gmail

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Owner: Google,


Google Mail has the function of self-destructing emails, including through a mobile application.

When sending a message, you can specify the date when it will be automatically deleted from the recipient's box and from Google servers.

Such letters can not be copied by text, printed or forwarded to others.

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