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logo Jino.Cloud



If you use Gino hosting, get 20 GB of free space for free. And if you participate in the program (in which almost all Gino users participate), you get 5 more GB of space forever.

There is no limit to the file size.

We share files in one click.

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Russian - English

Owner: Yandex,reliable site.


A set of related services that will help you quickly and safely rent the computing power in the volumes in which it is needed.

Cloud computing replaces and complements traditional data centers located on customer premises.

Categories of cloud resources: virtual machines, disks, databases ...


When you first log into the console, you get at least 4,000 rubles, which you can spend for half a year on any cloud services. In fact, this is a discount.

If you are confident in forecasting your workloads, you can reserve capacities for 1 or 3 years ahead 3 and get a discount of at least 30%.

Using a virtual machine in the Yandex Compute Cloud costs from 220 rubles. per month, the deployment of a cluster of databases in Yandex Managed Databases - from 2000 rubles. per month, and storing 1 Tb in Yandex Object Storage - from 700 rubles.

You select the number of cores and the amount of memory of virtual machines, and also determine the type of database and storage.

Customer Support

Available daily, every day from 10 am to 10 pm (Moscow time), processing the request for no more than 8 hours.


  1. Yandex Compute Cloud is a cloud computing service.
  2. Yandex Object Storage is an object storage service.
  3. Yandex Identity and Access Management is a service for managing access to cloud resources.
  4. Yandex Resource Manager - a service for managing cloud resources.
  5. Yandex Virtual Private Cloud is a service for managing networks.
  6. Yandex Managed Databases - a data management service.
  7. Yandex SpeechKit is a speech technology service.
  8. Yandex Translate is a machine translation service.

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logo Mixcloud



Strimming platform, where you can listen to mixes, podcasts, famous DJs.


logo eMusic


Free storage and player for our music.

This is essentially a cloud where you can store your music and listen for free on devices. If you want to listen to more than 5 devices - subscribe for $13 per month. We load our music into the cloud, it is structured by artists and albums.

Also eMusic will offer novelties of different genres, trends and selected hits by the editors, lists of similar artists.

Will offer to buy songs (which pays for the whole holiday).

iTunes Android


Owner: Google,reliable site.

Uses: Android.

phone.: +1 812-390-8874


Online storage for Android applications. Let's say your application uses certain databases or ... Everyone can download only what they need, for example, maps or Bible translations ... These databases need to be kept somewhere.

logo My CloudApp


My CloudApp

Free 10 files per day and no more than 25 Mb.
Easy registration. There is no binding to your computer, everything is stored on the server.
Quite convenient if you need a little.

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