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Another popular payment system of the Internet (on PayCash technologies, at the moment Yandex has completely redeemed Yandex.Money and is the owner).

The main difference from WebMoney in the absence of such a complex level of protection. It is easy and quick to get a Yandex.Money wallet and immediately accept payments.

Money can be put

  • Prepaid card Yandex.Money - instantly,
  • Cash transfer - from 15 minutes,
  • Enrollment via Internet banking systems - 15 minutes,
  • Cash payment through the post offices Russia - the next business day.
Once you will be offered to pay only through Yandex.Money, and making a wallet is not so difficult, do it.
When you receive an account you receive e-mail, and if you already have an account, then you already have a wallet.

Details can be read help Yandex.Money.


Teaching movies about using the Yandex.Money system

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